File Title
1 No further contact with stranded Mars probe: ESA
2 Mast from classic racing yacht holds one of the keys to sustainable biofuels
3 Sudden stress shifts human brain into survival mode
4 Physicists find charge separation in a molecule consisting of two identical atoms
5 Graphene ink created for ink-jet printing of electronic components
6 Gone fishing? We have for 42,000 years
7 Mexico acknowledges 2nd Mayan reference to 2012
8 Genetic defect disturbs salt handling and pushes up blood pressure levels
9 Holiday customers will be tracked by their phones
10 Oil sands digger uncovers dinosaur
11 Climate sensitivity to CO2 more limited than extreme projections: research
12 Researchers develop a how-to guide to slashing California's greenhouse gas emissions by 2050
13 Researchers rebuild the brain's circuitry
14 Finnish researchers reduce smart phones power consumption by more than 70%
15 Ancient environment drives marine biodiversity, study says
16 Surprise role of nuclear structure protein in development
17 Research finds HIV-killing compound
18 Supercooled: Water doesn't have to freeze until -55F
19 Physicists set strongest limit on mass of dark matter
20 Psychopaths' brains show differences in structure and function
21 Blocked holes can enhance rather than stop light going through
22 Pluto's hidden ocean
23 Coins show Herod built only part of Second Temple walls
24 Chemists develop liquid-based hydrogen storage material
25 Engineers fight for stranded Mars probe after 'sign of life' (Update)
26 Climate change effect on release of CO2 from peat far greater than assumed
27 Research team finds disk encryption foils law enforcement efforts
28 Earth's outer core deprived of oxygen: study
29 Limited options for meeting 2C warming target, warn climate experts
30 Russia 'makes first contact' with stranded Mars probe (Update)
31 Graphene: the future in a pencil trace
32 Graphene foam detects explosives, emissions better than today's gas sensors
33 Artificial molecules: Researchers explore novel methods for assembly of quantum dots
34 Nanowrinkles, nanofolds yield strange hidden channels
35 On the road to plasmonics with silver polyhedral nanocrystals
36 Nanoparticles harvest invisible cancer biomarkers
37 Team develops highly efficient method for creating flexible, transparent electrodes
38 Carbon nanotube forest camouflages 3-D objects
39 Butterfly wings inspire design of water-repellent surface
40 New medical, research tool possible by probing cell mechanics
41 Inhaled nanoparticles deliver potent anticancer cocktail to lung tumors and block resistance
42 When it comes to churning out electrons, metal glass beats plastics
43 Nanoparticle-based combination therapy shows promise in colon cancer prevention
44 Nanoparticles and Mini-NMR point the way to personalized cancer therapy
45 First proof of single atomic layer material with zero electrical resistance
46 First elucidation of cause of long-term stability deterioration in solid oxide fuel cells
47 Interview: 'Next year we will see the Higgs particle--or exclude its existence'
48 Seeing sound in a new light
49 Physicists: Did neutrinos break the speed of light?
50 Computing with light: Research produces long-sought component to allow complete optical circuits on silicon chips
51 New magnetic-field-sensitive alloy could find use in novel micromechanical devices
52 A tiny flame shines light on supernovae explosions
53 Materials scientists watch electrons 'melt'
54 New strategy could lead to dose reduction in X-ray imaging
55 Peering inside the 'deflagration-to-detonation transition' of explosions
56 Debut of chromium signatures clocks great oxidation event
57 Forget exomoons. Let's talk exorings
58 ESA station keeps contact with Russian Mars mission Phobos-Grunt
59 In climate talks West would redefine rich and poor
60 Australia plans world's largest marine reserve
61 Gum arabic potential cure for Sudanese ills
62 EU agency: air pollution costs exceed $134 billion
63 How will Mars Science Laboratory navigate to Mars? Very precisely
64 Earth's past gives clues to future changes
65 Can new Ultrabook PCs catch Air?
66 Qualcomm challenges LCDs through new e-reader
67 Robot guards to patrol South Korean prisons
68 This holiday season, the tablet goes mainstream
69 Facebook, HTC building Android smartphone: report
70 HP TouchPad top-selling tablet in US after iPad: study
71 Kilobots--tiny, collaborative robots--are leaving the nest (w/ video)
72 Touchscreen table computer SUR40 starts pre-orders
73 Robotic boats to travel across Pacific Ocean
74 Review: Nook Tablet is Kindle Fire's worthy foe
75 How the Nook Tablet compares to the Kindle Fire
76 Snake-alike Titanoboa robot is beyond eek (w/ video)
77 Montpellier team turns tables on robot-human interactions (w/ video)
78 Wind power to make up half of Danish energy use in 2020
79 Biofuel policy needs rethink, says UN expert
80 Poland plans its first atomic power plant on Baltic
81 UK govt to announce new cyber security strategy
82 Developing economies see no escape from coal
83 Panasonic to build Malaysian solar cell plant
84 Crush breaks out at Indonesian BlackBerry event
85 Twitter study reveals explosion in Arabic 'tweeting'
86 Apps to help you skip those Black Friday lines
87 Nokia to delist from Frankfurt exchange
88 AT&T, Telekom to press ahead with T-Mobile deal
89 EU court rules against web filters to block file sharing
90 First implementation of 100 and 40Gbps ultra-high-speed plug-and-play optical communications
91 When will artificial molecular machines start working for us?
92 Copper-carbene catalysts to help turn waste carbon dioxide into chemical feedstocks
93 Spider know-how could cut future energy costs
94 Scientists uncover new role for gene in maintaining steady weight
95 Just the two of us: Stable dinucleotide-RNA duplexes show promise in biotechnology
96 Mice with fewer insulin-signaling receptors don't live longer
97 New coatings process lowers fuel consumption
98 Chemistry professor links feces and caffeine
99 Bat plant could give some cancers a devil of a time
100 Saving Da Vinci's Last Supper from air pollution
101 New class of drugs for the reversible inhibition of proteasomes
102 Bow down to the light: Light-triggered microscale robotic arm makes bending and stretching motions
103 Cancer drug cisplatin found to bind like glue in cellular RNA
104 Making liquid crystals stand tall
105 How bats "hear" objects in their path
106 Pregnancy is a drag for bottlenose dolphins
107 Climate change: South Africa has much to lose
108 Oil palms and conservation--do they mix?
109 Polyandry drives increased embryo viability
110 Sweet success: First recorded wild breeding from captive-bred Regent Honeyeater
111 Infanticide: the biological parents are more often responsible
112 They call it 'guppy love': Biologists solve an evolution mystery
113 Chemical weapon in spider silk repels ant attack: study
114 Grizzly bears still need protecting, US court rules
115 Shrimp-like crustacean found to make gooey underwater silk
116 Big pest, small genome: Blueprint of spider mite may yield better pesticides
117 Study identifies a key molecular switch for telomere extension by telomerase
118 HIV group N case detected outside Cameroon for the first time
119 Tuning out: How brains benefit from meditation
120 Playing music alters the processing of multiple sensory stimuli in the brain
121 How the brain strings words into sentences
122 Neuroscientists find that two rare autism-related disorders are caused by opposing malfunctions in the brain
123 DARPA calls for antibiotic replacement
124 BPA spikes 1,200% after eating canned soup: study
125 The psychological science behind an oops moment
126 Study identifies possible therapy for radiation sickness
127 Surprising pathway implicated in stuttering
128 Nerve cells key to making sense of our senses
129 New study calls sodium intake guidelines into question
130 Girls feel more anger, sadness than boys when friends offend
131 It pays to be healthier: Targeted financial incentives for patients can lead to health behavior change
132 Dreaming takes the sting out of painful memories: study
133 Researchers identify gene that causes rare dementing illness
134 New evidence of an unrecognized visual process
135 Scientist discovers why drug boosts memory in Down syndrome mice
136 Teens with autism face major obstacles to social life outside of school, study finds
137 Daily wheezing treatment no different from intermittent in toddlers
138 Doctors could learn from Shakespeare's deep understanding of mind-body connection
139 Diabetes drug metformin shows promise in reducing risk of cancer
140 Risk of disease partially set in womb, scientists say
141 A study looks at the nature of change in our aging, changing brains
142 Researchers determine how antibody recognizes key sugars on HIV surface
143 Rule-breaking, risk-taking and road safety
144 Can a business strategy framework be applied to the Scottish Premier League?
145 Scientists unlock the mystery surrounding a tale of shaggy dogs
146 Interactions between classical, African and Middle Eastern cultures explored
147 Science magazine honors web site that makes physics come alive
148 Adolescent boys more prone to delinquency without a father
149 Mathematics: Mapping a fixed point
150 Coming to terms with terror
151 UMD poll: Egyptians see military putting brake on revolution 2:1
152 Shift in ancient diet may explain modern orthodontic problems
153 Evidence found of dinosaur that ate birds