File Title
1 Mysterious White Lines in China Desert
2 Hacker Changes University Students' Grades
3 Walt Disney Company CEO Robert Iger Joins Board of Apple, Inc.
4 Will 'Gay' Penguins Reject Reunion?
5 Pet Hippo Kills Its Owner
6 TechBytes: Apple 'iTunes Match'
7 'The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword' for Nintendo Wii
8 US Joins NATO's Cyber Facility in Estonia
9 Facebook Warns of Recent Wave of Spam
10 International Space Station Gets 3 New Tenants
11 Wanted: Astronauts; Missing: US Rocket to Fly Them
12 Victim Says Penn State Officials 'Rejected' His Claims That a University Professor Allegedly Molested Him
13 Jerry Sandusky Interview Angers Mother of Alleged Victim
14 Scientists Will Test Extreme Hypothermia on Pittsburgh Trauma Patients
15 Drug Delays Prostate Cancer Spread to Bones
16 Garlic Oil Can Protect Hearts
17 Sharp Rise in Serious Sports Injuries in Children
18 Mass. Transgender Rights Bill Headed for Vote
19 Sex Offenders Often Minimize Behaviors, Say Experts
20 Study: Under-21 Drinking Has Lasting Harms for Women
21 Doctor's 'Worst Ever' Headache, and Learning the Patient Story
22 U.S. Government Glossed Over Cancer Concerns As It Rolled Out Airport X-Ray Scanners
23 Brain stores words in visual dictionary
24 Strangers can spot 'kindness' gene: study
25 Scans finds evidence of 'chemo brain'
26 Video games link to brain pleasure centre
27 Sweet spot for life's chemistry discovered
28 Toxic Russian spaceship fears dismissed
29 Alien rats take on prey's role
30 Beluga body scrub session filmed
31 Russia Soyuz spacecraft docks with International Space Station
32 Lots of illegal rhino horns found in Hong Kong
33 LHC reveals hints of 'new physics' in particle decays
34 Scientists boost battery strength with small holes
35 Stem cell trial halted
36 Fukushima fallout fears over Japan farms
37 Australia's Gillard urges U-turn on India uranium sales
38 UK trees' fruit ripening '18 days earlier'
39 Computer gamers' brains 'differ'
40 Shrimp has 'silk-spinning skills'
41 Weather satellites and the gathering storm
42 Why is Google in love with Bletchley Park?
43 Story of Poland's 'soldier bear' Wojtek turned into film
44 Saving money through energy efficiency
45 Psychopaths: Born evil or with a diseased brain?
46 India's controversial iron mining boom
47 Sarah Best has healthy baby after cancer treatment
48 UHI research warns of 'black Christmases' in Santa town
49 Social gene spotted in 20 seconds, say researchers
50 Worldwide weird: Insect-infused cocktails
51 Syria defectors 'attack military base in Harasta'
52 Obama visit: Australia agrees US Marine deployment plan
53 Osama Bin Laden was tender and kind, Zawahiri says
54 Monti unveils technocratic cabinet for Italy
55 Facebook said it has rid its site of most of the pornographic and violent images posted as part of a spam attack.
56 Bankrupt Harrisburg holds Wild West auction
57 Viewpoint: Are Tibet burnings plot or policy failure?
58 Occupy Wall Street: New York judge backs eviction
59 Bullet 'hit White House window'
60 Google, Facebook warn against new US piracy legislation
61 Vladimir Putin in China Confucius Peace Prize fiasco
62 Disabled children excluded from education
63 Report reveals drop between peak and off-peak surfing
64 Artist Erik Kessels unveils 24 hour photo installation
65 Apple names Arthur Levinson as chairman
66 SAP to invest $2bn and double its workforce in China
67 Bahrain TV station struggles as signal blocked
68 Copy and #paste: How brandjacking stalks companies online
69 Delay cord clamping for baby health, say experts
70 Occupy Wall Street: Zuccotti protesters battle sleep
71 Ban smoking in cars, says British Medical Association
72 Liver implant gives boy 'another chance of life'
73 Amazon Kindle Fire competition with Nook heating up
74 Apple names Arthur Levinson chairman
75 NASA: Looking for explorers with the right stuff
76 Authors Guild gives lousy review to Amazon's lending library
77 Lutetia: A 4.5 billion-year-old space mystery solved
78 iTunes Match: A game-changer for digital music?
79 Missouri 1-year-old found dead; Person in custody
80 Obama: U.S. to expand military in Australia
81 William Shatner's "Eat, Fry, Love" video spotlights turkey fryer fires
82 Smoking ban for cars? British doctors say yes
83 Congress pushes back on healthier school lunches
84 Breast cancer study ties chemo to foggy thinking
85 Soyuz Docks At ISS, Hatch Opened
86 First Vega launch campaign aims for January liftoff
87 'Frustration' in Europe over joint Mars probe: NASA
88 Russia Mars probe considered lost: report
89 NASA Extends Messenger Mission
90 Strange Hollows Discovered on Mercury
91 Mercury Planetary Orbiter takes a simulated trip to the innermost planet
92 LISA Pathfinder takes major step in hunt for gravity waves
93 Microgravity Science Glovebox Team Celebrates 10,000 Hours of Glovebox Operation
94 NASA Seeks Undergraduates To Fly Research In Microgravity
95 Europe Takes Step Toward Detecting Gravitational Waves
96 Space and its benefits for citizens and society: A top priority for Europe
97 Dark and bright: ESA chooses next two science missions
98 ESA centrifuge opens door to high-gravity worlds
99 The washable wearable antenna
100 Ancient stars shed light on the prehistory of the Milky Way
101 VISTA finds new globular star clusters and sees right through the Milky Way
102 How the Milky Way Got Its Spiral
103 Milky Way's spiral arms are the product of an intergalactic collision course
104 Renegade dwarf smashed up our galaxy
105 Our Galaxy Might Hold Thousands of Ticking "Time Bombs"
106 An atlas of the Milky Way
107 First glimpse into birth of the Milky Way
108 Why China in space is a blessing to the world
109 China sets up management body for orbiting space lab
110 Raytheon and Petrofac Partner to Provide Water Survival Training at NASA
111 Why the solar wind is rhombic-shaped
112 Spinning blood device set to safeguard astronaut health
113 Preparing to Stock the Medicine Cabinet for Long-Duration Missions
114 Newly found dwarf galaxies could help reveal the nature of dark matter
115 German scientists ready for the hunt on dark energy
116 Dark Matter Mystery Deepens
117 'Dark energy' targeted in European space mission
118 Gamma-ray bursts shed light on the nature of dark energy
119 Heart Of Darkness Found
120 Shining a light on the elusive 'blackbody' of energy research
121 Scientists model physics of a key dark-energy probe
122 'Zombie' stars key to measuring dark energy
123 How to Keep Lonely Exoplanets Snug--Just Add Dark Matter!
124 New data still have scientists in dark over dark matter
125 Monash student finds Universe's missing mass
126 NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer Helps Confirm Nature of Dark Energy
127 Searching for dark matter and antimatter
128 Search For Dark Matter Moves One Step Closer To Detecting Elusive Particle
129 New Data From XENON100 Narrows The Possible Range For Dark Matter
130 NASA's Hubble Rules Out One Alternative To Dark Energy
131 Findings Raise New Questions About Dark Matter
132 Super-Sharp Radio Eye Remeasuring the Universe
133 Pristine Gas From The Big Bang
134 Was the Real Discovery of the Expanding Universe Lost in Translation?
135 Abundant Carbon in the Early Universe
136 The universe may have been born spinning
137 Carbon, Carbon, Everywhere But Not From the Big Bang
138 Did the Early Universe Have One Dimension
139 Far-Future Astronomers Could Still Deduce The Big Bang
140 Romanian accused of hacking NASA servers arrested
141 Shot US lawmaker speaks out in first interview
142 US space pioneers to get congressional medals
143 STSS Demonstration Satellites Participate in THAAD Weapon System Multiple Missile Test
144 Space Tracking and Surveillance System Demonstration Completes Mission
145 Methane may be answer to 56-million-year question
146 Unraveling the causes of the Ice Age megafauna extinctions
147 New Study Shows Very First Stars Not Monstrous
148 30 Doradus: The Growing Tarantula Within
149 Discovery of 2 types of neutron stars points to 2 different classes of supernovae
150 Oldest Recorded Supernova
151 Astronomers find clouds of primordial gas from the early universe
152 Lutetia: a Rare Survivor from the Birth of the Earth
153 Voyager 2 Completes Switch to Backup Thruster Set
154 Northrop Grumman Modular Space Vehicle Completes Preliminary Design Review
155 Simulating space in Gottingen