File Title
1 Steve Jobs Worked on Apple's 'Next Product' Until His Dying Day
2 'A Duet With Siri': Musician Sings on YouTube With iPhone 4S
3 California Runaway Teenage Girl Reconnects With Mom From Mexico Via Facebook
4 TechBytes: Motorola Razr Returns as Smartphone
5 A $6,000 Seal Becomes Robotic Companion for Older Adults
6 High Winds, Blinding Wall of Dust Blast Texas City
7 Back to the Future: DeLorean Plans an Electric Car
8 Eyeing Asian Market, LinkedIn Launches in Japanese
9 AT&T Sees 3Q Slowdown in iPhone Activations
10 Radiation After Lumpectomy Improves Survival, Saves Breasts
11 Brain Imaging Offers Clues to Math Anxiety
12 Sweethearts Tend to Hit the Sweets, Says Study
13 Exposure Therapy Rescues Woman From Vomit Phobia
14 One in 10 Americans Use Antidepressants, Most Don't See a Therapist
15 Rescheduling Hydrocodone
16 South Park's Mr. Hankey as Rectal Cancer Mascot
17 Task Force Recommends Women Get Fewer Pap Tests
18 Study suggests Earth survived near miss
19 Human antibody fends off Hendra virus
20 Plastic-brained teens have big IQ swings
21 Climate change migration warning issued through report
22 Wave and tidal power get more support
23 Europe's Galileo sat-nav launch delayed
24 Companies call for tougher climate action
25 IQ 'can change in teenage years'
26 Viasat broadband 'super-satellite' launches
27 Oiled pelicans photo takes top prize
28 Ardnamurchan Viking boat burial discovery 'a first'
29 Your 24-hour guide to the world
30 Libya's Muammar Gaddafi 'killed'
31 Libyan forces 'capture Gaddafi'
32 Libya's Muammar Gaddafi 'killed'
33 Fighting erupts at mass rally over Greece austerity bill
34 Thailand floods: Bangkok 'impossible to protect'
35 Clinton warns Taliban of 'continuing assault'
36 Is the US Declaration of Independence illegal?
37 When did potatoes become unpopular?
38 Indians oppose 'recycled' sewage for Arizona skiing
39 V for Vendetta masks: Who's behind them?
40 Turkey steps up offensive in Iraq after Kurdish raids
41 Websites 'should carry libel risk for anonymous posts'
42 ARM chip promises cheaper smartphones
43 Camera can snap now, focus later
44 Nokia swings to loss in the third quarter
45 Who are the jailbreakers?
46 Nokia's rocky road to a Windows Mobile tie-up
47 Botswana HIV: Mogae in call to legalise homosexuality
48 Viewpoint: How do our bacteria help us?
49 The childless UK couples considering Indian surrogates
50 Lytro camera photos are mesmerizing, give it a try
51 Awesome! Interactive Internet health map checks your state's connection
52 Cruz and Kindle Fire are beginning of affordable tablets
53 Meet the cyclops shark and other creepy creatures
54 Steve Jobs amassed $6B fortune
55 Apple served up with heaping of baloney
56 Sheriff: Missing Ohio monkey believed eaten
57 Libyan officials: Qaddafi killed in Sirte
58 Sadness, resignation over Zanesville animals
59 Qaddafi dead after Sirte battle, PM confirms
60 8,000-foot-high dust cloud blankets Lubbock
61 Exotic animal farm owner had history of trouble
62 Marijuana legalization support at record high
63 Boy Posing As Girl On Facebook Extorts Sex
64 Wall Street protesters plan march on DA's office
65 Marines to allow troops to wear KIA bracelets
66 JetBlue "hero" attendant gets probation
67 Brothers charged with stealing Penn. bridge
68 Wash. woman says dog being held for ransom
69 Airlines raise fares, but will they stick?
70 Boy survives 3-story drop in Boston blaze
71 Hair attacks force Amish to seek outside help
72 Car explodes in northern Mexico as soldiers pass
73 Photographer who captured rock's golden age dies
74 Austrian women allege mass rapes at foster home
75 23 women convicted of child pornography in Sweden
76 Qaddafi hometown falls to Libya fighters
77 Netanyahu issues warning to freed Palestinians
78 Backpack drone a "magic bullet" for U.S. troops?
79 Libyans close to total victory over Gadhafi forces
80 NATO "very close" to ending Libya bombing
81 South Pole evacuee undergoes medical tests
82 Planet-Sized Object as Cool as Earth Revealed in Record-Breaking Photo
83 Bioluminescence: Explanation for Glowing Seas Suggested
84 Young Human-Specific Genes Correlated With Brain Evolution
85 U.S. Rivers and Streams Saturated With Carbon
86 NASA's Spitzer Detects Comet Storm in Nearby Solar System
87 Computing Building Blocks Created from Bacteria and DNA
88 How the Milky Way Killed Off Nearby Galaxies
89 Nano Funnel Used to Generate Extreme Ultraviolet Light Pulses
90 Scientists Reveal Surprising Picture of How Powerful Antibody Neutralizes HIV
91 Seeing Through Walls: New Radar Technology Provides Real-Time Video of What's Going On Behind Solid Walls
92 Clue to Birth Defects in Babies of Mothers With Diabetes
93 Timing for Clinical Trials for Stem Cell Therapy in Spinal Cord Injuries Is Right, Review Suggests
94 Protein That Fuels Lethal Breast Cancer Growth Emerges as Potential New Drug Target
95 New Discovery in the Fight Against Tuberculosis
96 Tricking Resistant Cancer Cells Into Committing Suicide
97 Impurity Atoms Introduce Waves of Disorder in Exotic Electronic Material
98 Plastic Fantastic: The Future of Biodegradables
99 Self-Replication Process Holds Promise for Production of New Materials
100 Mobile Electrons Multiplied in Quantum Dot Films
101 Frustration Inspires New Form of Graphene
102 First-Ever Sequence and Structure of Biologically Important Carbohydrate
103 Unexpected Effect of Climate Change On Body Size for Many Different Species
104 Chemical Warfare On the Reef: Molecules Used by Certain Seaweed to Harm Corals
105 Future Forests May Soak Up More Carbon Dioxide Than Previously Believed
106 Clustered Hurricanes Reduce Impact On Ecosystems, Researchers Find
107 Antiviral Drugs May Slow Alzheimer's Progression
108 Research Could Lead to New Treatments for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Viral Infections
109 Age a Big Factor in Prostate Cancer Deaths, Study Finds
110 What Makes Tires Grip the Road On a Rainy Day?
111 Men Win Humor Test (by a Hair)
112 One Size Does Not Fit All for Knee Replacements and Other Medical Devices, Expert Says
113 Delayed Vs. Immediate Coronary Stenting
114 False Starts Can Sneak by in Women's Sprinting, Analysis Finds
115 Can Breastfeeding Reduce Pain in Preterm Infants?
116 Imaging Technology Might Help Doctors Determine Best Treatment for Crohn's Disease Patients
117 Low Birthweight Infants Five Times More Likely to Have Autism, Study Finds
118 X-Linked Mental Retardation Protein Is Found to Mediate Synaptic Plasticity in Hippocampus
119 Common Link Suggested Between Autism and Diabetes: Study Implicates Hyperinsulinemia in Increased Incidence of Autism
120 Could Hypertension Drugs Help People With Alzheimer's?
121 Forgetting Is Part of Remembering
122 Time On Your Hands: Good or Bad?
123 Physical Appearance Perfectionism Scale Developed
124 Cellphones Exceed U.S. FCC Exposure Limits by as Much as Double for Children, Study Finds
125 Shift Work in Teens Linked to Increased Multiple Sclerosis Risk
126 Babies and Toddlers Should Learn from Play, Not Screens
127 Antibody Treatment Protects Monkeys from Hendra Virus Disease
128 Skin's Immune Peacekeepers Discovered
129 Optimal Modulation of Ion Channels Rescues Neurons Associated With Epilepsy
130 Why Steroid Treatment for COPD Is Ineffective
131 Efficacy of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Vaccine Demonstrated in Dogs
132 Researchers Examine BPA and Breast Cancer Link
133 Pollutants Linked to 450 Percent Increase in Risk of Birth Defects in Rural China
134 New, Higher Estimates of Endangered Humpback Whales in the North Pacific
135 Two New Bee Species Are Mysterious Pieces in the Panama Puzzle
136 Industrial By-Products Upgraded Into Fuel
137 Piecing Together the Priceless 'Cairo Genizah'
138 Robotic Bug Gets Wings, Sheds Light On Evolution of Flight
139 100,000-Year-Old Ochre Toolkit and Workshop Discovered in South Africa
140 Archaeologists Find Blade 'Production Lines' Existed as Much as 400,000 Years Ago
141 Super-Sized Muscle Made Twin-Horned Dinosaur a Speedster
142 Dark Matter Mystery Deepens
143 New Mystery On Mars' Forgotten Plains
144 NASA's Dawn Science Team Presents Early Science Results
145 Subtly Shaded Map of Moon Reveals Titanium Treasure Troves
146 Distant Galaxies Reveal the Clearing of the Cosmic Fog; New VLT Observations Chart Timeline of Reionization
147 Lightning Strikes, in the Form of Bits and Bytes
148 Using New Technique, Scientists Uncover a Delicate Magnetic Balance for Superconductivity
149 Glowing Beacons Reveal Hidden Order in Dynamical Systems: Experimental Confirmation of a Fundamental Physical Theorem
150 Ammonia Air Pollution from Cars and Trucks Worse in Winter
151 Natural Disasters: Networking Robots and Sensor Systems to Help First Responders React More Quickly
152 Key Property of Potential 'Spintronic' Material Measured
153 Computer Games Help People With Parkinson's Disease, Pilot Study Shows
154 Step Toward Quantum Computers: Using Commercial Photonic Components
155 Twitter Data Used to Track Vaccination Rates and Attitudes
156 Reduce Cyber Attacks by Protecting and Rewarding Secure Networks On the Internet