File Title
1 Interpol confirms Libyan treasure was looted
2 The internment camp in West O'ahu's backyard
3 Chinese coin found in Yukon evidence of early east-west link
4 Ancient skull found at Lake Georgetown
5 Shared Genes With Neanderthal Relatives: Modern East Asians Share Genetic Material With Prehistoric Denisovans
6 Medieval Graves Were Disturbed for Surprising Reasons
7 Evidence of Earliest Known Modern Human in Northwest Europe Discovered
8 Jawbone find near Kennewick Man site, raises potential of new controversy
9 Archaeologists Discover Gold Treasure of Medieval Bulgarian Dynasty
10 Magical Viking stone may be real
11 Conquistador Was Deep in U.S.: "Stunning" Jewelry Find Redraws Route?
12 Humans ventured as far as Torquay more than 40,000 years ago
13 Prehistoric man emerges in Sri Lanka
14 Grisly theory for Holy Land mystery
15 Ancient artifacts unearthed in Tisbury
16 Texas A&M professor helping to unravel causes of Ice Age extinctions
17 Technology Unlocks Secrets of Ancient Egyptian Mummy
18 First-Wave Pioneer Settlers in Quebec May Hold Keys to Understanding Human Evolution, Study Suggests
19 Long Pilgrimages Revealed in Ancient Sudan Art
20 Scientists confirm early humans were from Africa but their route out was via Arabia not Egypt
21 Excavations at Kataliondas Kourvellos reveal Neolithic and Cypro-classical finds
22 Byzantine-era Christian prayer box discovered in City of David parking lot
23 200-year-old mummy found in Dong Nai of noble descent
24 200-year-old mummy unearthed in Dong Nai
25 Scientists Uncover Clues to How the Classic Maya Sustained Their Dense Populations
26 Prehistoric Cave Paintings of Horses Were Spot-On, Say Scientists
27 4 Archaeological Sites Revealed During Road Construction in Northeastern Bulgaria
28 Historic conservation project by Global Heritage Fund begins at "Machu Picchu of the North"
29 Rare 14th century time-telling instrument, marked with badge of Richard II, to sell at Bonhams
30 Human Ancestor 'Family' May Not Have Been Related
31 Underneath Mexico City's bustle lie Aztec wonders
32 Drought is revealing historic treasures
33 MoDOT archaeologists find ancient Native American sites at bridge near Palmyra
34 Work to Uncover Massive Mayan City Begins
35 Spotted Horses in Cave Art Weren't Just a Figment, DNA Shows
36 Drake's ships believed found off Panama
37 The Netherlands: Archaeologists Find Habitation Sites in Port of Rotterdam
38 Archaeological dig in Qatar reveals fascinating material
39 Archaeologists Fear Outcome of Congressional Debate on Highway Bill
40 Pompeii Is Crumbling--Can It Be Saved?
41 Stone Age paintings found in Swabia
42 Northwest natives were fishers, not hunter-gatherers
43 11th-century stone tower excavated in Bac Ninh
44 Discoveries at Mendes and Theban Tombs Opening More Windows on Ancient Egypt
45 Archaeologists find Ice Age painting in central Europe
46 Farmer damages giant drawings at Peru's Nasca archeological site
47 Rethinking the fall of Rome's republic
48 Ground-breaking technology shows no second chamber at Newgrange
49 Startling discovery of lost Norman town
50 A question of style: Reading rock art using art history
51 New dating of cave site upsets Neanderthal theory
52 Vikings Navigated With Translucent Crystals?
53 Prehistoric Men Scarred, Pierced, Tattooed Privates
54 More Findings, Uncertainty About Emperor's Birthplace
55 Genealogy reveals reproductive success in Quebec's early pioneers
56 Archaeologists uncover rare inscriptions in Ampara
57 Apple still in talks with China Mobile, but in 'no rush' to forge a deal
58 Apple's iCloud seen leading to gadgets 'we haven't thought of yet'
59 AT&T launches iPhone app for VoIP international calls
60 Retina Display for iPad 3 would enable precision required for pilots, doctors
61 Australian retailer ignores injunction, sells Galaxy Tab
62 iOS 5 adoption on iPhone nears 38%, but iPod touch lags behind at 12%
63 Apple confirms no current plans to bring Siri to older devices
64 Apple releases iAd Producer 2.0, Java updates
65 Adobe rumored to be abandoning work on mobile Flash player
66 Nvidia unveils new quad-core Tegra 3 processor to challenge Apple's A5
67 Apple ranks fourth on Greenpeace's 'Guide to Greener Electronics'
68 26% of Amazon Kindle Fire buyers delaying purchase of Apple's iPad
69 Claims of weakening demand for Apple's iPhone 4S disputed
70 Adobe confirms it will no longer develop Flash for mobile browsers
71 Apple's iOS & Google Android command 58% of US portable game revenue
72 Siri raise-to-speak feature uses modified iPhone 4S proximity sensor
73 Amazon buys voice recognition startup Yap to counter Apple's Siri
74 Ron Johnson assembling former Apple retail alumni at JC Penney
75 Google vows support to Android licensees in patent infringement suits
76 Steve Jobs could be first posthumously-named Person of the Year
77 RIM suffers another BlackBerry outage as Google plans to ax Gmail app
78 Apple most desirable PC brand in China as 21% of buyers look to Mac as next purchase
79 Adobe Flash fallout extends to TVs, RIM perseveres with PlayBook
80 Police break up iPhone 4S line outside Hong Kong Apple Store after altercation
81 Amazon ramps up Kindle Fire production to 5 million units in 2011
82 Apple investigating clip-on iPod nano, shuffle with integrated speaker
83 Acer, Asus slash 'Ultrabook' orders by 40%, struggle against MacBook Air
84 Apple releases iOS 5.0.1 with fix for iPhone battery life bugs
85 Apple's charitable matching program raises $2.6M for nonprofits
86 Judge tosses "iBrick" lawsuit over iOS 4 slowing iPhone 3G
87 Apple issues first public "over the air" iOS update with 5.0.1
88 Twitter sees 40% of photos from iOS as Photos app becomes 7th largest client
89 Apple issues MacBook Pro, wireless base station firmware updates
90 Sony racing to beat Apple to next generation of connected TV sets
91 Hong Kong iPhone 4S launch sells out after thousands line up
92 ARM seen challenging Intel's notebook chip dominance by 2013
93 Apple now taking orders for unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4S
94 Hong Kong sees iPhone 4S frenzy even without Siri support for Chinese
95 Apple looking into remaining battery life issues after iOS 5.0.1 update
96 Apple to again erase iTunes Match beta libraries Saturday
97 Apple's iCloud inaccessible for some users
98 Samsung seeking injunction against Apple's 3G products in Germany
99 OS X Lion growth stagnates at 16% Mac market share
100 Web stats indicate Mac OS X Lion still growing very fast
101 OS X sandboxing flaw casts doubt on upcoming Mac App Store requirement
102 Adobe manager puts partial blame on Apple for mobile Flash failure
103 Briefly: Phil Schiller; iOS 5.0.1 contact bug; $99 iPhone 4S in Puerto Rico
104 Apple opens up replacement program for first-gen iPod nano
105 Logitech confirms no plans for new Google TV Revue after $100 million bath
106 Apple issues third beta of iTunes 10.5.1 for iTunes Match testing
107 U.S. Senator John McCain shows off his new Apple iPhone 4S, demonstrates Siri (with video)
108 Why only iPhone 4S gets Siri: Ever-vigilant proximity sensor (with video)
109 New J.C. Penney CEO Johnson hiring former Apple co-workers
110 Jim Cramer: Times have changed for Apple stock
111 Beleaguered RIM vows to keep Adobe Flash alive on moribund BlackBerry PlayBook
112 Apple patent app details clip-on iPod nano, shuffle with integrated speaker
113 Amazon ups Kindle Fire orders to over 5 million units by end of year
114 Steve Jobs nominated for Time Person of the Year
115 Isaacson: Jony Ive + Tim Cook = Steve Jobs
116 Apple's asks UK voice behind Siri to keep mum, he declines
117 Pixelmator 2.0 vs. Photoshop
118 Where the heck is Apple's iWork '12?
119 Why Apple can't keep the iPhone 4S on the shelves
120 Apple releases iOS 5.0.1
121 Judge tosses lawsuit against Apple over 'iBrick'
122 Apple's share of world's largest PC market, China, set to grow from 5% to 21%
123 U.S. Senate rejects attempt to overturn FCC's so-called 'net neutrality' rules
124 Police, scalpers, and customers clash in iPhone 4S queues at Hong Kong Apple Store
125 Siri creator: Apple will produce Siri-capable TVs by 2013
126 40% of all photos on Twitter now come from Apple iOS devices
127 Aspire to emulate Apple? Unfortunately, you're no Steve Jobs
128 iPad 2 a week in: Marvelous; not missing Android at all
129 Apple files patent app for dual OLED backlights for future iPad display
130 Steam database hacked; encrypted credit card information and passwords compromised
131 Hong Kong iPhone 4S launch sells out after thousands line up
132 Jean-Louis Gassee: Thank God Apple chose Steve Jobs's NeXT over my BeOS
133 Apple iOS 5.0.1 fixes battery drain issue for some iPhone users
134 When Steve Jobs visited PARC
135 Apple about to acquire AMD?
136 What did Apple win with the demise of mobile Flash?
137 Thunderbolt Shootout: LaCie Little Big Disk vs. Promise Pegasus X4
138 Why Apple's Christmas quarter iPhone sales may disappoint--or not
139 Apple's Steve Jobs will beat Sony from beyond
140 You decide: Is Google's Schmidt guilty of stealing from Apple?
141 Apple shares weighed down by production slowdown rumors
142 Adobe's antiquated Flash obliterated by Apple in Web standards war
143 All of Hong Kong sold out of iPhone 4S in three hours; Mandarin said coming to Siri by March
144 Apple investigating remaining battery life issues after iOS 5.0.1 update
145 Siri hack lets you mind-control your iPhone 4S (with video)
146 Samsung could win German injunction(s) against Apple's 3G-capable products in January
147 Apple prepares iTunes Match launch; informs developers of iCloud library deletion on Nov. 12
148 Source claims hands-on experience with fully redesigned Apple iPhone 5 prototype
149 Apple sued by SmartPhone Technologies using patents from Palm and 3Com
150 Apple launches iPod nano (1st generation) Replacement Program
151 Apple releases AirPort Base Station and Time Capsule Firmware Update 7.6
152 Logitech says Google TV a 'gigantic mistake,' pulls plug on set-top boxes
153 Why Android phones can't compete with Apple's iPhone on specs
154 5 reasons why Google is sweating Apple
155 Chinese company debuts 7-inch 'Commemorative Steve Jobs' Android tablet styled after iPhone 4
156 Hong Kong scalpers buy up iPhone 4S and resell them for big profit outside Apple Store (with video)
157 UBS predicts 11.7 million iPhones sold in U.S. alone this quarter
158 Apple seeds developers with iTunes 10.5.1 beta 3, including iTunes Match update
159 Find the passwords for nearby WiFi hotspots, with 4sqwifi for the iPhone
160 Movie Review: 'Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview'