File Title
1 Smart Phones Could Hear Your Password
2 Kinect Turns Any Surface Into a Touch Screen
3 Monitoring HIV on a Cheap Chip
4 A Quick, Cheap Diagnostic Test for HIV and Other Infections
5 Researchers Announce a Breakthrough on HIV/AIDS Treatment
6 Genetic Secret to AIDS Immunity Found
7 Gene Transfer Offers HIV Hope
8 Molecular Condom Blocks HIV
9 A Paper Test for Liver Damage
10 RNA-Based Cholesterol Drug Is Readied for Human Tests
11 Targeting a Master Regulator of Disease
12 EmTech: Get Ready for a New Human Species
13 One Easy Way to Make Siri Smarter
14 Service Blackouts Threaten Cloud Users
15 The Virtual HR Department
16 Why Simple File Sharing Is Serious Business
17 Kurzweil Responds: Don't Underestimate the Singularity
18 When Hacking Your Car Is a Civic Duty
19 Why Do Ice Trees Grow on Frozen Droplets?
20 Ball Camera Takes Spherical Panoramas
21 Like Stones, Why Some Balls Bounce On Water
22 A New Idea for Publishing: Ink and Paper
23 EmTech: Four Startups Bill Joy Says Could Change the World
24 BlackBerry's New OS: Too Little, Too Late?
25 EmTech: Does IT Cost More Jobs than It Creates?
26 Worm Offspring Inherit Longevity Even without the Genes
27 Anti-Aging Uncertainties Persist
28 New Google Smart Phone Recognizes Your Face
29 Shoot Now, Focus Later
30 New Malware Brings Cyberwar One Step Closer
31 Giant flakes make graphene oxide gel
32 Theoretical chemists find new dimension to rules for reactions
33 Neuroscientists unlock shared brain codes
34 Pi enthusiast calculates its ten trillionth digit
35 Flight control software to help pilots stick landings aboard carrier decks
36 New generation of superlattice cameras add more 'color' to night vision
37 Long-held belief debunked: Cycad is not a 'Dinosaur Plant'
38 Hunters present in North America 800 years earlier than previously thought: DNA analysis
39 Holodesk prototype puts life in computers (w/ video)
40 West Nile virus transmission linked to land use patterns and 'super-spreaders'
41 Launch of EU's Galileo system set for Friday
42 Inflammation controlled differently in brain and other tissues, study finds
43 Culture in humans and apes has the same evolutionary roots: study
44 Spitzer detects comet storm in nearby solar system
45 How Wolbachia bacteria controls vectors of deadly diseases
46 Significant ozone hole remains over Antarctica
47 New research challenges evolutionary theory
48 DARPA looking to master propaganda via 'Narrative Networks'
49 Solving the mysteries of short-legged Neandertals
50 Wakey, wakey! Wake up refreshed with a brain-monitoring alarm clock
51 High to moderate levels of stress lead to higher mortality rate
52 Autistic facial characteristics identified
53 Researchers reveal baby-killer birds
54 Part I: The energy that drives the stars comes closer to Earth
55 Electrochemistry controlled with a plasma electrode
56 New study shows passing mood can profoundly alter 'rational decisions'
57 Don't panic: The animal's guide to hitchhiking
58 Tokyo tech fair opens with robotic clapping of hands
59 Bed bug insecticide resistance mechanisms identified
60 New device could help scientists design new fuel reprocessing methods
61 Studying bacteria communication for future nanoscale networks
62 Shining light on the elusive carbon nanotube
63 Scientists detect unusual 'quasiparticles' in tri-layer graphene
64 Tiny battery is also a nanomotor
65 New glass stamp may make cheaper, more precise biosensors
66 LANL develops first genetically engineered 'magnetic' algae
67 Shaken, not stirred: Scientists spy molecular maneuvers
68 The Nanotechnology of Sundew and English Ivy
69 Bristly particles could be boon for powerplants
70 New method of growing high-quality graphene promising for next-gen technology
71 Could a computer one day rewire itself? New nanomaterial 'steers' current in multiple dimensions
72 Nanochannel electroporation: Researchers do precise gene therapy without a needle
73 Frustration inspires new form of graphene
74 Nanobelts support manipulation of light
75 Eye on ionization: Visualizing and controlling bound electron dynamics in strong laser fields
76 Quantum levitating (locking) video goes viral
77 One clock with two times: When quantum mechanics meets general relativity
78 'Microring' device could aid in future optical technologies
79 Study measures key property of potential 'spintronic' material
80 Polymer characterization 'tweezers' turn Nobel theory into benchtop tool
81 Scientists examine the flow of liquid at the contact between randomly rough surfaces
82 Glowing beacons reveal hidden order in dynamical systems
83 Magnetic sensors can measure distances between vehicles
84 A further step in the design of the LAGUNA large neutrino observatory is launched
85 Study reveals that solidified lubricants do not change back to liquid form
86 Seeing clearly: 2D nanoscopy achieves direct imaging of nanoscale coherence
87 Flat universe
88 Russia eyes caves on moon for setting up a lunar base
89 The spark of a new era
90 Space weather prediction model improves NOAA's forecast skill
91 Winter forecast cold north, dry south, heavy snow
92 GPM satellite takes a spin on the high capacity centrifuge
93 ROSAT--fiery debris to rain from the sky
94 Dead again? Lake Erie in trouble
95 New way to determine when water was present on Mars and Earth
96 Satellite pieces may hit Earth on weekend
97 Europe delays maiden launch of Soyuz with sat-nav payload
98 Can aromatherapy produce harmful indoor air pollutants?
99 Final checks for first Soyuz launch from Kourou
100 HTC Jetstream and Flyer take tablets to new heights
101 Without new iPhone, Apple iOS 5 more evolutionary than revolutionary
102 Russia surprised as Apple uses Glonass in new iPhone
103 Nokia to unveil Windows phone next week
104 Camera lets people shoot first, focus later
105 Samsung and Google unveil Galaxy Nexus smartphone
106 PlayStation Vita to hit US in February
107 In Chile, an iPad for every lawmaker
108 Turning iPhone into spiPhone: Smartphones' accelerometer can track strokes on nearby keyboards
109 Motorola brings back 'Razr' name for smartphone
110 BlackBerry maker shows new phone, tablet software
111 Review: iPhone 4S has some great features, including Siri
112 Robotic bug gets wings, sheds light on evolution of flight (w/ video)
113 A team for an emergency
114 iPhone 4S big hit in Hong Kong's grey market
115 Laser makes sure food is fresh
116 Development of non-natural flavanones as antimicrobial agents
117 Biomolecule separation at the nanoscale on the cover of Analytical Chemistry
118 New tool to help surgeons remove more cancer tissue during brain surgery
119 Morphology matters: The effect of processing on solar cells
120 Putting light-harvesters on the spot
121 Keeping acrylic paintings clean poses big challenges
122 A molecule worth its weight in gold to fight cancer
123 Optimal modulation of ion channels rescues neurons associated with epilepsy
124 New research links common RNA modification to obesity
125 PolyU scientist develop new textile materials for sportswear
126 Drug tracked in tissue
127 US police kill escaped lions, tigers and bears
128 Scientists determine family tree for most-endangered bird family in the world
129 Platypus helps shed new light on mammalian evolution
130 Polar bear habitats expected to shrink dramatically
131 Clearing house for DNA gets a boost
132 Flies' flight patterns rely on sense of smell
133 Growing algae could clean the Chesapeake Bay and create biofuel
134 Leaf litter ants advance case for rainforest conservation in Borneo
135 Novel therapeutic target identified to decrease triglycerides and increase 'good' cholesterol
136 Autistic brains develop more slowly than healthy brains: study
137 Combination of available tests helps predict Alzheimer's disease risk
138 Radiotherapy after surgery halves breast cancer recurrence
139 Brain study reveals how successful students overcome math anxiety
140 Brain tumour treatment hope
141 Study shows estrogen works in the brain to keep weight in check
142 B-lymphocyte depletion using the anti-CD20 antibody rituximab in chronic fatigue syndrome
143 Blame backbone fractures on evolution, not osteoporosis
144 Could a probiotic be used to treat inflammatory bowel disease?
145 One size does not fit all for knee replacements and other medical devices
146 Men win humor test (by a hair)
147 IQ can rise or fall significantly during adolescence, brain scans confirm
148 Neuroscientists find normal brain communication in people who lack connections between right, left hemispheres
149 Scientists sequenced DNA of oldest woman in hopes to unlock long life secrets
150 CDC: Add $2 per drink for US excessive drinking
151 Number of Facebook friends linked to size of brain regions, study suggests
152 Low birthweight infants have five times rate of autism
153 Do white LEDs disrupt our biological clocks?
154 Forgetting is part of remembering
155 Scientists discover immune peacekeepers
156 Whether we know it or not, we can 'see' through one eye at a time
157 There is no such thing as identical where twins are concerned
158 Women, men and the bedroom
159 Inconsistent evaluations may affect promotion of women in law firms
160 False starts can sneak by in women's sprinting
161 Face-to-face with an ancient human
162 Different reading devices, different modes of reading?
163 Scary is exciting--sheep's head is not for wimps
164 Who color-coded Christmas?
165 The myth of the Arab Spring
166 Researchers discover ancient depiction of childbirth at Etruscan site in Tuscany
167 NJIT math professor announces picks for Cy Young and Most Valuable Player: Says Rangers will win
168 Scientists show how to make peace
169 A sensible, balanced amount of free time is key to happiness in our consumer society
170 Scientists predict All Blacks to grow in strength
171 Viking boat burial find is UK mainland first