File Title
1 Amazon Kindle Fire: Against iPad, Battle of the Tablets
2 Origins of Life: Undersea Stone May Have Started It All
3 Russia's Yandex Invests $15M in US Search Underdog
4 A Brief Look at How 4 in Congress Use Social Media
5 Shutdown Looms at Pioneering American Atom Smasher
6 Pendrell to Buy DRM Tech Firm ContentGuard
7 China Launches Module for Space Station
8 Congress Still a Bit Short on Social Media Savvy
9 Cops: Man Hid Murder With Phony Emails From Africa
10 Report: H-P Bolsters Defenses, Hires Goldman Sachs
11 Yahoo Touches up Flickr Amid Internal Turmoil
12 Snooki Pushes Zantrex-3 Diet Pill, Docs Disapprove
13 Want to Be More Open-Minded? Magic Mushrooms Found to
14 Beef, Cantaloupe Recalls: Tips for Preventing E. Coli, Listeriosis
15 CDC: Cantaloupe Listeria Outbreak Deadliest in a Decade
16 Higher-Than-Normal Blood Pressure Puts Patients at Stroke Risk
17 Vending Machines Dispense Prescription Drugs
18 'Baby Joseph' Dies at Home After Long Treatment Battle
19 Reebok to Refund $25 Million for False Advertising
20 Plastic Surgeon Allegedly Posted Nude Photos of Clients with Names
21 Global photosynthesis faster than thought
22 Bellowing koalas sound as big as a bull
23 Milky Way hangs by a cosmic thread
24 Rocket launches Chinese space lab
25 Self-healing materials take cue from nature
26 Secret of koala bellow revealed
27 Brazil judge halts work on Belo Monte Amazon dam
28 Syria 'targeting Homs scientists'
29 Vale council to decide on fracking gas test drilling
30 Tiangong-1 launch betrays China's earthly ambitions
31 Go Figure: Will we really keep getting fatter?
32 Making the London Olympics technology fit together
33 Very rare white humpback whale spotted in Australia
34 Flowers bloom for a second time this year
35 Typhoon Nesat threatens Vietnam after Hong Kong, Hainan
36 US ambassador Robert Ford pelted with tomatoes in Syria
37 Brazil urges ban on Gisele Bundchen TV lingerie ad
38 A decade on for the 'American Taliban'
39 Scarlett Johansson speaks out over nude photos
40 18 'killed by by one-punch attacks' in Northern Ireland
41 Rio Ferdinand loses privacy case against Sunday Mirror
42 Pakistan PM: 'We won't be pressured by US' on Haqqanis
43 White House asks Supreme Court to rule on healthcare law
44 China ready for next space leap
45 German parliament approves expanded EU bailout fund
46 Amanda Knox described as 'victim of tragic case'
47 What do you say to a friend who's lost their job?
48 Tougher rules for UK broadband advertising
49 Samsung to pay Microsoft royalties over Android
50 Africa's quiet digital revolution
51 Targeted back pain care 'cheaper and better for patients'
52 Death plea case rejected by judge
53 Michael Jackson: Dr. Conrad Murray made 'frantic' call
54 iPod Touch upgrade could mean end of iPod classic
55 Flickr launches realtime web app and photo sessions
56 How to spy on your kids online
57 OKCupid tells us which professions are the most promiscuous
58 What happens when you mix ThunderCats with the Internet? Thunder LOLCats, obviously
59 eBook reader roundup
60 Cat with two faces now in 12th year
61 Mass. musician accused of D.C. terrorist plot
62 Listeria outbreak may last for weeks, officials say: How to stay safe
63 Hackers grab Goldman CEO's personal data
64 Woman decapitated in Mexico for web posting
65 'Heat-proof' eggs help turtles cope with hot beaches
66 Location matters: For invasive aquatic species, it's better to start upstream
67 Potatoes are the largest and most affordable source of potassium of any vegetable or fruit
68 Gene controlling flowering boosts energy production from sorghum
69 How global warming could cause animals to shrink
70 A Labor Saving Way to Monitor Vast Rangelands
71 New AgriLife Research germplasm, irrigation management make a difference in corn production
72 Eating balanced meals, farm-fresh produce benefits families, communities, nutrition researchers say
73 Killing Crop-eating Pests: Compounds Work by Disrupting Bugs' Winter Sleep
74 Worm 'cell death' discovery could lead to new drugs for deadly parasite
75 Global conservation priorities for marine turtles
76 Research and Innovation: new modelling results link natural resources and armed conflicts
77 Video shows tool use by a fish
78 Additives meant to protect vitamin C actually cause more harm
79 Loss of "lake lawnmowers" leads to algae blooms
80 Study shows heifers don't have to be pigs at the feed bunk
81 Managing Future Forests for Water
82 Berkeley Lab Tests Cookstoves for Haiti
83 Wildlife Conservation Society study uncovers a predictable sequence toward coral reef collapse
84 Weeds are vital to the existence of farmland species, study finds
85 World-first discovery 'can help save coral reefs'
86 New analysis confirms sharks are in trouble
87 Productivity of land plants may be greater than previously thought
88 Test Identifies Red Angus Carriers of Bone Disease
89 Salty water and gas sucked into Earth's interior helps unravel planetary evolution
90 New energy in search for future wind
91 Catalyst discovery has potential to revolutionize chemical industry
92 LSU researchers find impact of oil spill in marsh fish species
93 NASA's infrared eyes examine Tropical Depression Haitang as it nears Vietnam
94 Using the energy in oil shale without releasing carbon dioxide in a greenhouse world
95 New report reveals the impact of global crises on international development
96 Climate change will show which animals can take the heat
97 Koalas' bellows boast about size
98 Autistic mouse shows striking parallels to human disease
99 Diabetes and cancer: A shared biological basis
100 Autistic mice act a lot like human patients
101 Experts propose new unified genetic model for human disease
102 Caltech neuroscientists record novel responses to faces from single neurons in humans
103 Unexpected role of noise in spine formation
104 Lawson research shows Canadians don't believe their eyes
105 Not quite 'roid rage
106 Red wine ingredient resveratrol stops breast cancer growth
107 Scientists discover the proteins that control development of varicose veins
108 Carnegie Mellon Scientists Track Neuronal Stem Cells Using MRI
109 Scientists discover a 'master key' to unlock new treatments for autoimmune disorders
110 Rebuilding the head of an armoured dinosaur
111 Powerful antibody-based strategy suggests a new therapeutic approach to diabetes and obesity
112 UH researchers explain hormonal role in glucose and fat metabolism
113 When chefs move the fruit
114 New technique identifies first events in tumor development
115 Children's National researchers make breakthrough in understanding white matter development
116 Alcohol-related behavior changes--blame your immune system
117 Vital protein complex and therapeutic possibilities revealed
118 New UC Research Promises Better Collection of Prostate Cancer Cells
119 Low zinc and copper levels might cause spontaneous abortion
120 First detection of pregnancy protein in older people destined for Alzheimer's disease
121 A breath-takingly simple test for human exposure to potentially toxic substances
122 Galaxy caught blowing bubbles
123 Single dose of hallucinogen may create lasting personality change
124 Redefining the kilogram and the ampere
125 National University of Singapore researchers have devised the world's first energy-storage membrane
126 Single Ions--Extremely Cool
127 Lift weights, eat mustard, build muscles?
128 The witch doctors' gift: Potential new drugs from a cup of tea
129 Rensselaer engineers 'cook' promising new heat-harvesting nanomaterials in microwave oven
130 Hydrogen released to fuel cell more quickly when stored in metal nanoparticles
131 Iowa State researchers produce cheap sugars for sustainable biofuel production
132 Pressurized Vascular Systems for Self-healing Materials
133 Scientists release most accurate simulation of the universe to date
134 New Stanford technique gives precise picture of how regulatory RNA controls gene activity
135 Fatty acid test: Why some harm health, but others help
136 Drunk behavior--a question of immunity
137 Academic issues warning on schoolboy rugby
138 Living with dementia and making decisions
139 Study finds consumers may have more control over health costs than previously thought
140 Cocaine users have 45 percent increased risk of glaucoma
141 Oral steroids linked to severe vitamin D deficiency in nationwide study
142 Roads pave the way for the spread of superbugs
143 Research leads to enhanced kit to improve design and processing of plastics
144 'Next-generation' optical tweezers trap tightly without overheating
145 New nanostructure-based process will streamline production of magnetic materials
146 Finding Yourself on Facebook
147 U of A chemistry team produces a 'game-changing' catalyst
148 JBEI identify new advanced biofuel as an alternative to diesel fuel
149 Researchers use carbon nanotubes to make solar cells affordable, flexible
150 NRL launches TacSat-4 to augment communications needs
151 New 'FeTRAM' is promising computer memory technology
152 Venus Weather Not Boring After All, NASA/International Study Shows
153 Saving heart attack victims with computer science
154 UC Davis advocates for new approaches to biomedical research
155 How the use of smartphones can revolutionize research in cognitive science
156 Europe 'punches above its weight' in biomedical research, despite limited funding
157 In unique fire tests, outdoor decks will be under firebrand attack
158 NIST polishes method for creating tiny diamond machines
159 Astronomers crack the Fried Egg Nebula
160 Light from galaxy clusters confirm theory of relativity
161 Feast your eyes on the Fried Egg Nebula
162 Epic volcanic activity flooded Mercury's north polar region
163 Stardust discovered in far-off planetary systems