File Title
1 Google Bags the Turkey for European Doodle
2 Apollo 13 Astronaut's Notes Up for Auction
3 Lawsuit Over 'Jew or Not Jew' iPhone App Dropped
4 Nokia to Delist From Frankfurt Exchange
5 EU Court: Countries Can't Impose Internet Filters
6 Smartphone Maker HTC Cuts Revenue Forecast
7 Qualcomm Challenges LCDs Through New E-Reader
8 Thankfulness Linked to Positive Changes in Brain and Body
9 Brain Imaging Illuminates Neuro Basis of Meditation
10 Depression Heightens Sensitivity to Pain
11 Girl, 9, Testifies in Bid to Save Her Dad, Home Invasion Killer Joshua Komisarjevsky, From Death Row
12 Amish in 3 States Concerned Over Haircut Attacks
13 Terminator-style lenses a step closer
14 Super cool water puzzle solved
15 Genetic mutations clue to autism drugs
16 Stranded Mars probe sends further signals
17 Most liveable alien worlds ranked
18 Bottlenose dolphins' maximum speed halved by pregnancy
19 Electricity cost to rise due to government policies
20 French riot police battle protesters over nuclear train
21 Go Figure: Why does every person need 200kg of steel a year?
22 How rainwater harvesting is helping Nicaraguan farmers
23 Dreaming 'eases painful memories'
24 Greenpeace 'polar bear' protester cleared by court
25 Egypt unrest: Military apologises for protest deaths
26 Thanksgiving: US travellers hit the holiday roads
27 Leveson Inquiry: Actress Sienna Miller gives evidence
28 France and Germany plan changes to EU treaties
29 Australia inquiry after wrong twin foetus terminated
30 Thanksgiving in Alapaha: Slow-smoked meat and cane syrup
31 Why has Morocco's king survived the Arab Spring?
32 Derby student trapped in clothes horse rescued by firefighters
33 Seven men arrested over Amish hair-cutting attacks
34 Shakespeare 'could help doctors become better'
35 American Samoa football team celebrate first ever win
36 The rich: Exactly what does the terminology mean?
37 China navy to carry out Pacific exercises
38 UK government's Green Deal to cut fuel bills
39 Fake forum comments are 'eroding' trust in the web
40 Why great technology needs 'artists' to thrive
41 Cash crisis hits disease battle
42 Merck & Co. agrees $1bn Vioxx settlement in US
43 New Zealand court sentences assisted suicide scientist
44 Girl struck by train on Tyneside has arm reattached
45 Cancer survival: Macmillan hails major improvement
46 N. Korea threatens South with "sea of fire"
47 Sorkin: "Strongly considering" Jobs bio-pic
48 Renewed signs of interest in Microsoft-Yahoo combo
49 New therapy targets a patient's unique cancer
50 HealthPop video: Thanksgiving heart attacks, calorie-burning undies
51 Obesity now begins in kindergarten? What new study says
52 Popular painkiller can be deadly even in small overdoses
53 Earth's Core Deprived of Oxygen
54 Blocked Holes Can Enhance Rather Than Stop Light Going Through
55 Targeting Bacterial Gas Defenses Allow for Increased Efficacy of Numerous Antibiotics
56 Form and Function: New MRI Technique to Diagnose or Rule out Alzheimer's Disease
57 New Material Can Enhance Energy, Computer, Lighting Technologies
58 Smart Swarms of Bacteria Inspire Robotics: Adaptable Decision-Making Found in Bacteria Communities
59 Predators Drive the Evolution of Poison Dart Frogs' Skin Patterns
60 Cassini Chronicles Life of Saturn's Giant Storm
61 Human, Artificial Intelligence Join Forces to Pinpoint Fossil Locations
62 NASA Orbiter Catches Mars Sand Dunes in Motion
63 Health Check While Driving the Car
64 Synthetic RNA Lessens Severity of Fatal Disease
65 New Research On Body Parts' Sensitivity to Environmental Changes
66 Improved Method of Electrical Stimulation Could Help Treat Damaged Nerves
67 Regeneration After a Stroke Requires Intact Communication Channels Between Brain Hemispheres
68 Carbon Nanotube Forest Camouflages 3-D Objects
69 Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos? New Test Confirms Accuracy of Experiment's Initial Measurement in Flight Time of Neutrinos
70 How the Fly Flies: Scientists Discover Gene Switch Responsible for Flight Muscle Formation
71 New Class of Small Molecules Discovered Through Innovative Chemistry
72 New Revolutionary Material Can Be Worked Like Glass
73 Ozone from Rock Fracture Could Serve as Earthquake Early Warning
74 Weak Spot Discovered On Deadly Ebolavirus
75 More Accurate Tropical Cyclone Prediction Model Developed
76 More Accurate Tropical Cyclone Prediction Model Developed
77 Do Not Harm Invasive Species That Pollinate, Study Warns
78 Separating Signal and Noise in Climate Warming
79 Key to Aging? Key Molecular Switch for Telomere Extension by Telomerase Identified
80 Physicists Set Strongest Limit On Mass of Dark Matter
81 Treatment of Acne Using Oral Antibiotics Associated With Reporting Symptoms of Sore Throat
82 Thanksgiving in Space May One Day Come With All the Trimmings
83 Happy, Feel-Good Holiday Seasons Start With Healthy Choices at Thanksgiving, Nutrition Experts Say
84 Dendritic Cells Protect Against Acute Pancreatitis
85 Tumor-Specific Pathway Identified
86 Hope for Muscle Wasting Disease
87 P-Rex1 Protein Key to Melanoma Metastasis
88 Laser Removal May Be Advantageous for Treating Precancerous Skin Lesions
89 Surprising Pathway Implicated in Stuttering
90 Girls Feel More Anger, Sadness Than Boys When Friends Offend
91 New Culprit Found in Lou Gehrig's Disease
92 Chew Gum, Lose Weight? Hormone That Helps People Feel 'Full' After Eating Can Be Delivered Into Bloodstream Orally
93 Do You Really Know What You Want in a Partner?
94 Jaw Size Linked to Diet: Could Too Soft a Diet Cause Lower Jaw to Stay Too Short and Cause Orthodontic Problems?
95 Physical Activity Impacts Overall Quality of Sleep
96 People With a 'Sweet Tooth' Have Sweeter Dispositions
97 Adolescents Who Sleep Better Score Higher in Math and Physical Education
98 Babies Who Eat Fish Before Nine Months Are Less Likely to Suffer Pre-School Wheeze, Study Suggests
99 Molecule Serves as a Key in Some Protein Interactions
100 Evidence Supports Ban On Growth Promotion Use of Antibiotics in Farming
101 Key Gene Function Against Cell Death Discovered
102 New Way to Form Extracellular Vesicles
103 Tweaking a Gene Makes Muscles Twice as Strong: New Avenue for Treating Muscle Degeneration in People Who Can't Exercise
104 Robojelly Gets an Upgrade: Underwater Robot Learns to Swim More Like the Real Thing
105 Wood Biofuel Could Be a Competitive Industry by 2020
106 Taking Bushmeat Off the Menu Could Increase Child Anemia, Study Finds
107 Algae Biomass Increased by More Than 50 Percent
108 Satellite Data Can Help Protect Bluefin Tuna
109 Mutants With Heterozygote Disadvantage Can Prevent Spread of Transgenic Animals
110 Large Nest of Juvenile Dinosaurs, First of Their Genus Ever Found
111 Date and Rate of Earth's Most Extreme Extinction Pinpointed: Results Stem from Largest Ever Examination of Fossil Marine Species
112 Soybean Adoption Came Early by Many Cultures, Archaeologists Say
113 Massive Volcanoes, Meteorite Impacts Delivered One-Two Death Punch to Dinosaurs
114 Lightning Sprites Are Out-Of-This-World: 'Sprites' Predicted in Atmospheres of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus
115 Birth of Famous Black Hole: Longstanding Mysteries About Object Called Cygnus X-1 Unraveled
116 Galaxies Are the Ultimate Recyclers, NASA's Hubble Confirms
117 Magnetic Fields Set Stage for Birth of New Stars
118 Why Solar Wind Is Rhombic-Shaped: Temperature and Energy Equipartition in Cosmic Plasmas Explained
119 NASA Flies Robotic Lander Prototype to New Heights
120 New Strategy Could Lead to Dose Reduction in X-Ray Imaging
121 Tiny Flame Shines Light On Supernovae Explosions
122 New Design for Mechanical Heart Valves
123 Highly Efficient Method for Creating Flexible, Transparent Electrodes Developed
124 Unearthing a New Quantum State of Matter: Quantum Physics Discoveries Could Change Face of Technology
125 Future Prostate Cancer Treatments Might Be Guided by Math
126 Social Media Has Role in Delivery of Healthcare but Patients Should Proceed With Caution, Experts Say
127 New Tool Saves Time, Reduces Risk of Mistakes in Diabetes Care
128 French Digitial Kitchen Is a Recipe for Success