File Title
1 TechBytes: NSA Aids Banks Against Cyber Attacks
2 Facebook Plans Server Farm in Sweden; Cold Is Great for Servers
3 Brain Waves Used to Steer Helicopter on Computer Screen, Offers Hope to the Disabled
4 Earth-Observing Satellite Boosted Into Orbit
5 Cameras Stream Canadian Polar Bear Migration
6 Top 5 Halloween Allergy and Asthma Triggers
7 Aspirin Cuts Colorectal Cancer Risk in Lynch Syndrome Patients
8 Surrogate Mom Stuck With a $200,000+ Medical Bill
9 Hospital Room Designed for the Patient, by the Patient
10 Hospital Antibiotic Overdose Blamed for Brooklyn Baby Death
11 Transgender Bobby Montoya Still Waits for Call From Girl Scouts
12 Mold Moves Maryland College Students to Cruise Ship
13 Salmonella Outbreak Forces Recall of Pine Nuts
14 Seaweed moves south as oceans warm
15 Suicidal cells respond better to chemo
16 Fly-by reveals Lutetia's primitive side
17 Faster-than-light neutrino experiment to be run again
18 NPP weather and climate satellite launches
19 Stars concoct complex molecules
20 Suspected US satellite hacking attacks: Reaction
21 Flood defence funding gap huge, warns Labour MP
22 Is trillion the new billion?
23 The world at seven billion
24 Biomimicry: Beaks on trains and flipper-like turbines
25 Libya: Gaddafi son Saif al-Islam in contact with ICC
26 US flies drones from Ethiopia to fight Somali militants
27 Tunisian troops try to disperse Sidi Bouzid protesters
28 Can Pervez Musharraf help soothe US-Pakistan relations?
29 Exotic pets: Why do Americans keep dangerous animals?
30 Girls equal in British throne succession
31 Daily aspirin 'blocks bowel cancer'
32 Samsung overtakes Apple in smartphone shipments
33 Saddam Hussein's 'buttock' fails to sell at Derby auction
34 Eurozone seeks bailout funds from China
35 Tunisia's Islamists 'reaffirm commitment to women'
36 Google's Maps Street View service pilots indoor photos
37 Apple and Microsoft file patents for touchless controls
38 Amazon reveals its patent lawsuits are on the rise
39 Hewlett Packard will now keep its PC and tablet arm
40 Northern Ireland broadband service criticised
41 China's Baidu sees profits surge 80% in third quarter
42 Malaysia aims for hi-tech future
43 FCC approves $4.5 billion for broadband in "Era of Steve Jobs"
44 School filtering gay, transgender sites goes to court
45 Meeting Earth's most typical person
46 Ocean warming sends Australian seaweed packing
47 Microsoft has an incredible vision of the future
48 HP flip-flop: Company keeping PC business
49 Siri gets spoofed by Conan O'Brien
50 10 years of Windows mistakes: The cost to Microsoft
51 Dropbox for Teams is courting businesses
52 New clues to the origin of creation
53 World's last Vietnam Rhino killed for its horn
54 Blackbeard's cannon salvaged from shipwreck
55 Ex-Ohio teacher Stacy Schuler sentenced to four years in student sex case
56 Ruth Madoff describes hearing Bernard confess
57 7 dead as tractor-trailer rams minivan in Ind.
58 Marie Osmond hospitalized in Las Vegas
59 Bright lights, small systems: Molecular differentiation using free-electron lasers
60 Researcher working on micro-electromechanical systems to replace pixels
61 Scientists take fresh look at 'faster-than-light' experiment
62 Apple's tongue-tied Siri faces 'Singlish' rival
63 Scientists film hagfish anti-shark slime weapon
64 Planets smashed into dust near supermassive black holes
65 An alien code close to home: Seeking ET beyond the radio silence
66 Curtailing open grocery refrigerators' energy loss
67 Coloring musical rhythms with colored noise
68 New genetic switch allows cells to thrive in low oxygen
69 Research reveals that birds use optic flow cues to guide flight
70 Artificial blood could soon be on the way
71 Early growth trajectories have long-term effects on fitness, study finds
72 Antarctic fur seals breed where they were born
73 Nokia prototype: twist, bend, tap, steal show (w/ video)
74 Highly efficient oxygen catalyst found
75 Searching for balloons in a social network
76 Charging toward better neural implants
77 Battered asteroid may have warm core
78 Spider is the second most vibration-sensitive creature
79 Wolf hunting strategy follows simple rules
80 First patient receives novel gene therapy for type of blindness
81 NASA launches weather-climate satellite
82 Do bacteria age? Biologists discover the answer follows simple economics
83 Research: Graphene grows better on certain copper crystals
84 Governments must plan for migration in response to climate change, researchers say
85 Up close, asteroid seen to be chunk of would-be planet
86 Single photons for optical information transfer
87 To diagnose heart disease, visualization experts recommend a simpler approach
88 Different paths to drug resistance in Leishmania
89 Nanoparticle imaging: A resonant improvement
90 CNT paper-based wireless sensor could help detect explosive devices
91 Transistors are made from natural cotton fibers
92 Taking a page from nature to build better nanomaterials
93 Biologically targeted nanoparticles may boost radiation therapy effects
94 Stretchable graphene transistors overcome limitations of other materials
95 Improved characterization of nanoparticle clusters for EHS and biosensors research
96 The molecular force is with this team
97 On the nanoscale, particles flow in unexpected ways
98 Engineers at Yale develop new type of mechanical memory
99 Nanotubes key to microscopic mechanics
100 Biosensing tool to detect salmonella holds promise for preventing common food poisoning
101 Attacking cancer cells with nanoparticles
102 Researchers build transparent, super-stretchy skin-like sensor (w/ video)
103 How to unbalance nothingness
104 How biological capsules respond under stress
105 Elimination of detrimental cross-talks in single-photon detectors pushes quantum optics to new limits
106 Part II: The energy that drives the stars--different technologies for unique demands
107 Manipulating single molecules to unravel secrets of protein folding
108 Saul Perlmutter receives Nobel Prize in physics
109 Researchers use new approach to overcome key hurdle for next-generation superconductors
110 High-quality white light produced by four-color laser source
111 CGPM set to update international system of weights and measures
112 Quantum computer components 'coalesce' to 'converse'
113 Future 'comb on a chip': NIST's compact frequency comb could go places
114 Scientists bring mysterious magnetic process down to earth
115 Mapping the formation of an underwater volcano
116 Human-caused climate change a major factor in more frequent Mediterranean droughts: study
117 Stalemate over organic farming slows progress in effort to combat food insecurity in Central Africa
118 Professor publishes study on detection of human noroviruses
119 Gold in them hills
120 NASA seeking student experiments for balloon flight
121 China suspect in US satellite interference: report
122 Prehistoric greenhouse data from ocean floor could predict Earth's future
123 Study: Japan nuke radiation higher than estimated
124 Review: Nike device improves, but oversimplified
125 Mechanical engineer creates robot Venus Flytrap
126 Glove-friendly touchscreen goes on exhibit
127 Nokia unveils Windows smartphones to catch rivals
128 AT&T's U-Verse connects wirelessly to TVs
129 Toshiba bites Apple with 498 ppi display
130 iPhone 4S first phone for low-power Bluetooth
131 GPS shoes for Alzheimer's patients to hit US
132 Robotic dragon, an unlikely teacher
133 Russia surprised as Apple uses Glonass in new iPhone
134 OpenSim open-source software from Stanford accurately models human motion
135 The rate of data transmission over plastic optical fibers can be increased by controlling modal dispersion
136 Next-generation charging technology for environmentally friendly vehicles
137 'Conserve, conserve, conserve': A megawatt saved is better than a megawatt made
138 BlackBerry 'puts monitoring centre' in India
139 China-based servers in Japan cyber attacks: report
140 US protestors find allies in app makers
141 US tech firms lead list of best multinational workplaces
142 China censors web after tax riots
143 Smithsonian shows 100 years of electric car's past
144 Unprecedented formation of a boron-boron covalent bond opens a new corner of chemistry
145 Breakthrough holds promise for hydrogen's use as fuel source
146 Research paper on cancer drug accorded 'VIP' status
147 'Magnetic tongue' ready to help produce tastier processed foods
148 Light vortex: Circularly polarized luminescence from a stirred and gelled solution of dye
149 Chiral metal surfaces may help to manufacture pharmaceuticals
150 Recycling thermal cash register receipts contaminates paper products with BPA
151 Advance toward a breath test to diagnose multiple sclerosis
152 Controversy over reopening the 'Sistine Chapel' of Stone Age art
153 A simple compound with surprising antifreeze properties
154 A substance from bacteria can lead to allergy-free sunscreen
155 A better target for B-cell lymphomas: From a library of MAG antagonists to nanomolar CD22 ligands
156 Research finds gallium nitride is non-toxic, biocompatible--holds promise for implants
157 Study shows cranberry juice is better than extracts at fighting bacterial infections
158 Zoning boundaries can make good neighbors in conservation
159 On guard against drought
160 Bugs and paperwork: How unlocking the genetic secret of insects could improve human health and welfare
161 Bacterial disease outbreak threatens metro Detroit animals
162 450 Malaysia snakes, tortoises escape cooking pot
163 An antibiotic effect minus resistance
164 Scientists chart gene expression in the brain across lifespan
165 Folate receptors may serve as a front door to ovarian cancer treatment
166 New approach to study depression may lead to new marker for risk
167 Controlling patterns of DNA methylation
168 Scientists prove regular aspirin intake halves cancer risk
169 Study finds specific gene linked to cold sore susceptibility
170 Research predicts how cancers will respond to chemo, rewrites old theory of why chemo works
171 Yeast model connects Alzheimer's disease risk and amyloid beta toxicity
172 Drug treatment shows promise for brain blood vessel abnormality
173 Promising kidney drug fails in large clinical trial
174 Biologists create anti-HIV antibody that shows increased potency
175 Discovery represents 'new paradigm' in the way drugs can be manufactured
176 Python circulating fatty acids study could benefit diseased human heart
177 Scientists make strides toward drug therapy for inherited kidney disease
178 Use of over-the-counter thyroid support pills is risky, study finds
179 The error-correcting brain: New insights into the neurobiology of adaptive behavior
180 How cannabis causes 'cognitive chaos' in the brain
181 Researchers have found evidence for the existence of a hypnotic state
182 Clinical trial shows first evidence that anal cancer is preventable
183 Our brains are made of the same stuff, despite DNA differences
184 Brain imaging study: A step toward true 'dream reading'
185 Longevity's secrets sought in DNA of 100-year-olds
186 Extra vitamin E linked to prostate cancer, but diet still merits study
187 Panel: Boys should get HPV vaccine given to girls
188 Source found for immune system effects on learning, memory
189 Measuring the distance of processes
190 Haas study sheds eerie light on fright and financial decision making
191 Q&A: Paul Ehrlich fears the worst for a planet with 7 billion residents
192 Good parenting is just a joke
193 Betcha won't eat just one: Study shows people consume more candies when they're individually wrapped
194 Mongolian 'kamikaze' wreck found off Japan coast
195 Preschoolers understand threats in households with violence
196 7 billion people are not the issue--human development is what counts
197 Florida poll: Research important for state economy, jobs
198 Researchers find a country's wealth correlates with its collective knowledge
199 The unstable future of a world full of men
200 World population to hit 10 bln, but 15 bln possible: UN
201 Archaeopteryx was first bird after all
202 Can plagiarism be weeded out?
203 Teeth study shows big dinosaurs trekked for food