File Title
1 Asteroid 2005 YU55 to Pass Earth; Closer Than Moon
2 'GMA' Tries Before You Buy: Gadgets to Help You Get a Better Night's Sleep
3 Barnes and Noble Introduces Nook Tablet E-Reader
4 iOS 5 Release Date: New Operating System for iPad, iPhone
5 Jeep Kicks Off New 'Call of Duty' Ad Campaign
6 Crew of Mock Mars Mission Appear Healthy, Joyful
7 Supreme Court Looks at Warrantless GPS Tracking
8 Cyber Weaknesses Should Deter US From Waging War
9 Child's Death Sheds Light on Biblical Disciplinary Teachings
10 New Hampshire Man Found Guilty of Rape of Tina Anderson
11 Good Night of Sleep Becoming Unattainable Dream for Moms
12 Breast Cancer Advances Pass Older Patients By
13 Beware Your Partner's Sudden Interest in Fitness
14 Nearly Half of Students Say They're Sexually Harassed at School
15 Penn State Scandal: 'Nice Guy' Pedophiles Groom Their Victims, Experts Say
16 'Tiger, Tiger' Author Shocks With Memoir of Affair With Pedophile
17 Mother-Son Incest: Hidden in Shame and Rising
18 Scott Brown Abuse: Give Children a Voice to Tell
19 Boxing Great Joe Frazier Dies After Cancer Fight
20 Egalitarian monkeys share around paternity
21 Palaeolithic cave-painters were 'realists'
22 Fish shoal 'like car drivers'
23 Killer frog fungus 'spread by trade'
24 Giant asteroid to pass near Earth
25 'No evidence' for extraterrestrials, says White House
26 Australia Senate backs carbon tax
27 Ancient horses' spotted history reflected in cave art
28 State department faces Keystone XL review
29 Most England and Wales beaches 'meet new EU standards'
30 Myths about our minds
31 Bionic legs developed by Scots engineers go on sale
32 Loggerhead turtles take 45 years to grow up
33 Locals 'can play key role in helping forests recover'
34 Discovering an unseen urban underworld
35 Sarkozy called Israeli PM Netanyahu 'liar'
36 Syria death toll tops 3,500, UN says
37 Boxing ex-world champion Joe Frazier dies
38 Ravers and time travellers re-record history
39 Is corporate America the key to US job growth?
40 Return to Levittown: America's first suburb reaches 60
41 Viewpoint: Justice for Conrad Murray
42 Prostitutes found in Mexico jail
43 Malicious app penetrates iTunes store to test security
44 Sarkozy exposed by gaffe over Israel's Netanyahu
45 Celebrating the hidden heroes of technology
46 China's Huawei in Android patent talks with Microsoft
47 Oregon voters await iPad election
48 Olympus shares fall after it admits hiding losses
49 Hacker targets rugby fan site after Dax mix-up
50 Welsh government's 'opt out' organ donor consultation
51 The strange and curious history of lobotomy
52 On the frontline of India's encephalitis war
53 Morocco falls in love with plastic surgery
54 What is life like for a teenage prodigy?
55 Stayin' alive--does music have a role in CPR?
56 Iran IAEA nuclear report 'to detail capability'
57 Herman Cain to take on Bialek claims in news conference
58 Italian crisis: Silvio Berlusconi faces calls to resign
59 Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet vs. Amazon Kindle Fire
60 Classic Sonic the Hedgehog meets modern Sonic in new "Generations" video game
61 Fix on way for iPhone 4 owners with Siri envy?
62 New hope for deflecting killer asteroids
63 Anonymous involved in attack on Israeli sites?
64 Will Modern Warfare 3 blow away game-sales record?
65 Americans still lax with Wi-Fi security: survey
66 Apple security chief pays price for lost iPhone
67 A decade's worth of terribly named tech products
68 Sun turns into stormy 'benevolent monster"
69 Cain vows to "set the record straight"
70 Sarkozy to Obama: I'm fed up with Netanyahu
71 Epic fantasy meets epic rhymes in "Skyrim Epic Rap"
72 Joe Paterno under fire amid abuse scandal
73 Boxing champ Joe Frazier passes away at 67
74 Voting with iPads: idea whose time is coming?
75 After 17 months, mock Mars explorers exit capsule
76 N.Y. man drops 198 pounds in just 10 months
77 Methamphetamine tied to schizophrenia: What explains link?
78 The Who legends look to help teens with cancer
79 FDA's graphic cigarette warning labels: Beyond free speech?
80 Cancer experts reassess screening tests, early detection
81 Teen drug survey: Who abuses most?
82 Gray hair pill raises scientists' eyebrows: Is it safe?
83 Simulated Mars mission 'returns' to Earth
84 Russia takes aim at Phobos
85 Palestinian membership puts UN projects at risk
86 Dragon offers ticket to Mars
87 Tyrannosaurs were power-walkers
88 Experience counts for Nobel laureates
89 Aid organizations tap into social-science expertise
90 Artificial intelligence finds fossil sites
91 Time is running out for the leap second
92 US lawsuit extends thalidomide's reach
93 Drug research feels Europe's pain
94 Bisexual Gals More Likely Than Guys to Be Depressed
95 Alcohol and Smoke Can Worsen Asthma and Allergies
96 Teen Highway Fatalities Drop with Limits on Licenses
97 Coastal Trees Could Blunt Tsunami's Deadly Impact
98 City-Block-Size Asteroid 2005 YU55 to Buzz by Earth Today
99 Monkey Moms Help Sons Get Babes
100 Hypnosis May Be Altered State Of Consciousness
101 Baby Mammoth Innards Revealed in X-Ray Images
102 Deflecting Killer Asteroids Away From Earth: How We Could Do It
103 White House Denies Any Contact with Alien Life
104 School Soda Bans Don't Curb Kids' Consumption of Sugary Drinks
105 Future Obesity Clues Could Surface in 6-Month-Olds, Study Suggests
106 Oklahoma Quake Stirs Bird, Bug or Bat Swarm Seen on Radars
107 'Incurable' Patients Try Witch Doctor Remedies In New Documentary
108 Why Mississippi's 'Personhood' Law Could Outlaw Birth Control
109 Castles of 'Lost Cities' Revealed in Libyan Desert
110 The Stroke of Genius Strikes Later in Modern Life
111 Caveman Art: Spotted Horses Likely Real, Not Fantasy
112 The Forest Through the Trees: Undergraduate Discovers New Species and More
113 Time Warner Confirms Nationwide Internet Outage
114 Was the 'Canadian Loch Ness Monster' Caught on Video?
115 Ancient Whale Taken Down by Shark, Tooth Marks Reveal
116 How Has Magic Johnson Survived 20 Years with HIV?
117 What's So Special About the Date 11/11/11?
118 Warm Oceans Can Cause Storms to Linger
119 Sex With Animals Linked to Penile Cancer
120 People with Asthma, Allergies Should Avoid Air Fresheners, Scented Products
121 Dads' Depression Linked to Kids' Behavior Problems
122 5 Most Amazing Marathon Feats
123 Ancient Monster Croc Sported Shield on Skull
124 Frozen Microscopic Worlds Come Alive as Earth Warms
125 Life's Extremes: Math vs. Language
126 How Earth's Axis Affects Your Sleep Habits
127 Do Your Pets Notice the Switch From Daylight Saving Time?
128 Human Ancestor 'Family' May Not Have Been Related
129 'Orgasm' Exercises Alone Fail to Improve Sex
130 3 New Heavy Elements Named: Darmstadtium, Roentgenium, Copernicium
131 First Long-Necked Dinosaur Fossil Found In Antarctica
132 NASA Telescope's Big Haul: 'Invisible' Stars & Amazingly Bright Pulsar
133 Close Friends Less Common Today, Study Finds
134 Largest Sunspot in Years Observed on the Sun
135 Fast-Spinning Star Is Brightest & Youngest Ever Seen
136 New Model Predicts Fallout from Big Meteorite Strike
137 WoW! See the New 'Wall of Wind' Hurricane Simulator
138 Happy Birthday to Po! Celebrated Panda Turns 1
139 Shake, Shake, Shake: Dinosaur Flirting Technique Revealed
140 Astrophysicist Explores Our Turbulent Universe
141 As Social Network Grows, so Does the Brain
142 'Living on the Edge' Has Fertility Benefits
143 Italian Cold Fusion Machine Passes Another Test
144 Dust Obscures Picture of Hurricanes in Warming World
145 Our Skin Cells Can 'See' UV Rays
146 Prolonged Sitting Linked to 173,000 Cancer Cases Yearly
147 90-Year-Old Space Molecule Mystery Has New Clues
148 Ancient Mars Water May Have Flowed Underground
149 Butterfly Scales & Beard Hair: Antique Slides Reveal Obsession with Science
150 Do Aliens Love Football? Two UFO Sightings Explained
151 Long Pilgrimages Revealed in Ancient Sudan Art
152 How Do Lions Grab Attention? They Roar Like Babies
153 Sex of Egyptian Child Mummy Remains a Mystery
154 Toyota Introduces Robots that Help Patients Walk Again
155 Legalized Medical Pot Doesn't Spur Teen Use, Study Finds
156 Autism Can Be an 'Advantage,' Researcher Says
157 Pocahontas Drank Here (But You Wouldn't Want To)