File Title
1 Trail of 'Stone Breadcrumbs' Reveals the Identity of One of the First Human Groups to Leave Africa
2 In a Star's Final Days, Astronomers Hunt 'Signal of Impending Doom'
3 Abrupt Permafrost Thaw Increases Climate Threat, Experts Say
4 NASA's Swift Finds a Gamma-Ray Burst With a Dual Personality
5 Earthquake Friction Effect Demonstrated at the Nanoscale
6 Astronomers Discover New Exoplanet Similar in Size to Earth; Planet Kepler-21b Found Using Space and Ground-Based Observations
7 Setting the Stage for Life: Scientists Make Key Discovery About the Atmosphere of Early Earth
8 Making a Light-Harvesting Antenna from Scratch: Biomimetic Antenna for Gathering Sunlight May One Day Transform Solar-Powered Devices
9 Psychopaths' Brains Show Differences in Structure and Function
10 3-D Printer Used to Make Bone-Like Material
11 Researchers Examine Role of Inflammatory Mechanisms in a Healing Heart
12 Unlocking the Genetic and Molecular Mystery of Soft-Tissue Sarcoma
13 Professional Dental Cleanings May Reduce Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke
14 Restricted Calorie Diet Improves Heart Function in Obese Patients With Diabetes
15 Vaccine for Metastatic Breast, Ovarian Cancer Shows Promise
16 Long-Lasting, Near Infrared-Emitting Material Invented
17 Graphene Lights Up With New Possibilities: Two-Step Technique Makes Graphene Suitable for Organic Chemistry
18 E. Coli Bacteria Engineered to Eat Switchgrass and Make Transportation Fuels
19 Tiny Levers, Big Moves in Piezoelectric Sensors
20 'Fool's Gold' Aids Discovery of New Options for Cheap, Benign Solar Energy
21 Herbicide May Affect Plants Thought to Be Resistant
22 Caribbean Fisheries Highly Vulnerable to Climate Change, Need to Adapt
23 Walnut Trees May Not Be Able to Withstand Climate Change
24 New Thinking Required On Wildlife Disease, Experts Say
25 'Look at That!' Ravens Gesture With Their Beaks to Point out Objects to Each Other
26 Early Sign of Alzheimer's Reversed in Lab
27 Fully Printed Carbon Nanotube Transistor Circuits for Displays
28 Growth Hormone Increases Bone Formation in Obese Women
29 New Projection Shows Global Food Demand Doubling by 2050
30 Why Evolutionarily Ancient Brain Areas Are Important
31 Clinical Trial for Muscular Dystrophy Demonstrates Safety of Customized Gene Therapy
32 Researchers Develop Blood Test to Detect Membranous Nephropathy
33 US Preterm Birth Rate Under 12 Percent, the Lowest Level in Nearly a Decade
34 From Gene to Function: Genome Wide Study Into New Gene Functions in the Formation of Platelets
35 Self-Referral Leads to More Negative Exams for Patients
36 New Research Distinguishes Roles of Conscious and Sub-Conscious Awareness in Information Processing
37 MAKS: Drug-Free Prevention of Dementia Decline
38 Is It Alzheimer's Disease or Another Dementia? Marker May Give More Accurate Diagnosis
39 Functional Brain Pathways Disrupted in Children With ADHD
40 Gray Matter in Brain's Control Center Linked to Ability to Process Reward; Structure-Function Impairments Observed in People Addicted to Cocaine
41 Eating Fish Reduces Risk of Alzheimer's Disease, Study Finds
42 Study Explores Distrust of Atheists by Believers
43 Caresses Enjoyable Vicariously, Too
44 New Study Supports Mammography Screening at 40
45 Short Waits, Long Consults Keep Most Patients Very Happy With Their Physicians
46 Chemical Warfare of Stealthy Silverfish: Parasites Hide by Covering Themselves in Ants' Scent
47 Biologists Deliver Neutralizing Antibodies That Protect Against HIV Infection in Mice
48 Engineered Botulism Toxins Could Have Broader Role in Medicine
49 Sugar-Sweetened Beverages May Increase Cardiovascular Risk in Women, Research Suggests
50 Marzipan Santas, Elves and Stollen: Real Deal or Cheap Fakes?
51 Using Radiation to Sterilize Insect Pests May Protect California Fruits and Vegetables
52 Texas Drought Visible in New National Groundwater Maps
53 A New Model for Understanding Biodiversity
54 Magnetic Pole Reversal Happens All the (Geologic) Time
55 Genetic Buzzer-Beater Genes May Save Fish
56 Ancient Cooking Pots Reveal Gradual Transition to Agriculture
57 Madagascar Dinosaur Bone Is Most Massive Osteoderm Ever Found
58 Studying Bat Skulls, Evolutionary Biologists Discover How Species Evolve
59 Scientists Unlock the Mystery Surrounding a Tale of Shaggy Dogs
60 Climate Sensitivity to Carbon Dioxide More Limited Than Extreme Projections, Research Shows
61 Lightning-Made Waves in Earth's Atmosphere Leak Into Space
62 FLEX-Ible Insight Into Flame Behavior
63 Growing Knowledge in Space: Studying What Effects Microgravity Has On Plant Cell Walls, Root Growth Patterns and Gene Regulation
64 NASA's Nanosail-D 'Sails' Home--Mission Complete
65 First System Developed for Assessing the Odds of Life On Other Worlds
66 Gelatin-Based Nanoparticle Treatment May Be a More Effective Clot Buster
67 Rainfall Suspected Culprit in Leaf Disease Transmission
68 The Interplay of Dancing Electrons
69 Imperfections May Improve Graphene Sensors
70 Gone With the Wind: Why the Fast Jet Stream Winds Cannot Contribute Much Renewable Energy After All
71 Kilobots Are Leaving the Nest: Swarm of Tiny, Collaborative Robots Will Be Made Available to Researchers, Educators, and Enthusiasts
72 At a Crossroads: New Research Predicts Which Cars Are Likeliest to Run Lights at Intersections
73 Some Smartphone Models More Vulnerable to Attack
74 Mask-Bot: A Robot With a Human Face
75 On the Road to Plasmonics With Silver Polyhedral Nanocrystals: Researchers Find Simpler Approach to Making Plasmonic Materials
76 Does Your Smartphone Have Carrier IQ? And Is It Tracking You?
77 'Little Printer' Produces Personalized Mini-Newspapers
78 Could Worms Lead Our Mission to Mars?
79 British Zoo Keepers Won't Smile at Baby Gorillas To Help Them Survive
80 Apple's Siri: Does iPhone 4S Voice Avoid Abortion Providers?
81 'A Duet With Siri': Musician Sings on YouTube With iPhone 4S
82 AT&T Slams FCC Report on T-Mobile Merger
83 Smule Buys Fellow Music App Creator Khush
84 Pastor: FBI Traced Ohio Craigslist Victim by Email
85 Dentist Threatens to Sue Patient for Negative Yelp Review
86 Antipsychotics for Foster Kids: Most Commonly Prescribed Meds
87 McDonald's Skirts Ban; Charges 10 Cents Per Happy Meal Toy
88 Former Athletes Sue NCAA Over Concussions
89 Mouse Study Offers Hope in HIV Fight
90 FDA Appeals Block on Cigarette Warning Labels
91 Walgreens Offering $10 Million in Free Flu Shots
92 Fire Erupts on Woman's Face During Routine Surgery
93 IP presents 'barriers to climate action'
94 Christmas flash may have been dying comet
95 Atomic bombs help age slow growing moss
96 Drought fears after low winter rain levels
97 Huhne insists carbon reduction strategy is 'on track'
98 How animals predict earthquakes
99 RSPB alarm at review of habitat and birds protection
100 Sellafield waste reactor proposed to convert plutonium
101 Durban: The early skirmishes
102 HIV funding cut as science brings 'decisive moment'
103 How much coffee is safe?
104 Should animals be stunned before slaughter?
105 Algae fuel firms face moment of truth
106 GCHQ challenges codebreakers via social networks
107 Engineers pioneer use of 3D printer to create new bones
108 Germany's land of poets and thinkers
109 Clinton pledges improved Burma ties if reforms continue
110 EU to slap new sanctions on Iran's officials and firms
111 Apple denies claims that Siri is anti-abortion
112 Jailed Afghan rape victim freed but 'to marry attacker'
113 Germany seeks public help in neo-Nazi murder hunt
114 Lingering stigma helps Aids epidemic ravage US South
115 Can Facebook turn 800m users into a $100bn business?
116 Action Comics Superman debut copy sells for $2.16m
117 Saudi Arabia accused of repression after Arab Spring
118 Strauss-Kahn says sex with maid was 'stupid,' book says
119 Long Island Gilgo Beach bodies linked to serial killer
120 India Transparency International corruption index blow
121 Tim Patrick-Smith: 2012 will be the year of 'big data'
122 Spotify opens up to add-on apps from third parties
123 The BBC Microcomputer and me, 30 years down the line
124 Israeli start-up Takadu helps Londoners save water
125 Coffee shop caffeine levels 'vary widely'
126 Photodynamic therapy helps Connah Broom's cancer fight
127 MPs reject calls for tighter checks on hairdressers
128 Will Shame change the game for the NC-17 rating?
129 Is HIV still a death sentence in the West?
130 Intel: Thrills and chills thinking about Windows 8
131 Don't assume that feces-tossing chimp's a dummy
132 Scientists still in the dark about dark matter
133 Court order leads to massive website crackdown
134 Secretive Air Force space plane sets endurance record
135 Yahoo board to meet as buyout rumors heat up
136 FCC sees AT&T-T-Mobile merger as bad idea
137 Grade Inflation: Colleges With the Easiest and Hardest Grades
138 Enough is enough: Pakistan-U.S. rift continues
139 Obama on AIDS: "We can beat this disease"
140 Moms have it harder than dads? "Multitasking" study says yes
141 San Francisco toy giveaway ban spotlights childhood obesity
142 HIV patients need AIDS drugs immediately, NYC recommends
143 Obama offering new plan to combat HIV/AIDS
144 New HIV treatment shows 100% protection in mice: Humans next?
145 Poll reveals dangerous stuff motorists do behind the wheel