File Title
1 America's Position on Climate 'A Tragedy,' Losing U.S. Prestige to China
2 Higgs Boson: Rumors Erupt of 'God Particle' Announcement
3 Steve Jobs to Be Remembered With Statue in Hungary
4 Conference in Overtime on Future of Climate Talks
5 NASA OKs Feb. Launch of Private Space Station Trip
6 YouTube Acquires RightsFlow to Help License Music
7 To Thwart Porn, Colleges Are Buying up .xxx Sites
8 New Planet: An Earth-Like World, 600 Light-Years Away?
9 Phoenix UFO Mystery Solved: What Were Those Lights?
10 Tyrannosaurus rex Could Have Weighed 9 Tons, Grew Fast
11 Two Children Sickened by New Strains of Flu Virus
12 Nasty Side Effects Make Breast Cancer Patients Quit Drugs Early
13 Michelle Duggar Miscarriage Predictable in Advanced Age
14 Sleeping on the Train May Offer Some Benefit
15 Time runs short for climate deal
16 Skywatchers enjoy lunar eclipse
17 Tokelau plans an all-renewables future
18 The world's strangest optical illusions
19 Russian election: Biggest protests since fall of USSR
20 Pakistan Taliban's deputy Mohammad admits peace talks
21 Directors of Calcutta hospital denied bail over fire
22 Mekong River four-nation patrols begin after attacks
23 Immigration: Alabama law leaves undocumented residents in limbo
24 Lucha libre in the US: The wrestler who taunts Latino fans
25 What are the chances of six double-yolkers?
26 Mumia Abu-Jamal: Man, myth and the death penalty
27 Polydactyl cat rescues US animal shelter
28 Indian maharajah's daring act of anti-colonial dissent
29 Nobel Peace Prize awarded in Oslo
30 Abducted US teenager Kevin Lunsmann 'free' in Philippines
31 Smashed Hits: How political is What A Wonderful World?
32 Motorola wins Apple wireless patent fight in Germany
33 Euro crisis: US General Martin Dempsey warns of unrest
34 HP donates WebOS system code to open source developers
35 Student phishing scam: Two men remanded over fraud
36 Silicon Fen shows off its wares at Cambridge showcase
37 Can turning off analogue TV make broadband better?
38 Adobe abandons work on Flash plug-in for mobile devices
39 Ness lets you discover and rate restaurants with friends
40 Best Internet Memes of 2011
41 Fanboy frenzy as Apple takes Grand Central Station
42 New Twitter, kudos and complaints
43 Va. Tech shooter had no ties to the university
44 Grim economic outlook weighs down Obama approval rating
45 CDC declares Listeria outbreak from cantaloupes "over"
46 Raw cookie dough dangerous to eat, study warns
47 Underground Heat: Landsat Satellites Track Yellowstone's Geothermal Activity
48 2010 Spike in Greenland Ice Loss Lifted Bedrock, GPS Reveals
49 Helping Your Fellow Rat: Rodents Show Empathy-Driven Behavior, Evidence Suggests
50 Decisions, Decisions: House-Hunting Honey Bees Work Like Complex Brains
51 Rebuilding the Brain's Circuitry
52 Paleoclimate Record Points Toward Potential Rapid Climate Changes
53 Discovery On How Sugars Are Moved Throughout a Plant
54 77,000-Year-Old Evidence for 'Bedding' and Use of Medicinal Plants Uncovered at South African Rock Shelter
55 Neuroscientists Boost Memory in Mice Using Genetics and a New Memory-Enhancing Drug
56 Patterns Seen in Spider Silk and Melodies Connected
57 'Brain Tsunamis' Are Clue to Helping Victims of Major Head Injuries
58 Mother's Touch May Protect Against Drug Cravings Later
59 Scientists Capture Single Cancer Molecules at Work
60 Combination of Everolimus and Exemestane Improves Survival for Women With Metastatic Breast Cancer, Results Show
61 Gene Expression in Mouse Neural Retina Sequenced
62 Making Factories Smarter So They Can React to Changes On Their Own
63 Physicists Manipulate Single Molecules to Unravel Secrets of Protein Folding
64 One of the World's Smallest Electronic Circuits Created
65 Ingredients Involved in 'Splashing' Revealed
66 Best Routes Found to Self-Assembling 3-D Shapes
67 Stinky Frogs Are a Treasure Trove of Antibiotic Substances
68 Sewage Treatment Plants May Contribute to Antibiotic Resistance Problem
69 New Method to Quickly Separate and Identify Thousands of Protein Molecules
70 Sandeels With a Full Stomach Swim for a Longer Time
71 How Old Yeast Cells Send Off Their Daughter Cells Without the Baggage of Old Age
72 Pig-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells May Be Safer Than Previously Thought
73 Carving at the Nanoscale
74 Lipid-Modifying Enzyme: New Target for Pan-Viral Therapeutics
75 Computerized Method for Matching Images in Photos, Paintings, Sketches Created
76 Pharmacists Crucial in Plan for Terrorist Chemical Weapons
77 Aging Human Bodies and Aging Human Oocytes Run On Different Clocks
78 If a Fat Tax Is Coming, Here's How to Make It Efficient, Effective
79 Cellular Automaton Model Predicts How Hair Follicle Stem Cells Regenerate
80 Intermittent, Low-Carbohydrate Diets More Successful Than Standard Dieting, Study Finds
81 Research Could Help People With Declining Sense of Smell
82 Humility Key to Effective Leadership
83 Gene Regulatory Protein Is Reduced in Bipolar Disorder
84 Devastating 'Founder Effect' Genetic Disorder Raced to Defective Mitochondria in Cerebellar Neurons
85 Does Reading Achievement Spur Independent Reading, or Vice Versa?
86 Oxytocin Helps People Feel More Extroverted: Study Finds People More Sociable, Open, Trusting After Taking Oxytocin
87 How Chronic Stress Short-Circuits Parenting
88 Study Examines Family Formations in Young Adulthood
89 How People Assign Blame: Cohesive Groups Hold Members Less Responsible for Individual Actions
90 Middle-Class Elementary Students Ask for Help More Than Working-Class Peers, Study Finds
91 New Disinfection Technique Could Revolutionize Hospital Room Cleaning
92 How Salmonella Forms Evil Twins to Evade the Body's Defenses
93 Premature Babies Harbor Fewer, but More Dangerous Microbe Types
94 New Fluorescent Imaging Sorts Microbiome in Human Mouth
95 Addressing Pain and Disease On the Fly: How Fruit Flies Can Teach Us About Curing Chronic Pain and Halting Mosquito-Borne Diseases
96 Law Enforcement Vital for Great Ape Survival: Greatest Decrease in African Great Ape Populations in Areas With No Protection from Poaching
97 A 'Wild Card' in Your Genes
98 Genetic Markers Help Feds Enforce Seafood Regulations
99 Solar Power Much Cheaper to Produce Than Most Analysts Realize, Study Finds
100 Changes in Bioelectric Signals Trigger Formation of New Organs: Tadpoles Made to Grow Eyes in Back, Tail
101 Why Aren't We Smarter Already? Evolutionary Limits On Cognition
102 North America's Biggest Dinosaur Revealed
103 Digging Up Clues: Research On Buried Blow Flies to Help Crime Scene Investigators
104 World's First Super Predator Had Remarkable Vision
105 New Horned Dinosaur Announced Nearly 100 Years After Discovery
106 Microscopic Worms Could Hold the Key to Living Life On Mars
107 Extraordinary Long Gaseous Tails in Two Groups of Galaxies
108 New Tool for Touring Mars Using Detailed Images
109 NASA Mars Rover Finds Mineral Vein Deposited by Water
110 New All-Sky Map Shows the Magnetic Fields of the Milky Way With the Highest Precision
111 Researchers Develop a Way to Monitor Engineered Blood Vessels as They Grow in Patients
112 Catching Terrorists: Backpacks, Not the Bombs Inside, Key to Finding DNA
113 Atoms Dressed With Light Show New Interactions, Could Reveal Way to Observe Enigmatic Particle
114 For Midwesterners, More Boxcars Mean Cleaner Air
115 NMR Used to Determine Whether Gold Nanoparticles Exhibit 'Handedness'
116 The Perfect Clone: Researchers Hack RFID Smartcards
117 New Interface Could Help Facebook Members Limit Security Leaks
118 Computer Simulations Shed Light On the Physics of Rainbows
119 New '3-D' Transistors Promising Future Chips, Lighter Laptops
120 Heads Up, Kobe Bryant: Researchers Discover That Trying for Another 3-Pointer Is a Mistake