File Title
1 Scientists Find Monster Black Holes, Biggest Yet
2 WikiLeaks' Assange Can Continue Extradition Fight
3 E! TV's Giuliana Rancic to Undergo Double Mastectomy
4 Teen Sexting Not the Norm, Says Study
5 Beyond the Flu Shot: Other Flu Fighters
6 Ear 'pump' may help protect hearing
7 Study finds industry CO2 output rising
8 Scat genetics tell animal tales
9 Antarctic's hidden world revealed
10 Team sees biggest black holes yet
11 UN climate talks face challenges
12 Threatened species need farmland
13 The science and heartbreak of zoo romance
14 Pandas 'very well' but jet lagged at Edinburgh Zoo
15 Liking a lie-in in people's genes, researchers say
16 Eurozone: France and Germany call for tougher treaty
17 Deadly bomb attacks on Shia pilgrims in Iraq
18 Luxury sports cars in costly Japan pile-up
19 Russia election: OSCE sees 'numerous violations'
20 President Karzai: "Our young democracy remains fragile"
21 What phantom limbs and mirrors teach us about the brain
22 Harnessing desert sun to power Europe
23 Exodus: Movement of rich people--a life at home abroad
24 Veena Malik sues FHM India magazine over 'nude' photo
25 Facebook unveils New York recruitment expansion plan
26 Jersey's 'White House' will be white again by Christmas
27 Music giving India's young a new voice
28 Microsoft prepares major update for Xbox 360 console
29 Silicon rival MoS2 promises small, low-energy chips
30 'Hacking attacks' hit Russian political sites
31 Botnets: Hi-tech crime in the UK
32 Siri's abortion glitch critics still waiting for a fix
33 FCC to review BART cell service shutdown policy
34 Activists sue to free whale from captivity
35 Russian Mars probe still unresponsive
36 Luxury cars likely worth $1M+ in big pileup
37 Prosecuting Wall Street
38 Brooke Mueller's partying caught on video; Did Sheen pay bail?
39 The Catholic church: A house divided?
40 Medical researchers in Canada and the US discover hidden side of prion diseases
41 A Spanish botanist searches for prehistoric flora refuges in China
42 Stronger corn? Take it off steroids, make it all female
43 Texas Drought Visible in New National Groundwater Maps
44 Using Radiation to Sterilize Light Brown Apple Moth
45 Study of wolves will help scientists predict climate effects on endangered animals
46 World's first captive breeding of Ozark hellbenders at Saint Louis Zoo
47 Where does my beer come from?
48 Columbia River salmon are adapting to climate change
49 Plant seeds protect their genetic material against dehydration
50 Where Antarctic predatory seabirds overwinter
51 If a fat tax is coming, here's how to make it efficient, effective: ISU economists
52 Climate-smart agriculture should be livelihood-smart too
53 Global warming changes balance between parasite and host in fish--new study
54 Global carbon emissions reach record 10 billion tons--threatening 2 degree target
55 Farming crucial for threatened species in developing world
56 When the heat's on, fish can cope
57 Experts call on governments, industries and the water and trade research communities to address growing global water issues
58 Scientists rediscover rarest US bumblebee
59 'Skin Bones' Helped Large Dinosaurs Survive for a Time, Study Finds
60 Trail of 'stone breadcrumbs' reveals the identity of 1 of the first human groups to leave Africa
61 Papyrus Research Provides Insight into Job Training, Prayer and Dream Interpretation in the Ancient World
62 Archaeologists Find New Evidence Of Animals Being Introduced To Prehistoric Caribbean
63 Abrupt permafrost thaw increases climate threat
64 Supercomputers Take a Cue From Microwave Ovens
65 Rise of atmospheric oxygen more complicated than previously thought
66 Plunge in CO2 put the freeze on Antarctica
67 Study debunks 6 myths about electricity in the South
68 AGU meeting: Stanford scientists subject rocks to hellish conditions to combat global warming
69 NASA Satellite Confirms Sharp Decline in Pollution from U.S. Coal Power Plants
70 Drop in carbon dioxide levels led to polar ice sheet, study finds
71 Powerful mathematical model greatly improves predictions for species facing climate change
72 New reports identify impacts of climate change on world's highest mountains
73 Study finds climate changes faster than species can adapt
74 People matter in climate change models
75 Ground-level ozone pollution helped to recover normal ozone levels over the Iberian Peninsula
76 Dust storms affect subsequent emergency hospital admissions
77 Carbon dioxide emissions rebound quickly after global financial crisis
78 Human cells build protein cages to trap invading Shigella
79 Inhibitors of infamous Ras oncogene reported by Genentech researchers at ASCB annual meeting
80 New gene study of ADHD points to defects in brain signaling pathways
81 Senses of sophistication: Mosquitoes detect subtle cues finding food, spreading diseases
82 Singapore and China scientists perform first Asian genome-wide association study on spine disease
83 Child abuse changes the brain
84 New map shows malaria strain--impervious to interventions--holding steady in Asia, Latin America
85 Snakebite victims absent in health system as most consult traditional healers
86 Researchers at The Genome Institute Of Singapore Develop Systematic Approach For Accurate DNA Sequence Reconstruction
87 Healthy piglets? Not with sulfonamides!
88 Oxidative stress: Less harmful than suspected?
89 Plasma-based treatment goes viral
90 Blood protein EPO involved in origin and spread of cancer
91 WCS confirms the return of the Persian leopard In Afghanistan's central highlands
92 Early Earth may have been prone to deep freezes, says CU-Boulder study
93 Scientists discover how brain corrects bumps to body
94 MU Veterinarians Find Infections Faster By Monitoring Blood Compound
95 Health gap has grown among young US adults, study finds
96 Language may be dominant social marker for young children
97 First whole-genome sequencing clinical trials for triple-negative breast cancer presented
98 Baker Institute research indicates China's demand for oil will equal US demand by 2040
99 Some atheist scientists with children embrace religious traditions, according to new Rice research
100 Israeli Public Supports Middle East Nuclear Free Zone: UMD Poll
101 Seeing brands as people
102 Transplant candidates seek best quality livers, even if it means waiting longer
103 Disabled children do matter
104 Study shows many older Floridians have no backup plan after hanging up their keys
105 Cheap beads offer alternative solar-heating storage
106 Costly intervention program has no measurable effect on early retirement
107 Impatient People Have Lower Credit Scores
108 ONR Helps Undersea Robots Get the Big Picture
109 Funding models not associated with better preventive care delivery
110 EARTH: Highlights 2011--Jobs, jobs everywhere, but not enough people to fill them
111 Instant nanodots grow on silicon to form sensing array
112 Engineering cartilage replacements
113 Thinner thermal insulation
114 Caltech-Led Team of Astronomers Finds 18 New Planets
115 Acquired traits can be inherited via small RNAs
116 Discovery of a new reprogramming mechanism for tumor cells
117 S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g electrical conductance to the limit
118 The Habitable Exoplanets Catalog, a new online database of habitable worlds
119 How muscle fatigue originates in the head
120 Autonomous Deployment Demonstration Program Completes Flight Testing
121 VLT Finds Fastest Rotating Star
122 A more ethical way to compare epilepsy treatments
123 Study: Giant Super-earths Made of Diamond are Possible
124 Record massive black holes discovered lurking in monster galaxies
125 Proton beam experiments open new areas of research
126 UCSB scientist contributes to discovery of the fastest-rotating massive star ever recorded
127 Like humans, the paper wasp has a special talent for learning faces
128 Simultaneous ice melt in Antarctic and Arctic
129 Bottom of the swimming league: Naked mole rat sperm
130 Seeking To Be the 'perfect Parent' Not Always Good for New Moms and Dads
131 U of I study: Kindergarten friendships matter, especially for boys
132 Low Staffing and Poor Quality of Care at Nation's For-Profit Nursing Homes
133 Abstinence-only education does not lead to abstinent behavior, UGA researchers find
134 Earthquakes: Water as a lubricant
135 A revolutionary new 'dry ink' for laser printers and photocopy machines: Prized Science
136 Major report identifies significant gaps and weaknesses in children's health information
137 School of Communication Study: Images of Gays in Ads Now Part of the Mainstream
138 At a crossroads
139 Swiss scientists prove durability of quantum network
140 Concerns about teen sexting overblown, according to new UNH research
141 C. difficile lengthens hospital stays by 6 days
142 Rice as a source of arsenic exposure
143 Low vitamin D levels may contribute to development of Type 2 diabetes
144 Nervous system activity may predict successful weight loss
145 Tiny genetic variation can predict ovarian cancer outcome
146 Neuroscientists find greater complexity in how we perceive motion
147 Defensive measures: Toward a vaccine for Ebola
148 American first at the Montreal Heart Institute: A patient treated with a disappearing heart device
149 Orphan experiences lead to changes in children's genome functioning
150 Autism may involve disordered white matter in the brain
151 Preoperative aspirin therapy can benefit cardiac surgery patients, find Jefferson and UC Davis anesthesiologists and surgeons
152 Moffitt Cancer Center Follow-Up Study Finds Prolonged Fatigue For Those Who Received Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer
153 Study finds headaches after traumatic brain injury highest in adolescents and girls
154 Outsiders on the front lines
155 The neuroscience of ethical dilemmas
156 Maltreated children show same pattern of brain activity as combat soldiers
157 Researchers find confidence is key to women's spatial skills
158 Study examines family formations in young adulthood
159 Setting the stage for life: Scientists make key discovery about the atmosphere of early Earth
160 Astronomers look to neighboring galaxy for star formation insight
161 In a star's final days, astronomers hunt 'signal of impending doom'
162 In the Dragonfish's mouth: The next generation of superstars to stir up our galaxy
163 NASA's Swift Finds a Gamma-Ray Burst With a Dual Personality
164 2012: Magnetic Pole Reversal Happens All The (Geologic) Time
165 Strange New "Species" of Ultra-Red Galaxy Discovered
166 Christmas burst reveals neutron star collision
167 Record-breaking black holes discovered, U of T astronomer on international team
168 First habitable-zone super-Earth discovered in orbit around a Sun-like star
169 Optical Materials Express Focus Issue: Liquid Crystal Materials
170 University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center tests novel drug that makes brain tumors glow hot pink
171 Bobsled runs--fast and yet safe
172 Serendipitous News Reading Online is Gaining Prominence, MU Study Shows
173 Just Chill? Relaxing Can Make You Fatter
174 New insights come from tracing cells that scar lungs
175 Pitt Researchers Invent a Switch That Could Improve Electronics
176 Design could help Facebook members limit security leaks
177 BGI reports study results on frequent mutation of genes encoding UMPP components in kidney cancer
178 The first molybdenite microchip
179 A new, more versatile type of control for autonomous systems
180 Chemists Become Molecular Sculptors, Synthesizing Tiny, Molecular Traps