File Title
1 Sony wants 'Social Network' scribe to pen Steve Jobs movie
2 Apple's iPhone 4S, Mac mini & MacBook Air are 'Bluetooth Smart Ready'
3 Macworld Expo mirrors Apple's product shift with new 'iWorld' name
4 Poll finds Apple dominating youth computer, tablet and phone markets
5 Combined Mac and iOS shipments make Apple world's second largest PC maker
6 Fortune reporter shares behind-the-scenes stories, photos of Steve Jobs
7 Apple planning solar farm opposite NC data center
8 Amazon income drops as Kindle Fire burns margins
9 Newsstand app brings Conde Nast 268% boom in subscription sales on iPad
10 Catcher says unibody MacBook case plant will fully reopen next week
11 Nokia launches first Windows Phones to take on Apple's iPhone 4S
12 Apple's in-store pickup program launches in San Francisco
13 Apple awarded patent for touchscreen slide-to-unlock gesture
14 Subsidies for Apple's iPhone are 40% higher than the industry average
15 Apple overtakes Nokia in China as iPhone brand, sales surge
16 First look: Apple's Cards offers quality & convenience at a low price
17 BlackBerry, Android secondhand trade-ins spike at iPhone 4S launch
18 New Steve Jobs documentary to include never before seen interview
19 Judge denies Samsung attempt to squash Italian iPhone 4S launch
20 Apple overtakes Nokia in China as iPhone brand, sales surge
21 Cheaper iPhone in 2012 could triple Apple's booming sales in China
22 iTunes Match beta reset on Thursday points to imminent launch
23 Apple grows employee headcount to 60K, building space to 13.2M square feet
24 Apple issues EFI Firmware, iPhoto, QuickTime updates
25 Rumor: Apple manufacturers facing difficulties with high-res screens for iPad 3
26 Apple exploring 3D gestures to control devices from a distance
27 Steve Jobs stayed tag-less by leasing a new car every six months
28 Samsung appeals injunction barring Galaxy Tab sales in Australia
29 Forrester: 'It's time to repeal prohibition' on Macs in the enterprise
30 NYT: Apple expected to release Siri-powered television by 2013
31 Nokia Windows Phone 7 Lumia 800 vs Apple iPhone 4S
32 Unlike Apple's iOS, Android phones not getting updates
33 HP to keep PC business, future of webOS still uncertain
34 Sprint says iPhone most network-efficient smartphone and "worth every penny"
35 Motorola Mobility loses $32 million as Xoom sales collapse in Q3
36 Apple updates Thunderbolt software, Aperture and printer drivers
37 Nintendo profits evaporate as gamers turn to Apple's iOS
38 Apple slips to No. 5 handset maker, No. 2 in smartphones after iPhone transition quarter
39 Samsung handset sales surge, profits shrink in the third quarter
40 Adobe Photoshop CS6 to adopt Aperture-like theme, new 3D functionality
41 Apple Lossless Audio Codec Project becomes open source
42 Apple board member Andrea Jung facing scrutiny at Avon
43 Taiwan concerned Apple's slide-to-unlock patent could hurt market
44 Google TV gaining Android Market, simpler interface with new update
45 Apple engineers working with iPhone 4S users to fix battery woes
46 Apple brings iPhone 4S to 22 new countries in fastest rollout ever
47 China Telecom may not carry iPhone until mid-2012
48 All prospects for an internal HP webOS largely destroyed
49 Microsoft reportedly blocked data center guru's move to Apple
50 YouTube adds over 100 original channels in Google's bid for the living room
51 Pixelmator 2.0 launches on Mac App Store
52 Hell freezes over: Forrester urges IT to support the Mac
53 Android smartphones highly-fragmented; after-sale support lags Apple's iPhone by wide margin
54 NMA animates 'Steve Jobs' iBiography' (with video)
55 Steve Jobs' one-on-one '95 interview now available online
56 Bloomberg launches Apple iPad app featuring free, live, 24/7 streaming business news
57 Apple's 'Slide to Unlock' patent worries Taiwanese government, forces investigation
58 Adobe Carousel photography app debuts for Mac and iOS devices
59 Sony to acquire Ericsson's share of Sony Ericsson for 1.05 billion euros
60 Apple patent application reveals new gesture-based video editing toolbar for iPad
61 The tipping hand of production: How Apple foreshadows iOS volumes
62 Sprint CEO Hesse: Apple iPhone 50% more network efficient than Android phones
63 Four reasons why an Apple television will be the easiest money the company's ever made
64 Apple contacts man whose home was searched by employees over missing iPhone prototype
65 Apple's 'School Box' plan to innovate education
66 Apple iCloud patent points to 1TB storage capacity
67 NYT's Pogue: Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.5 is gorgeous, classy, satisfying, fast and coherent
68 NortonLive Ultimate Help Desk now offers Mac support
69 Siri key to rumored Apple television to be announced by late 2012, say sources
70 Jobs biography draws huge crowds in China; 250,000 copies sold in first day
71 Apple BoD member Andrea Jung under fire as Avon faces bribery investigation
72 Australian court to fast-track Samsung appeal on Android tablet ban
73 HP: Uh, on second thought, we're going to keep our PC division
74 ARMv8 detailed: first 64-bit chip, backwards compatible
75 Motorola only shipped 100,000 Xoom tablets last quarter
76 RIM slashes prices, PlayBooks continue selling like snotcakes
77 Samsung 3Q profit plummets 23 percent
78 IDC: Q311 worldwide mobile phone market sees slower growth as smartphone purchases soften ahead of iPhone 4S
79 HP returning to tablets with Windows 8, 'evaluating' webOS
80 Beleaguered RIM offers 'Buy 2, get 1 free' PlayBooks
81 Apple's patent app reveals iCloud tagging solution for iPhone, TV and beyond
82 Eye-tracking study finds Apple iPhone, iPad draw more attention than Android wannabes
83 Why Apple's amazing Siri is a Google killer
84 'Moves Like Jagger' arrangement played only on Apple iPads (with video)
85 Why iCloud will be one of the most important products for Steve Jobs' legacy
86 Apple's 'Slide to Unlock' patent stirs up a hornet's nest in Taiwan
87 Apple stock is severely undervalued
88 iPhone 4S launches in 22 new countries; sold out in Singapore
89 The next disruptive iPhone feature: High-def, carrier-free audio calls
90 The app that's like Photoshop at 1/20th the cost
91 FCC creates $4.5 billion Internet fund for 'era of Steve Jobs'
92 Siri on the iPhone 4S gets Auto-Tuned (with video)
93 Some Apple Retail Store employees go on strike in Italy as iPhone 4S launches
94 Shipped vs. sold and third-party estimates vs. actual unit sales
95 Apple open-sources Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC)
96 Apple engineers contacting iPhone 4S owners to solve battery life issue seen by some
97 Another senior executive exits beleaguered Research In Motion
98 Steve Ballmer blocked ex-Microsoftie's chance to work on Apple's iCloud, says sources
99 Google plans to launch 100 online video 'channels' on YouTube
100 Top 10 secret Siri commands
101 Google TV review: 'Apple wouldn't dare to put out the crap that Google does'
102 Apple gets Siri-ous about TV
103 Money machine: Santa Monica Apple Store generates nearly $1 million in sales per day
104 Proposed law would let U.S. gov't shutter websites at will; would create 'The Great Firewall of America'
105 Apple acquires second 3D mapping company: C3 Technologies; looks to take iOS Maps to mind-blowing level
106 Cannibalism Confirmed Among Ancient Mexican Group
107 Centuries of history dug up in a year
108 High resolution 3D Stonehenge model unveiled
109 Danish archaeologists discover 300 year old toilets
110 Food archaeologist gives new life to nearly extinct grains, veggies
111 Archaeologist Makes a Case for Discovery of a Judean Town of the Time of King David
112 Tal-Wej declared an Area of Archaeological Importance
113 How continents shaped human culture
114 Beheaded Archbishop's Face Revealed
115 New pits of Chinese terracotta figures opened
116 Palaeolithic Period stone weapons found in Jaffna
117 Jersey's Ice Age heritage
118 Trash or treasure? Sifting through ancient rubbish for archaeological gold
119 Decline and recovery of coral reefs linked to 700 years of human and environmental activity
120 Royston Cave--A Knights Templar Mystery of History
121 Bulgarian archeologists unearth unique mosaic in S. Bulgaria
122 Vanished Silk Road city studied in China
123 Hundreds of undiscovered artifacts found at Gallipoli
124 A massive prehistoric monument under the Loch of Stenness?
125 Unexpected trove of artifacts discovered near Stonehenge
126 Melting Glaciers Reveal Ancient Artifacts
127 Bluestonehenge: An ancient alignment revealed
128 Figures Found During Mural Restoration in Mexico
129 Historic Byzantine and Venetian Fortresses at Risk
130 Maya village buried by volcanic ash 1,400 years ago discovered
131 Saving Altamira Cave
132 Tar Shrank Heads of Prehistoric Californians Over Time?
133 Ancient Greek city digitally recreated
134 Prehistoric Teen Girl's Grave Found Near Henge
135 Inca takeovers not usually hostile
136 Possible remains unearthed from 1759 battle on Plains of Abraham
137 Archaeologist argues world's oldest temples were not temples at all
138 Researchers find Aztec temple platform
139 Evidence of earliest mass production found in Israel
140 Ancient Greek farmers found buried with livestock: Report
141 Researchers Find Aztec Temple Platform In Mexico
142 Tiny Drone Reveals Ancient Royal Burial Sites
143 What the Donner Party Ate in Final Days
144 Ancient 'production line' remnants found
145 Documentary Brings World's Oldest Underwater City Back to Life
146 Top archaeologist decries Jerusalem dig as unscientific 'tourist gimmick'
147 Chinese archaeologists unearth ancient tombs, relics
148 Dead Sea Scrolls Now Revealed in Detail for Everyone to See
149 2,000-Year-Old Ritual Bath Unearthed in Israel
150 The Seaweed Trail: Peopling the Americas
151 Invisible scribes of medieval literature revealed
152 4,000 years of history crashes to the ground
153 Ancient artifacts yield their secrets under neutron imaging
154 Columbus' arrival linked to carbon dioxide drop
155 Neolithic Tombs in China Yielded Finely Crafted Jade Artifacts
156 Turkey's largest mosaic discovered on the Med
157 Saving the Middle East's biggest mosaic with a masterpiece
158 Biggest haul of Roman gold in Britain could have been found
159 Archaeologists find earliest domestication of chickens in China
160 Clues About Early Diets Found in Fossilized Teeth
161 Archeologists discover traces of ancient civilization in Chinese desert
162 Mastodon Kill Site Shows Human Presence in North America Before 13,000 Years Ago
163 Piles of ancient rubbish could prove incredible temple that's 6,500 years older than Stonehenge was actually a house
164 Couple Held Hands for 1,500 Years
165 Archaeologists unearth paved Santa Fe road dating to 1600s
166 9,000-Year-Old Tools Found in Mexico
167 Part of wall collapses at Pompeii
168 Shipwrecks, amphora and DNA offer clues to ancient trade
169 El Coyote view. Image: theobine, Flickr
170 Archaeologists Find 10th-Century Tomb in North Peru
171 6,000-Year-Old Cooking Pots Show Gradual Transition to Agriculture, Study Reveals
172 13th century Mongolian wreckage discovered off Japanese seabed
173 Linn Duchaill: Ireland's unlikely Viking capital
174 Archaeologist Claims 12,000-Year-Old Solstice Site in Clarke County
175 A Rest, a Meal, Then Death for 5,000-Year-Old Glacier Mummy: Scientists Consolidate Results of Research Into Otzi's State of Health and His Death
176 A Great Ancient Angkor Temple Complex to Rise Again
177 Shipwreck may be part of Kublai Khan's lost fleet
178 Scientists digitise our prehistoric past
179 The find of a lifetime: Treasure hunter digs up 200-piece haul of Viking jewellery and coins
180 Prehistoric site is found at Cave Hill in Belfast
181 Lost Roman camp that protected against Germanic hordes found
182 New Israeli air strike into Gaza after 'ceasefire'
183 St. Paul's protest camp: Bishop calls for no violence
184 The only living master of a dying martial art
185 Yak's milk hospitality in the remote Pamir mountains
186 The Halloween myth of the War of the Worlds panic
187 Syria's Assad warns of 'earthquake' if West intervenes
188 Somali piracy: Armed guards to protect UK ships
189 Tokyo on a budget
190 The disappearing island in the Chesapeake Bay