File Title
1 A list of the planthoppers of Iran
2 Conservationists call for increased focus on coastal ecosystems
3 Shoe strings and egg openers
4 Protecting predator and prey when both are in trouble
5 Birds help keep vineyards pest-free
6 Report provides new analysis of carbon accounting, biomass use, and climate benefits
7 UC Aerial Robot System Can Save Firefighter Lives
8 Tear drops may rival blood drops in testing blood sugar in diabetes
9 Fast new test for terrible form of food poisoning
10 Weird world of water gets a little weirder
11 Do plants perform best with family or strangers? Researchers consider social interactions
12 Testing of seafood imported into the US is inadequate
13 Fish flu: Genetics approach may lead to treatment
14 For deep-sea cephalopods, 'switchable' camouflage saves the day
15 Protein love triangle key to crowning bees queens?
16 Mid-ocean creatures control light to avoid becoming snacks
17 Violent passions--jealous cleaner shrimp murder their rivals
18 Citrus indica Tanaka--a progenitor species of cultivated Citrus
19 'Fishy lawnmowers' help save Pacific corals
20 Trees on Tundra's Border Are Growing Faster in a Hotter Climate
21 Plant with "Eggbeater" Texture Inspires Waterproof Coating
22 Details of ancient shark attack preserved in fossil whale bone
23 How does a plant survive with few mates or pollinators? A European herb has figured out its own way
24 New turkey feed helps bird producers gobble up profits
25 Ocean temperatures can predict Amazon fire season severity
26 UA scientists find evidence of Roman period megadrought
27 Ancient DNA provides new insights into cave paintings of horses
28 Castles in the desert--satellites reveal lost cities of Libya
29 Preparing for a thaw: How Arctic microbes respond to a warming world
30 Individual CO2 emissions decline in old age
31 One if by Land, Two if by Sea? Climate Change "Escape Routes"
32 Drinking water from plastic pipes--is it harmful?
33 Nene Recovering! but Climate Change Threatening Future of Hawaii's Forest Birds
34 Carbon Monoxide--The Silent Calmer?
35 Wood biofuel could be a competitive industry by 2020: UBC study
36 Promoting corporate sustainability on the web
37 Holm oaks will gain ground in northern forests due to climate change
38 Precipitation variability in Northeast, Southwest linked in 1,000-year analysis
39 Long-Term Carbon Storage in Ganges Basin May Portend Global Warming Worsening
40 Methane may be answer to 56-million-year question
41 NOAA greenhouse gas index continues climbing
42 Groundbreaking study quantifies health costs of climate-change related disasters in the US
43 International team to drill beneath massive Antarctic ice shelf
44 Sea change can forecast South American wildfires, UCI-led study finds
45 Storm chasers of Utah
46 Wood stove intervention can reduce childhood pneumonia
47 NASA'S NPP satellite acquires first ATMS measurements
48 Dendritic cell subtype protects against atherosclerosis
49 Scientists defuse the 'Vietnam time bomb'
50 Tweaking a gene makes muscles twice as strong
51 Exploring the last white spot on Earth
52 Attention and awareness uncoupled
53 Penn and Rutgers psychologists increase understanding of how the brain perceives shades of gray
54 Coneheads (Protura) of Italy: What we know in their 'native' country after a century
55 Between geometry and biology: How and why does the number of species depend on area
56 Scientific collaboration between India and Germany reaches new dimension
57 Scientists discover how to design drugs that could target particular nerve cells
58 Flexible Rack Systems Sort Molecules
59 Hand-held drug testing prototype launched
60 Whiskers marked milestone in evolution of mammals from reptiles
61 The Baruch '60 Center for Biochemical Solar Energy Research Conference at Rensselaer Draws Solar Experts from Around the World
62 Parkinsonian worms may hold the key to identifying drugs for Parkinson's disease
63 Logic fights impulse in economic decision-making
64 Opening peer review may increase accuracy
65 New international health survey of sicker adults: Those with a medical home fare better
66 'Localism' is doomed unless Whitehall can change
67 New studies show progress, value in vaccination against deadly pneumonia
68 Looks do matter
69 Learning spatial terms improves children's spatial skills
70 Pitt Researchers Develop eButton, an Easier Way to Monitor Food Intake, Exercise, and Lifestyle
71 Community-based care coordination effective for real world asthma management programs
72 Lancet pneumonia study offers new hope for reducing No. 1 cause of child death
73 Iowa State study finds health value to children of National School Lunch Program
74 Volunteering, Helping Others Decreases Substance Use in Rural Teens, MU Study Finds
75 Quality of life benefits of transcatheter aortic valve replacement differ by access site
76 Astronomers find clouds of primordial gas from the early universe
77 Researching graphene nanoelectronics for a post-silicon world
78 The smallest electric car in the world--on the cover of "Nature"
79 New Report Offers Broad Approach to Assessing Impacts of Ecological Damage From Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
80 A 3-D way to release magnetic!
81 A new spin on understanding plasma confinement
82 Feeling the heat: 30 tons of fine control for fusion plasmas
83 Tokamak experiments come clean about impurity transport
84 Catching tokamak fastballs: Controlling runaway electrons
85 Video simulation puts a new twist on fusion plasma research
86 With lithium, more is definitely better
87 I-mode powers up on alcator C-mod tokamak
88 Unexpected connection: Rotation reversal tied to energy confinement saturation
89 Radar gun catches predator shredding turbulence in fusion plasma
90 2012: Killer Solar Flares Are a Physical Impossibility
91 NASA's Hubble Observes Young Dwarf Galaxies Bursting With Stars
92 Lutetia: a Rare Survivor from the Birth of the Earth
93 Rare earth metal shortages could hamper deployment of low-carbon energy technologies
94 A Light Wave of Innovation to Advance Solar Energy
95 Use of GBIF helps clarify environment-species links
96 Delaware Fire Service Offers Important Lessons for Fire Prevention Programs Nationwide
97 Cooking in the classroom to fight childhood obesity
98 How do we manage the demand for global health education?
99 Flexible learning in a virtual microscope lab
100 Abused Students Can Return To School and Thrive With Educator Help, MU Researcher Finds
101 Online game aims to improve scientific peer review accuracy
102 New algorithm could substantially speed up MRI scans
103 Crowdsourcing nutrition in a snap
104 Research team unravels tomato pathogen's tricks of the trade
105 9 new gamma pulsars
106 Millisecond pulsar in spin mode
107 Potential for odd election outcomes with ranked choice voting system, says mathematician
108 No more getting lost in the crowd: New technology tracks multiple athletes at once
109 Fish follow the rules to school
110 Nonterrestrial artifacts hard to pin down
111 Clear vision despite a heavy head
112 A revolution in knot theory
113 Studies agree on the best blood glucose levels for diabetics with kidney failure
114 Racial inequalities exist for kids with kidney disease
115 Non-coding RNA relocates genes when it's time to go to work
116 Kawasaki disease linked to wind currents
117 Effects of 'mini stroke' can shorten life expectancy
118 Discussions of guns in the home part of comprehensive preventive health care
119 Groundbreaking study finds home treatment of pneumonia better than hospital care
120 NYU Langone Expert Calls for Increased Awareness and Research Of Sudden Death in Patients with Epilepsy
121 Potential Risk Factors for Painful Jaw Disorders are Identified in the First Large-Scale Clinical Study of Pain
122 New target identified to stop the spread of breast cancer
123 More fiber, but not necessarily less fat, good for teen diets
124 Study evaluates risk factors for chronic TMJD
125 Severe alcoholic hepatitis: An effective combination of 2 treatments
126 Researcher finds elderly lose ability to distinguish between odors
127 Researchers closer to the super bug puzzle
128 Diet and supplements: What's good and bad for kidney disease patients
129 Study helps eliminate causes for joint pain linked to commonly used breast cancer drugs
130 Study finds shifting disease burden following universal Hib vaccination
131 When blood pressure refuses to go down
132 Plasma in bags
133 Diseased hearts to heal themselves in future
134 Study: Crop diversity myths persist in media
135 Major breakthrough improves software reliability and security
136 Creating markets to pay for public good offer promise, peril
137 Secluding aggressive young offenders is always the last resort says 4-country study
138 New Study in the Journal of Nursing Care Quality from NYU College of Nursing is the First to Look at Nursing Error Disclosure in Nursing Homes
139 Pharmaceutical intellectual property laws need reform
140 Banning sugar-sweetened beverages in schools does not appear to reduce consumption among adolescents
141 Employers need to tackle culture of ignorance around breast cancer survivors who work
142 Paper uncovers power of Foldit gamers' strategies
143 The story behind the science
144 'Noise' tunes logic circuit made from virus genes
145 Study finds primary health care providers fail to report substantial cases of child abuse
146 Supreme Court voting patterns show high predictability
147 UC Research Examines Eugenics Past and Present, Driven by Race, Class, Economics
148 Adoptive parents put through wringer- new report finds
149 Woodsmoke from cooking fires linked to pneumonia, cognitive impacts
150 Law barring doctors talking to patients about gun ownership undermines public health issue
151 Malaria's Achilles' heel revealed?
152 Young woman with amnesia unable to hold a single face in short-term memory...
153 Researchers find risk-taking behavior rises until age 50
154 Large-scale jaw pain study sheds light on pain disorders
155 Requests for Alzheimer's Disease Research Grants Up by 33%, as Federal Funding in Doubt
156 Women see naked men differently too
157 A Fetus Can Sense Mom's Psychological State
158 Energy and ports are infrastructure cash cows in Finland
159 Elderly emergency patients less likely to receive pain medication than middle-aged patients
160 NASA-sponsored study describes how space flight impacts astronauts' eyes and vision
161 Scientists study the 'galaxy zoo' using Google Maps and thousands of volunteers
162 Hubble directly observes the disc around a black hole
163 Ancient lunar dynamo may explain magnetized moon rocks
164 Discovery of 2 types of neutron stars points to 2 different classes of supernovae
165 Potential new NASA mission would reveal the hearts of undead stars
166 NIST physicists chip away at mystery of antimatter imbalance
167 Cosmic voyager has a layover in St. Louis
168 Hubble uncovers tiny galaxies bursting with starbirth in early Universe
169 NRL's MIGHTI selected by NASA for potential space flight
170 Giant planet ejected from the solar system
171 Using Light, Researchers Convert 2-D Patterns Into 3-D Objects
172 Custom glass bending
173 VTT introduces an ecological light scattering film for brand protection, packages and consumer products