File Title
1 Combined Mac, iPad sales to make Apple largest global PC vendor in 2012
2 Ultrabook makers turn to plastic as Apple controls unibody aluminum supply
3 Google's Android Market estimated to earn just 7% of what Apple's App Store makes
4 UK's chief rabbi meant no criticism of Steve Jobs, uses iPad & iPhone daily
5 Apple rumored to switch back to Nvidia GPUs for 2012 MacBook models
6 Apple allegedly delays iOS 5.0.2 to address memory leaks
7 Adobe Flash sites rapidly converted to HTML5 for iOS users
8 Netflix stock hit after it sells bonds, issues stock for $200 million capital infusion
9 In ITC reversal, Apple found not to infringe HTC's S3 patents
10 Ron Johnson 'reimagined everything' when creating the Apple Store
11 Briefly: iPhone 4S passes China tests, Apple UK site #2 in traffic, Google updates iPad app
12 Apple expected to launch iPhone 4S in Taiwan on Dec. 14-16
13 iPhone 4S quickly jumps to second-most popular camera phone on Flickr
14 Apple expected to add NFC support for iOS e-wallet transactions in 2012
15 HP leads all 1.2M non-Apple tablets sold in US in 2011
16 Microsoft to follow Apple's Lion lead with digital delivery of Windows 8
17 Apple gains ownership of iPhone-related porn domain names
18 New e-book recounts Steve Jobs e-mails to Apple customers
19 Select Apple Stores to open at midnight and 4AM on Black Friday
20 FCC chairman finds AT&T, T-Mobile merger not in public interest, seeks hearing
21 In-app subscriptions arrive for App Store games
22 Samsung Galaxy S II ad mocks iPhone line-waiters
23 Apple searching for senior executives with cloud expertise
24 Analyst casts doubt on Nokia's Windows Phone hopes
25 Apple television expected in mid-2012 as competition is 'scrambling'
26 Sharp rumored to provide IGZO displays for Apple's next iPhone, iPad
27 'Social Network' scribe 'strongly considering' Steve Jobs movie
28 Apple teases Grand Central store will open 'soon,' Dec. 9 rumored
29 Google steps up competition with iTunes, adds Disney movies to YouTube
30 Microsoft says Windows Phones have had Siri-like functionality for over a year
31 HP's Chairman using MacBook Air, may detail webOS plans next week
32 USPTO exhibit shows Jobs' cultural influence through patents, trademarks
33 Steve Jobs' wife to manage $4.6 billion trust of Disney shares
34 HTC reevaluating S3 Graphics purchase after ITC reversal
35 1,000 workers strike at Apple keyboard supplier over long hours
36 Briefly: Thanksgiving malware, international iPhone 4S launches, new iPod touch ad
37 Leaked photos show Brazil-made 8GB iPhone 4 with custom model number
38 Study finds Apple ecosystem helps iPhone lead industry in user retention
39 WSJ: Apple investing in Sharp plant for iPad 3 displays
40 Intel investigating proprietary dock connector for 2012 ultrabooks
41 Hitachi & Sony working with Apple on 4-inch iOS device, iPad 4 to see new display technology
42 North Carolina locals question benefits of Apple's $1 billion server farm
43 Ethics professor: The late but not great Steve Jobs; world would be poorer if we were all like Jobs
44 In 2012, Apple will blur the line between your iPhone and Mac using NFC and iCloud
45 FileMaker releases free Bento 4 Holiday Kit
46 Apple's R&D advantage: Unmatched bang for the buck
47 Nokia shares fall on anemic 'Lumia' Windows Phone sales
48 Who gets hurt most by Apple's amazin' elastic iPhone 3GS?
49 Apple wins secret patent for high-end 3D object recognition
50 NPD: HP's poor-selling, defunct TouchPad outsold Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom in U.S.
51 U.S. FCC seeks review of AT&T merger with T-Mobile USA
52 Steve Jobs' heirs advised to sell Apple shares to avoid $867 million in hiked capital gains taxes
53 Steve Ballmer's nightmare: How Microsoft's business actually could collapse
54 Microsoft exec laughs off Apple's Siri, claims Windows phones have had 'similar capability' for over a year
55 HTC to 'reevaluate' S3 Graphics buyout after failed ITC attack vs. Apple
56 Samsung blasts Apple product fans in new TV ad (with video)
57 Analyst: Apple shifts from Samsung to Sharp for new 2012 HDTV displays
58 Adobe changes its software upgrade policy
59 Video of behemoth Apple Store Grand Central Terminal
60 European Commission may investigate Motorola Mobility's use of FRAND patents against Apple, Microsoft
61 New Google Search app for iPad gets it right
62 Aaron Sorkin 'strongly considering' writing screenplay for Sony's Steve Jobs biopic
63 8 enormous things that are smaller than Apple Inc.
64 Apple orders extra 5 million iPhone 4S units for holiday quarter, say sources
65 Chinese 200 pounds 'iPhone killer' unwraps for Xmas; We've been waiting for Steve Jobs to die, says biz boss
66 Apple Store Grand Central Terminal to open on December 9, says source
67 Exhibit honoring Steve Jobs now on display at U.S. Patent Office Museum
68 YouTube adds hundreds of Disney, Disney*Pixar and DreamWorks movies for rent
69 The flaw in Samsung's anti-iPhone commercial
70 iPad 3: Super-high-res displays a go, but yields will be low
71 Is the AT&T merger with T-Mobile USA dead?
72 The first-ever Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade app
73 Apple's Siri's amazing voice-controlled artificial intelligence marks an inflection point in computing
74 Apple could buy the mobile phone industry
75 50 free apps to be most thankful for
76 Samsung: Australian Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban 'grossly unjust'
77 Brazil goes nuts for iPhone as Apple, Foxconn get local
78 Apple's Siri can now control third party apps and even start your car (with video)
79 10 iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch apps worth getting for the kids
80 Have you been banned by iTunes Match?
81 Using Apple's 'Find My Mac' feature
82 Apple's iPhone 4S coming to China Telecom, but when?
83 iPads, not chalkboards: Kindergartners at home with technology; teachers want more apps
84 5 free iOS apps for finding your favorite TV shows
85 Apple shares good for run to $500 with new iPads coming up
86 Microsoft's stupid TellMe vs. Apple's brilliant Siri (with video)
87 The 5 Apple technological innovations for which I'm most thankful and why
88 Apple debuts new iPod touch TV commercial for Christmas shopping season (with video)
89 Apple proposes brand new type of iOS interface
90 Apple prepping for next-gen 'A' processors
91 Apple iPad 3 prototypes featured 3D display, says source
92 Arizona city councils begin to use Apple iPads
93 A rare inside look inside Apple Retail and the company's 'Spot-the-Shopper' technology
94 Ancient Egyptian chariot trappings rediscovered
95 Dynamic duo helps to heal irradiated mice
96 What does the US budget stalemate mean for research?
97 Archaeologists land world's oldest fish hook
98 Higgs hunt enters endgame
99 Archaeology meets politics: Spring comes to ancient Egypt
100 Restaurants Plan DNA-Certified Premium Seafood
101 UN Conference to Deal With Carbon Reductions
102 NASA Launches Super-Size Rover to Mars: 'Go, Go!'
103 Climate summit faces big emitters' stalling tactics
104 Seeing Buenos Aires through a different lens
105 Just how powerful IS positive thinking?
106 New Lipitor generics: What you need to know
107 NASA's New Mars Rover Launches Successfully
108 Felix Salmon: Why Apple's Customers Cripple Its User Experience
109 Antibiotics: Connected to Obesity, Diabetes and Stroke?
110 Buying Guide: External Hard Drives
111 AT&T Temporarily Withdraws FCC Application for T-Mobile Merger
112 American Tech Know-How Drives Both Sides of Arab Revolution
113 iPad 3: Super-High-Res Displays a Go, But Yields Will Be Low
114 Why Smartphone Commercials Are Making Us Stupid