File Title
1 Archaeopteryx restored as 'first bird'
2 Study suggests why orcas migrate north
3 Women may get away with false starts
4 David Cameron to miss Rio+20 earth summit for Jubilee
5 Virgin Galactic space tourism could begin in 2013
6 Last Cold War-era B53 nuclear bomb dismantled in Texas
7 Work to start on Dounreay low-level waste store
8 Lack of computing power 'hindering weather forecasting'
9 Boeing's Dreamliner completes first commercial flight
10 Strange tales from the Royal Society
11 Frozen Planet: Filming in the polar wilderness
12 SSE drops Waterhead Moor wind farm over 'bird fears'
13 Ship from failed Mongol invasion found off Japan
14 Worldwide weird: Halloween to the extreme
15 New York schools enter the iZone
16 Euro crisis: EU leaders hope to reach debt plan
17 Former Goldman Sachs director Rajat Gupta in custody
18 IBM names Rometty its first female chief executive
19 Amy Winehouse death: Coroner records misadventure verdict
20 Where the jobs are: Will skilled labour pay off?
21 How the Joy of Sex was illustrated
22 China jails two officials for leaking economic data
23 Ulster Bank raid murder of Bill Elliott is reopened
24 Gaddafi's home town Sirte blasted into the Dark Ages
25 Apple patents touchscreen unlock gestures
26 Amazon profits dive after heavy Kindle investment
27 Digital textbooks open a new chapter
28 iPad has '80% of North American tablet market'
29 Rise in UK requests for Google content removal
30 Nokia bets on Windows Phone future
31 BT given 14 days to block access to Newzbin
32 UK urged to research pilot-free planes
33 YouTube boosted by music videos to pull behind Facebook
34 Golden Joystick Awards: Portal 2 named ultimate game
35 Pill 'lowers ovarian cancer risk'
36 Alcohol warnings 'still being ignored,' minister says
37 Madagascar: UN denies polio outbreak
38 Libya's Mustafa Abdul Jalil asks NATO to stay longer
39 Colonel Gaddafi: The last of the buffoon dictators?
40 Afghanistan: Pakistan accused of backing Taliban
41 Siri and Hal meet with the Iris 9000 voice control module
42 Yikes! Your iPad unlocked in 5 seconds
43 Flying humvee inches closer to reality
44 Unforgettable Northern Lights display recorded
45 Fit to print but tablet users won't pay for news
46 Steve Jobs' final testament: An Apple TV?
47 Netflix in free fall, what does it mean for subscribers?
48 Tension remains after "Occupy Oakland" clashes
49 Listeria death toll now at 28, but will it grow?
50 Robotic arm gives hope to paralyzed patients
51 HPV vaccine for boys may be hard sell: Why?
52 NOAA releases status on Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary marine resources
53 US residents say Hawaii's coral reef ecosystems worth $33.57 billion per year
54 Pastoralists in drought-stricken Kenya receive insurance payouts for massive livestock losses
55 Plants feel the force
56 Breakthrough in the production of flood-tolerant crops
57 Production of biofuel from forests will increase greenhouse emissions
58 Liver parasite lacks key genes for fatty acid synthesis: Genome sequencing of Clonorchis sinensis
59 How plants sense low oxygen levels to survive flooding
60 Forest fires are becoming larger and more frequent
61 Discovery illuminates elusive proton channel gene in dinoflagellate
62 Fewer Marten Detections in California Forest Linked to Decline in Habitat
63 Research links water disinfection byproducts to adverse health effects
64 Stem Rust-resistant Wheat Landraces Identified
65 Biosensing tool to detect salmonella holds promise for preventing common food poisoning
66 Glaciers in southwest China feel the brunt of climate change
67 Strawberries protect the stomach from alcohol
68 Dividing corn stover makes ethanol conversion more efficient
69 First-of-a-kind tension wood study broadens biofuels research
70 Fewer marten detections in California forest linked to decline in habitat
71 For certain orchids, relatives more important than pollinators in shaping floral attractants
72 Food Chemical Regulations Rely Heavily on Industry Self-Policing and Lack Transparency
73 Recycling thermal cash register receipts contaminates paper products with BPA
74 Advance toward a breath test to diagnose multiple sclerosis
75 'Magnetic tongue' ready to help produce tastier processed foods
76 Decline and recovery of coral reefs linked to 700 years of human and environmental activity
77 Long bone shape: A family affair
78 Hundreds of undiscovered artifacts found at Gallipoli
79 A new leaf turns in carbon science
80 University of Colorodo Boulder team discovers ancient road at Maya village buried by volcanic ash 1,400 years ago
81 Archaeologist argues world's oldest temples were not temples at all
82 'Ghostwriting' the Torah?
83 100,000-year-old ochre toolkit and workshop discovered in South Africa
84 New technologies challenge old ideas about early hominid diets
85 Tree-dwelling animals were the first to fly, new research suggests
86 Archaeologists Find Sophisticated Blade Production Much Earlier Than Originally Thought
87 Ancient Etruscan childbirth image is likely a first for western art
88 Tracing the first North American hunters
89 Face-to-face with an ancient human
90 Texas A&M study: Hunters present at least 800 years earlier than previously thought
91 Ancient cooking pots reveal gradual transition to agriculture
92 Study links pollutants to a 450 percent increase in risk of birth defects
93 U.S. Rivers and Streams Saturated With Carbon
94 New evidence for the oldest oxygen-breathing life on land
95 Albedo effect in forests can cause added warming, bonus cooling
96 Mental health relief efforts often overlooked in wake of disasters
97 NOAA, NASA: Significant ozone hole remains over Antarctica
98 NASA, NOAA Data Show Significant Antarctic Ozone Hole Remains
99 New study shows no simultaneous warming of northern and southern hemispheres as a result of climate change for 20,000 years
100 Elderly long-term care residents suffer cognitively during disasters
101 Survey finds public support for geoengineering research
102 Experts recommend the inclusion of rainwater-collection systems in cities
103 Land animals, ecosystems walloped after Permian dieoff
104 Extreme Melting on Greenland Ice Sheet, Reports CCNY Team
105 Antarctic killer whales may seek spa-like relief in the tropics
106 Testing geoengineering
107 Regulatory process for organ scaling discovered
108 First Google. Org-funded geothermal mapping report confirms vast coast-to-coast clean energy source
109 Rising to a Global Health Challenge, Students Coax Yeast Cells to Add Vitamins to Bread
110 Good relationship with teacher can protect first graders from aggression
111 Researchers complete mollusk evolutionary tree
112 Our brains are made of the same stuff, despite DNA differences
113 Found in the developing brain: Mental health risk genes and gender differences
114 New drug targets revealed from giant parasitic worm genome sequence
115 The architects of the brain
116 Misleading morphology: 3 European parasitoid wasp 'species' are seasonal forms of just 1
117 Environmental toxin Bisphenol A can affect newborn brain
118 Inadequate Supply of Protein Building Blocks May Explain Pregnancy Failures in Bovine Cloning Experiments
119 Gene responsible for relapses in young leukemia patients
120 Study identifies genetic basis of human metabolic individuality
121 New study finds fetal heart rate not a good indicator of a baby's health
122 Researchers develop method to better estimate vaccine coverage
123 Source found for immune system effects on learning, memory
124 Digital worlds can help autistic children to develop social skills
125 Impact of Canada's Common Drug Review on drug listing
126 Gun traffickers exploit differences in state laws
127 Harsh discipline fosters dishonesty in young children
128 British study may improve glaucoma assessment and treatment
129 Mentoring Programs--How Effective Are They?
130 Women in Rural Areas More Likely to Be Diagnosed with Most Serious Form of Breast Cancer, MU Researcher Finds
131 Uncovering the blind spot of patient satisfaction and patient expectations: An international survey
132 Study: Women aren't becoming engineers because of confidence issues
133 Chain hotels lead the way in going green
134 23andMe Discovers Genetic Variant That May Protect Those at High Risk for Parkinson's Disease
135 Singling out the real breast cancer among the lumps
136 Preschoolers' classmates influence their language skills
137 Preschoolers' language skills improve more when they're placed with more-skilled peers
138 What drives IT performance?
139 Can plagiarism be weeded out?
140 Access to legal aid depends a lot on where you live, report says
141 Research Finds Gallium Nitride is Non-Toxic, Biocompatible--Holds Promise For Biomedical Implants
142 Taking the pulse of charge-separation processes
143 Innovative transdermal patch for delivery of HIV medicine featured at AAPS Annual Meeting
144 Nanotubes Key to Microscopic Mechanics
145 Cornell reaches two milestones toward a new coherent X-ray source
146 Restraint improves dielectric performance, lifespan
147 Many Alzheimer's patients get drugs with opposing effects
148 Study indicates nanoparticles could help pain-relieving osteoarthritis drugs last longer
149 Compound found in common wart treatment shows promise as leukemia therapy
150 Astronomers discover complex organic matter in the universe
151 Chiral metal surfaces may help to manufacture pharmaceuticals
152 High-quality white light produced by four-color laser source
153 Faraway Eris is Pluto's Twin
154 Growing Something out of Nothing
155 Geoscientists Find Key to Why Some Patients Get Infections from Cardiac Implants
156 Junk DNA Defines Differences Between Humans and Chimps
157 Cornell researchers discover only recorded flight of lost imperial woodpecker
158 Video games used in new treatment that may fix 'lazy eye' in older children
159 Poverty-related stress affects readiness for school
160 Does reading achievement spur independent reading, or vice versa?
161 Study uncovers clues to young children's aggressive behavior
162 Friendship makes a difference in stress regulation
163 New computer program promises to save the whales
164 A new mathematical model explains patterns of human movement by considering the costs
165 MIT research: Sugar high for bees
166 Experimental mathematics
167 Improving the physics of grocery store display cases to save energy
168 Robot biologist solves complex problem from scratch
169 Alcohol consumption greatly increases serious injury risk for heavy and moderate drinkers
170 Avoiding bias in medical research
171 Brain study reveals how successful students overcome math anxiety
172 ARISTOTLE trial finds new drug may revolutionize the treatment of atrial fibrillation
173 Study shows why underrepresented men should be included in binge eating research
174 Study finds that annual screening with chest x-ray does not reduce rate of lung cancer deaths
175 New 'scarless' surgery takes out tumors through natural skull opening
176 Bedside assessment may provide better outcomes for older cancer patients
177 Boaters' risk of illness on Chicago River similar to other waterways
178 Lab-Made Skin Cells Will Aid Transplantation, Cancer, Drug Discovery Research, Say Penn Scientists
179 High-dose melphalan and autologous stem cell transplantation increases survival
180 Inefficient developing world stoves contribute to 2 million deaths a year
181 Miscarriage diagnosis guidelines questioned
182 Pesticides pollute European waterbodies more than previously thought
183 Tests to catch the makers of dangerous 'legal high' designer drugs
184 Bad eggs and oil slicks
185 Medical education in developing world needs to change
186 Cyber war might never happen
187 Fatal Crashes in the U.S.: Fewer Canadian Drivers Under The Influence
188 'Generation Squeezed': Today's family staggering under the pressure
189 Evidence-based medicine in health-care reform
190 Scary is exciting
191 Federal Government Releases Environmental, Health, & Safety Research Strategy for Nanotechnology
192 More is less?
193 Computer scientist cracks mysterious 'Copiale Cipher'
194 Gene variation predicts rate of age-related decline in mental performance, Stanford study
195 The Generation X Report: U-M survey paints a surprisingly positive portrait
196 Blood test could identify smokers at higher risk for heart disease, UT Southwestern researchers find
197 Peer pressure in preschool children
198 Researchers have found evidence for the existence of a hypnotic state
199 That's gross!: Study uncovers physiological nature of disgust in politics
200 Simple gut hormone combo makes our brains think we're full
201 UK brains are under threat
202 Teenage girls and senior students suffered highest levels of PTSD after major earthquake
203 Religious, spiritual support benefits men and women facing chronic illness, MU study finds
204 New mystery on Mars' forgotten plains
205 Clearing the cosmic fog of the early universe: Massive stars may be responsible
206 Hubble survey carries out a dark matter census
207 Ambitious Hubble survey obtaining new dark matter census
208 NASA continues critical survey of Antarctica's changing ice
209 Dark Matter Mystery Deepens
210 CSI-style investigation of meteorite hits on Earth
211 VISTA finds new globular star clusters and sees right through the heart of the Milky Way
212 Blue stragglers
213 Impact study: Princeton model shows fallout of a giant meteorite strike
214 Spiral Arms Hint at the Presence of Planets
215 Record-Breaking Photo Reveals a Planet-sized Object as Cool as the Earth
216 Spiral arms point to possible planets in a star's dusty disk
217 NASA releases visual tour of Earth's fires
218 Syracuse University scientists discover new way to determine when water was present on Mars and Earth
219 Crater shapes explained, how carnivorous plants bite, and doubts about faster-than-light neutrinos
220 Nearby planet-forming disk holds water for thousands of oceans
221 Mechanical stress can help or hinder wound healing depending on time of application
222 Nanoparticles and their size may not be big issues
223 New test can precisely pinpoint food pathogens
224 Linking of mutations in 12 genes to ovarian cancer may lead to more effective prevention
225 Lay-language summaries of research at Acoustical Society meeting now online