File Title
1 Heads up Kobe Bryant! Research shows that trying for another 3-pointer is a mistake
2 Superhard carbon material could crack diamond
3 Researchers find more evidence of quantum processes at work in photosynthesis
4 Microsoft to open 'app store' in February
5 Voltage increases up to 25% observed in closely packed nanowires
6 Why aren't we smarter already? Evolutionary limits on cognition
7 Oerlikon Solar works to pull down PV costs in 2014
8 New study reveals North America's biggest dinosaur
9 Researchers suggest unconventional approach to control HIV epidemics
10 Triton resource helps 'track' how kinesin molecules move
11 Females choose sexier friends to avoid harassment
12 'Alien' eggs benefit mockingbirds
13 Counting atoms with glass fiber
14 Men have a stronger reaction to seeing other men's emotions compared with women's
15 Experts stumped by ancient Jerusalem markings
16 How to stop the flu: Researchers identify proven strategies to prevent influenza from spreading
17 Vampire star reveals its secrets
18 Dead Sea drilling research project portends ominous future for Middle East
19 New 3-D transistors promising future chips, lighter laptops
20 Solar storms could 'sandblast' the moon
21 Most US presidents live beyond average life expectancy
22 A tale of tails
23 Psychology researcher finds that power does go to our heads
24 New all-sky map shows the magnetic fields of the Milky Way with the highest precision
25 A mother's touch may protect against drug cravings later
26 Bitter taste perception is not just about flavors, geneticists show
27 Supercomputer reveals new details behind drug-processing protein model
28 Computer simulations shed light on the physics of rainbows
29 How fruit flies can teach us about curing chronic pain and halting mosquito-borne diseases
30 Android Market downloads top 10 billion: Google
31 Glass that cleans itself
32 Printed CNT transistor circuits may lead to cheaper OLED displays
33 First molybdenite microchip
34 'Label-free' imaging tool tracks nanotubes in cells, blood for biomedical research
35 Chemists become molecular sculptors, synthesizing tiny, molecular traps
36 S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g electrical conductance to the limit
37 IBM researchers demonstrate future of computing with graphene, racetrack and carbon nanotube breakthroughs
38 Simple technique results in surprising repellency results
39 Instant nanodots grow on silicon to form sensing array
40 Giant piezoelectric effect to improve MEMS devices
41 Japanese researchers turn a crab shell transparent
42 Researchers invent a switch that could improve electronics
43 Shine a light instead of changing the battery
44 Random noise helps make signals clearer
45 Synthetic cricket pricks up its 'ears'
46 Still in the dark about dark matter
47 Snowflake science: Physicist explains why snowflakes are so thin and flat
48 Researchers find way to observe, control the way electrons spin on the surface of exotic new materials
49 Plasma-based treatment goes viral
50 Proton beam experiments open new areas of research
51 German researchers set world record in one-loop computations
52 X-ray techniques help art historians verify Rembrandt sketch
53 In the quantum world, diamonds can communicate with each other
54 Sharpening the focus of microscopes
55 Swiss scientists prove durability of quantum network
56 Cambodia opens controversial mega-dam
57 Researchers study toenails as marker for arsenic exposure
58 Dashing through the snow, in a one-truck radar dish
59 Seismic diagrams identify rock-falls
60 Researcher peers into universe's ancient past to better know how stars form
61 Hubble racks up 10,000 science papers
62 NASA ready to test upgraded J-2X powerpack
63 PhD research advances understanding on how to mitigate methane emissions
64 NASA vows $8.8bn space telescope on track for 2018
65 Review: Gift guide to e-readers, tablets, $99-$500
66 Intel, Micron introduce world's first 128Gb NAND device and mass production of 64Gb 20nm NAND
67 Dell abandons Android tablet in US
68 iPads become child's play
69 Australian court extends ban on Galaxy tab sales
70 Siri's abortion info flap: Blame it on Beta, says Apple
71 Amazon opens Spanish, Italian Kindle stores
72 Sharp to introduce industry's thinnest CMOS camera module with optical image stabilization for smartphones
73 HP slams 'sensational' reports about LaserJet printer hack vulnerability
74 Developers claim PlayBook software crack
75 Scientists striving to put a human face on the robot generation
76 Seagate intros second-generation solid state hybrid drive
77 Gumby-like flexible robot crawls in tight spaces (w/ video)
78 EPFL robots will soon appear in school classrooms
79 Researchers design steady-handed robot for brain surgery
80 What's in a name? Homeland Security develops Domain Name System Security Systems Extensions
81 Avatars develop real world skills
82 Cities fail to recognize full potential of smart technologies
83 Huge Apple store opening at NYC's Grand Central
84 Ex-US general warns of growing cyber threat
85 Iowa State's METaL lab develops multiple ways to experience virtual reality
86 Humbled Netflix CEO still thinking, talking big
87 British sprinter turns to eBay for Olympic bid
88 Intel, Taiwan in tie-up to develop new chip
89 Fujitsu and SuVolta demonstrate ultra-low-voltage operation of SRAM down to 0.4V
90 New NIST biometric data standard adds DNA, footmarks and enhanced fingerprint descriptions
91 Study finds failure points in firefighter protective equipment
92 Closing in on an ulcer- and cancer-causing bacterium
93 Elusive ultrafine indoor air contaminants yield to NIST analysis
94 It's elemental: Paper celebrates discovery of iodine
95 Pressure prepares lobsters for long-distance delivery
96 Soy is on top as a high-quality plant protein
97 Crystallizing the switch to hydrogen
98 Human skin yields stem cell-like cells
99 NYU-Poly professor developing bioplastic that acts like regular plastic
100 Controlled disorder--scientists find way to form random molecular patterns
101 Marzipan Santas, elves and stollen: Real deal or cheap fakes?
102 Engineered botulism toxins could have broader role in medicine
103 Artificial leaf could debut new era of 'fast-food energy'
104 Making a light-harvesting antenna from scratch
105 Research group develops more efficient artificial enzyme
106 Cellular automaton model predicts how hair follicle stem cells regenerate
107 New fluorescent imaging sorts microbiome in human mouth
108 Clinton warns of bioweapon threat from gene tech
109 Scientist-novelist back with second book at cell biology meeting
110 Palm planters blamed for decline of Borneo monkey
111 Ocean cacophony a torment for sea mammals
112 New study puts eco-labels to the test
113 Researchers reveal SBP8a configurations
114 Aging human bodies and aging human oocytes run on different clocks
115 DNA evidence offers proof of North American native population decline due to arrival of Europeans
116 Chimp study shows evidence of synaesthesia
117 Traumatic injury sets off a 'genomic storm' in immune system pathways
118 New insights into how the brain reconstructs the third dimension
119 Drug reverses aging-associated changes in brain cells
120 How our brains keep us focused
121 Neuroscientists find genetic trigger that makes stem cells differentiate in nose epithelia
122 Maternal care influences brain chemistry into adulthood
123 Optical illusion reveals reflexes in the brain
124 Anti-estrogen combo better than single drug for hormone-sensitive breast cancer
125 Pre-schoolers eat more sweets when watching TV with limited supervision
126 Cigarettes, diet, alcohol and obesity behind more than 100,000 cancers
127 New research links endurance exercise to damage in the right ventricle of the heart
128 Evidence shows how childhood obesity can be prevented
129 Researchers discover patterns of genes associated with timing of breast cancer recurrences
130 Study faults partial radiation for breast cancer
131 Good or bad: Surprises drive learning in same neural circuits
132 Changes in the path of brain development make human brains unique
133 Rotating night shift work linked to increased risk of Type 2 diabetes in women
134 Impact of injuries in the UK more than 2 and a half times higher than estimated
135 Reusing pacemakers from deceased patients is safe and effective, study finds
136 New study reassures on heart risks of prostate cancer treatment
137 The power to help, hurt and confuse: Direct-to-consumer whole genome testing
138 Bile acids may hold clue to treat heart disease
139 Researchers find best routes to self-assembling 3-D shapes
140 500 million-year-old super predator had remarkable vision
141 Scientists are doing their most creative work later in life
142 US believers favor international action on climate change, nuclear risk: poll
143 Spain's digital gender gap is larger than European average
144 Researcher explains how Santa delivers presents in one night
145 Channeling corporate cash and asset reserves into job creation
146 Middle-class elementary school students ask for help more often than their working-class peers
147 A meeting of the minds
148 Study: Indian, Vietnamese immigrants become 'American' over time through civic activities
149 Nobel winners pay tribute to deceased laureate
150 Tiger Woods' superstar status hobbled the competition