File Title
1 Good News on Climate's Biggest Unknown: What Will the Humans Do?
2 Toyota Unveils High-Tech Concept Car Ahead of Show
3 Teen Tweeter Won't Apologize to Kan. Governor
4 Father: Son Answered Ohio Ad to Provide for Boys
5 More Parents Opting Out of School Shots
6 Phantom Noises Drive Sufferers to Distraction, Suicide
7 Getting Relief From Tinnitus May Be Mind Over Matter
8 Striiv Pedometer to Combat Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes
9 'Breaking Dawn' Birth Scene's Seizure-Inducing Effects
10 DNA discovery may boost stem cell safety
11 'Curiosity' rover launches for Mars
12 Study puts new spin on pulsars
13 Big emitters aim at climate delay
14 The UK's oldest environmental charity faces closure
15 Guereza colobus monkeys join dawn chorus to 'show off'
16 Brain find sheds light on autism
17 Archaeologists make new Stonehenge 'sun worship' find
18 German police clear nuclear waste train protest
19 HIV/Aids: Why were the campaigns successful in the West?
20 Alzheimer's: Deep brain stimulation 'reverses' disease
21 Top 10 activities in Kerala, India's deep south
22 South Korea's Lee Myung-bak dons thermal pants to save power
23 Robots aid whisky barrel coopers
24 Queues as Egypt votes in first post-Mubarak elections
25 OECD warns of European recession
26 Occupy Los Angeles arrests made after eviction deadline
27 Black Friday and Cyber Monday US internet sales surge
28 Why are US teenagers driving less?
29 Zimbabwe women accused of raping men 'for rituals'
30 Coding--the new Latin
31 Japan singletons hit record high
32 Marines 'on Heathrow airport strike standby'
33 France says days of Syrian government are numbered
34 Japan's youth turn to rural areas seeking a slower life
35 Government backs call for classroom coding
36 Can customers go cold turkey on cash?
37 Toilet gaming technology targets urinal boredom
38 Five jailed UAE activists 'receive presidential pardon'
39 Lung transplant 'gave me 20 more years with my husband'
40 Apple 15-inch MacBook Air is coming early next year, says report
41 Filipino police arrest 4 suspected AT&T hackers
42 Hard Times Generation: Families living in cars
43 A reporter's story: Finding homeless families
44 200-lb. 8-year-old placed in foster care
45 Vaccines for kids shirked in eight states (PICTURES)
46 Actors help arm medical students for real life
47 Medicare cuts raise fears over care for seniors, disabled
48 Pakistan blasts "unprovoked" NATO attacks
49 Anti-NATO tension builds in Pakistan
50 23 women convicted of child pornography in Sweden
51 Tiny Caribbean Nation Feels China's Wrath
52 Austrian women allege mass rapes at foster home
53 Bin Laden kill spooks Taliban off cell phones
54 Military chief: Israel under threat from all sides
55 Doris Day sings out for first time in 17 years
56 Big pest, small genome
57 UN overhaul required to govern planet's life support system: Experts
58 Incidences and severity of prostate cancer correlated with meat consumption
59 Mite-y genomic resources for bioenergy crop protection
60 Scientific Sleuths Pinpoint the Guilty Coral Killers
61 Blossom end rot: Transport protein identified
62 Spider mite's secrets revealed
63 How drought-tolerant grasses came to be
64 They call it 'guppy love': UCLA biologists solve an evolution mystery
65 Pregnancy is a drag for bottlenose dolphins
66 Genetic code of first arachnid cracked
67 Mast from classic racing yacht holds one of the keys to sustainable biofuels
68 Quack medicines, insect immigrants, and what eats what among secrets revealed by DNA barcodes
69 Marine biodiversity loss due to warming and predation: UBC researcher
70 Ancient Environment Led to Earth's Current Marine Biodiversity
71 Report: Herbicide spurs reproductive problems in many animals
72 Submarine springs offer preview of ocean acidification effects on coral reefs
73 Human, artificial intelligence join forces to pinpoint fossil locations
74 Johnny Rotten's graffiti: The new heritage?
75 New evidence of interhuman aggression and human induced trauma 126,000 years ago
76 Carbon mitigation strategy uses wood for buildings first, bioenergy second
77 Saving Da Vinci's Last Supper from air pollution
78 Is sustainability science really a science?
79 Supercool
80 Nanoparticle electrode for batteries could make grid-scale power storage feasible
81 Climate sensitivity to CO2 more limited than extreme projections
82 A how-to guide to slashing California's greenhouse gas emissions by 2050
83 Ancient environment found to drive marine biodiversity
84 Researchers unlock bacteria's beneficial side
85 ISGS-led consortium begins injection of CO2 for storage at Illinois Basin--Decatur Project
86 The shadows in a city reveal its energy flow
87 Saving millions of lives and protecting our climate through clean cooking options
88 Neurons grown from skin cells may hold clues to autism
89 Counting cats: The endangered snow leopards of the Himalayas
90 Manipulating serotonin can promote healthy repair in chronic liver disease
91 Singapore scientists lead human embryonic stem cell study
92 Restricted calorie diet improves heart function in obese patients with diabetes
93 Roche NimbleGen and BGI develop advanced MHC region capture technology for biomedical research
94 An unexpected player in a cancer defense system
95 Addex Scientists Discover Glucagon-like-peptide-1 (GLP-1) Induced Interaction Between GLP-1 and Gastric Inhibitory Peptide (GIP) Receptors
96 Good intentions may hamper progress in pursuit of global reproductive health and rights
97 Cell molecule identified as central player in the formation of new blood vessels
98 The art of stabilising entangled spaghetti-like materials
99 When inflexibility is counterproductive
100 Socioeconomic status may explain racial disparities in diet, exercise, and weight
101 Fungi: Another Tool in Bacteria's Belt?
102 New compound defeats drug-resistant bacteria
103 Cleft lip corrected genetically in mouse model
104 BWH researchers develop a vaccine prototype stronger than traditional vaccines
105 New Projection Shows Global Food Demand Doubling by 2050
106 Hefty impact of poor eating habits
107 Olympic Villages: Catalyst for urban renewal, or post-Games hangover?
108 Use of retail medical clinics rises 10-fold over 2-year period, study finds
109 Nanowrinkles, nanofolds yield strange hidden channels
110 UMD Poll: Egyptians See Military Putting Brake on Revolution 2:1
111 Short waits, long consults keep most patients very happy with their physicians
112 Study finds online marketplaces overplay safeguards and ignore social aspects of transactions
113 Metabolic defects in mice corrected with transplanted embryonic neurons
114 States could see substantial savings with tobacco control programs
115 Paying physicians more to get more--or to get less
116 Hospital parking fees are health care user fees
117 For refugees from Burma, hope of better life in US turns into extreme poverty, isolation
118 School-in-a-bag reduces drop-out rates
119 LSUHSC research shows Rx with hyperbaric oxygen improved TBI and PTSD in vets
120 Men's honest overconfidence may lead to male domination in the C-suite
121 Your abusive boss may not be good for your marriage, according to Baylor University study
122 Earth's core deprived of oxygen
123 Rebuilding the brain's circuitry
124 Keeping one's eyes on the goal--despite stress
125 Researchers reduce smartphones' power consumption by more than 70%
126 Great expectations
127 VOICE Trial Indicates Daily Dosing of Tenofovir Gel Ineffective
128 Study of flow induced by sine wave and saw tooth plasma actuators
129 Research reveals shocking new way to create nanoporous materials
130 'Left-handed iron corkscrews' point the way to new weapon in battle against superbugs like MRSA
131 Fool's gold leads to new options for cheap solar energy
132 One Promising Puzzle Piece for Confirming Dark Matter Now Seems Unlikely Fit, Researchers Find
133 NC State Designs New Handle To Make Lifting Infant Car Seats Safer, Easier
134 Daily wheezing treatment no different from intermittent in toddlers
135 Princeton technique puts chemistry breakthroughs on the fast track
136 Graphene Foam Detects Explosives, Emissions Better Than Today's Gas Sensors
137 Introducing the monarch butterfly genome
138 Genetic Study Confirms: First Dogs Came from East Asia
139 Finger (mal)formation reveals surprise function of desert DNA
140 Studying bat skulls, evolutionary biologists discover how species evolve
141 Earth's past gives clues to future changes
142 Girls feel more anger, sadness than boys when friends offend
143 When friends fail them, girls hurt worse than boys
144 Dyslexic adults have more trouble if background noise levels are high
145 Brain imaging, behavior research reveals physicians learn more by paying attention to failure
146 40% of youths attempting suicide make first attempt before high school
147 Integrated 3-D imaging facilitates human face transplantation
148 What wakes dormant tumor cells
149 Risk of second cancer in cancer survivors mainly confined to the same cancer type as the first
150 MTN Statement on Decision to Discontinue Use of Tenofovir Gel in VOICE, a Major HIV Prevention Study in Women
151 International initiative to address safety issues in stem cell therapy
152 Urinary retention due to benign enlarged prostate treated differently in 15 countries
153 When errors improve performance
154 Scientists identify key area that could sever communication between brain and heart in disease
155 Caregivers at risk for health problems
156 Study Debunks Stereotype That Men Think About Sex All Day Long
157 BWH researchers develop a vaccine prototype stronger than traditional vaccines
158 Mid-morning snacking may sabotage weight-loss efforts
159 New potential therapeutic target identified for Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma
160 Study Finds Washington State Pediatricians Receiving Regular Requests for Alternative Childhood Immunization Schedules
161 Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Guidelines for Breast Cancer Screening Ignore Best Evidence and Would Cost Thousands of Lives Each Year
162 After 25 years, sustainability is a growing science that's here to stay, research from Los Alamos, IU shows
163 Mental health research in LMICs needs good governance
164 Post-traumatic stress risk to police officers lower than previously thought
165 Drug laws fail to protect children
166 The impending revolution of low-power quantum computers
167 Great Lakes fish feed on invading shrimp
168 Doctors can do better if they learn from their mistakes
169 Coming to terms with terror
170 Harmful patterns of painkiller prescriptions seen among methadone patients
171 Functional brain pathways disrupted in children with ADHD
172 Depression can lead to heart disease
173 Creative excuses: Original thinkers more likely to cheat
174 Physicists set strongest limit on mass of dark matter
175 Insect cyborgs may become first responders, search and monitor hazardous environs
176 New magnetic-field-sensitive alloy could find use in novel micromechanical devices
177 Tiny levers, big moves in piezoelectric sensors
178 Checkmate! RUB researchers outsmart Intel copy protection HDCP
179 Researchers use CT to recreate Stradivarius violin
180 Reality in the eye of the beholder
181 IVC filters: Society of Interventional Radiology leads in patient care, safety, research