File Title
1 For certain orchids, relatives more important than pollinators in shaping floral attractants
2 Advance toward a breath test to diagnose multiple sclerosis
3 Growing Something out of Nothing
4 Seaweed records show impact of ocean warming
5 Cattle parasite vaccine offers hope to world's poorest farmers
6 Insects are scared to death of fish
7 Stalemate over organic farming slows progress in effort to combat food insecurity in Central Africa
8 More Power to the Cranberry: Study Shows the Juice is Better than Extracts at Fighting Bacterial Infections
9 An antibiotic effect minus resistance
10 Research team clarifies mechanics of first new cell cycle to be described in more than 20 years
11 UT scientist helps confirm link between fungus and bat epidemic
12 Hey, bacteria, get off of my boat!
13 Deep words, shallow words: An initial analysis of water discourse in 40 years of UN declarations
14 Bigger birds in central California, courtesy of global climate change
15 Forests not keeping pace with climate change
16 Crop sensors outdo farmers at choosing nitrogen rates
17 A new species of gall makers in the aphid genus of plant lice was found in China
18 A new species of a tiny freshwater snail collected from a mountainous spring in Greece
19 Swimming Jellyfish May Influence Global Climate
20 Plant researchers locate transporter used for nicotine metabolism
21 Ancient cooking pots reveal gradual transition to agriculture
22 Shared genes with Neanderthal relatives not unusual
23 New tool clears the air on cloud simulations
24 Governments must plan for migration in response to climate change, researchers say
25 7 billion people are not the issue--human development is what counts
26 Prehistoric Greenhouse Data from Ocean Floor Could Predict Earth's Future, MU Study Finds
27 NOAA study: Human-caused climate change a major factor in more frequent Mediterranean droughts
28 High toxic levels found at school, market neighboring informal e-waste salvage site in Africa
29 Savannas, forests in a battle of the biomes, Princeton researchers find
30 Attacks on federal air pollution regulations dangerous to Americans' health
31 Nerve protein linked to learning and memory
32 Enzymes act like a switch, turning antibiotic resistance on and off in enterococci
33 Yoga aids chronic back pain sufferers
34 NIH scientists discover link among spectrum of childhood diseases
35 UV light controls antibodies, improves biosensors
36 Poor sleep quality in first, third trimesters linked to preterm births
37 Ready for their close-up
38 'Protein microarrays' may reveal new weapons against malaria
39 Live-action films of worm sperm help researchers track critical fertility enzymes
40 The tangled web in Alzheimer's protein deposits is more complex than once thought
41 Digging Up Clues: Research On Buried Blow Flies Will Help Crime Scene Investigators
42 Acinetobacter baumannii found growing in nearly half of infected patient rooms
43 Vitamin D study suggests no mortality benefit for older women
44 Scientists discover new drug candidates for cystic fibrosis and other diseases
45 Health risk from eating well-done meat may be underestimated
46 Warwick scientists discover how daughter cells receive the same number of chromosomes
47 Researchers pinpoint possible new cause for unexplained miscarriages
48 Growing without cell division
49 Bacteria may readily swap beneficial genes
50 Commuting--bad for your health?
51 Patient-centered care starts with education
52 UC Research Examines College Students' Knowledge About Eating Disorders
53 Making voting more convenient
54 Immigrants--Sweden's new poor pensioners
55 Obesity and depression independently increase health costs
56 Mathematically detecting bubbles before they burst
57 For land conservation, formal and informal relationships influence success
58 Key driver of metastasis identified
59 Scientists reach the heights with gecko-inspired tank robot
60 Cold chemistry
61 'Ay, there's the rub'
62 Rethinking Equilibrium: In Nature, Large Energy Fluctuations May Rile Even "Relaxed" Systems
63 Fast new method for mapping blood vessels may aid cancer research
64 Using math and light to detect misshapen red blood cells
65 A SHARP New Microscope for the Next Generation of Microchips
66 Navy Researchers Fire 1,000th Shot on Laboratory Electromagnetic Railgun
67 Fighting Fire With Fire: 'Vampire' Bacteria Has Potential as Living Antibiotic
68 Berkeley Lab Scientists Develop New Tool for the Study of Spatial Patterns in Living Cells
69 Researchers find molecule that prevents Type 1 diabetes in mice
70 Some answers about orthotics
71 Aluminum alloy overcomes obstacles on the path to making hydrogen a practical fuel source
72 Hormone in birth control shot linked to memory loss
73 Navy's Electromagnetic Railgun Reaches Testing Milestone
74 Catch the fever: It'll help you fight off infection
75 Antarctic killer whales may seek spa-like relief in the tropics
76 Testing geoengineering
77 Cornell researchers discover only recorded flight of lost imperial woodpecker
78 Global warming target to stay below 2 degrees requires more action this decade
79 Building granular towers drop by drop and how to see out from under an invisibility cloak
80 Chromosome chaos in serial killer
81 Mapping the formation of an underwater volcano
82 Smart city, smart village proposals progress as Malaysia's global advisory council meets
83 Radiologists: Going green with small, simple step
84 NOAA designates critical habitat for black abalone
85 Stanford software that models human motion travels to museum
86 Doctors can learn empathy through a computer-based tutorial
87 Babies Understand Thought Process of Others at Ten Months Old, MU Research Finds
88 The Lutetia asteroid--a prehistoric relic
89 Measuring the distance of processes
90 UT Study Looks at Manual Wheelchair Use, Exercise, and Calorie Burning
91 Fighting violent gang crime with math
92 IHME develops fast, affordable ways for countries to better identify causes of death in populations
93 Relief from "Parking Wars"
94 New algorithm could substantially speed up MRI scans
95 Abnormal oscillation in the brain causes motor deficits in Parkinson's disease
96 Women undergoing PCI display greater number of co-morbidities than men
97 Study finds overweight teens want to lose weight, going about it the wrong way
98 Preterm birth rate shows three year improvement in most states
99 Bisexual men: When sexual health requires stealth
100 Many radiologists disagree on management of incidental findings, study finds
101 Radiologists, primary users of non-cardiac ultrasound
102 First bilateral hand transplant performed at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
103 More Radionuclide Therapy is Better for Prostate Cancer Patients
104 How staff perceptions of their roles impact patients experience in the emergency department
105 Team discovers how a cancer-causing bacterium spurs cell death
106 Conflicting views of a child's behavior problems from parents, teachers, and the child may be helpful to clinician
107 Why some birds think simple songs are sexy [et al.]
108 Zoning boundaries can make good neighbors in conservation
109 Spin lasers in the fast lane
110 Carnegie Mellon report finds Internet privacy tools are confusing, ineffective for most people
111 Underage drinking among close friends high indicator of future alcohol use by black teens
112 People with dementia less likely to return home after stroke
113 Live longer with fewer calories
114 The new old age--today's pensioners are very different to yesterday's
115 Don't Worry, Be Happy--Understanding Mindfulness Meditation
116 How lonely you are may impact how well you sleep, research shows
117 Lessons to learn from community land ownership in Scotland
118 Astronomers discover complex organic matter in the universe
119 Faraway Eris is Pluto's Twin
120 Three New Planets and a Mystery Object Discovered Outside Our Solar System
121 Astronomers pin down galaxy collision rates by comparing Hubble images to supercomputer simulations
122 Astronomers Pin Down Galaxy Collision Rate
123 Planets smashed into dust near supermassive black holes
124 An important aspect of structural design of super-tall buildings and structures
125 So many proteins, so much promise
126 University of Toronto researchers create world's most efficient flexible OLED on plastic
127 Zinc oxide microwires improve the performance of light-emitting diodes
128 Social media has role in delivery of healthcare but patients should proceed with caution
129 A new method for the compression of complex signals is presented
130 Non-Invasive Current Stimulation Improves Sight and Quality of Life in Patients with Optic Nerve Damage
131 The power of the Internet: It helps improve teens' acne
132 Modern genetics answers age-old question on Garrod's fourth inborn error of metabolism
133 Could social media be used to detect disease outbreaks?
134 Pure luxury--thanks to Empa technology