File Title
1 Using Light, Researchers Convert 2-D Patterns Into 3-D Objects
2 'Fishy Lawnmowers' Help Save Pacific Corals
3 Hubble Uncovers Tiny Galaxies Bursting With Starbirth in Early Universe
4 Obese Monkeys Lose Weight On Drug That Attacks Blood Supply of Fat Cells
5 Astronomers Find Clouds of Primordial Gas from the Early Universe, Just Moments After Big Bang
6 Biologists Slow the Aging Process in Fruit Flies: Study Has Implications for Humans
7 Sea Change Can Forecast South American Wildfires
8 Chemists Reveal the Force Within You: New Method for Visualizing Mechanical Forces On Cell Surface
9 Can Fetus Sense Mother's Psychological State? Study Suggests Yes
10 Nano Car Has Molecular 4-Wheel Drive: Smallest Electric Car in the World
11 Why Do Neurons Die in Parkinson's Disease? Study of Hereditary Parkinson's Finds That Mitochondria Can't Be Cleared out When Damaged
12 Combination 'Epigenetic' Therapy May Restore Anti-Cancer Gene Activity in Late-Stage Lung Cancer Patients
13 Biological Clock Controls Activation of Skin Stem Cells
14 Depression and Chronic Stress Accelerates Aging
15 Psychologists Increase Understanding of How the Brain Perceives Shades of Gray
16 Revolutionary Ultrasonic Nozzle That Will Change the Way Water Cleans
17 Weird World of Water Gets a Little Weirder
18 Fundamental Discovery Casts Enzymes in New Light
19 Are Electron Tweezers Possible? Apparently So
20 Physicists Chip Away at Mystery of Antimatter Imbalance
21 How Global Warming Could Cause Animals to Shrink
22 First of Its Kind Gene Map of Sulfate-Reducing Bacterium Created
23 Greenhouse Gas Index Continues to Climb
24 Chromosome Centromeres Are Inherited Epigenetically
25 Do Plants Perform Best With Family or Strangers? Researchers Consider Social Interactions
26 New Evidence for Spinal Membrane as a Source of Stem Cells May Advance Treatment of Spinal Cord Injuries
27 Tales from the Crypt: Study On Gut Cell Regeneration Reconciles Long-Standing Research Controversy
28 Study Suggests New Benefits of Eating Nuts for Patients With Metabolic Syndrome
29 Data Transmission for the Internet of Tomorrow: Scientists Develop New Concept for Ultrafast Lasers
30 Understanding Emotions Without Language
31 Birth Weight Predicts Physical Functioning at Age 60
32 Researchers Closer to the Super Bug Puzzle
33 Stress Triggers Disease Flares in Patients With Vasculitis
34 New Target Identified to Stop the Spread of Breast Cancer
35 Tweaking Withdrawal of Rheumatoid Arthritis Medications Before Surgeries May Reduce Disease Flares
36 Parkinsonian Worms May Hold the Key to Identifying Drugs for Parkinson's Disease
37 Attention and Awareness Uncoupled: Brain Imaging Experiments Uncouple Two Apparently Intimately Connected Mental Processes
38 Effects of 'Mini Stroke' Can Shorten Life Expectancy
39 Volunteering, Helping Others Decreases Substance Use in Rural Teens, Study Finds
40 Women See Naked Men Differently, Too
41 Acupuncture Can Prevent Radiation-Induced Chronic Dry Mouth, Study Finds
42 Dead of Winter Is Tough On Arthritis Sufferers
43 Risk-Taking Behavior Rises Until Age 50
44 Looks Do Matter in Job Interviews, According to New Study
45 Elderly Lose Ability to Distinguish Between Odors, Researcher Finds; Smells Blend Together, Pose Hazards
46 Knocking out Key Protein in Mice Boosts Insulin Sensitivity
47 Benefits of Nut Consumption for People With Abdominal Obesity, High Blood Sugar, High Blood Pressure
48 Scientists Defuse the 'Vietnam Time Bomb': How Bacterial Pathogen Causes Deadly Tropical Disease Melioidosis
49 Trees On Tundra's Border Are Growing Faster in a Hotter Climate
50 More Than 50 Percent Decline in Elephants in Eastern Congo Due to Human Conflict
51 Kawasaki Disease Linked to Wind Currents: First Evidence That Long-Range Wind Transport of an Infectious Agent Might Result in Human Disease
52 Woodsmoke from Cooking Fires Linked to Pneumonia, Cognitive Impacts
53 Nitrogen Fertilizers' Impact On Lawn Soils
54 Precipitation Variability in Northeast, Southwest Linked in 1,000-Year Analysis
55 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: New Approach to Assessing Impacts of Ecological Damage
56 No Need to Shrink Guts to Have a Larger Brain
57 Methane May Be Answer to 56-Million-Year Question: Ocean Could Have Contained Enough Methane to Cause Drastic Climate Change
58 Half-Billion-Year-Old Predator Tracked: Multi-Legged Creature Ruled the Seas
59 Castles in the Desert: Satellites Reveal Lost Cities of Libya
60 Ancient DNA Provides New Insights Into Cave Paintings of Horses
61 2012: Killer Solar Flares Are a Physical Impossibility, Experts Say
62 Giant Planet Ejected from the Solar System?
63 Ancient Lunar Dynamo May Explain Magnetized Moon Rocks
64 NASA Develops Super-Black Material That Absorbs Light Across Multiple Wavelength Bands
65 NASA Captures New Images of Large Asteroid Passing Earth
66 Americans Using More Fossil Fuels
67 Aerial Robot System Can Save Firefighter Lives, Study Suggests
68 A Light Wave of Innovation to Advance Solar Energy: Researchers Adapt Classic Antennas to Harness More Power from the Sun
69 Plant With 'Eggbeater' Texture Inspires Waterproof Coating
70 Flexible Rack Systems Sort Molecules
71 Sound, Digested: New Software Tool Provides Unprecedented Searches of Sound, from Musical Riffs to Gunshots
72 Big, Little, Tall and Tiny: Learning Spatial Terms Improves Children's Spatial Skills
73 Clear Vision Despite a Heavy Head: Model Explains the Choice of Simple Movements
74 Researchers Develop eButton, an Easier Way to Monitor Food Intake, Exercise, and Lifestyle
75 Computer Trained to Evaluate Breast Cancer
76 Bedside test finds awareness in vegetative brains
77 Rhino subspecies vanishing from the wild
78 Biggest asteroid in 35 years swings close to Earth
79 New Cholesterol Screening Guideline for Kids Sparks Debate
80 Traces of Mystery Radiation Detected Across Europe
81 A Graying Population Reduces Global Warming
82 Strange Hyperactive Galaxies Spotted by Hubble Telescope
83 Stricken Mars probe stays silent
84 Amazon fire season 'linked to ocean temperature'
85 Nature journal libel case begins
86 Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant opened to reporters
87 X-ray facility to study conditions at Earth's core
88 Dalgety Bay beach: Gordon Brown calls for urgent action
89 Friends of the Earth legal action over solar subsidy
90 Low levels of radioactive particles 'found in Europe'
91 Human-induced fires sow the seeds of the future
92 Osborne unveils 103m pounds renewables funding for Scotland
93 Skin transformed for cancer fight
94 Keystone XL: Canada-US pipeline route decision delayed
95 'Smog-eating' material breaking into the big time
96 Viewpoints: Should we give up trying to save the panda?
97 Go Figure: Would you believe a man with a beard or a suit?
98 Across the sceptical divide: Language and lobbying
99 Mishap freezes to death 800 rare New Zealand snails
100 Squid and octopus switch on camouflage
101 A beginner's guide to South America
102 Italy crisis: Silvio Berlusconi resigns as PM
103 Obama outlines pan-Pacific trade plan at Apec summit
104 Republican presidential rivals debate foreign policy
105 Life better since Taliban driven from Kabul, says NATO
106 Arab League sanctions for Syria
107 Pyrenees hikers remember WWII escapees
108 Holy cremations boom in richer India
109 O'Dowd claims grammar entrance exams are 'marketing device'
110 Iran explosion at Revolutionary Guards military base
111 Nicaraguan navy kills four 'drug dealers' in boat chase
112 India's 'wedding detectives' enjoy booming trade
113 Billy Crystal to host Oscars after Eddie Murphy quits
114 Female suspect hides from police in Bolivia male jail
115 Oxfam withdraws staff from South Sudan border region
116 Mexico interior secretary's death was 'accident'
117 CCTV issued after train staff threatened with meat cleaver
118 Valve's online game service Steam hit by hackers
119 Facebook 'to seek consent for privacy changes'
120 Boost for move to new net addressing scheme
121 A phone call for Mr. Sellan
122 Illegally downloaded games 'up 20% in five years'
123 Realising the high-speed wire-free dream
124 Beating the stealth threat in IT security
125 Pre-eclampsia predicted using test during pregnancy
126 Fibre and whole grains 'reduce bowel cancer risk'
127 Repeat offenders appear to have worse health in middle-age
128 Does too little sunlight give us all the winter blues?
129 Art: An unlikely form of army therapy