File Title
1 Facebook linked to bigger brain areas
2 Measuring devices failing under pressure
3 Car-sized satellite heading for Earth
4 Longannet carbon capture scheme scrapped
5 Ardnamurchan Viking boat burial discovery 'a first'
6 Malaria vaccine trial raises hope
7 Researchers warn of new Stuxnet worm
8 Reef fish live and hunt as a team
9 The disease killing Europe's plane trees
10 Who, What, Why: How can a 100-year-old run a marathon?
11 Future computers could rewire themselves
12 Internet 'may be changing brains'
13 Living in: New Orleans
14 Digital textbooks open a new chapter
15 Greece unrest: Athens clashes amid general strike
16 Bears, tigers, lions and wolves loose from Ohio zoo
17 Pakistan warns US over unilateral military action
18 End of Empire: Tough economy closes mining town
19 Sri Lanka lagoon set for tourist development
20 America's child death shame
21 Actress sues Amazon over her age on its IMDb site
22 Gilad Shalit release: Shahira Amin defends interview
23 French hostage Marie Dedieu held in Somalia dies
24 Android debuts Ice Cream Sandwich
25 Apple shares fall after iPhone sales miss forecasts
26 Web commerce hack attack may 'happen again'
27 Machine uses artificial vision to detect rotten oranges
28 Intel shares boosted by 17% rise in quarterly profits
29 Egg donor compensation is to triple under new HFEA guidelines
30 Apple stores close today for Steve Jobs memorial
31 4,001 Post-it notes for Steve Jobs
32 Motorola announces Droid RAZR, world's thinnest smartphone
33 Woman charged $201,000 for phone bill
34 RIM pins hopes on new BBX operating system
35 Binoculars alert: Halley's Comet to put on meteor show
36 Some iPhone 4S users seeing red over yellow tint
37 Etiquette for a digital world
38 Health-care "scorecard" shows Americans get raw deal
39 More Facebook friends means bigger brain? What study says
40 Dangerous animals escape Ohio preserve
41 Shoot to kill: Ohio cops hunt escaped animals
42 Police: 3 exotic animals still loose in Ohio
43 The Murcian flower has been 'revived' after 100 years
44 Cichlid male nannies help out, especially if they've been sneaking
45 Scientists discover dietary moisture window that boosts urinary tract health in cats
46 Commercial dry petfood has significant benefits for oral health in cats and dogs
47 A step towards new vaccines for most important chicken parasite
48 New research from WALTHAM demonstrates the importance of portion control for maintaining healthy body weight in neutered female kittens
49 Pesticides pollute European waterbodies more than previously thought
50 Method of studying roots rarely used in wetlands improves ecosystem research
51 Does converting cow manure to electricity pay off?
52 New study finds 400,000 farmers in southern Africa using 'fertilizer trees' to improve food security
53 Deep-reef coral hates the light, prefers the shade
54 Study identifies molecules used by certain species of seaweed to harm corals
55 Clustered hurricanes reduce impact on ecosystems
56 50 years of cereal leaf beetle management research
57 Pecan ipmPIPE: Harnessing the Internet for stakeholders in production agriculture
58 2011 a banner year for young striped bass in Virginia
59 Farmland floods do not raise levels of potentially harmful flame retardants in milk
60 How learning more about mass nesting can help conserve sea turtles
61 New Study Finds 400,000 Farmers in Southern Africa Using 'Fertilizer Trees' to Dramatically Improve Food Security
62 Simple nerve cells regulate swimming depth of marine plankton
63 From Tropics to Poles: Study Reveals Diversity of Life in Soils
64 New, higher estimates of endangered humpback whales in the North Pacific
65 New bacteria toxins against resistant insect pests
66 Putting light-harvesters on the spot
67 Gypsies, Graveyards and Mysterious Plants
68 Tree-dwelling animals were the first to fly, new research suggests
69 Archaeologists Find Sophisticated Blade Production Much Earlier Than Originally Thought
70 Ancient Etruscan childbirth image is first for western art
71 Severe drought, other changes can cause permanent ecosystem disruption
72 Earthquakes generate big heat in super-small areas
73 U-M ecologist: Future forests may soak up more carbon dioxide than previously believed
74 NASA continues critical survey of Antarctica's changing ice
75 Endangered species? Should cheap phosphorus be first on an elemental 'Red List?'
76 Sea levels will continue to rise for 500 years
77 US rivers and streams saturated with carbon
78 Links in the chain: Global carbon emissions and consumption
79 Urban 'heat island' effect is a small part of global warming; white roofs don't reduce it
80 Study links pollutants to a 450 percent increase in risk of birth defects
81 U.S. Rivers and Streams Saturated With Carbon
82 New evidence for the oldest oxygen-breathing life on land
83 Double duty: Anti-HIV topical gel also protects against herpes virus
84 3 factors could point to your fate after surgery
85 Unraveling the mysteries of the maternal brain: Odors influence the response to sounds
86 Next-generation brain stimulation may improve treatment of Parkinson's disease
87 Researchers turn viruses into molecular Legos
88 Manufacturing goes viral
89 Canadian Journal of Cardiology publishes report on delayed vs. immediate coronary stenting
90 First report of increased safety using simultaneous techniques for cardiac testing published
91 Glowing beacons reveal hidden order in dynamical systems
92 Home washing machines: Source of potentially harmful ocean 'microplastic' pollution
93 Turning up the heat to kill cancer cells: The 'Lance Armstrong effect'
94 New tool to help surgeons remove more cancer tissue during brain surgery
95 Magnetic attraction: NIST/CU microchip demonstrates concept of 'MRAM for biomolecules'
96 X-linked mental retardation protein is found to mediate synaptic plasticity in hippocampus
97 Wildlife Conservation Society uncovers record number of jaguars in Bolivia
98 Explanation for Glowing Seas Suggested
99 Research proposes common link between autism, diabetes
100 Bridging the Gap
101 Permanently dismal economy could prompt men to seek more sex partners
102 Regaining trust after a transgression
103 Direct access to physical therapists associated with lower costs and fewer visits, new study says
104 Pediatric emergency department visits for psychiatric care on the rise
105 Minority children less likely to receive CT scans following head trauma
106 Bad eggs and oil slicks
107 Low-income dads support breastfeeding
108 Incidence of non-fatal pediatric firearm injuries in the US higher than previously estimated
109 Dads, community health care workers' roles in supporting low-income moms with breast feeding
110 Study Shows that New DNA Test to Identify Down Syndrome in Pregnancy is Ready for Clinical Use
111 UNH: 1 in 4 children exposed to some form of family violence
112 Study: Associating Your Car with Your Identity Leads to Aggressive Driving
113 The value of subjective and objective evaluations of teacher effectiveness
114 Chinese Americans Don't Over Borrow, MU Study Finds
115 Commonwealth Fund Commission national health care scorecard: US scores 64 out of 100
116 More poor kids in more poor places, Carsey Institute finds
117 Cells are crawling all over our bodies, but how?
118 Improving training efficiency in horses
119 Shift work in teens linked to increased multiple sclerosis risk
120 Researchers Discover Why Steroid Treatment for COPD Is Ineffective
121 UGA scientists team up to define first-ever sequence of biologically important carbohydrate
122 VISTA finds new globular star clusters and sees right through the heart of the Milky Way
123 Discovery of a cell mechanism that reduces effectiveness of breast cancer treatment
124 1 clock with 2 times
125 What makes tires grip the road on a rainy day?
126 Using new technique, scientists uncover a delicate magnetic balance for superconductivity
127 Genetic study of cave millipedes reveals isolated populations and ancient divergence between species
128 Battery Research: Bionics Reduces Filling Time
129 Now you can determine the solar efficiency of your roof
130 Young genes correlated with evolution of human brain
131 Has our violent history led to an evolved preference for physically strong political leaders?
132 Young human-specific genes correlated with human brain evolution
133 Unknown species and larval stages of extremely long-legged beetles discovered by DNA test
134 CSI-style investigation of meteorite hits on Earth
135 2 new bee species are mysterious pieces in the Panama puzzle
136 Stranded dolphins exhibit bubbles, and ability to recover
137 Brain scans reveal drugs' effects on attention
138 AAP expands ages for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in children
139 Teachers, children mistake candy for medicine in study
140 Adolescents Sleeping More Hours Score Higher in Maths
141 New role for Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in regulating skin cancer stem cells
142 Propensity for longer life span inherited non-genetically over generations, Stanford study shows
143 New therapy protects monkeys from Hendra virus
144 Pre-term babies' exposure to steroids associated with impaired brain growth
145 Scientists report major advance in the treatment of Hendra virus
146 New aggression tool predicted violent patients in medical and surgical wards
147 After pregnancy loss, Internet forums help women understand they are not alone
148 Older women still suffer from hot flushes and night sweats years after the menopause finds study
149 Health groups issue proposed cervical cancer screening guidelines
150 Study Offers Cardiac Arrest Treatment Guidance
151 Ambitious Hubble survey obtaining new dark matter census
152 Dark Matter Mystery Deepens
153 Blue stragglers
154 Impact study: Princeton model shows fallout of a giant meteorite strike
155 Amorphous diamond, a new super-hard form of carbon created under ultrahigh pressure
156 Impurity atoms introduce waves of disorder in exotic electronic material
157 Virginia Tech biomedical engineers announce child football helmet study
158 Scientists create computing building blocks from bacteria and DNA
159 Number of Facebook friends linked to size of brain regions, study suggests
160 Trudeau Institute announces its latest discovery in the fight against tuberculosis
161 Can we share vampires' appetite for synthetic blood?
162 Seeing through walls
163 Cyber war might never happen
164 Technology Targets Genetic Disorders Linked to X Chromosome
165 Piecing Together the Priceless "Cairo Genizah"
166 Georgia Tech Turns iPhone Into spiPhone
167 Polymer characterization 'tweezers' turn Nobel theory into benchtop tool
168 The eyes have it: Computer-inspired creativity
169 RUB researchers break W3C standard
170 Carnegie Mellon develops touchscreen technology that distinguishes taps by parts of finger
171 SideBySide projection system enables projected interaction between mobile devices
172 Babies and toddlers should learn from play, not screens
173 Alternating training improves motor learning
174 Fatal Crashes in the U.S.: Fewer Canadian Drivers Under The Influence
175 Whether We Know It Or Not, We Can "See" Through One Eye At A Time
176 Forgetting Is Part Of Remembering
177 'Generation Squeezed': Today's family staggering under the pressure
178 Heart failure hospital stays drop by 30 percent
179 Brain scans support findings that IQ can rise or fall significantly during adolescence
180 Too much undeserved self-praise can lead to depression
181 Time on your hands--good or bad?
182 Rochester Study: Age a Big Factor in Prostate Cancer Deaths
183 Evidence-based medicine in health-care reform