File Title
1 iPhone 5: Top 5 Features Reported for New Apple Smartphone
2 OnStar Reverses Privacy Policy, Won't Track Non-Subscribers
3 Amazon's 'Kindle Fire' Tablet to Be Unveiled Wednesday
4 Army's New Secret Weapon: the iPad
5 Amazon to Release $99 Kindle With Touch Screen
6 Report: EPA Cut Corners on Climate Finding
7 Researcher: Hope, Famed Internet Bear, Is Dead
8 Review: EA's 'NHL 12' More Realistic Than Ever
9 Rocket Launches From Alaska With Navy Satellite
10 SKorean Military Hit by 2,770 Hacking Attempts
11 Microsoft, Samsung Expand Smartphone Partnership
12 Indonesia's Only Female Sex Therapist Goes Online
13 Wilson Greatbatch Dies, Invented Pacemaker
14 With Likely 'Kindle' Tablet, Amazon Takes on Apple
15 Michael Jackson Tour Director Alarmed By 'Incoherent' Star Days Before Death
16 Nightmare in Libya: Thousands of Surface-to-Air Missiles Unaccounted For
17 Vending Machines Get a Makeover
18 Ex-Football Player's Life Is Deleted by Retrograde Amnesia
19 Prehistoric beetles sported hotrod colours
20 Females chase males with big nuptial gifts
21 Heavenly Palace set for launch
22 Fossil beetles show true colours
23 UK-built NigeriaSat-2 shows off its vision
24 Clothes influence race perception
25 NASA's UARS satellite fell far from major landmass
26 Implantable pacemaker inventor Wilson Greatbatch dies
27 Tyndall's climate message, 150 years on
28 Battle of the knowledge superpowers
29 Could Russia pipe gas to Seoul via North Korea?
30 A fried egg by any other name...
31 Dipping tongues allow bees to drink the sweetest nectar
32 Worldwide weird: Make way for marching ducks in Memphis
33 Fifty-year-old red squirrel conservation project ends
34 Colorado cantaloupes kill up to 16 in listeria outbreak
35 Facial recognition marks the end of anonymity
36 Iraq makes first payment in deal to buy 18 US F-16s
37 Five severed heads left outside Mexican school
38 Antrim woman to sue US sex website over photographs
39 European Commission financial tax opposed by UK
40 Yemen unrest: warplane shot down by tribesmen
41 Amazon Kindle Fire to enter tablet computer market
42 Google boosts London's Silicon Roundabout
43 Facebook fixes ID cookie glitch
44 'Bad romance' hurts thousands of net singles
45 US trade body to probe HTC's Apple technology complaint
46 More scans recommended for unborn twins and triplets
47 Hampshire woman has part of limb artificially regrown
48 Doctors say Irish dancer's baldness linked to hair pinning
49 A Scientology dating site? Really?
50 A view of 60 seconds in the life of the Internet
51 Samsung's bendable cell phone, will it become a reality?
52 Facebook login required for Spotify account, here's a little trick for you
53 You talkin' to me? (NY subways get wireless)
54 Breakthrough reported in biofuel processing
55 Rebels: Qaddafi protected by desert dwellers
56 Here we go again: Another dead satellite heading our way
57 Health insurance costs soar, study says: Will trend last?
58 Google Flight Search Suffers Some Turbulence
59 The Latest Sports Stat: Players' Vital Signs
60 A Nightshirt to Monitor Sleep
61 Driving a Wheelchair with Your Shirt
62 Why Doctors Don't Like Electronic Health Records
63 E-Medicine's Perfect Storm
64 Technology Tames the Beast
65 'Big Data' Means Business Needs Mathematicians
66 'Darker Than Black' Metamaterial Promises Better Solar Cells
67 The Other, Other Tablet
68 Wearable Technology Goes to the Hospital
69 Amazon Is On Fire with Its New Tablet
70 China Beckons for Green-Energy Startups
71 New Battery Could Be Just What the Grid Ordered
72 Help NASA Find Life On Mars With MAPPER
73 Methane Debate Splits Mars Community
74 US Space Completes Study for USAF and Identifies Cost-Effective Ways to Procure MILSATCOM
75 Proton-M puts military purpose spacecraft into orbit
76 Harris unveils new systems
77 Environmental Testing of New Military Communications Satellite Completed
78 Lockheed Martin AMF JTRS Team Delivers Joint Tactical Radio to AFRL For C-130J And C-5 Integration Risk Reduction
79 Lockheed Martin Introduces Virtual Capability That Connects Interpreters with Battlefield Troops
80 Network in A Box Allows Military Vehicles To Be Used For Multiple Missions
81 Space Command retires workhorse satellite
82 Raytheon Develops Miniature Antenna To Extend Millimeter Wave Friendly ID Technology
83 USAF Approves Production of NGC Deployable Digital Wireless System for Remote Warfighters
84 Lockheed Martin Team Delivers Joint Tactical Radio to the U.S. Government for Integration into First Aircraft Platform
85 Raytheon BBN Technologies Awarded $2.4 Million to Advance Satellite Communications
86 Battlefield Airborne Communications Node System Completes 2,000 Tactical Missions
87 World's First DNA Astronauts to Launch Into Space
88 NASA Completes Orion Spacecraft Parachute Testing In Arizona
89 Venus Weather Not Boring After All
90 Japan test fires Venus probe engine
91 Gilat Spacenet Selected by Major Retailer to Deliver Critical Network Solutions
92 MOL LNG Selects KVH TracPhone V7 For LNG Tankers
93 Ruling Fuels Debate On Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking
94 Locata Unveils World's First GPS-style Indoor Positioning Solution
95 Rohrabacher Demands Release of NASA's Recent On-Orbit Fuel Depot Analysis
96 Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Reduces About 540 Positions
97 Future of European Outer Space Governance
98 Cleaning up with space tech
99 OSU partners with NASA
100 The Sounds Of NASA Available For Download
101 Drilling into Arctic Ice
102 Young Clays on Mars Could Have Been Habitable Regions
103 Rare martian lake delta spotted by Mars Express
104 Out of Thin Martian Air
105 Salty water and gas sucked into Earth's interior helps unravel planetary evolution
106 New technique for filling gaps in fossil record
107 WISE Raises Doubt About Asteroid Family Believed Responsible for Dinosaur Extinction
108 Tree resin captures evolution of feathers on dinosaurs and birds
109 Evidence for a persistently iron-rich ocean changes views on Earth's early history
110 Fossil Discovery Represents New Milestone in Early Mammal Evolution
111 Discovery of a 160-million-year-old fossil represents a new milestone in early mammal evolution
112 NASA Partners Uncover New Hypothesis On Crater Debris
113 China to launch moon-landing probe around 2013
114 Lockheed Martin Completes Primary Structure of NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft
115 Russia to resume deep space explorations with Phobos expedition
116 Arrival in the Arctic
117 Lava, not water, said cause of Mars beds
118 MAVEN Mission Completes Major Milestone
119 Entry, descent and surface science for 2016 Mars mission
120 Opportunity Continues to Study Chester Lake Rock Outcrop
121 Lockheed Martin-Built BSAT-3c/JCSAT-110R Satellite Handed Over to Japanese Customers
122 Raytheon GPS OCX Completes Preliminary Design Review
123 China prepares to launch first space lab module this week
124 Hexagon Enhances Satellite-based Positioning Solutions with Locata Local Constellation
125 Locata Publishes Interface Specifications and Launches New Local Constellation Concept
126 The era of big American physics about to end
127 A big step towards the redefinition of the kelvin
128 Quantum behavior with a flash
129 Search for Higgs particle narrows down
130 New record for measurement of atomic lifetime
131 Neutron analysis reveals unique atom-scale behavior of cobalt blue
132 Digital quantum simulator realized
133 UCSB physicists demonstrate the quantum von Neumann architecture
134 Higgs boson may be found by end of year
135 Surprise difference in neutrino and antineutrino mass lessening with new measurements
136 Building the Tools for Astrobiology's Future
137 Living in the Galactic Danger Zone
138 A Fish that Leaps to Land
139 Sunspot 1302 Big Bad And Coming Right At Us
140 The Secret Lives of Solar Flares
141 NASA spacecraft carrying CU-Boulder instruments observes new characteristics of solar flares
142 Sea Launch resumes operations after 2-year break
143 FAU Physicist Develops Mathematical Method to Find Satellite Galaxies
144 An Angry Bird in the Sky
145 Students Participate in Plant Investigation With Space Station Crew
146 From the Comfort of Home, Web Users May Have Found New Planets