File Title
1 Life possible on 'large parts' of Mars
2 New study reignites carbon storage debate
3 Vaccine attacks breast cancer in mice
4 Gadget Guide: Top 6 Kids' Video Games for Kinect, PS3, iPad
5 Toronto Zoo's 'Gay' Penguins Attracted to New Female Partners
6 Top 11 Most Cringeworthy Celebrity Tweets of 2011
7 Wedding Photographers Sued for Using Music Online; Tony Romo Video Was Biggest Case
8 Driver Sent or Got 11 Texts in 11 Min Before Crash
9 New Data Said to Narrow Hunt for 'God' Particle
10 How Chips, PCs, Services Companies Are Faring
11 Patients Get Bottles, Cell Phones, Buzz Lightyear Stuck Inside
12 Oregon Teen Goes Missing in Possible 'Internet Predator' Case
13 8 Flu-Fighting Gadgets
14 Calif. Clinic Hawks CT Scan as 'Gift of Health'
15 Older Adults Get Cancer Screenings Against Recommendations
16 Ventilator Alarms Linked to Patient Deaths
17 A Text a Day to Keep the Doctor Away
18 Oral Flu Vaccine On the Horizon?
19 Link: ADHD Drugs Safe for Adult Hearts
20 ADHD on the Rise: Almost One in 10 Children Diagnosed, Says CDC
21 Now Daddy's Out of the Closet, Do You Tell the Kids?
22 LHC: Higgs boson 'may have been glimpsed'
23 Canada to withdraw from Kyoto Protocol
24 World's 'smallest steam engine' built in Germany
25 Age of criminal responsibility 'too low,' experts say
26 Soaking in Iceland's social scene
27 Liege attack: Gunman kills three in Belgium
28 Iran reject US request to return captured drone
29 Barroso says UK demand put EU internal market at risk
30 Mystery kidney disease in Central America
31 Gaza youths find escape in free running
32 Higgs boson: LHC scientists to release best evidence
33 Toronto's 'gay' penguins split as one mates with female
34 US Congress panel freezes $700m worth of Pakistan aid
35 Golden opportunity for old Indian mines
36 Hezbollah names 'CIA spies with informers at Starbucks'
37 Google's Motorola Mobility takeover: EU delays ruling
38 Music service aims for digital non-adopters
39 FBI says hackers hit key services in three US cities
40 Pressure for EU net neutrality rules
41 Global malaria death toll falling
42 Chronic fatigue syndrome 'affects one in 100 pupils'
43 The singer who finds freedom from Tourette's
44 Apple to buy Anobit, a flash memory startup?
45 Pollution from China alters weather in U.S. West
46 Science world abuzz amid countdown to Higgs
47 Diseases you can get from your pets
48 Charlie Sheen accidentally tweets phone number to followers
49 Elvis monkey discovered in southeast Asia
50 Sir Isaac Newton's personal notes put online
51 Mac App Store surpasses 1 million downloads
52 Remote-controlled robots headed to space?
53 Obama: We leave Iraq with "heads held high"
54 Zero malaria deaths by 2015: WHO sets new goal
55 Head Start centers cited for machete, chemicals
56 Routine cancer screening common among seniors despite doubts
57 Court showdown set over morning-after pill
58 Chicken, cilantro recalls underway: Are you at risk?
59 Unexpected signaling role for foul-smelling hydrogen sulfide in cell response to protein misfolding
60 Possible signs of the Higgs remain in latest analyses (Update)
61 Microneedle sensors may allow real-time monitoring of body chemistry
62 It's all in the wrapping: Mimicking periosteum to heal traumatic bone injury
63 New model suggests early humans lost fur after developing bipedalism
64 Ocean acidification may directly harm fish: study
65 Trillion-frame-per-second video
66 Anthropologist offers view of snakes as predatory, prey, and competitor
67 New dye will lead to more efficient solar energy technology
68 Study tracks safety of underground CO2 storage
69 Here come the quantum dot TVs and wallpaper
70 Birds benefit from knowing their neighbors
71 186 gigabits per second: High-energy physicists set record for network data transfer
72 New generation GPS satellite starts tests in Colo.
73 Dawn spacecraft spirals down to lowest orbit
74 Study finds iPS cells match embryonic stem cells in modeling human disease
75 DNA damage across a cellular barrier depends on barrier thickness
76 A small step for lungfish, a big step for the evolution of walking
77 Scientists excited over hints of finding an elusive particle
78 Colossal magnetoresistance occurs when nanoclusters form at specific temperatures
79 Study debunks myths about gender and math performance
80 New vaccine attacks breast cancer in mice
81 New study documents cumulative impact of mountaintop mining
82 The case of the dying aspens
83 A whole new meaning for thinking on your feet
84 Tiny protein helps bacteria 'talk' and triggers defensive response in plants
85 Diamonds and dust for better cement
86 The paradox of gift giving: More not better, says new study
87 Bigger, scarier weapons help spiders get the girl (w/ video)
88 Nanoparticles help researchers deliver steroids to retina
89 The smallest conceivable switch: Targeted proton transfer within a molecule
90 Carbon nanotubes best for 3D electronics
91 How long do electrons live in graphene?
92 Scientists see a beckoning hand from the nano-world
93 Nanocrystals go bare: Stripping material's tiny tethers
94 New biosensor is based on a nanowire crystal array
95 Researchers enhance graphene to enable multicolor photodetection
96 Faster colloidal fluorescence emitters: Nanoplatelets
97 Functionalized graphene oxide plays part in next-generation oil-well drilling fluids
98 NMR used to determine whether gold nanoparticles exhibit 'handedness'
99 Carving at the nanoscale
100 Superhard carbon material could crack diamond
101 Largest ever gas mix caught in ultra-freeze trap
102 CERN plans to announce latest results in search for Higgs boson particle
103 Test paves way for 15,000-ton neutrino detector
104 Jumping droplets take a lot of heat
105 Study of switching behavior in differential dual spin valves reveals the role of interlayer couplings
106 Multi-purpose photonic chip paves the way to programmable quantum processors
107 The world's smallest steam engine measures a few micrometers
108 'Faster-than-light' particles spark science drama
109 NASA satellite could reveal if primordial black holes are dark matter
110 UV lithography: Taking extreme measures
111 Slow road to stability for emulsions
112 Canada withdrawal from Kyoto is 'bad news': France
113 Bay wetlands may face losing battle against sea level rise
114 Young star rebels against its parent cloud
115 Adding vast forests to cut climate change could boomerang, study says
116 Findings on biochar, greenhouse gas emissions and ethylene
117 Portraits of moons captured by Cassini
118 Canada's Kyoto withdrawal under fire from China
119 Improved rainwater harvesting system promising
120 S. Africa ideal for world's largest telescope: minister
121 Canada formally withdraws from Kyoto Protocol (Update)
122 Book explores discoveries in cosmology and how our universe could have come from nothing
123 Hitachi ships two new 4TB hard drives
124 Tablets, e-readers closing book on ink-and-paper era
125 Utah company wraps up $1B case against Microsoft
126 Iowa State engineers study how hills, nearby turbines affect wind energy production
127 NTSB recommends ban on driver cell phone use
128 Google Street View explores Japan disaster zone
129 Apple launches iTunes store in Brazil, Latin America
130 Test alert by Verizon leads to confusion in NJ
131 World's first demonstration of multi-vendor equipment interoperability in transmitting 100 gigabit ethernet signals over
132 The northern way--how the North can become the world's foremost nuclear base
133 'Shrilk': Inspired by insect cuticle, researchers develop low-cost material with exceptional strength and toughness
134 Visualization of DNA synthesis in vivo
135 A good nose: Researchers decipher interaction of fragrances and olfactory receptors
136 Zeolite synthesis made easy
137 Fluorescent probes increase understanding of bacterium's electron transfer
138 Researchers discover a mechanism of drug resistance
139 Neutrons answer shampoo formulation puzzle
140 The extracellular matrix
141 Scientists elevate little-studied cellular mechanism to potential drug target
142 Pharmacists crucial in plan for terrorist chemical weapons
143 Making molecular hydrogen more efficiently
144 On the road to creating an affordable master instrument
145 Closing in on an ulcer- and cancer-causing bacterium
146 Computerized tool takes a bite out of traditional apple testing
147 Scientists forecast crops that adapt to changing weather
148 New pink fancy-leaved caladium debuts
149 Malaysia seizes million-dollar ivory shipment
150 The constant gardeners of the world's reefs
151 Asparagus benefits from X-ray treatment
152 New findings about Saprolegnia infections in Norwegian salmon hatcheries
153 Thermotherapy rids azaleas of deadly fungal disease
154 Not Finding Nemo becomes a reality
155 Picture book portrays a 'hoppy' future for endangered frogs
156 Elephant seal travels 18,000 miles
157 Creating the Tree of Life
158 In third-degree burn treatment, hydrogel helps grow new, scar-free skin
159 Reprogramming brain cells important first step for new Parkinson's therapy, study finds
160 Insulin signaling is distorted in pancreases of Type 2 diabetics
161 Study reveals an association between impatience and lower credit scores
162 Crucial step in cell division discovered
163 Increased arm swing asymmetry is early sign of Parkinson's disease
164 All it takes is a smile (for some guys)
165 Better and more affordable treatments for sufferers of autoimmune diseases
166 Immunity against the cold: Ability of brown fat to burn calories linked to immune cells
167 Malaria during pregnancy: New study assesses risks during first trimester
168 Intestine crucial to function of immune cells, research shows
169 Widespread brain atrophy detected in Parkinson's disease with newly developed structural pattern
170 Massive DNA search uncovers new mutations driving blood cancer
171 Researcher develops model to foster new drug development to treat pain and epilepsy
172 Gene found in humans, mice protects cornea transparency
173 Herbal amphetamine increases risk of death and stroke in those with heart disease
174 'PARP' drug sabotages DNA repair in pre-leukemic cells
175 Learning high-performance tasks with no conscious effort may soon be possible (w/ video)
176 Cannabis harms the brain--but that's not the full story
177 World vigilant after Dutch lab mutates killer virus
178 Baby lab reveals surprisingly early gift of gab
179 Scientists discover new way to target cancer
180 Researchers design Alzheimer's antibodies
181 Working moms feel better than stay-at-home moms, study finds
182 Researchers use new finding to clear bloodstream malaria infection in mice
183 No increased risk of serious cardiovascular events among adults who use ADHD medications: study
184 Commercial or communal: Why is outsourcing taboo for churches and pharmaceutical companies?
185 Online brand comments: How do they affect consumer decisions?
186 Study shows quick way to tune your vocal cords for Christmas caroling
187 Why does stating your intention lead you to purchase your favorite brand?
188 Do consumers prefer brands that appear on their Facebook pages?
189 From teddy bears to iPhones, we overestimate what others will pay for goods
190 Holiday shopping? Why does rubbing elbows turn consumers off?
191 Analysis shows now-banned technical swimsuits led to top swim performances in 2009
192 N.H. voters have become less Republican since 1960s, new research shows
193 Nostalgic consumers are more likely to give to charity
194 New book explores meaning of figurines in Delos
195 Airlines can improve bottom line by compensating captive passengers
196 Diversity in workplace enhances bottom line
197 Cambridge University puts Newton's papers online