File Title
1 Panasonic Posts Loss, Forecasts Full Year Red Ink
2 Taiwan Smartphone Maker HTC Reports Profit Jump
3 Boeing to Build Spacecraft at Shuttle Hangar
4 Court Sidesteps Connecticut Student Speech Case
5 Halloween Health Scare: Beware Black Licorice Overdose
6 Man's Severed Arm Kept Alive With His Leg Artery
7 Birds sense speed to avoid crashing
8 Population to hit 7 billion today--maybe
9 Frustrating mobile phone chats explained
10 GM mosquitoes show fever promise
11 Government defends closure of Forensic Science Service
12 Fossil feast for 'zombie worms'
13 GCHQ chief reports 'disturbing' cyber-attacks on UK
14 Bangladesh dolphins get Sundarbans sanctuaries
15 DNA gene find 'transforms' theories on how brain works
16 Scotland's 'seabird cities' continue to struggle
17 Are there really seven billion of us?
18 Could legalising rhino horn trade stop poaching?
19 Should shipwrecks be left alone?
20 The world's best cemeteries
21 How to predict the future
22 Palestinians get UNESCO seat as 107 vote in favour
23 ILO: World economy on verge of new jobs recession
24 The rise of the Halloween haunted house
25 Snowstorm hits US East Coast killing at least nine
26 'Hackers' threaten Mexican drug cartel in YouTube film
27 Google Maps to charge for usage
28 BT fibre broadband cable UK rollout accelerated
29 'Fatty apron' fuels ovary cancer
30 Why feeling disgust can be good for us
31 Near-death experience 'all in the mind'
32 Libya militia 'terrorises' pro-Gaddafi town of Tawargha
33 Steve Jobs' last words from Mona Simpson's eulogy
34 Crime, punishment, and the shame of being a Madoff
35 7 billionth babies celebrated worldwide
36 Ruth Madoff: Why she's telling her story
37 Syria warns: "Whole region" could burn
38 Kids of combat vets said more prone to violence
39 Some fruit drinks' sugar akin to candy's: report
40 Ubuntu Linux eyes tablet territory
41 Ubuntu Linux heads to smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.
42 Canonical to Expand Ubuntu for Smartphones, Tablets
43 Ubuntu Linux looks beyond the desktop to phones, tablets, TVs
44 How Will Ubuntu Succeed In the Mobile Platform Game of Thrones?
45 iPhone battery woes linked to iOS 5 update
46 Teaching My 77 Year-Old Dad to Use the Apple iPhone's Siri
47 Jailbreak hack enables Siri on iPhone 4, 4th-gen iPod touch
48 Apple's Siri Speaks Also on iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G
49 Steve Jobs' last words: 'OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.'
50 The 3 Things That Steve Jobs Taught Us About Creative Leadership
51 The Genius of Jobs
52 Steve Jobs's Advice for Obama
53 HP TouchPad 32GB available in Best Buy bundle, sold out at HP
54 New Nook? Barnes & Noble Sends Out Invites for Nov. 7 Event
55 Cable Is Holding Web TV at Bay, Earnings Show
56 Not so fast: Shift way from cable TV slower than expected
57 Boeing to Build Spacecraft at Shuttle Hangar
58 Boeing to Build Private Space Taxis in Old NASA Shuttle Hangar
59 Easy Halloween Costume for Geeks: Bloody iPad Wound
60 Looking For A Last Minute Costume? Check Out This Spooky Idea Using Two iOS Devices
61 The bloody incredible iPad Halloween costume
62 NASA engineer crafts Halloween costume with two iPads
63 Scientists: Lutetia Asteroid is a puzzling discovery
64 Lutetia asteroid is failed planet
65 Spacecraft casts new light on asteroid's history
66 Cold asteroid with a warm heart
67 Asteroid Lutetia may have core of hot melted metal
68 Russia poised to resume space station flights
69 Russian cargo ship launched successfully to the International Space Station
70 Surfer recovers after shark bite off Calif. beach
71 Monterey surfer, bitten by shark, is alive and--say doctors--a very lucky man.
72 Shark attacks surfer off Marina beach
73 Zuckerberg: If I Were Starting Facebook Today, I'd Stay in Boston
74 Mark Zuckerberg really doesn't care all that much for Silicon Valley
75 Zuckerberg: Silicon Valley isn't necessary for startups
76 Zuckerberg: Jeff Bezos is one of the greats, and startups don't need to be in the Valley to win
77 Halloween licorice could cause heart trouble, FDA warns
78 Halloween Buzzkill: Black Licorice Overdose Could Cause Heart Failure, Says FDA
79 Black Licorice: Trick or Treat?
80 Seven-billionth human marks demographic change: expert
81 Humankind Aging at Warp Speed
82 Alarm as world population enters a grey area
83 Producers seldom hear of food-safety issues from their private auditors
84 UPDATE 1--Soft drink makers target US youth-study
85 Mosquito Bred to Fight Dengue Fever Shows Promise in Study
86 Scientists Genetically Alter Mosquitoes to Fight Diseases
87 Fears grow over genetically engineered mosquitoes which kill their own offspring
88 Friendly bacteria move in mysterious ways
89 Gulf universities hope for research funds
90 Max Planck Society opens South American outpost
91 Climate researchers warn of data crisis
92 Hunting season for Higgs ends
93 More clues in the genetics of schizophrenia
94 China unveils clean energy lab
95 Drilling ship to probe Japanese quake zone
96 Rice seed yields blood protein
97 Rare 'Snowtober' Storm Breaks Local Records
98 Medieval Graves Disturbed For Surprising Reasons?
99 Asian Ancestors Had Sex with Mysterious Human Cousins
100 Giant Rogue Python Swallows Deer Whole
101 Boeing to Build Private Space Taxis in Old NASA Shuttle Hangar
102 Helicopter Searches for Hidden Quake Faults
103 China's 1st Space Docking Mission to Launch Today With German Experiment Aboard
104 Sticking it to the Mann: Climate Science Sparks Protest
105 Psychological Trauma Linked to Bowel Disorder
106 Mozart's Lost Opus, A Little Colonoscopy Music
107 Life's Extremes: Smart vs. Dumb
108 Spirituality Helps Chronically Ill Men and Women Differently
109 Seaweed Wages Chemical Warfare Against Corals
110 New Materials Turn Heat into Electricity
111 'Shock' Therapy May Improve Erectile Dysfunction
112 11 New Warning Signs Help Spot Mental Illness in Children
113 Thoughts of God Make Us Slackers, Study Suggests
114 Dragonflies Are Literally Scared to Death of Fish
115 Cell Phones, But Not Tablets, OK for Youngest Teens, Poll Finds
116 Countdown to 7 Billion: Should World Adopt 'One-Child' Policy?
117 NASA Climate Satellite Faces Big Job After 'Absolutely Perfect' Launch
118 Eat the Old: Could Mass Cannibalism Solve a Future Food Shortage?
119 'Pacman' Nebula Grows Teeth to Chomp on Space
120 Weird Metal Thefts in US Driven by Asian Industrial Boom
121 Space Traffic Report: Hubble Telescope Counts Galaxy Crashes
122 Beer & Bullets to Go: Ancient 'Takeout' Window Discovered
123 Surprisingly, Hurricanes Offer Relief to Damaged Corals
124 Discovering 'Warrior Wasps'
125 Python Hearts May Hold Key to Treating Cardiac Disease
126 How MIT Won Balloon Search-and-Rescue Challenge