File Title
1 Prediction or cause? Information theory may hold the key
2 Hitachi Maxell announces 'Air Voltage' wireless charger for iPad2
3 High-performance simulation, neutrons uncover three classes of protein motion
4 Research model shows monsoon change in India may be result of manmade aerosols
5 'Driving under influence' test inside car will check driver's finger
6 Profound change for Facebook set to 'lock in' users
7 'Darker-than-black' metamaterial could lead to more efficient solar cells
8 The internet of tomorrow: Faster, better and cheaper
9 'Artificial leaf' makes fuel from sunlight (w/ video)
10 Zany scientists honored in alternative Nobels (Update)
11 Water supersaturation in the Martian atmosphere discovered
12 Cosmic weight watching reveals black hole-galaxy history
13 Scientists release most accurate simulation of the universe to date
14 Humans, sharks share immune-system feature
15 Heavy metal stars produce Earth-Like planets
16 'Perfect plastic' created
17 SpaceX says 'reusable rocket' could help colonize Mars
18 WISE mission finds fewer asteroids near Earth
19 Twisted crystals point way toward active optical materials
20 Researchers produce cheap sugars for sustainable biofuel production
21 Epic volcanic activity flooded Mercury's north polar region
22 Building better catalysts: Chemists find new way to design important molecules
23 Argonne scientist energizes quest for lost Leonardo da Vinci painting
24 Space telescopes reveal secrets of turbulent black hole
25 Researchers discover fruit fly aphrodisiac
26 Statistical analysis debunks the old adage 'Pitching is 75 percent of the game'
27 Large meta-analysis finds new genes for type 1 diabetes
28 Rebuilding the head of an armoured dinosaur (w/ video)
29 'Alarm clock' gene explains wake-up function of biological clock
30 Document shows how phone cos. treat private data
31 Abrupt escape from flatness
32 Engineers 'cook' promising new heat-harvesting nanomaterials in microwave oven
33 Nanomaterials: Pillars of the assembly
34 Gold nanostructures aid the development of new photonic devices
35 New etch process developed at the CNST uses argon pulsing to improve silicon etch rate and selectivity
36 Strong bonds between rare-earth metals and graphene
37 NIST polishes method for creating tiny diamond machines
38 Spontaneous combustion in nanobubbles
39 Researchers use carbon nanotubes to make solar cells affordable, flexible
40 Graphene walls could make powerful electronics
41 New 'FeTRAM' is promising computer memory technology
42 New nanostructure-based process will streamline production of magnetic materials
43 Creating desirable materials requires salt, but not space
44 Copper nanowire films could lower touch screen, LED and solar cell costs
45 Current flowing along the edges of a promising quantum device is insensitive to its magnetic impurities
46 Israeli astrophysicists say neutron star collisions can help detect gravity waves
47 Redefining the kilogram and the ampere
48 Single magnesium ion brought to standstill by means of novel, simple laser cooling
49 All that glitters is not gold
50 CERN sets course for extra-low-energy antiprotons
51 Unexpected role of noise in spine formation
52 Shutdown looms at pioneering American atom smasher
53 The quantum world writ large: Using short optical pulses to study macroscopic quantum behavior
54 A touch of gold makes glass more see through
55 New solar cell technology gives light waves 'amnesia'
56 Industrial solvent TCE even more dangerous to people
57 Reefs recovered faster after mass extinction than first thought
58 MESSENGER data paints new picture of Mercury's magnetic field
59 Snafu as China space launch set to US patriotic song
60 Physicists consider their own carbon footprint
61 Unravelling the uncertainties of predicting future heatwaves
62 Myanmar suspends dam project after rare outcry
63 With Kindle Fire, Amazon's digital ambitions burn
64 RIM says committed to PlayBook amid price cuts
65 Q&A: Amazon executive on Kindle Fire's 'amazing experience'
66 Fujitsu develops prototype of world's first server that simultaneously delivers high performance, flexibility
67 Judge to make ruling on Apple/Samsung next week
68 Amazon launches iPad rival, the Kindle Fire (Update 4)
69 Robot brings 3D to study of joints
70 S. Korea's SK to launch seven 4G smartphones
71 Flocking robots take to the sky (w/ video)
72 Amazon expected to unveil tablet at mystery event
73 With likely 'Kindle' tablet, Amazon takes on Apple
74 Panasonic unveils communication assistance robot "HOSPI-Rimo" and new models of hair-washing robot, "RoboticBed"
75 Texas Stampede supercomputer to join the eXtreme Digital (XD) program
76 More than meets the eyeBug
77 New software tools for railway signaling and energy distribution
78 China 'cracks down' on fake iPhones
79 The washable wearable antenna
80 Researchers unveil innovative solar cooling project
81 Alstom says China needs to 'master' rail technology
82 Review: Software for recording now, playing later
83 YouTube service stumbles
84 $13.2mn for Apotheker, $1 pay for Whitman at HP
85 Companies try to put a dent in Netflix
86 Privacy groups ask FTC to investigate Facebook
87 NinjaVideo leader pleads guilty to copyright charges
88 Imaging inflammation in the living brain
89 Combating mood disorders: New approach simplifies the search for more specific drugs
90 Pressurized vascular systems for self-healing materials
91 Full to the brim with hydrogen: Porous form of magnesium borohydride can store hydrogen
92 Making manufacturing ultrapure hydrogen gas easier than ever
93 Hydrogen released to fuel cell more quickly when stored in metal nanoparticles
94 Game-changing microfluidics
95 Multi-compartment globular structures assembled from polymer-based materials may soon serve as cell prototypes
96 March on, Hydrogen! Mild but very efficient: new catalytic process extracts hydrogen from bioalcohols
97 First detection of pregnancy protein in older people destined for Alzheimer's disease
98 New research promises better collection of prostate cancer cells
99 Taking the heat: Asian elephants simply 'ride out' high daytime heat load
100 Scientists construct, to maintain complementary DNA libraries of first lizard genome sequence
101 Single dose of contraceptive vaccine controls fertility in cats for years
102 University of Toronto Mississauga professor wins Ig Nobel Prize for beer, sex research
103 Vicious queen ants use mob tactics to reach the top
104 Tree frogs chill out to collect precious water
105 Strength in numbers? For wolves, maybe not
106 Apply public trust doctrine to 'rescue' wildlife from politics, researchers say
107 How the bat got its buzz: Superfast muscles in mammals
108 New technique gives precise picture of how regulatory RNA controls gene activity
109 Sexy sons thanks to mom
110 Not quite 'roid rage: Complicated gene networks involved in fly aggression
111 Weeds are vital to the existence of farmland species, study finds
112 Antisocial personality traits predict utilitarian responses to moral dilemmas
113 Social hierarchy prewired in the brain
114 Ohio researchers moving ahead with work to grow new ears
115 Research reveals hormone action that could lead to treatments for type 2 diabetes
116 New drug could combat killer diseases
117 How your brain reacts to mistakes depends on your mindset
118 'Back-up system' reduces heart disease deaths
119 Mechanism uncovered for the establishment of vertebrate left-right asymmetry
120 Computational modeling can help plan vaccine introduction, study finds
121 Research provides unprecedented insight into fighting viral infections
122 Knockout of protein prevents colon tumor formation in mice
123 Cancer vaccine quest begins at Mayo Clinic
124 Study finds promising drug treatment for improving language, social function in people with autism
125 Everyone's a little bit racist, but it may not be your fault, study suggests
126 New technique identifies first events in tumor development
127 Researchers make breakthrough in understanding white matter development
128 Single dose of hallucinogen may create lasting personality change
129 Texting has rewired your brain
130 Easily embarrassed? Study finds people will trust you more
131 Popular supplement--saw palmetto extract--has no effect on prostate health: study
132 Stereotypes and status symbols impact if a face is viewed as black or white
133 Neuroscientists record novel responses to faces from single neurons in humans
134 What do infants remember when they forget?
135 Experts propose new unified genetic model for human disease
136 Big Tobacco knew radioactive particles in cigarettes posed cancer risk but kept quiet
137 Israeli researchers create artificial rat cerebellum
138 Who are you? People yearn for positive perception about themselves
139 Women have stronger immune systems than men and it's all down to a single chromosome
140 German museum returning Namibian skulls
141 What makes a thinker?
142 Responsibilities of scientists underlined by scientific community
143 New software brings science to life for young people
144 Pressure forces teens to 'sext': Australian study
145 If you're happy and you know it: Researchers trail Twitter to track world's mood swings
146 'Trade is not a four-letter word'
147 Women in science? Universities don't make the grade
148 19th century 'Protestant work ethic' at heart of Europe's North/South debt crisis split
149 Fossilized beetles are redder than they were in life
150 Divorce is Costly for Women
151 I'd love to smash the Ritz...