File Title
1 BlackBerry Outage Spreads to U.S.
2 iPhone 4S carries on the Apple excitement
3 Best Buy, Microsoft join FCC in bid to boost broadband
4 Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System Tested
5 Report: Samsung Replaces Smartphone Feature
6 Puerto Rico Bans Use of Cellphones While Driving
7 Restaurant Serves Up 8,000 Calorie Burger
8 Fruits and Vegetables Could Modify Gene Linked to Heart Disease
9 Taking Vitamin E Puts Men at Greater Risk for Prostate Cancer, Study Finds
10 Sleep Apnea Linked to Sexual Dysfunction
11 Women Taking Diet Supplements Should Think Twice, Study Says
12 Vitamins and Vitamin Supplements: Use Increases in America
13 Steps to Prevent Osteoporosis and Osteopenia
14 Antioxidants May Boost Baby Making
15 7 Easy Sources of Vitamin D
16 Vitamin D Protects Against Age-Related Vision Loss
17 Calcium: Enough Already?
18 Cancer gene linked to increased fertility
19 Women on Pill less satisfied in bedroom
20 Smart plastic research tops Science Prizes
21 Very Large Telescope details cosmic timeline
22 EU plans CAP reforms for 'greener' farm subsidies
23 Badger vaccine project generates 'delight'
24 Australia parliament passes divisive carbon tax
25 Glasgow surgeon using ultrasound to treat fractures
26 India successfully launches monsoon research satellite
27 BP reveals plan for hypothetical oil spill off Shetland
28 New Zealand oil spill ship captain charged
29 New marine power sites leased out by Crown Estate
30 Tiny fossil teeth re-write rodent record
31 How to clean an oil-slicked penguin
32 Meerkats recognise others' voices
33 Fishing film nets documentary prize
34 Sir David Attenborough predicts TV you can smell
35 Live the good life on the Amalfi Coast
36 US to pressure Iran over 'plot to kill Saudi envoy'
37 Burma frees dozens of political prisoners
38 Blackberry problems spread to US
39 Iraq bombs: Police targeted in capital Baghdad
40 America's commutes start earlier and last longer
41 Where child sacrifice is a business
42 Viewpoint: Is the alcohol message all wrong?
43 India encephalitis outbreak kills 400, mainly children
44 'Underpants bomber' Abdulmutallab pleads guilty
45 Michael Jackson did not cause own death, says doctor
46 How China is winning the school race
47 Leaping antelope brings down cyclist in South Africa
48 Albert Einstein's letter on Nazis sold for $14,000
49 Albert Einstein immigration card displayed in Liverpool
50 Iran says Wall Street protests to topple US capitalism
51 Tablets turned into Braille keyboard by US researchers
52 Disabled to get better web access
53 More readable information demanded by blind people
54 Sony locks 93,000 online accounts after security breach
55 How to breathe new life into the PC
56 Raw vegetables and fruit 'counteract heart risk genes'
57 Relationship satisfaction linked to oral contraception
58 Cancer charities say working can help patients cope
59 Bad timing for Blackberry service fail
60 BlackBerry outage enters day three, spreads to North America
61 Incredible stop-motion video of our favorite '80s toys
62 Putting iPhone 4S' Siri to the test
63 How to get your man to do chores, make it like a GTA mission
64 BlueStacks runs Google Android apps on Windows
65 U.S. aims to "unite the world" against Iran
66 Folic acid pills may help prevent kids' speech delays: Study
67 Vitamin E pills up prostate cancer risk, study suggests
68 Peanut allergy cure found? What study shows
69 Fruits, veggies may outmatch bad genes for heart disease
70 Pink fatigue? Breast cancer campaign gets slammed
71 Keep balloons from kids? European edict stirs debate
72 Improved method for detecting mutant DNAs
73 Does a bigger brain make for a smarter child in babies born prematurely?
74 Scientists find vitamin D crucial in human immune response to TB
75 Clean correction of a patient's genetic mutation
76 Understanding the constraints of evolution provides roadmap to mammalian biology
77 Researchers reconstruct genome of the Black Death
78 Dark matter of the genome revealed through analysis of 29 mammals
79 Millions of new regulatory elements found in human genome
80 Genome sequencing unlocks the mysteries of naked mole rat
81 If oxygen becomes the undoing of proteins
82 NRL Scientists Demonstrate the Power of Optical Forces in Blood Cell Identification
83 Scientists develop new technology to detect deep sea gas leaks
84 Smoking cigarettes simulates cystic fibrosis
85 Scientists move closer to predicting who will and will not fight off severe infections
86 Potential new drugs plug brain's biological 'vacuum cleaner' and target HIV
87 Borrowing from brightly-colored birds: Physicists develop lasers inspired by nature
88 Tagging tumors with gold: Scientists use gold nanorods to flag brain tumors
89 Human development experts recommend tuning in to family, not devices
90 Folic acid supplements in early pregnancy may reduce the risk of severe language delay in children
91 Sugar high for bees
92 Barshop Institute, global team sequences DNA of naked mole rat
93 University of Minnesota discovery could make fuel and plastics production more energy efficient and cost effective
94 Researchers make older beta cells act young again
95 Feeding the world while protecting the planet
96 Strategy for improving health care for uninsured, low-income, and minorities in the US
97 Immigrant domestic workers transform childcare methods
98 UC Research Finds that Consumers Rely on Signage over Other Ad Media
99 Physicians treating Latinos have high hurdles to jump, study shows
100 Chronic dialysis for kidney disease patients now started substantially earlier
101 Greater support is needed to tackle the serious emotional consequences of whistleblowing
102 Governments should use cash transfers to target families hit by food poverty
103 New computer program promises to save the whales
104 Fall market jitters a SAD thing, Rotman paper suggests
105 Researchers track number of doctors disciplined and why
106 Ammonia gets overdue overview
107 Program Improves Scores, Knowledge Retention for Third-Year Residents
108 Crowdsourcing Democracy Through Social Media
109 Hispanic Women Have Higher Incidence of Rare Breast Tumor
110 UC Research Examines the Economic Value of On-Premise Signs
111 New Research Finds that Homeowners and City Planners Should 'Hit the Trail' When Considering Property Values
112 Fall financial market jitters a SAD thing
113 Women in prison: An issue of blaming the individual for social problems
114 Spreading like wildfire? Maybe not always
115 Skin color matters when it comes to Canadians' health: UBC study
116 BMC Pediatricians Find Increase in Snap Benefits Associated with Healthier Children
117 Nearly 1 in 4 people with psoriasis may have undiagnosed psoriatic arthritis
118 New drug target for Alzheimer's, stroke is discovered by University at Buffalo scientists
119 Mushroom compound appears to improve effectiveness of cancer drugs
120 Natural Processes Can Limit Spread of Arsenic in Water, Says Study
121 X-ray camera makes A-grade particle detector
122 New form of superhard carbon observed
123 National study finds vitamin E supplement may increase prostate cancer risk
124 University of Colorado Cancer Center test helps reduce risk of death in advanced lung cancer
125 Distant galaxies reveal the clearing of the cosmic fog
126 NYU scientists' creation of self-replication process holds promise for production of new materials
127 Scientists find possible trigger for volcanic 'super-eruptions'
128 NTU researchers develop cheaper yet efficient thin film solar cells
129 Metal shortages alert from leading geologists
130 New Saudi Arabias of solar energy: Himalaya Mountains, Andes, Antarctica
131 First practical scientific test to date and authenticate priceless silk masterpieces
132 Erasing history? Temporal cloaks adjust light's throttle to hide an event in time
133 Stanford researchers examine impact of 'green politics' on recent national elections
134 Researchers discover oldest fossil rodents in South America
135 University of Alberta discovery could change the face of cell-biology research
136 The Strange Rubbing Boulders of the Atacama
137 Luminous grains of sand determine year of historic storm flood
138 Mercury pollution in the Great Lakes region--nearly forgotten, but not gone
139 ISU plant pathologist updates science community on groundbreaking research
140 Most vertebrates--including humans--descended from ancestor with sixth sense
141 New hi-tech study finds T. rex was bigger and grew faster than previously thought
142 Cold War's nuclear wastes pose challenges to science, engineering, society
143 Wet and Mild: Caltech Researchers Take the Temperature of Mars's Past
144 Bacterial communication could affect Earth's climate
145 Examining motherly fears
146 Study: growing up in bad neighborhoods has a devastating impact
147 People as 'sensors': Twitter messages reveal NFL's big plays and fans'
148 Young children show improved verbal IQ
149 New Findings Validate the Accuracy of Autism Diagnosis in Children with Down Syndrome
150 Advance offers new opportunities in chemistry education, research
151 Boosting creativity with interactive technology
152 Growing up in bad neighborhoods has a 'devastating' impact
153 Intensive training helps children with reading and writing difficulties
154 Prison Education Programs Reduce Inmate Prison Return Rate, MU Study Shows
155 Preschool program improves standardized test scores through grade 5
156 Removal of restrictions can decrease music piracy
157 Stanford summer course yields touchscreen Braille writer
158 Kids more accepting of peers who try to change undesirable trait than those faulted for it
159 Specialized courts for environment cases among proposals as law experts mull green governance
160 Education Research Shows LGBTQ-identified Students At Higher Risk than Straight-identified Students