File Title
1 Teen in Craigslist Case Looks Dazed in Ohio Court
2 Twitter, Mixi Form Japan Tie-up as Facebook Gains
3 Australian Court Clears Sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab
4 Social Network Path Announces More Ways to Share
5 Google Scraps Classic Navigation Bar for Flashy Menu
6 Website Sells Stolen Goods for a Song
7 Google+ Helps Reunite Sunken Camera With Owner
8 Therapist 'Brainwashed' Woman Into Believing She Was In Satanic Cult, Attorney Says
9 Arsenic in Juice: New Study Prompts Action
10 Arsenic and Apple Juice: New Testing Finds Low Levels
11 Baltimore HIV Initiative to Cut Infections 25 Percent by 2015
12 Extreme Eyelashes: Are Eyelash Extensions the Answer?
13 Consumers Will Pay Half as Much for Generic Version of Lipitor
14 Butt Boosting 'Doc' Gave Woman Chipmunk Cheeks
15 Can Wi-Fi Kill Your Sperm?
16 New Swine Flu Strain Keeps Health Officials on Alert
17 Sharp Rise in Serious Sports Injuries in Children
18 'Gastric Mind Band': Hypnotic Weight Loss
19 Remembering 6 Common Memory Myths
20 Hypnosis Minimizes Need for Anesthetic and Painkillers
21 Florida Principal Placed on Leave After Suicide of Student He Hypnotized
22 More Than 1,000 New HIV Cases Found in Saudi
23 Clinic in China Infects Kids With Hepatitis
24 A Day in the Life: Living With HIV
25 HIV 'Cure' Risky and Impractical
26 HIV/AIDS Pandemic Hits 30-Year Mark With Hope
27 'People's Court' Missing Mom: Authorities Remove Kids From Ex-Fiance's House After He Is Named a Suspect in Her Disappearance
28 Keeping Up with the Kardashian Hatred
29 10 Top-Selling Drugs Coming Off Patent
30 Top-Selling Statins Equally Effective, Study Finds
31 Mind Tricks for Dialing Down Pain
32 Getting Relief From Tinnitus May Be Mind Over Matter
33 Are Statins an Excuse for Unhealthy Eating?
34 Cholesterol-Lowering Foods Reduce LDL Levels More Than Low-Fat Foods
35 Doctors Push Fibrate Cholesterol Drugs Despite Scant Evidence of Effectiveness
36 Cholesterol-Busting Statins: Study Raises New Concerns
37 Study Shows Statins Reduce Risk of Heart Attack
38 Statins May Fight Lung Cancer
39 Grapefruit, Pomegranate Juice Not a Good Mix With Statins
40 New Drug Dramatically Increases HDL, or 'Good,' Cholesterol, Says Study
41 Why Are There So Many Cholesterol Numbers And What Do They Mean?
42 How Does A Family History Of High Cholesterol Affect How Often I Should Have My Cholesterol Measured?
43 How Significant Is The Role Of Cholesterol In Heart Disease And Stroke?
44 What is Cholesterol?
45 Statin Drugs May Also Raise 'Good' Cholesterol
46 Medicare to Pay for Obesity Counseling
47 1.7M Single Dads Coping at Holiday Time: 'I Can Only Do so Much'
48 New Support for Fish in the Fight Against Alzheimer's
49 Obesity Epidemic Grows: Report
50 New Drug Attacks Fat, Helps Obese Monkeys Slim Down
51 Brain training software beats crosswords
52 Turtle embryos tune in to heartbeats
53 Worms may hold key to living on Mars
54 Liquid living worms survive space
55 The greatest light show on Earth
56 Is George Osborne the first 'Science Chancellor'?
57 Worldwide weird: Sweet dreams under the sea
58 Judge orders Google, Facebook to remove fake sites
59 Engineers pioneer use of 3D printer to create new bones
60 Samsung wins appeal on Galaxy tablet ban in Australia
61 Coding wizards offered X Factor style competition
62 Viewpoint: The confessions of a late adopter
63 NHS 'prioritising urgent patients' during strikes
64 Watchdog NICE says no to eye drug Lucentis for diabetes
65 UK to expel all Iranian diplomats over embassy attack
66 Occupy Los Angeles and Philadelphia raided by police
67 Public sector strike to be 'largest for a generation'
68 'Hopeful' Hillary Clinton starts Burma visit
69 Who, What, Why: How do you survive a month adrift at sea?
70 Greenland by dog sledge: The Sirius Patrol in numbers
71 'Ugly Indians' clean up Bangalore
72 China increases rural poverty limit to $1 a day
73 US must stop jailing minors for life, says Amnesty
74 Drug tunnel found on US-Mexican border 'sophisticated'
75 Angry India charmer lets loose snakes in office
76 Google Maps heads for the great indoors
77 Facebook settles privacy dispute with FTC
78 Pay parking meter by text? SF to test service
79 RIM breaks from BlackBerry-only focus
80 British Library puts 300 years of history online
81 Massive black hole gives up its secrets
82 Cain may not call it quits after all
83 Why most Republicans don't like Romney
84 Ginger White describes "casual" affair with Cain
85 Scientists Narrow Down Dark Matter's Mass
86 Fish in Diet May Ward Off Alzheimer's
87 Art Competition Reclaims 'Intelligent Design'
88 Adulterous Male Birds Don't Put Eggs in One Basket
89 Invasive Ants Wave White Flag in New Zealand
90 Wi-Fi-Connected Laptop Hurts Sperm, Study Suggests
91 Study Finds the Key to Language: How Humans Form Sentences
92 Rare Stradivarius Violin Recreated with X-Ray Technology
93 Granny-Groping Ghost Explained by Psychology
94 Abusive Bosses Can Cause Marital Problems
95 Alabama Gets First November Snow in 35 Years
96 Massive Black Hole Yields its Mysteries to Astronomers
97 Dreaming May Help Relieve a Bad Day
98 Are Mammograms Needed in Your 40s? Study Reignites Debate
99 Pluto's Moons Could Spell Danger for New Horizons Spacecraft
100 Ravens Use 'Hand' Gestures to Communicate
101 Mysterious Particles Shooting Through Earth Shed Light on Sun
102 Bullies Use Sexual Taunts to Hurt Teen Girls
103 Snow-vember Surprise: Why Deep South Is Seeing Frosty Weather
104 Creative Thinkers More Likely to Cheat
105 How Morning Snacking Could Damage Your Diet
106 'UFOs' Disrupting Search for 'God Particle'
107 Even Babies Think Crime Deserves Punishment