File Title
1 Apple profits jump 54% on record sales of 4.9M Macs, 11.2M iPads
2 Apple's cash hoard grows to $81B with two-thirds of it offshore
3 iPad sales cannibalizing Macs, but record sales offset problem
4 Apple projects all-time high $37 billion holiday quarter
5 China sees "amazing" growth, becomes second largest Apple market
6 Google, Samsung unveil Galaxy Nexus phone running Android 4.0
7 Apple Q4 2011 earnings disappointment attributed to iPhone transition 'hiccup'
8 Apple launches Steve Jobs tribute site with personal messages
9 Users report file syncing issues with Apple's iCloud & iOS 5
10 In depth review: Apple's iPhone 4S running iOS 5
11 Steve Jobs worked on Apple's 'next product' the day before he died
12 Apple expanding iPhone availability to smaller regional US carriers
13 Apple pays tribute to Steve Jobs as thousands watch
14 Samsung's new Galaxy Nexus designed to avoid infringing Apple patents
15 iTunes Match settings now visible on iOS 5 devices
16 iPhone 4S delivers enhanced GPS with support for Russia's GLONASS
17 Fake Adobe Flash malware seeks to disable Mac OS X anti-malware protection
18 iPhone 4S breakdown estimates same $188 cost as iPhone 4
19 Samsung COO met with Apple's Tim Cook to discuss supplying 'better parts' through 2014
20 Android, Windows Phone bosses downplay Apple's Siri threat
21 Apple exploring lighter, more efficient hydrogen fuel cells
22 Apple takes 56% of AT&T smartphone activations as iPhone 4S hits 1M
23 Enterprise users prefer Apple as iPhone, iPad reign over Android
24 Samsung ships 20M smartphones, besting Apple's 17.1M iPhones
25 Apple's iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour 2011 coming to 9 cities worldwide
26 Biographer tells how Steve Jobs regretted delaying cancer treatment
27 AT&T sees iPhone 3GS sellouts, expects legacy model to expand smartphone base
28 Siri integrates with iOS phonetic name records to speak contacts correctly
29 Steve Jobs vowed to 'destroy' Google Android, called it a 'stolen product'
30 Apple aggressively pushing iOS 5 deployment to users
31 Apple director says Steve Jobs told team not to ask "What would Steve do?"
32 Apple focuses on Siri with first iPhone 4S TV ad
33 Catcher hoping to reopen Chinese MacBook unibody case plant in November
34 Steve Jobs left designer Jony Ive more power than anyone at Apple
35 Verizon sold 2M iPhones last quarter, 700K less than AT&T
36 Apple begins taking iPhone 4S preorders in 22 new countries
37 Steve Jobs had his DNA sequenced for $100K to fight cancer
38 Circumstances likely to see Apple push MacBook Pro refresh to November
39 Apple rumored to be building iPad 3 with new, smaller dock connector
40 Steve Jobs told biographer he 'cracked' the secret to a simple HDTV
41 Samsung Galaxy Nexus screen held back by subpar subpixels
42 Steve Jobs was 'annoyed and depressed' over initial reaction to iPad launch
43 Amazon introduces new HTML5-based eBook format
44 Apple estimated to sell over 42 million iPhones this quarter
45 iPhone used to record parts of Marvel's 'The Avengers' feature film
46 Steve Jobs trusted Tim Cook to "know exactly what to do"
47 First "Steve Jobs" review finds biography worthy of its subject
48 Apple a $100 billion dollar 'disappointment?' The analysts blow it yet again
49 Apple patent app details highly-advanced hydrogen fuel cells to power portable devices
50 Apple reportedly gearing up to produce Apple HDTV set for Christmas 2012
51 Apple's iCloud makes Safari web browser even better
52 Use 'Phonetic Names' to get iPhone 4S's Siri to pronounce names correctly
53 Apple patent application reveals work on optical transmitting cables
54 IRS opens investigation into Google tax practices
55 14 years later, Michael Dell tries to walk back Apple attack, but fails
56 Biographer: Steve Jobs refused early and potentially life-saving surgery for nine months (with video)
57 AT&T: iPhone 3GS sees sellouts, more new customers than any non-iPhone device
58 Steve Jobs told Obama: 'You're headed for a one-term presidency'
59 Steve Jobs: 'I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product; I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this'
60 Steve Jobs tried everything from exotic diets to cutting-edge treatments in brave battle with cancer
61 Apple debuts first iPhone 4S Siri television ad (with video)
62 Verizon 3Q earnings held back by delayed iPhone
63 Al Gore: Steve Jobs told Apple execs 'Don't ask yourself 'what would Steve do?' Follow your own voice'
64 Steve Jobs left design chief Jonathan Ive 'more operational power' than anyone else at Apple
65 Apple starts iPhone 4S pre-orders in 22 additional countries
66 4.65-inch Galaxy Nexus screen has same number of sub-pixels as Apple's 3.5-inch iPhone 4/4S Retina display
67 Apple's latest quarter: The 'miss' that wasn't
68 Morgenthaler says Apple's iPhone 4S Siri is 'seriously underrated' (with video)
69 Nervous Google and Microsoft bad-mouth Apple's revolutionary Siri
70 Analyst: Apple iPhone 4S about to put smartphone market in headlock; ominous signs for Android peddlers
71 ITC staff dismisses Google's and T-Mobile concerns in possible ban of HTC Android devices
72 UBS: Apple could sell 42.5 million iPhone units in Christmas quarter; 'Buy' rating, $510 price target
73 Steve Jobs initially opposed third-party apps for iPhone; 'annoyed and depressed' over public reaction to iPad
74 Sprint drops unlimited 4G mobile broadband
75 Analysts' wise up, hew closely to Apple's holiday quarter guidance
76 Lessons NOT to learn from Steve Jobs
77 Steve Jobs' told biographer: 'I finally cracked' the secret to an easy-to-use integrated HDTV
78 Steve Jobs leaves stinging rebuke of Hewlett-Packard
79 Apple's Siri a powerful tool, especially if you use these 3 pro tips
80 The New York Times reviews 'Steve Jobs' by Walter Isaacson: Replete with passion and excitement
81 iPhone used to record parts of Marvel's 'The Avengers' feature film (with video)
82 Steve Jobs received late night phone call from Bill Clinton asking how to handle Monica Lewinsky scandal
83 MetroPCS frontrunner for purchase of AT&T-T-Mobile assets
84 Bugs & Fixes: Losing iWork documents in iCloud
85 German Rosat spacecraft makes uncontrolled re-entry
86 Europe's first Galileo satellites lift off
87 Worldwide weird: A fish feast for smoother skin
88 Steve Jobs vowed to 'destroy' Android
89 Libya's new rulers declare country liberated
90 Tunisia votes in historic free election
91 'Many killed' as Turkey hit by 7.2 magnitude quake
92 EU 'discussing changes to treaty,' UK PM says
93 Marco Simoncelli dies after MotoGP crash in Sepang
94 Argentina's Cristina Fernandez rides wave of support
95 Venezuela university seeks to pass on traditional ways
96 Indian military helicopter 'breaches Pakistan airspace'
97 Gaddafi website publishes 'last will' of Libyan ex-leader
98 Australia hunts Great White shark which killed US diver
99 Ninja standing in front of sign that says "Fight Me" leads to unexpected situation
100 Pharmacist fools burglar with candy, laxatives
101 Autopsy: Qaddafi was killed by shot to head
102 Man with knife attacks Occupy N.M. protesters
103 The real-life mystery of Texas' 'killing fields'
104 Mega-bucks flow from drug cos. to doctors
105 Mich. restaurant creates 338-pound burger
106 Children with autism have distinct facial features: Study
107 Scientists determining fate of satellite that returned to Earth, probably crashed over Asia
108 No reports yet of debris from falling satellite
109 What Steve Jobs Learned From His Biggest Failure
110 Lots of water spotted in a still-forming solar system 175 light years away
111 Herschel Space Observatory Finds Oceans of Water in Planet-Forming Disk Around Nearby Star
112 The original iPod, 10 years later: a re-review
113 Apple iPod: The First 10 Years
114 Happy 10th birthday to the iPod--the little machine that changed our lives
115 Why Is Apple's Siri Female?
116 Why Siri And Most Other Computer Voices Are Female
117 Rescuers trap hawk with nail in head in SF park
118 Gel Cuts Women's Risk of Herpes, Study Finds
119 Measles Jet Injectors Not To Be Used For Flu Shots, FDA Warns
120 FDA Warns Against 'Needle-Free' Flu Shots By Injectors
121 Inventor hopes for malaria shot by 2015
122 Who will pay for malaria vaccine?
123 Why the Latest Study on Cell Phone Use and Brain Cancer Won't Be the Last Word
124 Teva rival Biogen reports success in oral MS trial
125 California attorney general says feds should show restraint in medical marijuana crackdown
126 Tenderloin medical pot dispensary expects to close
127 CA lawmakers decry federal crackdown on pot clubs
128 Ammiano, Leno urge U.S. to end medical pot crackdown
129 Pharmacist fools burglar with candy, laxatives