File Title
1 Hubble Directly Observes the Disk Around a Black Hole
2 City Lights Could Reveal E.T. Civilization
3 Climate Shift Could Leave Some Marine Species Homeless
4 Pulsating Response to Stress in Bacteria Discovered
5 Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Reveal Surprising Ingredients of Early Galaxies
6 Evolution During Human Colonizations: Selective Advantage of Being There First
7 Brain Cells Responsible for Keeping Us Awake Identified
8 Astrobiologists Discover 'Sweet Spots' for the Formation of Complex Organic Molecules in the Galaxy
9 NASA's Fermi Finds Youngest Millisecond Pulsar, 100 Pulsars To-Date
10 Fruit Fly Intestine May Hold Secret to Fountain of Youth: Long-Lived Fruit Flies Offer Clues to Slowing Human Aging and Fighting Disease
11 Study Identifies an Expanded Role for PKM2 in Helping Cancer Cells Survive
12 Adolescent Amphetamine Use Linked to Permanent Changes in Brain Function and Behavior
13 Get Lost Easily? The Cerebellum Is Your Navigation Assistant
14 High Blood Pressure May Lead to Missed Emotional Cues
15 Continuous Use of Nitroglycerin Increases Severity of Heart Attacks, Study Shows
16 Using Math and Light to Detect Misshapen Red Blood Cells
17 Gecko-Inspired Tank Robot Scales Walls
18 Boosting LED Efficiency: Zinc Oxide Microwires Improve Performance of Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Through the Piezo-Phototronic Effect
19 Fighting Violent Gang Crime With Math
20 Rethinking Equilibrium: In Nature, Large Energy Fluctuations May Rile Even 'Relaxed' Systems
21 Chromosomal 'Breakpoints' Linked to Canine Cancer
22 Watching the Birth of an Iceberg
23 Ocean Water Salinity and Color Herald El Nino Events
24 Wetlands: Drying Intensifying Wildfires, Carbon Release Ninefold, Study Finds
25 Mapping the Formation of an Underwater Volcano
26 Why Measles Spreads So Quickly
27 When Our Neurons Remain Silent So That Our Performances May Improve
28 Unraveling Batten Disease
29 NASA Airborne Mission Maps Remote, Deteriorating Glaciers
30 Psychological Traumas Experienced Over Lifetime Linked to Adult Irritable Bowel Syndrome
31 Skin 'Sees' UV Light, Starts Producing Pigment
32 Starving Prostate Cancer: Scientists Discover How to Cut Off Cancer's Food Supply
33 Exercise Provides Clue to Deadly Ataxia
34 Report Calls for Creation of a Biomedical Research and Patient Data Network for More Accurate Classification of Diseases, Move Toward 'Precision Medicine'
35 X Marks the Spot: TBL1X Gene Involved in Autism Spectrum Disorder
36 11/11/11: Maya Scholar Debunks Doomsday Myths
37 Cerebral Palsy-Like Brain Damage Prevented in Mice
38 Mechanism in Brain Cancer Responsible for Neuron Death Discovered
39 Secluding Aggressive Young Offenders Is Always the Last Resort, Four-Country Study Finds
40 Scientists Identify Gene Critical for Cell Responses to Oxygen Deprivation
41 Interactive Play With Blocks Found to Facilitate Development of Spatial Vocabulary
42 New DNA Test to Identify Down Syndrome in Pregnancy Is Ready for Clinical Use
43 Impulsive Versus Controlled Men: Disinhibited Brains and Disinhibited Behavior
44 Fast-Food Dining Is Most Popular for Those With Middle Incomes
45 Newborn Period May Be Crucial Time to Prevent Later Diabetes, Animal Study Suggests
46 Brain Probe That Softens After Insertion Causes Less Scarring
47 Alternate Ending: Living On Without Telomerase
48 Dormant Malaria Parsites in Red Blood Cells May Contribute to Treatment Failure, Study Suggests
49 Fertilized Oocytes Digest Paternal Mitochondria
50 Gene Therapy Shows Promise as Hemophilia Treatment in Animal Studies
51 Thousand-Color Sensor Reveals Contaminants in Earth and Sea: Technology Spots Environmental Hazards
52 Australian Technology Aims to Make Storing Radioactive Waste Safer
53 Discovery of New Gene Could Improve Efficiency of Molecular Factories
54 Solar Power Could Get Boost from New Light Absorption Design
55 Kicking Hybrids out of Carpool Lanes Backfires, Slowing Traffic for All, Study Finds
56 Analysis Reveals Malaria, Other Diseases as Ancient, Adaptive and Persistent Foes
57 Humans and Climate Contributed to Extinctions of Large Ice Age Mammals, New Study Finds
58 'Saber-Toothed Squirrel': First Known Mammalian Skull from Late Cretaceous in South America
59 Jawbone Found in England Is from the Earliest Known Modern Human in Northwestern Europe
60 'Zombie' Worms Found in Mediterranean Fossil
61 New International Space Station Camera Reveals the Cosmic Shore
62 Nine New Gamma Pulsars Brings Known Gamma-Ray Pulsars to Over 100
63 NASA Studying Ways to Make 'Tractor Beams' a Reality
64 Did Life Once Exist Below Red Planet's Surface? NASA Study of Clays Suggests Watery Mars Underground
65 Boeing to Build Commercial Spacecraft at Kennedy, Create 550 Jobs
66 New Ways to Image and Therapeutically Target Melanoma Using Nanomedicine?
67 Hybrid Power Plants Can Help Industry Go Green: Affordable Solar Option for Power Plants
68 Solar Energy: Solar Concentrator Increases Collection With Less Loss
69 New Process for Manufacturing Nanocellulose: Using Nanocellulose to Create Novel Composite Materials
70 Experts Recommend the Inclusion of Rainwater-Collection Systems in Cities
71 Scientists Study 'Galaxy Zoo' Using Google Maps and Thousands of Volunteers
72 iPhone Turned Into spiPhone: Smartphone Senses Nearby Keyboard Vibrations and Deciphers Sentences
73 Physicists Identify Room Temperature Quantum Bits in Widely Used Semiconductor
74 Fast High Precision Eye-Surgery Robot Developed
75 Studying Random Structures With Confetti
76 Quarter-mile-wide asteroid coming close to Earth
77 Apple's March 2012 sandbox rule angers developers
78 Yahoo investor demands board ouster of co-founder
79 Common bacteria cause some colon tumors by altering peroxide-producing gene
80 Unique bipolar compounds enhance functionality of organic electronics
81 Not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 clones!
82 Microsoft offering defenses against Duqu virus
83 Coasts' best protection from bioinvaders falling short
84 Biodiversity can promote survival on a warming planet
85 Hubble directly observes the disc around a black hole
86 Why near-death events are tricks of mind
87 Fusion researchers see frozen pellet tech as way to control ITER's plasma as well as fuel it
88 New Duqu virus linked to Microsoft Word Documents
89 Japan computer smashes speed record
90 Study of clays suggests watery Mars underground
91 City lights could reveal E.T. civilization
92 Solving Einstein's theory
93 Laser treatment can make your brown eyes blue
94 Batteries get a quick charge with new anode technology
95 Makers of infamous BigDog robot unveil human version--PETMAN (w/ video)
96 Stanford researchers outsmart captcha codes
97 Biggest jump ever seen in global warming gases
98 Navy researchers fire 1,000th shot on laboratory electromagnetic railgun
99 NASA studying ways to make 'tractor beams' a reality
100 Popular Dutch psychologist Diederik Stapel found to be a fraud
101 Gamma-ray burst reveals surprising ingredients of early galaxies
102 Viking 'sunstone' more than a myth
103 Urine could be the answer to cheaper electricity
104 Researchers discover promising hydrogen storage material
105 China completes nation's first space docking (Update)
106 Sharp develops solar cell with world's highest conversion efficiency
107 How do green algae react to carbon nanotubes?
108 Scientists carve nanowires out of ultrananocrystalline diamond thin films
109 A biologically inspired tape uses some of nature's tricks to stick
110 Nano-tech makes medicine greener
111 Explosive composite based on nanoparticles and DNA could be an energy source for embedded microsystems
112 Solar power could get boost from new light absorption design
113 Graphene applications in electronics and photonics
114 Scientists develop new tool for the study of spatial patterns in living cells
115 Proteins caught 'in action' in intact cells using new electron microscopy technique
116 Zinc oxide microwires improve the performance of light-emitting diodes
117 Researchers reveal Eucalypt's nano properties
118 The quest for the tiny carbon nanotube
119 Hey, bacteria, get off of my boat!
120 Three new elements named, including one for Copernicus
121 A 2-dimensional electron liquid solidifies in a magnetic field
122 Safer medical kit by plasma-activated water
123 Sought-after magnetic properties in common alloy
124 Plutonium's unusual interactions with clay may minimize leakage of nuclear waste
125 First-of-its-kind search engine will speed materials research
126 Redefining the SI base units
127 Researchers uncover aerodynamics of the best attributes of the common jump rope
128 Researchers efficiently extract photons from single semiconductor quantum dots directly into an optical fiber
129 Physicists identify room temperature quantum bits in silicon carbide--widely used semiconductor
130 Physicists develop a method of detecting counterfeit whiskey using spectroscopy
131 Solar concentrator increases collection with less loss
132 Probability of powerful quake rises for N.Z. city
133 Researchers complete 520-day mock mission to Mars
134 China opens up military space programme
135 Moscow 'Mars mission' ends after 520 days
136 Auditing the Earth's sea-level and energy budgets
137 Scientists find evidence of Roman period megadrought
138 Public review begins of world's first standard for geologic storage of CO2
139 Space junk problem? Just fire a laser!
140 NASA robot seeks goldmine of science and sun at Martian hill along vast crater
141 Space science on the wings of starfighters
142 Action on climate change policy falls well short
143 Cool roofs really can be cool
144 Canon offers new camera for Hollywood filmmakers
145 Hewlett Packard puts mobile chips in data centers
146 High-tech robotic spider for hazardous missions
147 New wristband harnesses Apple gadgets for fitness
148 Apple fixing iPhone 4S battery drain
149 Amazon introduces lending library for Kindles
150 Pantech Vega LTE smartphone works by wave of the hand (w/ video)
151 Is that a robot in your suitcase?
152 Review: Why I bought an iPhone 4S
153 E-paper unplugged is key draw at Japan show
154 iPhone 4S coming to more countries on November 11
155 Scientists reach the heights with gecko-inspired tank robot (w/ video)
156 Taiwan's Hon Hai looks to robot industry
157 Time Warner bids 1B euros to acquire Endemol
158 Steve Jobs 'Lost Interview' coming to theaters
159 Kodak fate could hinge on selling patents
160 Mexican hacker group member freed by cartel: report
161 Mall giant sues Indiana to tax sales
162 US Cellular: We turned down iPhone
163 Groupon shares soar after $700 million IPO
164 Google Analytics inventor moving concept to physical stores with Euclid
165 New study suggests EU biofuels are as carbon intensive as petrol
166 Spy software can see smartphone texting realtime (w/ Video)
167 AP Exclusive: CIA following Twitter, Facebook
168 Researchers identify structure of apolipoprotein
169 Discovering oil at micro level
170 Chemically assembled metamaterials may lead to superlenses
171 New material for air cleaner filters that captures flu viruses
172 Highly selective catalyst developed for ring-closing olefin metathesis
173 Going to extremes to find greener chemicals
174 When the fat comes out of food, what goes in?
175 Exploring the inner workings of materials
176 Research leads to improved bioplastic films
177 Aluminum alloy overcomes obstacles on the path to making hydrogen a practical fuel source
178 Researchers suspend, image single DNA molecules
179 Technology makes storing radioactive waste safer
180 New protein structure expands nature's repertoire of biomolecules
181 Shedding light on a photosensitive protein
182 Shaping up for cell division
183 Unravelling the causes of the Ice Age megafauna extinctions
184 Awareness and labeling initiatives can benefit inland fisheries
185 Biologists identify light-regulated mechanism in cyanobacteria as aid to optimizing photosynthesis
186 Evolution during human colonizations
187 Research finds that a duck's boon might be a turtle's bane
188 Discovery of new gene could improve efficiency of molecular factories
189 Chromosome centromeres are inherited epigenetically
190 Warbling wrens don't just tweet, they sing duets
191 Climate change affects ants and biodiversity
192 Chromosomal 'breakpoints' linked to canine cancer
193 Research team unravels tomato pathogen's tricks of the trade
194 Researchers find pulsating response to stress in bacteria
195 Research aims to prevent diabetic kidney failure
196 Nutritional intervention helps in mild Alzheimer's disease
197 Study finds increased cancer risk with bone growth product
198 Study: A rich club in the human brain
199 Research duo uncovers clues about why 'fingernails across a chalkboard' is so horrible
200 Research reveals autistic individuals are in fact superior in multiple areas
201 Shock therapy to help erectile dysfunction
202 Putting the body back into the mind of schizophrenia
203 Unconscious language learning
204 People rationalize situations they're stuck with, but rebel when they think there's an out
205 Study shows background noise affects test scores
206 Researchers discover tactic to delay age-related disorders
207 Happiness contributes to longer life: study
208 New algorithm could substantially speed up MRI scans
209 Brain parasite directly alters brain chemistry
210 Tracing biological pathways
211 Prostate cancer found in ancient Egyptian mummy
212 How we create false memories: Assessing memory performance in older adults
213 Molecule serves as a key in some protein interactions
214 Biologists use flies, mice to study Down syndrome
215 FDA-approved drug might prevent relapse in male alcoholics
216 Low vitamin D levels do not increase the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
217 Body weight, sleep-disordered breathing and cognition linked in children
218 Continuous use of nitroglycerin increases severity of heart attacks, study shows
219 Scientists identify genes that may signal long life in naked mole-rats
220 Researchers identify brain cells responsible for keeping us awake
221 Study finds voters concerned with privacy in US elections
222 Monkeys with larger friend networks have more gray matter
223 University of Nevada, Reno, professor publishes study on public education finance systems
224 Eggs in the wrong basket? Global rules for trade but diverging rules for finance
225 The end of an era?
226 Raises and cuts in public sector salaries have a direct effect on the private sector
227 Scientists meet to discuss usefulness of GMT
228 11/11/11: Anthropologist debunks doomsday myths
229 New cervid species found in middle miocene of Nei Mongol, China
230 'Queen's English' not the best
231 Americans' circle of confidantes is down to two
232 Hospital tests reveal the secrets of an Egyptian mummy
233 Common bacteria cause some colon tumors by altering peroxide-producing gene