File Title
1 TED Talks: Cynthia Kenyon on Experiments That Hint of Longer Lives
2 'Jeopardy!' Champ Wins Jackpot With Web App
3 Could A Worm Hold the Key to Living Longer?
4 Qi: Charging Your Cellphone Without Wires
5 SOPA: Internet Piracy Bill Criticized as Internet Censorship
6 French Official: Europe Must Defend Privacy Rights
7 FDA Revokes Approval of Avastin for Breast Cancer
8 Busted: Top 5 Cold and Flu Myths
9 Lessons for Penn State: Cover-Ups Cost Money, Student Lives
10 Man Drops 376 Pounds After Being Told to Write His Own Obituary
11 Sorry, I Left My Memory in the Other Room
12 Researcher Turns to Claymation to Promote Drug for Trauma Victims
13 Preserving Antibiotics: Best Practices to Ward Off Superbugs
14 U.S. Birth Rates, Preemie Deliveries Drop
15 Neutrino experiment repeat at CERN finds same result
16 IPCC: Climate impact risk set to increase
17 Dinosaur Isle fossil hunt reckless, SNH say
18 World's 'lightest material' unveiled by US engineers
19 Jupiter moon Europa 'has shallow lakes'
20 Unlocking the genetic secrets of the UK's fungi
21 Boris Johnson sticks by gluing pollution to roads
22 Robots attempt record breaking Pacific Ocean voyage
23 Hackers attack Norway's oil, gas and defence businesses
24 'Lightning fast' future traders working in nanoseconds
25 UK trials for new blood transfusion protocols
26 Myth that antibiotics cure coughs and colds still rife
27 Suu Kyi's NLD democracy party to rejoin Burma politics
28 Natalie Wood: LA police reopen actress' death inquiry
29 Wen warns US on South China Sea dispute
30 Egypt: Thousands protest in Cairo against military
31 Syria 'to accept' Arab League monitoring mission
32 Herman Cain: The first post-racial candidate?
33 Who, What, Why: Why don't more countries use plastic banknotes?
34 American hypersonic weapon test successful
35 Abuse claims hit Syracuse University basketball coach
36 Uncharted 3 Review: Drake's Deception brings action packed, cinematic gaming to new heights
37 BlackBerry PlayBook drops to $199 on Black Friday
38 Google Music gives iTunes some competition
39 Evernote Clearly makes websites clean for easy reading
40 Make video calls between Facebook and Skype
41 Hexbug Larva toy bug robot looks terrifying
42 SOPA opposition from tech heavyweights Google, Facebook
43 Hybrids safer than conventional cars: report
44 Slice app is fantastic tool for online shopping
45 Mysterious patterns in Gobi Desert deciphered
46 This true 3D hologram display is the future
47 2nd test affirms faster-than-light particles
48 L.A. sheriff reopening Natalie Wood case
49 Captain: Wagner responsible for Wood death
50 Tim Tebow "Jesus" jerseys raise eyebrows
51 Avastin's breast cancer approval revoked by FDA
52 Brain scan study spotlights risks of high school football, hockey
53 STD report shows chlamydia up, syphilis down
54 New brain study to test 100 former NFL players
55 Smucker's peanut butter recalled over salmonella fear
56 Romaine lettuce packs recalled over E. coli fear
57 More and more Americans living past 90
58 Man pleads guilty to penis pump Medicare scam
59 Green tea may lower bad cholesterol
60 What did I come in here for? Study explains why we forget simple tasks
61 Ancient moth sported a green sheen
62 Targeted treatment tested as potential cancer cure
63 Environmental projects get more than half a billion dollars
64 Gulf ecology hit by coastal development
65 Fish and rice flourish together in paddies
66 Europe bans X-ray body scanners used at US airports
67 Quantum theorem shakes foundations
68 Neutrino experiment replicates faster-than-light finding
69 'Language gene' speeds learning
70 Revolution offers chance for Libyan archaeology
71 Climate panel says prepare for weird weather
72 Higgs hunt enters endgame
73 Dark days of the Triassic: Lost world
74 Spectacular Photos of Monster Saturn Storm Snapped by NASA Spacecraft
75 Our Male Ancestors Stayed Close to Home, While Females Wandered About
76 Yeti 'Nests' Found in Russia?
77 Neutrinos Still Seem Faster than Light
78 'Macho' Guys More Accepting of Safe Sex
79 Surprising Sunken Islands Discovered Near Australia
80 Fearing Job Security, Employees Come to Work Sick
81 Most Teens Grow Out of Self-Harm Behavior
82 Explosive Duck Penis vs. Zombie Fish: Scientists Compete for Your Money
83 World's Lightest Solid Takes Inspiration From Eiffel Tower
84 Male Impulsivity & Addiction Linked to One Gene
85 Is the New Physics Here? Atom Smashers Get an Antimatter Surprise
86 Chinese Medicine Driving Rhinos to Extinction
87 Finding Extrasolar Planets with Einstein's 'Useless' Method
88 Digital Movies to Replace Film by 2015, Report Finds
89 3-Minute Wait to Clamp Umbilical Cord Reduces Anemia
90 A Beer a Day Keeps the Cardiologist Away
91 Vanishing Jumbo Squid Mystery Solved
92 Breast-Feeding May Boost Children's IQ
93 Tribal Fates: Why the Navajo Have Succeeded
94 Potential Malaria Drug Stops Parasite Early
95 Monkey-Shaped Skull Was Sports Gear for Mayan Afterlife, Expert Says
96 How Did the Gulf of California Form So Quickly?
97 Negative Employees Can Be Good for Business
98 New Finding Ups the Chances of Life on Jupiter's Moon Europa
99 Black Hole's Cosmic Feasting Brings Bouts of Belching
100 15 Infant Dinosaurs Discovered Crowded in Nest
101 Going Up! Lunar Elevator Highlights Museum's Space-Tech Exhibit
102 Gay, Lesbian Older Adults Face Adversity, Depression
103 Airport Body Scanners Mostly Safe for Travelers, Experts Say
104 Fossilized Skin Reveals Ancient Predator's Sharklike Moves
105 Light Shed on Origin of Antarctica's Buried Mountains
106 Spectacular New Image Exposes Nebula's Cool Clouds
107 Jupiter Moon's Buried Lakes Evoke Antarctica
108 Europe Bans Airport X-Ray Body Scanners Amid Cancer Concerns
109 5 Rare Cat Species Photographed in Indonesia
110 Sex-Ed Classes Should Stress Subject Matter, Not Tests
111 Proteins that Keep Worm Sperm in Motion
112 Drinking Risky for Teen Girls with Breast Cancer in Family
113 Ouch! New Pain Sensors Explain Why Snake Bites Hurt
114 Many Teens Rely on the Pill for Non-Sexual Reasons
115 9 Ways Americans are Saving Money
116 Gaming in School: Digital Dragons Teach Students Genetics
117 Employees Afraid to Ask Bosses for Time Off
118 Plate Color May Boost Food's Flavor
119 Newly Discovered 'Alien' Sea Worms Ride the Current
120 Social Networkers More Interested in Friends Than Celebs
121 Mysterious Symbols in China Desert Are Spy Satellite Targets, Expert Says
122 Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo: Tourists in for a 'Magical' Ride
123 Ancient Moths Reveal Their True Colors
124 Why the Milky Way May Be Facing a Midlife Crisis
125 Brains of Alcoholics Show Slurred Communication
126 For 'Rocket City Rednecks,' Tornadoes Hit Close to Home
127 Kids' Spatial Skills Improve When Parents Use Certain Words
128 1 in 5 Americans Have Hearing Loss, Study Shows
129 For Women, Sex May Be Improved by 'Mindfulness Meditation'
130 Erectile Dysfunction Risk Grows with Number of Medications
131 Healthier Diets Include (Surprise!) Frequent Snacks
132 Can Algae Save the World? A Q&A with Craig Venter
133 Most U.S. Jobs of the Future Will Require a College Degree
134 Massages Relax Fish Too