File Title
1 Geminid Meteor Shower: Shooting Stars, One Injury
2 A 'UFO' Hovers Over Russians Protesting Vladimir Putin
3 TechBytes: Cellphone-Free Driving
4 Group Urges Gov't to Strictly Limit Chimp Research
5 TV Companies Have a Year to Pipe Down Loud Ads
6 Police: Thieves Pocket-Dial 911, Leading to Arrest
7 US Set to Try Soldier Over Leaks, Targets Assange
8 NYC Elevator Death Can Trigger Fear in People With Phobias
9 Chimp Research Unethical, IOM Says
10 Study Shows Magnetic Forces Help Heal Brain After Strokes
11 Giuliana Rancic's Surgery Successful, Husband Says
12 Religious Believers Don't Trust Atheists, Says New Study
13 CPAP Mask Treats Sleep Apnea, Heart Problems
14 New Transplant Technique Breathes Life Into Lungs
15 Afraid of Elevators? 20 Tips From 20/20
16 Cocoa linked to better brain 'efficiency'
17 Supernova secrets revealed
18 NASA plans to harpoon comet
19 Eroding taboos see lemurs end up on dinner tables
20 Supermassive black hole will 'eat' gas cloud
21 Low-carbon technology 'will not mean big bill rises'
22 Firms say low carbon price threatens EU green targets
23 Morocco bans EU fishing vessels amid Western Sahara row
24 Chevron faces $10.6bn Brazil legal suit over oil spill
25 Rare robin breeding sites found
26 Protecting Peru's ancient past
27 Morocco's fish fight: High stakes over Western Sahara
28 Could it actually rain apples?
29 National Space Academy helps teachers champion aerospace
30 Foo Fighters New Zealand gig causes 'volcanic tremor'
31 Ethical traveller: Skiing green trails
32 How an overseas job can affect family life
33 US flag ceremony ends Iraq operation
34 Lagarde: No country's economy immune from rising risks
35 SS killer Heinrich Boere begins jail term at 90
36 London 2012: 13,500 troops to provide Olympic security
37 Russia election: Putin accepts 'lawful' protests
38 Charles Dickens: Six things he gave the modern world
39 China's Wukan village stands up for land rights
40 Was Steve Jobs' genius also a fatal flaw?
41 Rape affects almost 20% of US women, study says
42 Banksy unveils church abuse work
43 Baby seal wanders into New Zealand home
44 French ex-President Jacques Chirac guilty of corruption
45 Net founders fight piracy law with 'censorship' claim
46 Government shutdown fear hijacks US payroll tax row
47 Net access: EU survey shows geographic divisions
48 Royal wedding tops Google's Zeitgeist 2011 search list
49 English councils get deadline for broadband plan cash
50 Scientists break world record for data transfer speeds
51 Paypal plans daily deal coupons to compete with Groupon
52 China protest in Guangdong's Wukan 'vanishes from web'
53 Tweeting from court is given the go-ahead by top judge
54 Fujitsu's quest to put tech choices into users' hands
55 Apple founding papers sold at auction for nearly $1.6m
56 NASA develops space harpoon to take samples from comets
57 French banker says UK should be downgraded first
58 Test 'improves cancer screening'
59 Guatemala STD report urges future payouts
60 Facebook Timeline goes live worldwide
61 Unlikely allies join over Internet piracy
62 Verizon Wireless to sell Galaxy Nexus Thursday
63 Milky Way black hole deemed galactic glutton
64 YouTube sensation Marcel the Shell interviewed by Brian Williams
65 Amazing harpoon readied to snag comet samples
66 MacBook Pro rumored to get Retina Display
67 Noikia reenters fray with $49.99 smartphone
68 Human trafficking gets attention from Google
69 WH OKs military detention of terrorism suspects
70 Census data: Half of U.S. poor or low income
71 Woman killed in freak NYC elevator accident
72 NYC probes for answers in freak elevator death
73 Are "creaking" pop stars changing how young women speak?
74 HPV tests "better" than Pap smear at cervical cancer detection
75 Marijuana use up, alcohol use down among U.S. teens: Report
76 Health care overhaul insures 2.5 million more young adults
77 Rare swine flu strain H1N2 detected in Minn. infant
78 Medical pot users can pack heat, Oregon says
79 Democracy May Depend on the Ignorant
80 Is Global Warming Driving Polar Bears to Cannibalism?
81 Where's the Snow?
82 Teen Smoking, Drinking Hits Lowest Level Since 1970s
83 Sexual Abuse By Teen Girls Likely Underreported
84 N/A
85 Body Weight More 'Contagious' in Childhood than Adulthood
86 1,000 Hidden Species Revealed in Aussie Outback Underground
87 Ant Poison Paralyzes Prey From Afar
88 NASA Spacecraft Cozies Up to Gigantic Asteroid
89 Milky Way's Monster Black Hole Gets Colossal Meal
90 Cosmic Autopsy Reveals Youngest Supernova's Origins
91 What Should 'God Particle' Be Renamed? Physicists Weigh In
92 Velociraptors' Killer Claws Helped Them Eat Prey Alive
93 Is Triceratops One or Three Species? Debate Continues
94 Wild Monkeys to Be Released into Fukushima Fallout to Test Radiation
95 Saudi 'Witch' Beheaded for Black Magic
96 Is a Little Nibbling OK? Munching Not Linked to Obesity
97 Thousands of Birds Dive-Bomb Utah Parking Lots
98 In the Game of Love, Self-Deception May Be Key
99 'UFO' Spotted Over Russian Protesters?
100 Modeling the Impact of Severe Space Weather
101 Modeling the Impact of Severe Space Weather
102 Antarctica's Biggest Mysteries: Secrets of a Frozen World
103 100 Years On, Antarctic Science Going Strong
104 Prehistoric Wood Hints at Life Before Lake Huron
105 Fossil Feathers Paint New Image of Hawaiian Ibis
106 Ancient Offering Discovered Beneath Pyramid of the Sun