File Title
1 Scientists Use Quantum Mechanics to Show That Glass Will Melt Near Absolute Zero
2 Ants Have Big Impact on Environment as 'Ecosystem Engineers'
3 Northern Mars Landscape Actively Changing
4 Rare Insect Fossil Reveals 100 Million Years of Evolutionary Stasis
5 Missing Link Between Young, Old Galaxies? Gas Jet Galaxy Could Explain How Starforming Galaxies Become Red and Dead
6 Surprise Hidden in Titan's Smog: Cirrus-Like Clouds
7 'Tall Order' Sunlight-to-Hydrogen System Works, Neutron Analysis Confirms
8 Water Flea: First Crustacean Genome Is Sequenced
9 Small Snack for Milky Way: Astrophysicists Find New Remnants of Neighboring Galaxy in Our Own
10 Electric Thinking Cap? Flash of Fresh Insight by Electrical Brain Stimulation
11 Want More Efficient Muscles? Eat Your Spinach
12 Oysters at Risk: Gastronomes' Delight Disappearing Globally
13 Scientists Unlock One Mystery of Tissue Regeneration
14 Helping Feed the World Without Polluting Its Waters
15 Quality and Quantity of Maternal Milk Impacts Stress Response of Adult Offspring
16 Obesity Has Doubled Since 1980, Major Global Analysis of Risk Factors Reveals
17 Children More Likely to Transmit Flu to Those of Same Sex, UK Study Finds
18 Destined for Disease: Breast Cancer Mutation Regulates Cell Fate
19 A Stem Cell Origin of Skin Cancer and the Genetic Roots of Malignancy Unmasked
20 New Undertsanding of Gut Hormones and Gut Function Sheds Light on Obesity
21 Why Do Our Emotions Get in the Way of Rational Decisions About Safety Products?
22 Sideline Test Accurately Detects Athletes' Concussions in Minutes, Study Shows
23 Poor Work Ability May Predict Faster Deterioration of Health
24 Learning Causes Structural Changes in Affected Neurons
25 Drug-Abusers Have Difficulty to Recognize Negative Emotions as Wrath, Fear and Sadness, Study Finds
26 Childhood Obesity Linked to Health Habits, Not Heredity, Study Finds
27 Coffee, Energy Drinkers Beware: Many Mega-Sized Drinks Loaded With Sugar, Nutrition Expert Says
28 Children's Genes Influence How Well They Take Advantage of Education, Twin Study Shows
29 Roasting Coffee Beans a Dark Brown Produces Valued Antioxidants, Scientists Find
30 Taking Unpleasant Surprises out of Cosmetic Surgery
31 Deadly Tool Discovered in Salmonella's Bag of Tricks
32 Powerful New Methodology for Stabilizing Proteins Developed
33 The 'Death Switch' in Sepsis Also Promotes Survival
34 Lampreys Give Clues to Evolution of Immune System
35 First New C. Difficile Drug in a Generation Superior to Existing Treatments
36 Underwater Ridges Impact Ocean's Flow of Warm Water; Findings to Improve Climate Models
37 Wolverine Population Threatened by Climate Change
38 Two Severe Amazon Droughts in Five Years Alarms Scientists
39 New Drought Record from Long-Lived Mexican Trees May Illuminate Fates of Past Civilizations
40 'Red Mud' Disaster's Main Threat to Crops Is Not Toxic Metals, but Instead High Alkalinity
41 Anthropologists Discover Earliest Cemetery in Middle East
42 Newly Discovered Dinosaur Likely Father of Triceratops
43 New Appreciation of the Ecology-Evolution Dynamic
44 Secrets in Stone: Rare Archaeological Find in Norway
45 Dinosaurs Survived Mass Extinction by 700,000 Years, Fossil Find Suggests
46 Accurate test developed for human mad cow disease
47 Space telescope spots odd new solar system
48 Grave robber chase reveals ancient Holy Land church
49 Picture-Perfect Pure-Disc Galaxy
50 Exploring an 'Island of Inversion,' Physicists Find New Clues to Element Synthesis in Supernovae
51 Cassini Sends Back Postcards of Saturn's Moons
52 NASA Finds Earth-Size Planet Candidates in Habitable Zone, Six Planet System
53 NASA's NEOWISE Completes Scan for Asteroids and Comets a Family Portrait
54 New Model for How Nevada Gold Deposits Formed May Help in Gold Exploration
55 Microbiologists Aim to Optimize Bio-Ethanol Production
56 Same Rules Apply to Some Experimental Systems Regardless of Scale
57 Ionization by Strong Laser Fields: Understanding the 'Ionization Surprise'
58 Communication Pathways Within Proteins May Yield New Drug Targets to Stop Superbugs
59 Effective Search Terms Yield the Right Information
60 Future Surgeons May Use Robotic Nurse, 'Gesture Recognition'
61 Internet out of Space? Development of the Next Generation of Internet Addresses Needs to Speed Up, Academic Warns
62 Crowd Workers Are Not Online Shakespeares, but Research Shows They Can Write
63 Possible Path to Creating Next-Generation Computer Chips
64 Egyptians rally to defend cultural heritage
65 Outdoor mosquitoes could defy control
66 Water flea genome offers revolution in toxicity testing
67 Synchrotron project weathers Middle-East storm
68 Solar sails pick up speed
69 'Deep fury' of Egyptian scientists
70 Solution to medical mystery offers treatment hope
71 Options for off-the-shelf blood vessels expand
72 Flaw in induced-stem-cell model
73 Astronomy: Beyond the stars
74 Astronomy: Exoplanets on the cheap
75 How Squid Hear: It's All in the Motion of the Ocean
76 New Baby Penguin Is a Big-footed Fuzzball
77 Human Genome Turns 10: 5 Lessons Learned
78 Crystal Clear: How Vikings Navigated on Cloudy Days
79 Drug Abusers Can't Read Faces, Study Suggests
80 Tiny Water Flea's Promising Role: Environmental Monitor
81 EPA Plan to Limit Rocket Chemical Fuels Debate
82 Prehistoric Cemetery Reveals Man and Fox Were Pals
83 Dog Sniffs Out Bowel Cancer
84 Theory About Mammals and Fungus Explains Bat Plague
85 With Climate Change, Expect More Monster Winter Storms
86 Standing at 11 Feet: World's Largest Known Bear Unearthed
87 'Invisibility Cloak' Hides 3-D Objects From Naked Eye
88 Employees Prefer 'Green' Policies to Greenbacks
89 Could Satellites Bypass an Internet Shutdown?
90 No Mental Chumps: Chimps Decipher What Others Are Thinking
91 Memory Boost for Aging Adults: Take a Walk
92 Fecal Transplant Offers Hope for Gut Infection
93 Mama Bird Skips Out on Chicks for Sex
94 Friends Drive Friends to Take Risks
95 For Veterans, Road to Mental Health May Begin at the Bar
96 Architect: Great Pyramid May Hold Secret Rooms
97 To Stay Stable At Sea, Look to the Horizon
98 13% of H.S. Biology Teachers Advocate Creationism in Class
99 Ancient Arabian Artifacts May Rewrite 'Out of Africa' Story
100 Brain Scans Show How Teens Are More 'Me-First' Than Adults
101 Ogling by Men Subtracts from Women's Math Scores
102 Educators Applaud Obama's Push for Math, Science Teaching
103 Elephants & Donkeys Sit Together, But Can They Play Nice?
104 Mission Accomplished: Orangutan Genome Decoded
105 Hormone Holds Promise as Memory Enhancer
106 Team makes nanosheet breakthrough
107 CO2 gets Martian sand dunes moving
108 Scientists grow blood vessels
109 Kepler dramatically boosts exoplanet count
110 Giffords' husband Kelly to lead last shuttle mission
111 Amazon drought 'severe' in 2010, raising warming fears
112 New Zealand scientists record 'biodiversity breakdown'
113 New mosquito type raises concern
114 Climate mass migration fears 'unfounded'
115 Exoplanet hunt turns up 54 potentially habitable worlds
116 Nepal climate loan hit by opposition storm
117 The 'weird' predatory fossa of Madagascar is threatened
118 'Perfumed' parasitic plant lures in pollinating mammals
119 Apollo 14 Moon shot: Alan Shepard 'told he was too old'
120 Sluggish Europe seeks new energy boost
121 Oysters clear seas for local remedies
122 Conkers on horse chestnut trees threatened by moth pest
123 Travelwise: Have the Galapagos been saved?
124 Hacktivists target Egypt and Yemen regimes
125 Murdoch's Daily: News industry saviour or sideshow?
126 Tech Know: The sport of geeks
127 Google eyes Apple in tablet war
128 Obesity affects one in 10 adults around the world
129 Diabetes and virus link confirmed
130 Increase in male breast reduction surgery
131 Children are at risk of getting rickets, says doctor
132 Chefs take classes in making healthier curries
133 Extreme world: Dying