File Title
1 Report Suggests Mechanical Failure in Reno Air Crash
2 Gallery: How Steve Jobs Ruined Comics
3 Iran Running Drone Competitions to Upgrade Unmanned Air Force
4 Microsoft Patent Details Module-Based Smartphone
5 5 Key Features Missing From Facebook Music
6 Exclusive: Inside Facebook's Bid to Reinvent Music, News and Everything
7 New Evidence of Anti-Islam Bias Underscores Deep Challenges for FBI's Reform Pledge
8 Scientists Question Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos
9 DJ Shadow: The Internet Is Not Your Savior
10 iOS Developers Reporting In-App Purchasing Outage
11 Net Neutrality Rules Published, Lawsuits Soon to Follow
12 WikiLeaks Volunteer Hacked a Reporter, Assange Autobiography Reveals
13 Physicists Create Magnetic Invisibility Cloak
14 Federal Law Blocks Netflix, Facebook Integration--But Should It?
15 Gov. Brown: Sign Bill Outlawing Warrantless Smartphone Searches
16 Ten Years Ago Today: Goodbye Porn, Hello Predator
17 TV Fact-Checker: A Former Stewardess On Pan Am's Friendlier Skies
18 How To Save an LCD Monitor From the Landfill (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)
19 A heart of gold: Better tissue repair after heart attack
20 Deep brain stimulation studies show how brain buys time for tough choices
21 Invasion of genomic parasites triggered modern mammalian pregnancy
22 Study puts a new spin on ibuprofen's actions
23 Jumping gene enabled key step in corn domestication
24 New discoveries in genetics of lung health
25 Rogue receptor opens door for rare kidney disease
26 Mice stem cells guided into myelinating cells by the trillions
27 Piezoelectric film used for new remote that twists and bends
28 Roll over Einstein: Law of physics challenged (Update 3)
29 Were Twin Towers felled by chemical blasts? (Update)
30 Scientists stunned, sceptical on faster-than-light particles
31 Could primordial black holes be dark matter?
32 Toyota three-wheeler does 80.3 mph on compressed air
33 Origin of dinosaur-killing asteroid remains a mystery
34 WISE mission captures black hole's wildly flaring jet
35 Could the Higgs boson explain the size of the Universe?
36 Graphene can be strengthened by folding
37 Proton-based transistor could let machines communicate with living things
38 Cloaking magnetic fields: The first 'antimagnet' device developed
39 Hints of universal behavior seen in exotic three-atom states
40 First life may have arisen above serpentine rock, researchers say
41 Saturn's moon Enceladus spreads its influence
42 Revolutionary conducting polymer enables silicon use as next generation of lithium-ion battery anodes
43 Scientists turn back the clock on adult stem cells aging
44 Computer simulation shows Solar System once had an extra planet
45 Brain imaging reveals the movies in our mind
46 Bio-inspired coating resists liquids
47 NASA to demonstrate communications via laser beam
48 Bimetallic nanoantenna separates colors of light
49 Nanoscale nonlinear light source created
50 Controlling silicon evaporation allows scientists to boost graphene quality
51 Record-breaking solar cell announced by multinational research team
52 High speed charging device--success in high capacity graphene-based supercapacitors
53 Scientists get first detailed look at nitrogen doping in single-layer graphene
54 New 'smart window' system with unprecedented performance
55 A new way to go from nanoparticles to supraparticles
56 Research explains how phase segregation affects efficiency in organic photovoltaics
57 Scientist proves potential of new nanoparticle design for cancer therapy
58 Tiny wires a step towards photonic chip
59 Challenging Einstein is usually a losing venture
60 Physicists wary of junking light speed limit yet
61 Gee Whizzz! Basics on faster-than-light research
62 Compression experiments lead to shocking results
63 Exeter physicist advances early universe theory
64 Antimatter sticks around
65 Advanced electron microscope sheds light on metal embrittlement
66 Scientists observe how superconducting nanowires lose resistance-free state
67 Tools of the trade: Diamonds are forever...for focusing intense X-rays
68 Like fish on waves: electrons go surfing
69 In Brief: Development of a new chip for characterizing ultrafast optical pulses
70 Hoping for mining boom, Canada opens last frontier
71 Hundreds in Seattle rally against fossil fuel use
72 The American 'allergy' to global warming: Why?
73 NASA satellite plunges into Pacific off California
74 Satellite landed, exact site not yet known: NASA
75 Living in the galactic danger zone
76 Aquarius yields NASA's first global map of ocean salinity
77 Most accurate measurements of big-city pollution
78 Dust makes light work of vehicle emissions
79 Our ability to model past climates does not guarantee future success
80 Solar activity can affect re-entry of UARS satellite
81 An X1.4 Solar Flare and a CME
82 Texas Stampede supercomputer to join the eXtreme Digital (XD) program
83 More than meets the eyeBug
84 Nvidia says Kal-El chip will have five cores
85 Robot influences behavioral development of quail chicks
86 Japan carrier unveils smartphone radiation gauge
87 Review: Skype phone and adapter for home calling
88 Experts and parents are unsure of new touch-screen tablet, marketed for very young children
89 Apple to unveil iPhone 5 on October 4: report
90 Robotic fish test the waters for safety risks
91 US libraries lend digital books to Kindle readers
92 HTC unveils new smartphone, the Rhyme
93 MSI shows voice-controlled motherboard approach at IDF
94 Panasonic enters mini robots in Hawaii triathlon (w/ video)
95 Droid Bionic smartphone from Verizon finally lands--and it's a winner
96 Nintendo 3DS has extra controller-button device
97 Senator says OnStar invades privacy
98 Samsung says 10 million Galaxy S II handsets sold
99 BBC News, Al Jazeera take online journalism honors
100 Cell phone troubles plague LA-area AT&T customers
101 'Multiple parties' interested in Yahoo!: memo
102 Top Groupon exec jumps back to Google
103 Apple opens Hong Kong store in China push
104 Russia believes US, Israel behind Iran worm attack: official
105 Software developer shows face-swapping in realtime (w/ video)
106 New holographic radar system can track high speed shells
107 Amazon press invites could herald iPad rival
108 Calif. governor signs compromise on Internet taxes
109 Engineers simulate large quake on curved bridge (w/ video)
110 Lessons to be learned from nature in photosynthesis
111 Edible carbon dioxide sponge
112 Scientists lay out plans for efficient harvesting of solar energy
113 Study discovers amazing electrical properties in polymers
114 New metal hydride clusters provide insights into hydrogen storage
115 Rapid profiling of drug candidates
116 Radiation boost for artificial joints
117 A smarter way to deliver drugs
118 Bionic bacteria may help fight disease and global warming
119 From protein to planes and pigskin
120 How does DEET work? Study says it confuses insects (Update)
121 Toward an improved test for adulterated heparin
122 High temperature, high speed metal fatigue test device with 1000C heat resistance
123 At long last, new plastics for baby bottles, shopping bags, and much more
124 Scientists reveal how organisms avoid carbon monoxide poisoning
125 GM food solutions at risk from lobbyists, research suggests
126 Scientists find H1N1 flu virus prevalent in animals in Africa
127 Bees outpace orchids in evolution
128 Bird disease spreads from UK to Europe
129 All-access genome: New study explores packaging of DNA
130 What's so unique about the tropics? 'Less than we thought'
131 Researchers unlock key to iron-rich rice
132 Keeping pets sweet: Treating diabetes in dogs
133 Exploring the 'last frontier' of our genome
134 Economy and weather put the squeeze on wine grape supply, survey finds
135 Female promiscuity can rescue populations from harmful effects of inbreeding
136 Improving evolutionary Tree of Life: Study provides robust molecular phylogeny for mammalian families
137 Bijou's abnormally large clitoris leads to big surprise
138 Discovery helps explain why chemo causes drop in platelet numbers
139 Electrical stimulation to the brain makes learning easier
140 Buyer beware: Advertising may seduce your brain, researchers say
141 Flaws found in video game studies
142 Now see this: Anti-inflammatory treatment reverses stroke-induced compromise in sensory learning
143 Men and women cooperate equally for the common good
144 Is the 'longevity gene' nearing the end of its life?
145 Electrical stimulation of brain boosts birth of new cells, may improve memory
146 Power corrupts, especially when it lacks status
147 'Promiscuous parasites' hijack host immune cells
148 More doubt on virus, chronic fatigue connection
149 Hedging your bets: How the brain makes decisions about related bits of information
150 Reports of mental health disability increase in US
151 Protein 'switches' could turn cancer cells into tiny chemotherapy factories
152 Learning and remembering linked to holding material in hands, new research shows
153 Researchers develop stem cell-based models for studying mitochondrial disorders
154 Sniffing out Parkinson's
155 Targeting HIV's sugar coating: New microbicide may block AIDS virus from infecting cells
156 Trappings of parenthood leads to long-term weight gain, new study shows
157 Study helps predict which ARVD patients are at highest risk of sudden cardiac death
158 Cancer drug may also work for scleroderma
159 New targets for the control of HIV predicted using a novel computational analysis
160 Rotavirus vaccination leads to large decreases in health care costs, doctor visits
161 What employers look for of those re-entering the workforce
162 Abusive men likely to repeat violence if attraction to women is superficial
163 Study finds congestion pricing works best when partnered with land-use planning
164 Excavation shines a light on what the Fens would have looked like 3,000 years ago
165 Study 'changes our understanding' of youth voting behavior
166 Variety now the spice of mid-life
167 Barnard professor explores the rich, sweet history of milk
168 Sex segregation in schools detrimental to equality
169 Archaeologists uncover evidence of large ancient shipyard near Rome
170 Professional judgment and decisions are never free from bias, study finds
171 Escalation threatens strike resolution, say researchers
172 Composers in tune with British stereotype
173 Researchers find amplification of bias in advice to the unidentified and many
174 Heavy rains yield big dinosaur fossil find in Md.
175 Can we save the tiger with mathematics?