File Title
1 Sunnyvale school board calls for parcel tax measure
2 'Gayest City in America' goes to...Minneapolis?
3 Earthquake risk identified in apartments, but not released to residents
4 Verizon adds 872,000 smart-phone subscribers
5 150 years of dieting fads and still no quick fix
6 Florida lawmaker seeks to block Cuba oil drilling
7 AP sources: Browner leaving as Obama adviser
8 China says 5 more years of U.S.-Sino panda diplomacy
9 Rush for patents is choking US stem cell research
10 Defiant Abbas says he's on 'right path'
11 Oil giant Saudi Arabia looks to alternative energy
12 Obama climate adviser to depart in latest staff change
13 Chopin's hallucinations possibly due to epilepsy
14 Forest accords not saving trees, experts
15 It's cold out there, even for hardy New Englanders
16 First Person: NASA Worker Remembers Close, Personal Connections
17 Wayne Hale Weighs in on NASA's Biggest Space Policy Problem
18 Popular gorilla Lulu dies at Ohio's Columbus zoo
19 Zimbabwe reports sharp rise in rhino poaching
20 Guinness Records drops elephant polo statistics
21 Ancient water tunnel excavated in Jerusalem
22 Former Niner star Brent Jones donates $10,000 so epileptic boy can buy service dog
23 San Jose soccer player beats cancer, learns to believe in himself
24 Jackson's doc pleads not guilty in star's death
25 Moscow blast may cause airport security rethink
26 Insufficient, Irregular Sleep Tied to Kids' Obesity
27 Areva to begin US trial of cancer-fighting isotope
28 Brief Behavioral Counseling May Help Seniors Sleep
29 Kids who misbehave face trouble as adults: study
30 Social networking leads to sex faster?
31 Smoking, Obesity Slowing U.S. Life Expectancy, Report Finds
32 Cancer Doctors Recommend Earlier End-of-Life Care Talks
33 Breast-Feeding May Counter Some Effects of Childhood Cancer
34 Rise in Some Head and Neck Cancers Tied to Oral Sex: Study
35 Smoking, obesity why US lifespans lag a bit
36 The Decade's Most Devious Cybercrimes
37 Less Than Half of Students Proficient in Science
38 Student Tracking Finds Limited Learning in College
39 Steve Jobs Show Shares 'Shocking' Details From Factory Floor
40 Dogs Guided Remotely By Stealth System
41 Dog Tweets With Dog Tag
42 Qwiki Interactive Search Engine to Take on Google
43 The Grateful Dead Will Delve Into the World of Online Gaming
44 Google to Hire More Than 6,200 Workers This Year
45 News Site Counts on Readers to Pay for Experience
46 Chopin's Hallucinations Possibly Due to Epilepsy
47 Sharp Accuses Taiwan LCD Maker of Patent Violation
48 Verizon Promises Smooth iPhone Launch
49 China Says Stealth Technology Not From US Plane
50 Roger Ebert 'At the Movies' Again With Silicone Chin
51 Did Chopin Have Epilepsy?
52 Deep Brain Stimulation May Help People With Epileptic Seizures
53 Epileptic Seizures May Dissipate After Brain Surgery
54 Family Secrets: The Emotions Behind Oprah's Revelation
55 Arctic Blast Increases Risk of Frostbite, Hypothermia
56 Hypothermia: What Happens to Your Body
57 Chaz Bono: From Girl to Boy to Man in 'Becoming Chaz'
58 Is Doctor Empathy the Best Rx?
59 Love Hurts: Hickey Paralyzes Woman
60 One-clawed dino found in China
61 Fish in groups decide quicker, better
62 Kid's self-control predicts health, wealth
63 Daughter downloads 10-billionth app, mom hangs up on Apple
64 Electric cars you can buy, soon
65 Verizon Wireless customers top 94M in Q4
66 Browser firms plan 'do not track' systems
67 Eric Schmidt expects another 10 years at Google
68 Kodak suffers setback in IT patent suit vs. Apple, RIM
69 Apple Adding NFC Contact-Less Payment to iPhone 5, Consultants Guess
70 Microsoft Responds to Jailbreakers With Free Schwag, Not Lawsuits
71 Twitter's Advertising Plan Could Be Paying Off
72 Pope promotes Christian netiquette
73 Reasons the Motorola Xoom may fall flat
74 ClimateGate affair: 'Learn and move on,' say MPs
75 Polar bear's epic nine day swim in search of sea ice
76 Two-clawed and parrot-sized: new T.rex cousin unveiled
77 Computer memory heralds green PCs
78 Iran's endangered cheetahs are a unique subspecies
79 Report: Urgent action needed to avert global hunger
80 Two forms of world's 'newest' cat, the Sunda leopard
81 Crop warning over China drought
82 Toad road signs in Burry Port and Ammanford
83 Costly Euro space laser reviewed
84 Inuit's risky mussel harvest under sea ice
85 Forests: REDD or dead?
86 Male-producing worm sperm are 'paralysed'
87 Living in: Ski resort towns
88 Law firm ACS: Law stops 'chasing illegal file-sharers'
89 Motorbikes 'to get safe driving aids'
90 Apple app store reaches 10 billion downloads
91 Music publishers plan rights database
92 Hackers and hippies: The origins of social networking
93 Net piracy gets its day in court
94 Does 3DTV hurt our brains?
95 Common weed petty surge as a skin cancer treatment
96 Chopin 'probably had epilepsy'
97 Pneumonia vaccine 'to save thousands of lives'
98 TB vaccine protects before and after exposure
99 Brain cooling could aid stroke recovery
100 The brains behind the obesity problem
101 'Godfather of Fitness' Jack Lalanne's legacy
102 'My type 2 diabetes was cured after gastric bypass op'
103 Report reignites Kosovo organ trafficking claim
104 Chopin's Hallucinations Possibly Due To Epilepsy
105 Runaway Star Found Hurtling Through Space
106 DOJ Wants Mandatory Data Retention
107 Twitter Silent on Alleged Egypt Block
108 Scientists: Robots Learn to Walk in Stages
109 Verizon: Unlimited $30 Data Plan for iPhone
110 Might Extraterrestrial Intelligence Sway Religious Beliefs?
111 A Dinosaur That Gave the World the Finger
112 It's Me or the Dog! Who Would You Choose?
113 Google: $100 Million To Eric Schmidt
114 For Science's Sake, Student's Jeans Go Unwashed 15 Months
115 NASA to Mark Space Tragedy Anniversaries
116 Browsers Adding "Do Not Track" Tools
117 Renewed Push to Give Obama an Internet "Kill Switch"
118 Woman Falls 23 Stories, Lands on Taxi, Survives
119 Oprah's Secret: A Sister She Didn't Know She Had
120 Calif. 2nd Grader Says Kids Had Sex in Class
121 Explosion Rocks Moscow Airport; 35 Reported Dead
122 Schumer: Health Care Repeal "Not Going to Work"
123 Ghailani Gets Life Sentence for Embassy Plot
124 Court Halts Ballot-Printing without Rahm's Name
125 Anti-Gov't Protests Turn Deadly in Egypt
126 Giffords Team Sends Intern Birthday Tweet
127 House GOP Backs Pre-Obama Spending Levels
128 Study: Love Can Last a Lifetime
129 Scientists ID Gene Behind Cancer's Spread
130 $4 Billion of Medicare Fraud Recovered in 2010
131 Prince William, Pres. Obama Hair in Spotlight
132 AP: Fraud Plagues Global Health Fund
133 Why Jack LaLanne Mattered: Just Ask Wife Elaine LaLanne
134 Four-Year-Old Gets Mastectomy: Aleisha Hunter's Amazing Survival Story
135 Feds Bust Drug Cartel Gun Smuggle Ring in Ariz.