File Title
1 NASA Satellite Confirms Sharp Decline in Pollution from US Coal Power Plants
2 Texas Drought Visible in New National Groundwater Maps
3 Drop in carbon dioxide levels led to polar ice sheet
4 Carbon cycling was much smaller during last ice age than in today's climate
5 Prof. Helping To Unravel Causes Of Ice Age Extinctions
6 Extreme Melting on Greenland Ice Sheet
7 China's glaciers in meltdown mode: study
8 Glaciers in China shrinking with warming
9 Research shows how life might have survived 'snowball Earth'
10 Rising CO2 levels at end of Ice Age not tied to Pacific Ocean
11 Swiss warn of massive ice chunk breaking off glacier
12 Row over British atlas showing greener Greenland
13 Woolly rhino fossil hints at origins of Ice Age giants
14 2012 Update: Magnetic Pole Reversal Happens All The Geologic Time
15 Ancient Environment Drives Marine Diversity
16 Scientists make key discovery about the atmosphere of early Earth
17 Could Natural Nuclear Reactors Have Boosted Life on This and Other Planets
18 Research group proposes first system for assessing the odds of life on other worlds
19 The Methane Habitable Zone
20 Studying Biology's Dark Matter
21 X-37B on Overtime
22 Europe prepares new technologies for future launchers
23 Increased Test Productivity Lifts Off With Second X-47B Unmanned Aircraft
24 Come Home X-37B
25 Russia, France to team up on new launchers
26 Northrop Grumman Awarded MASTER Ground Processing Contract
27 ATK Awarded $20 Million UltraFlex Solar Array Contract from Orbital
28 AsiaSat 7 Performs Post-Launch Maneuvers
29 All systems go for next communication spacecraft
30 Ball Aerospace Selected by NASA to Study Solar Electric Propulsion Spacecraft
31 Aerojet Propellant-Saving Xenon Ion Thruster Exceeds 30,000 Hours
32 NASA interplanetary spacecraft sets record
33 SAIC Completes Vibro-Acoustic Test Capability, Facility for NASA
34 ONR-Funded Guided Rockets Hit Fast-Moving Targets in Test
35 Raytheon Receives Approval for $1.7 Billion Patriot Sale to Saudi Arabia
36 Russia activates missile warning system near EU
37 Medvedev threatens missile deployment on EU borders
38 Boeing and Northrop Grumman GMD Team Statement on Competitive Missile Defense Contract
39 Northrop Grumman Plays Key Role in Unprecedented Joint Service Air and Missile Defense Demonstration
40 Space Tracking and Surveillance System Demonstration Completes Mission
41 P and W Rocketdyne Selected to Test New Liquid Propulsion System
42 Israel gets ready to unveil David's Sling
43 Russia shows little interest in new US missile offer: report
44 Aerostat system detects cruise missiles and supports engagement
45 Raytheon Successfully Test Fires First New-Build Patriot Missile
46 NATO missile shield 'not targeted at anyone': Spain
47 THAAD Weapon System Achieves Intercept of Two Targets at Pacific Missile Range Facility
48 Spain to host ships for NATO missile shield
49 Russia renews demands for missile shield 'guarantees'
50 NATO commander visits Turkey for talks on missile defence
51 Northrop Grumman Receives Systems Engineering Contract for MDA Precision Tracking Space System
52 Turkey's NATO radar to protect arch-foe: Iran
53 NATO radar to be deployed in southeast: ministry
54 Lockheed Martin Tests New Scalable Warhead on GMLRS-Plus Rocket
55 MEADS Conducts First Flight Test At White Sands Missile Range
56 General killed in Iran blast 'was working on missiles'
57 India: more AWACS and BrahMos missiles
58 Arms blast death toll rises to at least 36: Iran media
59 US student report points to larger China nuclear arsenal
60 Russia warns of nuclear conflict risk on borders
61 Pentagon weighs cuts to nuclear arsenal
62 Pakistan rejects report of unsafe nukes
63 US dismantles last big Cold War nuclear bomb
64 The next generation of superstars to stir up our galaxy
65 In The Heart Of Cygnus Fermi Reveals A Cosmic-ray Cocoon
66 Hubble Finds Stellar Life And Death in Globular Cluster
67 NASA Airborne Observatory Views Star Forming Region W40
68 Cosmic particle accelerators get things going
69 NASA's Chandra adds to black hole birth announcement
70 APEX gives us a new view of star formation in the Carina Nebula
71 Swift Finds a Gamma-Ray Burst With a Dual Personality
72 Giant star explosion casts light on distant galaxies
73 VLT Observations of Gamma-ray Burst Reveal Surprising Ingredients of Early Galaxies
74 Astronomers look to neighboring galaxy for star formation insight
75 In the final days astronomers hunt for signal of impending doom
76 Ancient stars shed light on the prehistory of the Milky Way
77 VISTA finds new globular star clusters and sees right through the Milky Way
78 How the Milky Way Got Its Spiral
79 Milky Way's spiral arms are the product of an intergalactic collision course
80 Renegade dwarf smashed up our galaxy
81 Microscopic worms could hold the key to living life on Mars
82 Los Alamos instrument to shine light on Mars habitability
83 Veteran Mars Researcher Says Curiosity Spacecraft Can Confirm Viking Detected Life
84 Help NASA Find Life On Mars With MAPPER
85 Methane Debate Splits Mars Community
86 Nanosail-D Sails Home
87 Europe's third ATV is loaded with cargo for its 2012 launch by Arianespace
88 Growing Knowledge in Space
89 FLEX-ible Insight Into Flame Behavior
90 New Cosmodome brings new focus on virtual space exploration
91 Raytheon BBN To Develop Game-Based Training Methods and Systems to Improve Decision-Making
92 Lockheed Martin Acquires Sim-Industries
93 Google Maps taking viewers inside shops
94 No hands required as scientists achieve precise control of virtual flight
95 Programming language can't be copyrighted: EU court
96 One Promising Puzzle Piece for Confirming Dark Matter Now Seems Unlikely Fit
97 Geoengineering Could Save Earth--or Destroy It
98 Siri Abortion Debate: ACLU, NARAL on Apple 'Glitch'
99 Calif. Programmers Win $50K in Pentagon's Un-Shredding Contest
100 Watch the Skies: Strange Object Crashes Through Mass. Roof
101 SAP to Pay $3.4B for SuccessFactors
102 UN Official to AP: Pledges to Cut CO2 Will Go On
103 Stealthy Cellphone Software Stirs Outcry
104 Green Chile Lovers Fired up Over Genetic Research
105 RIM Writes off Value of Tablet Inventory
106 Foster Kids' Place to Hope: Agency Aims to Reduce Meds
107 Bone Marrow Donors Can Be Paid, Appeals Court Rules
108 Woman Charged with Self-Abortion After Fetus Found in Trash
109 Man Dies From Severe Nosebleed
110 HIV-Positive Boy Talks of Being Denied Entry to Hershey School
111 'Breaking Dawn' Seizures Spark Warning
112 Driving Stoned: Safer Than Driving Drunk?
113 PlayStation 3 immersive movie experience will blow your mind
114 Data turn up link between climate and conflict
115 Carrier IQ wrongly accused of keylogging?
116 A Plymouth rock from outer space?
117 Study: Most young adults go online for no reason
118 LAPD went undercover at Occupy LA
119 As Putin plans to stay, many Russians want out
120 Should you lie to your kids? Why one mom does
121 Hot chemo baths get a fresh look in cancer fight
122 Ore. woman gives birth, didn't know she was pregnant: Common?
123 Measles on rise in Europe, could spread to U.S.
124 Formerly conjoined twins to leave hospital, continue recovery
125 Lord Prescott: 'Conspiracy against poor' at climate talks
126 Europe ends calls to stranded Mars probe
127 The reality of adapting to uncertain climate forecasts
128 India's indigenous nectars
129 YouTube's website redesign puts the focus on channels
130 Syria 'bans iPhones' over protest footage
131 HTML 5 new target for cybercriminals
132 US Republican Herman Cain suspends campaign
133 Egypt Islamists widen poll lead
134 Swiss ski resorts hit by drought
135 France withdraws embassy staff from Iran
136 Violence in Syria swells as Biden urges Assad to go
137 What would a bushtucker diet of bugs and mouse tails do to the body?
138 What happened when US forces left Afghan hotspot?
139 'End of virginity' if women drive, Saudi cleric warns
140 Row over Pakistan actress Veena Malik nude 'ISI' photo
141 Jacques Delors: Euro was flawed from beginning
142 WHO issues Europe measles warning
143 Australia's governing Labor party backs gay marriage
144 Koblenz evacuated for WWII bomb removal from Rhine
145 Anger over Norwich topless barbers plan
146 India 'suspends' plan to open up to global supermarkets
147 South Korea's drive for renewable energy
148 US Jewish outcry over Israeli expat 'return' ads