File Title
1 Starving orangutans might help to better understand obesity and eating disorders in humans
2 Scientists discover why buttercups reflect yellow on chins
3 Scientists forecast crops that adapt to changing weather
4 New pink fancy-leaved caladium debuts
5 New food allergy model for fenugreek has been developed
6 Blue marlin blues: Loss of dissolved oxygen in oceans squeezes billfish habitat
7 How exposure to irregular light affects plant circadian rhythms
8 Landscape architecture survey: Is plant knowledge passe?
9 New eco-friendly foliar spray provides natural anti-freeze
10 Growstones ideal alternative to perlite, parboiled rice hulls
11 Artichokes grow big in Texas
12 Missouri Botanical Garden Scientists Use Shrimp to Examine Toxicity of Traditional Medicinal Plants in Northern Peru
13 140 New Species Described by California Academy of Sciences in 2011
14 Nitrogen from humans pollutes remote lakes for more than a century
15 Study of skates and sharks questions assumptions about 'essential' genes
16 Work sheds new light on medicinal benefits of plants
17 New light on medicinal benefits of plants
18 New biodiversity data publishing framework proposed
19 Genome tree of life is largest yet for seed plants
20 Shared flavor compounds show up on US menus, rare in Asian cuisines
21 Researchers assess effects of a world awash in nitrogen
22 Rapid rise in wildfires in large parts of Canada?
23 Barracuda babies: Novel study sheds light on early life of prolific predator
24 Caterpillars mimic one another for survival
25 Archaeologists find new evidence of animals being introduced to prehistoric Caribbean
26 World's oldest super predator had remarkable vision
27 Evidence for early 'bedding' and the use of medicinal plants at a South African rock shelter
28 The Disappearance of the Elephant Caused the Rise of Modern Man
29 Endangered orangutans offer a new evolutionary model for early humans
30 Controversy over Triceratops identity continues
31 Scientists Assess Radioactivity in the Ocean From Japan Nuclear Power Facility
32 New study documents cumulative impact of mountaintop mining
33 The case of the dying aspens
34 Climate change blamed for dead trees in Africa
35 10 years after attacks on World Trade Center, human health cost is still being counted
36 As climate change sets in, plants and bees keep pace
37 Affordable Solar: It's Closer Than You Think
38 Rose torture: severe heat in Texas yields better varieties for research
39 Physicists say they are near epic Higgs boson discovery
40 Industrial 'inertia to change' is delaying development of zero carbon homes, report finds
41 Study finds increasing atmospheric concentrations of new flame retardants
42 Removing sulfur from jet fuel cools climate
43 Lawrence Livermore ramps up wind energy research
44 Green Routing Can Cut Car Emissions Without Significantly Slowing Travel Time, Buffalo Study Finds
45 Cancer from fetal exposure to carcinogens depends on dose, timing
46 Acid rain poses a previously unrecognized threat to Great Lakes sugar maples
47 Remote wilderness polluted by humans
48 Novel device removes heavy metals from water
49 In the genome, an answer to a mysterious movement disorder
50 From heterogeneous patient measurements towards earlier diagnosis in Alzheimer's disease
51 I wanna talk like you (oo)
52 Bacterial protein 'mops up' viruses found in contaminated water supplies
53 Less blood needed post-surgery, says NEJM study
54 Team designs a bandage that spurs, guides blood vessel growth
55 Scientists Discover Second-Oldest Gene Mutation
56 Winter diets? The secret is to chill the extremities
57 Genomic sequences of 2 iconic falconry birds--Peregrine and Saker Falcons- successfully decoded
58 BGI-BOX terminal server debut operation in China Agricultural University
59 Following the crowd supports democracy
60 First comprehensive DNA study of mast cell leukemia uncovers clues that could improve therapy
61 Plasma treatment zaps viruses before they can attack cells
62 New device creates lipid spheres that mimic cell membranes
63 Close Family Ties Keep Microbial Cheaters in Check, Study Finds
64 Tool enables scientists to uncover patterns in vast data sets
65 Midwives use rituals to send message that women's bodies know best
66 UCSF-led team discovers cause of rare disease
67 Childhood cancer drugs cure now, may cause problems later, UB research shows
68 Commercial or communal: Why is outsourcing taboo for churches and pharmaceutical companies?
69 Do consumers prefer brands that appear on their Facebook pages?
70 Why does stating your intention lead you to purchase your favorite brand?
71 Online brand comments: How do they affect consumer decisions?
72 Nostalgic consumers are more likely to give to charity
73 Global health funding slows as deadline for Millennium Development Goals nears
74 Erosion of traditional 'taboos' threatens Madagascar's lemurs
75 Biochemical signature predicts progression to Alzheimer's disease
76 Mercury releases into the atmosphere from ancient to modern times
77 Society may get stuck with the bill for expensive higher education
78 'Tis the season to be wary of elder financial abuse
79 NYU study concludes that dentists could screen 20 million Americans for chronic physical illnesses
80 Less knowledge, more power: Uninformed can be vital to democracy, study finds
81 3-year study identifies key interventions to reduce maternal, newborn and child deaths
82 Study takes aim at education-based death rate disparities
83 The respective roles of the public and private sectors in pharmaceutical innovation
84 Psychology researcher finds that second-guessing one's decisions leads to unhappiness
85 Free-to-pay? No way! U of A professor explores negative billing
86 Majority of B.C. women take prescription drugs during pregnancy: UBC study
87 Analysis of fetal meconium can reveal gestational alcohol exposure
88 Decades-old conclusion about energy-making pathway of cyanobacteria is corrected
89 New research identifies changes to the brain in patients with spinal cord compression
90 Researchers identify phthalates in numeruous medicines and supplements
91 A galaxy blooming with new stars
92 Almost noiseless nanomechanical microwave amplifier
93 Researchers describe a new genetic programme that converts static cells into mobile invasive cells
94 First low-mass star detected in globular cluster
95 Physics strikes the right note with classical musicians
96 F. nucleatum enables breaking bond on blood vessels to allow invaders in
97 Lead levels in drinking water spike when copper and lead pipes joined
98 Scientists find microbes in lava tube living in conditions like those on Mars
99 Kessler Foundation tests Ekso exoskeletal device in 6 patients with traumatic spinal cord injury
100 Notre Dame researchers demonstrate new DNA detection technique
101 New system may one day steer microrobots through blood vessels for disease treatment
102 Quantum cats are hard to see
103 Fear no supernova
104 Complex sex life of goats could have implications for wildlife management
105 Follow your nose
106 Industry, Regulators Should Take 'System Safety' Approach to Offshore Drilling in Aftermath of Deepwater Horizon Accident, Says New Report
107 Close family ties keep cheaters in check, study finds
108 Discovery of a 'dark state' could mean a brighter future for solar energy
109 NASA eyes power in Tropical Storm Washi, warnings in the Philippines
110 Major new study examines explanations for math 'gender gap'
111 Study participants at risk for Alzheimer's talk about their genetic test results
112 Autism researchers make exciting strides
113 Early defoliation of Great Lakes wine grapes tested
114 Plant growth affected by tea seed powder
115 Blue light irradiation promotes growth, increases antioxidants in lettuce seedlings
116 Planting improves heart rate, stress levels of mentally challenged adults
117 Salt-tolerant crops show higher capacity for carbon fixation
118 Accelerating adoption of agricultural technology
119 Computerized tool takes a bite out of traditional apple testing
120 Improved rainwater harvesting system promising
121 Thermotherapy rids azaleas of deadly fungal disease
122 Asparagus benefits from X-ray treatment
123 Restorative practices found to be effective alternative to zero tolerance in schools
124 World Record for One-Loop Calculations
125 Supercomputer reveals new details behind drug-processing protein model
126 What's in a name?
127 Time estimation ability predicts mathematical intelligence
128 Evolution reveals missing link between DNA and protein shape
129 Researchers link patterns seen in spider silk, melodies
130 Swarms of bees could unlock secrets to human brains
131 Tapping the brain orchestra
132 New ONR Technology Will Enable Ship Systems to Share Information Seamlessly
133 Tool detects patterns hidden in vast data sets
134 Improving Security in the Cloud
135 Tool detects patterns hidden in vast data sets [cf. 133]
136 Protecting confidential data with math
137 GDP up, happiness down
138 Robotic therapy may provide lasting gains for immobilized stroke survivors
139 New stats show America's heart health needs improvement
140 Gene discovery explains how fruitflies retreat from heat
141 IOM Report Recommends Stringent Limits On Use Of Chimpanzees in Biomedical and Behavioral Research
142 Behavioral interventions can increase condom use, reduce sexually transmitted infections
143 Endophenotype strategies for the study of neuropsychiatric disorders
144 Long-term inhaled dry powder mannitol improves lung function in CF
145 Inhaled glucocorticoids during pregnancy and offspring pediatric diseases
146 Advantages and motivations uncertain behind use of brachytherapy for breast cancer radiotherapy
147 Study suggests early ART in recently HIV-infected patients preferable to delayed treatment
148 No brakes on breast cancer cells
149 Group sex among adolescents a public health concern, new study says
150 Cholesterol-lowering drugs may reduce mortality for influenza patients
151 Spread of nasopharyngeal carcinoma is reduced by bevacizumab, according to phase 2 trial results
152 UC Irvine researchers urge caution when buying noisy toys
153 Scientists may be able to double efficacy of radiation therapy
154 Growing U.S. Violent Extremism by the Numbers: UMD Database
155 Ineffective group dynamics play a role in poor research reporting
156 Social exclusion among shift workers and older people
157 Opioid abuse linked to mood and anxiety disorders
158 New test could help track down and prosecute terrorists who use nerve gas and other agents
159 Optical Fiber Innovation Could Make Future Optical Computers a 'SNAP'
160 New report identifies research needed on 'modified risk' tobacco products
161 Wayne State study shows early research on cellphone conversations likely overestimated crash risk
162 A Brain's Failure to Appreciate Others May Permit Human Atrocities
163 Adolescent drinking may be as important a risk factor for criminal activity as illicit drug use
164 Teens choose water when calorie count of sugary beverages is easier to understand
165 President's Bioethics Commission releases report on human subjects protection
166 Same-sex marriage laws reduce doctor visits and health care costs for gay men
167 'Smart Connector' Could Save Millions in Lost Revenue
168 IASLC sets up committee to move CT lung cancer strategic screening forward
169 A norm to improve train safety and circulation in Europe
170 Blood-sucking mosquitoes keep their cool
171 What makes solo terrorists tick?
172 Unwanted Online Sexual Exposures Decline for Youth, New UNH Research Finds
173 Multisensory integration: When correlation implies causation
174 New racism in "reasonable accommodation"
175 More female managers do not reduce wage gap
176 Traumatic experiences may make you tough
177 Does team training save lives? A new science gives it a rigorous evaluation
178 NYU physicists help narrow search for elusive Higgs boson, a building block of the universe
179 NASA's Voyager spacecraft that toured outer planets nearing solar system edge
180 Preparing for future human exploration: measuring the radiation environment on Mars
181 NASA Developing Comet Harpoon for Sample Return
182 NASA's Fermi shows that Tycho's star shines in gamma rays
183 Using many instruments to track a comet
184 Closest Type Ia supernova in decades solves a cosmic mystery
185 Supernova caught in the act
186 A black hole's dinner is fast approaching
187 Disaster looms for gas cloud falling into Milky Way's central black hole
188 Solving a supernova mystery
189 Hubble images help pin down identity of August supernova's companion star
190 The 'supernova of a generation' shows its stuff
191 Scientists publish new findings about the 'supernova of a generation'
192 Young star rebels against its parent cloud
193 A Supernova with a View
194 NASA's RXTE detects 'heartbeat' of smallest black hole candidate
195 For NASA Webb telescope engineers, COCOA this winter means precision testing
196 Meteorite shockwaves trigger dust avalanches on Mars
197 A "Fantastic Voyage" Through the Body--with Precision Control
198 Starving orangutans might help to better understand obesity and eating disorders in humans