File Title
1 Tiny fossil fragment reveals giant-but-ugly-truth
2 Cichlid male nannies help out, especially if they've been sneaking
3 Specialized courts for environment cases among proposals as law experts mull green governance
4 Greater support is needed to tackle the serious emotional consequences of whistleblowing
5 Responsibilities of scientists underlined by scientific community
6 Overweight or obese kids at almost 3 times greater risk of high blood pressure
7 Athletes' streaks not all in our (or their) heads
8 Athletes' winning streaks may not be all in our--or their--heads
9 Detecting glaucoma before it blinds
10 New computer program promises to save the whales
11 A new mathematical model explains patterns of human movement by considering the costs
12 Sugar high for bees
13 Computing power leads to insights
14 Improving the physics of grocery store display cases to save energy
15 Scientists find vitamin D crucial in human immune response to TB
16 Testing protein leverage in lean humans: a randomised controlled experimental study
17 New molecular target for diabetes treatment discovered at Stanford
18 Interfacility helicopter ambulance transport of neurosurgical patients
19 New buzzwords 'reduce medicine to economics'
20 Survival disparities in African-American and white colo-rectal cancer patients
21 Falls prevention in Parkinson's disease
22 Millions of new regulatory elements found in human genome
23 Scientists move closer to predicting who will and will not fight off severe infections
24 How watching TV and their relationship to Mom affects teenagers' sexual attitudes
25 Study: Transfusion Not Always Best Treatment for Anemia, Age of Stored Blood May Play a Role
26 Mayo Clinic finds estrogen may prevent younger menopausal women from strokes
27 Barshop Institute, global team sequences DNA of naked mole rat
28 Researchers make older beta cells act young again
29 Study compares narrow band imaging to chromoendoscopy for the detection of dysplasia in IBD patients
30 Why Many Cells are Better than One
31 Stem cells from cord blood could help repair damaged heart muscle
32 Southampton scientists herald significant breakthrough in study of chlamydia
33 Study suggests children's food choices are affected by direct advertising and parental influence
34 Everest expedition suggests nitric oxide benefits for intensive care patients
35 Friends and family as responsible as health-care professionals for personal health, global survey
36 Place, Not Race, May Be a Larger Determinant of Health Disparities
37 UK government claims that patient choice improves health care is based on flawed research, experts say
38 Critical Minerals Ignite Geopolitical Storm
39 Carbon sequestration policy must balance private property, public good
40 Chronic dialysis for kidney disease patients now started substantially earlier
41 Link shown between environmental toxicants and atherosclerosis
42 Industry conflicts of interest are pervasive among medical guideline panel members
43 University of Tennessee researchers say some youth too immature to stand trial
44 Researchers track number of doctors disciplined and why
45 Annual cost of violence pegged at $6.9B after women leave abusive partners: UBC research
46 More intersections mean less outdoor activity for children
47 New project examines medical safety net for undocumented patients
48 'Cute' chimps in ads may harm the species' survival
49 Violent games emotionally desensitizing
50 Human development experts recommend tuning in to family, not devices
51 Folic acid supplements in early pregnancy may reduce the risk of severe language delay in children
52 Do US men value fatherhood over their careers?
53 College students limit technology use during crunch time
54 Can't buy me love: Study shows materialistic couples have more money and more problems
55 When the economy is down, alcohol consumption goes up
56 Can indigenous peoples be relied on to gather reliable environmental data?
57 Toronto researchers find first physical evidence bilingualism delays onset of Alzheimer's symptoms
58 Tests to catch the makers of dangerous 'legal high' designer drugs
59 Permanently dismal economy could prompt men to seek more sex partners
60 Crab pulsar beams most energetic gamma rays ever detected from a pulsar
61 Crab pulsar dazzles astronomers with its gamma-ray beams
62 Iowa State researchers help detect very-high-energy gamma rays from Crab pulsar
63 Astrophysicists spot pulsed radiation from Crab Nebula that wasn't supposed to be there
64 Astronomers Find Elusive Planets in Decade-Old Hubble Data
65 University of Tennessee scientist searches for moons around asteroids
66 Astrophysics and Extinctions: News About Planet-Threatening Events
67 Measuring Billions of Elusive Neutrinos Flowing Through the Earth, UMass Amherst Physicists Learn Sun
68 Survey gives clues to origin of Type Ia supernovae
69 Real star power
70 Astrophysicists find evidence of black holes' destruction of stars
71 Crab Pulsar Emits Light at Higher Energies Than Expected
72 Astronomers find bounty of failed stars
73 Suspects in the quenching of star formation exonerated
74 Distant galaxies reveal the clearing of the cosmic fog
75 New Mystery on Mars' Forgotten Plains
76 Clearing the cosmic fog of the early universe: Massive stars may be responsible
77 Wet and Mild: Caltech Researchers Take the Temperature of Mars's Past
78 Hubble survey carries out a dark matter census
79 Luminous grains of sand determine year of historic storm flood
80 Georgia Tech Releases Cyber Threats Forecast for 2012
81 X-ray camera makes A-grade particle detector
82 Point defects in super-chilled diamonds may offer stable candidates for quantum computing bits
83 New form of superhard carbon observed
84 Ghostwriting the Torah?
85 Crowdsourcing Democracy Through Social Media
86 Oranges and mandarins are inspected using artificial vision
87 Notre Dame computer vision experts develop 'questionable observer detector'
88 Spreading like wildfire? Maybe not always
89 Clean correction of a patient's genetic mutation
90 Talk to the virtual hands
91 NTU researchers develop cheaper yet efficient thin film solar cells
92 Metal shortages alert from leading geologists
93 If oxygen becomes the undoing of proteins
94 Scientists develop new technology to detect deep sea gas leaks
95 University of Minnesota discovery could make fuel and plastics production more energy efficient and cost effective
96 Don't Break My iPad: Tablets Designed for Kids
97 BlackBerry Outage Spreads to U.S., RIM Responds
98 Snap! Missing Camera Transmits Pictures Back to Owner
99 Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's Space Date
100 More Wireless Devices Than People in U.S., Says Survey
101 The View from 118,000 Feet
102 Sony PlayStation Network Hacked Again, Closes 93,000 Accounts
103 iOS 5 Release Date: New Operating System for iPad, iPhone
104 5 Diseases More Common in Minorities
105 Mouth Bacteria Mix Might Signal Pancreatic Cancer
106 Decoding the Black Plague
107 Health Reporter Chooses Double Breast Removal
108 Mind-Blowing Sex Causes Amnesia in 54-Year-Old Woman
109 Cancer Survival: Longer Lives, Unmet Needs
110 Cain to Prove He's Fit to Be President
111 T. rex was bigger than thought: study
112 Evidence for HPV vaccination questioned
113 Many cancer survivors struggle with stress
114 Asteroid Vesta rocked by mighty impacts
115 Tokyo radiation hotspot 'not linked to Fukushima'
116 Piranhas communicate with sound, say researchers
117 BP unveils Shetland investment programme
118 Gene therapy and stem cells unite
119 Salvage crew returns to New Zealand oil spill ship
120 The shifting face of a 200-million-year-old mystery
121 Life in limbo in Chinese village that does not exist
122 Are Gibson guitars killing the rainforest?
123 Go Figure: What bananas tell us about radiation
124 Sighting in Penzance was a dwarf sperm whale
125 Opening doors to a hidden New York
126 Keeping traditional Chinese culture alive
127 Spanish MSF doctors seized near Kenya-Somali border
128 Ai Weiwei is named ArtReview's 'most powerful artist'
129 Bhutan king Jigme Wangchuk marries commoner Jetsun Pema
130 Raj Rajaratnam jailed for 11 years for insider trading
131 Unix creator Dennis Ritchie dies aged 70
132 Wall Street Journal accused of circulation 'scam'
133 Blackberry says services 'fully restored'
134 Apple's iOS 5 upgrade causing problems
135 Arrest made in Hollywood hacking probe
136 Apple wins battle to block Samsung tablets in Australia
137 Lebanon web suffers from 'world's slowest connection'
138 What are key features of iOS 5?
139 Why I now believe time travel is totally possible
140 Apple launches iMessage, forget texting
141 Apple iOS 5 reviews from around the web
142 Blackberry admits: "We're letting you down"
143 New research may be able to discover tweeting psychopaths
144 BlackBerry outage enters third day; Washington, D.C. reacts
145 Google+ a failure as a platform?
146 Intel chair: "Chain" of Iran plots possible
147 Blubbery Britons must cut 5 billion calories, health officials say
148 Do naked mole rats hold secret to longevity?
149 Esophageal cancer risk overblown, study suggests
150 Contact lens recall stepped up under FDA pressure: How to stay safe
151 Listeria death toll now at 23, making outbreak deadliest in 25 years
152 Sugar-free gum good for teeth? Maybe not, study says
153 The 1971 article that inspired Steve Jobs
154 DNA exoneration raises tough questions in Tex.
155 Professor tells stuttering student not to speak
156 Amtrak trains collide in Calif.; 17 hurt
157 Officials: Iran plot was serious but amateur
158 NYPD infiltrated Muslim student groups for intel
159 Dr. Pepper goes macho to sell men diet drink
160 Mother accused of letting 9-year-old girl drive
161 Gap bets big on China
162 Mass. family lost in corn maze calls 911
163 Abortion foes push fetal heartbeat bills