File Title
1 NASA Kepler Probe Finds Two Earth-Sized Planets Orbiting Star
2 New Planet: An Earth-Like World, 600 Light-Years Away?
3 TechBytes: May The Games Be With You
4 Review: Shinobi for the Nintendo 3DS
5 Review: Twister Mania for Kinect
6 Google, KKR Invest in California Solar Project
7 Michael Chabon E-Book Rights for His Work
8 ITC Sides With Apple in Patent Dispute With HTC
9 Surgical Device Stops Baby's Laughing Seizures
10 Vitamin D Data on Optimal Dose Inconclusive, Say Studies
11 Teens as Young as 14 Engaging in Group Sex, Study Finds
12 Hospitals to Face Penalties for Patient Readmission
13 Plastic Surgery: This Year's Hot Christmas Gift?
14 Study: Significant Number of Young Americans Get Arrested
15 Epidermolysis Bullosa: Worst Disease You Never Heard Of
16 Handle With Care: Baby Brody Born Without Skin
17 Infomercial King Kevin Trudeau Loses On $38 Million Appeal
18 Is Infomercial King a Helper or Huckster?
19 The Seedy Underside of TV Pitchmen
20 Which Infomercial Products Make the Grade?
21 The Snuggie: The Blanket With Sleeves
22 Mega-quake clusters unlikely: study
23 Study reveals why diet may slow aging
24 Mammals' tusked ancestor roamed Australia
25 First Earth-sized planets spotted
26 Metal undergoes novel transition under extreme pressure
27 Guide reveals Amazon's biological bounty
28 New approach to malaria vaccine revealed by Oxford researchers
29 Mexico City closes Bordo Poniente rubbish dump
30 Rare frog breeds in Deep Sea World in North Queensferry
31 Profile: Prof. Peter Higgs of Higgs boson fame
32 When should science be censored?
33 Is a cure for the common cold on the way?
34 Dalmatian Pebbles has litter of 15 pups in Garnant
35 'Truce' benefits bird neighbours
36 North Korea leader lies in state
37 Iraq Vice-President Tariq al-Hashemi denies charge
38 US House votes down payroll-tax extension plan
39 Syria unrest: Troops and army deserters clash in Idlib
40 Piers Morgan tells Leveson: Daily Mirror did not hack phones
41 Sirte and Misrata: A tale of two war-torn Libyan cities
42 French women may need faulty breast implants removed
43 Five die in plane crash on New Jersey Interstate 287
44 US Lockheed Martin F-35 chosen as Japan fighter jet
45 German insurance firm organised sex party for salesmen
46 Trio 'abducted and abused' for Belarus topless protest
47 How genuine are the tears in North Korea?
48 TalkTalk most complained about ISP, Ofcom finds
49 Sony apologises as PlayStation Vita complaints rise
50 UK's top 10 2011 YouTube videos put dog above royals
51 Government announces list for 'super-connected' cities
52 Lady Gaga fans hit by hack on Twitter and Facebook
53 India cold wave death toll rises to 39
54 US hopes music and art can sooth traumatised soldiers
55 Euro crisis: Why Greece is the sick man of Europe
56 Woman beaten by Egyptian troops in Tahrir Square
57 Egypt unrest: Women denounce military violence
58 Could T-Mobile merge with Sprint?
59 Apple scores partial win in phone patent dispute
60 Deadly blizzard paralyzes Great Plains
61 Concrete buffer gone wild at a construction site
62 Are the benefits of vitamin D overhyped?
63 Jon Bon Jovi jokes about death hoax
64 5 die in small plane crash on N.J. highway
65 Team America trends on Twitter after death of Kim Jong Il
66 DHEA hormone eases menopausal hot flashes, boosts sex life: Is it safe?
67 Chilean conjoined twin improves despite sister's death
68 First Earth-Size Planets Beyond Our Solar System: Smallest Exoplanets Ever Confirmed Around a Star Like Our Sun
69 Living 'Neon Signs' Composed of Millions of Glowing Bacteria
70 Major Step Forward Towards Drought Tolerance in Crops
71 Ultra-Compact Dwarf Galaxies Are Bright Star Clusters
72 Plant-Eating Dinosaur Discovered in Antarctica
73 New Kind of Metal in the Deep Earth: Iron Oxide Undergoes Transition Under Intense Pressures and Temperatures
74 A Galaxy Blooming With New Stars
75 Climate Change May Bring Big Ecosystem Shifts, NASA Says
76 Novel Device Removes Heavy Metals from Water
77 Meteorite Shockwaves Trigger Dust Avalanches On Mars
78 New Target Found for Aggressive Cancer Gene
79 Scientists Uncover Evidence On How Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Cells Form
80 First Comprehensive DNA Study of Mast Cell Leukemia Uncovers Clues That Could Improve Therapy
81 Young Adults Drop Exercise With Move to College or University
82 Simple Clip Could Increase Quality of Life for Thousands of Patients With a Common Heart Problem
83 Voltage Increases Up to 25 Percent Observed in Closely Packed Nanowires
84 Functionalized Graphene Oxide Plays Part in Next-Generation Oil-Well Drilling Fluids
85 Twisting Molecules by Brute Force: A Top-Down Approach
86 How Granular Materials Become Solid: Discovery May Be Boon to Engineers, Manufacturers
87 Biofuel Research Boosted by Discovery of How Cyanobacteria Make Energy
88 Tiny Protein Helps Bacteria 'Talk' and Triggers Defensive Response in Plants
89 The Physics Behind Great White Shark Attacks On Seals
90 Discovery of a 'Dark State' Could Mean a Brighter Future for Solar Energy
91 Researchers Assess Effects of a World Awash in Nitrogen
92 Global Forests Are Overlooked as Water Suppliers, Study Shows
93 Novel Use of Drug Saves Children from Deadly E. Coli Bacteria Disease
94 New Test to Indicate Likely Spread or Recurrence of Breast Cancer
95 Cornea Gene Discovery Reveals Why Humans See Clearly
96 Molecular Markers Can Predict Spread of Cancer, Guide Treatment
97 Tissue Structure Delays Cancer Development
98 Snipping Key Nerves May Help Life Threatening Heart Rhythms, Study Suggests
99 Dodging the Cognitive Hit of Early-Life Seizures
100 Changes to the Brain in Patients With Spinal Cord Compression Identified
101 Secrets of the 'Sleep Hormone': Discovery Leads to Novel Melatonin Drug With Potential to Treat Insomnia
102 Can Science Predict a Hit Song?
103 Gender Bias of Prospective Parents Revealed
104 Teens Choose Water When Calorie Count of Sugary Beverages Is Easier to Understand
105 One Trait Has Huge Impact On Whether Alcohol Makes You Aggressive
106 Babies Remember Even as They Seem to Forget
107 More Female Managers Do Not Reduce Wage Gap, Swedish Study Finds
108 New Light On Medicinal Benefits of Plants
109 First Aid After Tick Bites
110 Immunological Defense Mechanism Leaves Malaria Patients Vulnerable to Deadly Infection
111 Barracuda Babies: Novel Study Sheds Light On Early Life of Prolific Predator
112 Study of Skates and Sharks Questions Assumptions About 'Essential' Genes
113 Hellbender Salamander Study Seeks Answers for Global Amphibian Decline
114 Data-Driven Tools Cast Geographical Patterns of Rainfall Extremes in New Light
115 Researchers Closer to Understanding the Evolution of Sound Production in Fish
116 Nitrogen from Humans Pollutes Remote Lakes for More Than a Century
117 Rapid Rise in Wildfires in Large Parts of Canada? Ecologists Find Threshold Values for Natural Wildfires
118 Close Family Ties Keep Cheaters in Check: Why Almost All Multicellular Organisms Begin Life as a Single Cell
119 Birds Caught in the Act of Becoming a New Species
120 Scientists Discover Second-Oldest Gene Mutation
121 Starving Orangutans Might Help to Better Understand Obesity and Eating Disorders in Humans
122 Follow Your Nose: Compared to Neanderthals, Modern Humans Have a Better Sense of Smell
123 Detecting the 'Heartbeat' of Smallest Black Hole Candidate
124 First Low-Mass Star Detected in Globular Cluster
125 Young Star Rebels Against Its Parent Cloud
126 Scientists Find Microbes in Lava Tube Living in Conditions Like Those On Mars
127 Disaster Looms for Gas Cloud Falling Into Milky Way's Central Black Hole
128 Research Could Improve Laser-Manufacturing Technique
129 Researchers Measure Nanometer Scale Temperature
130 Chemicals and Biofuel from Wood Biomass
131 Researchers Demonstrate New DNA Detection Technique
132 Research On Solubility Yields Promise for Pharmaceutical, Other Industries
133 Computing: Improving Security in the Cloud
134 Protecting Confidential Data With Math
135 Tool Detects Patterns Hidden in Vast Data Sets
136 'Smart Connector' Could Save Millions in Lost Revenue
137 Unwanted Online Sexual Exposures Decline for Youth, New Research Finds