File Title
1 Intel unveils Knights Corner--1 teraflop chip
2 Living cells say: Can you hear me now?
3 Unraveling how a mutation can lead to psychiatric illness
4 LRO camera team releases high resolution global topographic map of moon
5 Scientists create light from vacuum
6 Walking through doorways causes forgetting, new research shows
7 Scientists embark on Mongolia ice-making experiment
8 Researchers discover possible key to degenerative nerve diseases
9 Researcher uses card trick to reveal unconscious knowledge
10 Bacteria responsible for common infections may protect themselves by stealing immune molecules
11 Cosmic particle accelerators get things going
12 Scientists find evidence for 'great lake' on Jupiter's moon Europa, potential new habitat for life
13 Tracking dragonflies on the wing
14 Magnetic fields set the stage for the birth of new stars
15 Will Red Planet rover send groundbreaking data over?
16 Hollywood, Silicon Valley spar over online piracy bill
17 Deforestation causes cooling, study shows
18 HzO demos cell phone water-proofing product (w/ video)
19 Google sells digital music in iTunes challenge (Update 2)
20 New mouthwash may render cavities a thing of the past
21 Hewlett-Packard unveils its first 'ultrabook' laptop
22 Quantum error correction in solid state processing
23 Chemists cram two million nanorods into single cancer cell
24 A touchscreen you can really feel (w/ video)
25 Frogs' amazing leaps due to springy tendons
26 Study shows left side of brain more active in immoral thinking
27 Pristine reptile fossil holds new information about aquatic adaptations
28 3 p.m. slump? Why a sugar rush may not be the answer
29 Crystal erbium compound offers superior optical properties, can enhance energy, computer, lighting technologies
30 Medicago genome sequence sheds new light on how plants evolved nitrogen-fixing symbioses
31 Team controls thermal fluctuations with spin current
32 A realistic look at the promises and perils of nanomedicine
33 In new quantum-dot LED design, researchers turn troublesome molecules to their advantage
34 New biosensor benefits from melding of carbon nanotubes, DNA
35 'Nature's armor' could help engineers design stronger materials
36 Researchers develop quantum membranes--a new class of 2D semiconductor
37 Novel nanocrystals with advanced optical properties developed for use as luminescent biomarkers
38 Researching graphene nanoelectronics for a post-silicon world
39 Plant with 'eggbeater' testure inspires waterproof coating
40 Researchers create new nanostructure that absorbs broad spectrum of light from all angles
41 Plasmonic device converts light into electricity
42 Researchers unravel the mystery of quantum dot blinking
43 Cornell scientists review future of graphene
44 World's smallest four-wheel-drive is a billionth of a meter (Update)
45 A passive alignment method offers an easy solution for fabricating integrated photonic circuits
46 CERN has 2020 vision for LHC upgrade
47 UCF students to experience free-fall for physics experiment
48 Pair claim they have turned hydrogen to metal
49 Charming surprise: First evidence for CP violation in charm decays
50 No extraordinary effects from microwave and mobile phone heating
51 Tall water waves behave unexpectedly
52 Flowing along in four dimensions
53 Using nanophotonics to reshape on-chip computer data transmission
54 An about-face on electrical conductivity at the interface
55 Why solar wind is rhombic-shaped?
56 Terahertz boost detection
57 China's spacecraft comes back to Earth
58 Fukushima radiation 'mostly fell in sea': study
59 New York state may soon suffer outsize effects from climate, says report
60 Scientists tackle the carbon conundrum
61 Get ready for climate change, says UN panel
62 Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountains enigma unraveled in East Antarctica
63 Happy birthday, Sir William Herschel!
64 Long-term study shows acid pollution in rain decreased with emissions
65 Thin drives--the next generation of portable memory
66 Samsung to release modified tablet in Germany
67 Epson packs features into new Android HMD
68 Review: Kindle Fire sacrifices to get under $200
69 The Delta robot: Swiss-made and fastest in the world
70 Cray replaces IBM on U. of Illinois supercomputer
71 Kindle Fire shipping to mixed reviews
72 HRP-4C female robot has a new walk (w/ video)
73 iFling robot gets juiced for third design iteration
74 Analysis says $79 Kindle costs $84 to make
75 Logitech pulls plug on Google TV set-top boxes
76 New Acer Ultrabook is no MacBook Air, but it's not bad
77 Japan insurer reduces scandal-ridden Olympus stake
78 Alternative LED lighting combats energy crisis
79 Hynix applauds rejected $4 billion damages claim
80 $50,000 to solve the most complicated puzzle ever attempted
81 Swiss exhibition works to help information junkies
82 Computer with info on 4M patients stolen in Calif.
83 Government closes mortgage scams tied to Google
84 Smart listeners and smooth talkers
85 Spectrum of green cars eye LA auto show crown
86 Microsoft struggles to regain former growth
87 Staggering surge in Android gadget viruses: Juniper
88 Wal-Mart ready to settle Netflix case for $27.5M
89 Scientists solve mystery of the eye
90 A single polymer can be used to fabricate both thin-film transistors and solar cells
91 New 'smart' material could help tap medical potential of tissue-penetrating light
92 The secret of the best foie gras
93 Zeroing in on more powerful enzymes for degrading persistent pollutants
94 Team develops speedy software designed to improve drug development
95 Researchers discover key aspect of process that activates breast cancer genes
96 Scientists enumerate advances, retreats in designing new membranes for renewable energy storage
97 First observation of metamorphosis of an enzyme that catalyzes two chemical reactions
98 New technology improves both energy capacity and charge rate in rechargeable batteries
99 Glass sponges inspire: Hybrid material made of collagen fibers and silica as possible substrate for bone tissue culture
100 Sensible use of biomass: A chemical industry based on renew
101 New technique enables study of 'challenging' proteins
102 Researchers moving closer to a soluble solution to Haber-Bocsh process
103 Using light, researchers convert 2-D patterns into 3-D objects
104 How the fly flies: Scientists discover gene switch responsible for flight muscle formation
105 Snake spills venomous secrets: Research shows how the bite of a small texas snake causes extreme pain
106 Vermicompost beneficial for organically grown tomatoes
107 Fleas collected from Norway rats in downtown LA carry human pathogen
108 Researchers use yeast to help piece together human genome sequence jigsaw
109 Numerical model could improve performance of cell-sorting devices by predicting paths
110 Last whale dies in mass Australian beaching
111 Japan bans Fukushima rice for radiation
112 Communal living of the insect kind
113 A fecal diet keeps bumblebees healthy
114 Study: Triple threat paints grim future for frogs
115 Nudity tunes up the brain
116 Fatigue linked to safety problems among EMS workers, study finds
117 Researchers discover Achilles' heel in lethal form of prostate cancer
118 Twin study offers insight into antisocial behavior
119 Experimental drug clears chronic urinary infections in mice
120 Form and function: New MRI technique to diagnose or rule out Alzheimer's disease
121 Study: Mycophenolate is superior to azathioprine as treatment for lupus nephritis
122 Researchers uncover steps in synapse building, pruning
123 Women more likely to have 'broken heart syndrome'
124 New drug combo targets multiple cancers
125 Cancer's sweet tooth may be its weak link
126 Probiotic protects intestine from radiation injury
127 Of mice and men, a common cortical connection
128 New model establishes guidelines for earlier cancer detection
129 Blood type may affect stroke risk, study finds
130 Study of smoking twins points to growing influence of genetic factors
131 Study connects religious service attendance to less depression
132 Mimicking the brain, in silicon: New computer chip models how neurons communicate
133 Skilled readers rely on their brain's 'visual dictionary' to recognize words
134 Do you really know what you want in a partner?
135 Adolescent sex linked to adult body, mood troubles, in animal study
136 Virus takes memories from cellist but leaves music
137 Medical researchers decoding the aging process
138 The modeling of multiple relationships in social networks
139 A mathematical model determines which nations are more stable and which are more likely to break up
140 Archeologists investigate Ice Age hominins' adaptability to climate change
141 Weightless US teachers eye giant science leap
142 Smuggled dinosaur eggs returned to Romania
143 Catchy names for apples may boost revenue
144 Smartphones can make you smarter when used as mobile teaching tools
145 Principals can be reliable sources of teacher evaluations, consortium study finds
146 The history of angels: U-M research
147 Teenagers who 'want to be famous' face poorer job prospects in later life
148 Thomas Edison's first wife may have died of a morphine overdose
149 Illegal backdating: Small firms get a free pass
150 EU states angry over cuts of nuclear, satellite projects
151 New fossils of oldest American primate