File Title
1 Burglars, Be Alarmed: Smart House Alarm From Vivint
2 DNA study: Bones not those of James gang gunslinger
3 Facebook wants a bigger role in media we consume
4 'Interactive' novels link e-readers to real-world settings
5 iPhone 4S pre-orders sell out
6 TechBytes: Apple in the Post-Steve Jobs Era
7 BlackBerry Reports Problems in Europe, Middle East
8 AP IMPACT: Foreign Insects, Diseases Got Into US
9 Netflix Kills Plan to Split off DVD Rentals
10 7 People Tread Water for 20 Hours, One Dies After Boat Capsizes Off Florida Keys
11 Marijuana-Shaped Candy Alarms Parents, Officials
12 'Maybe-Baby' Mindset Can Put Mom and Baby in Harms Way
13 Solar variability explains cold northern winters
14 New skin cancer genes found
15 Glass half full may not be the best idea
16 Ultraviolet light shone on cold winter conundrum
17 Oil from ship grounded off New Zealand reaches shore
18 Brain 'rejects negative thoughts'
19 Japan quake: Fukushima children receive thyroid tests
20 Car-free Sunday for smog-struck Milan
21 Parents warned to be cautious of umbilical stem cell 'cure'
22 Scotland-Ireland undersea rail link plan 'a surprise'
23 Egypt clashes: Military calls for swift unrest probe
24 Libya conflict: Pro-Gaddafi troops 'cornered' in Sirte
25 Nobel prize for economics awarded to two Americans
26 UN publishes Afghanistan prisoner 'torture' report
27 Dexia bank gets massive bailout
28 Googling the ghosts of Montparnasse cemetery
29 Real-life Jedi: Pushing the limits of mind control
30 UK doctors advised gonorrhoea has turned drug resistant
31 Row over photo in shopping centre
32 Netflix scraps plan to spin-off DVD deliveries
33 US diplomat Campbell notes 'dramatic' Burma change
34 Samsung Nexus Prime smartphone delay is 'Jobs tribute'
35 Cyber attack tests for Olympic Games computer systems
36 Napster founders return with Airtime start-up
37 Military jamming of GPS in Scotland suspended
38 EU welcomes Syria opposition council as 'positive step'
39 Life as an Italian American Sikh female taxi driver in NYC
40 Russian families sue child mix-up hospital
41 Blackberry services down in Europe, Middle East and Africa
42 Greece health warning after cuts
43 California bans use of sunbeds for under 18-year-olds
44 'Power of football' helps keep elderly active
45 Apple to launch iMessage on Wednesday, forget texting
46 Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh may have predicted his death, shared on Twitter and Facebook
47 Post-9/11 security allowed costly pest invasion
48 The next step in bionics
49 Steve Jobs: Inside his private world
50 Virus infects Pentagon drones' computers
51 Say cheese! iPhone app catches thief
52 Paul McCartney weds American heiress
53 Occupy Wall Street now in 25 cities
54 Whitey Bulger taken down by ex-Miss Iceland
55 Seven treading water 20 hours rescued off Fla.
56 Tanning beds to be off-limits to Calif. teens
57 Listeria outbreak death toll rises to 21, officials say
58 Deadly polar bear attack in Norway
59 The Best Pregnancy Tests
60 Co. finds ship full of silver in Atlantic
61 Man charged with ramming airport terminal in Wyo.
62 Is Romney's Mormon faith affecting votes?
63 CIA agent: I was sent to get bin Laden's head
64 Study: Kids more careful online than you'd think
65 UPDATE: Apple: iPhone 4S Preorders Top 1M In A Single Day
66 UPDATE 3--Apple says iPhone 4S broke preorder record
67 iPhone 4S first-day orders top 1M
68 iPhone 4S: First million served in 24 hours
69 Apple's Steve Jobs was Innovator, Visionary, Media Darling
70 With Time Running Short, Jobs Managed His Farewells
71 iPhone 4S Sales Surpass 1 Million In A Day
72 As iPhone 4S sets records, Apple's legacy models show strong sales too
73 The strange, glowing object that put Missouri on "UFO alert" this week
74 iMessage Coming This Week: A Wake-Up Call for Wireless Carriers
75 Adoption of Digital Wallet Faces Hurdles
76 For optimist people, the brain just rejects negative thoughts
77 Windows Phone chief dumps on iPhone, Android
78 Latest Game Theory: Mixing Work and Play
79 Peanut-Butter Makers Face Crunch
80 Pros and cons of PSA screening test for prostate cancer
81 Prostate cancer experts bash panel's PSA test recommendation
82 Panel's Advice on Prostate Test Sets Up Battle
83 Mind-guided robotic arm lets paralyzed man touch girlfriend
84 Brain linked to robotic hand; success hailed
85 Paralyzed Man Uses a Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm to Touch
86 Number of Normal-Weight Americans Edges Out the Overweight
87 36.6% Of Americans Of Normal Weight, The Rest Are Overweight Or Obese, Gallup Poll
88 Pharmasset expands hepatitis C trial; shares rise
89 U.S. food safety risks since 9/11: Pest explosion breaks out as anti-terror measures took priority
90 U.S. attorneys should back off medical-marijuana dispensaries
91 Feds target medical-marijuana dispensaries in California
92 Federal Prosecutors Announce Crackdown on Medical Marijuana Industry
93 Big Tobacco Out Billions, but Still Kicking After Settlement
94 Steve Jobs, 1955-2011: Mourning Technology's Great Reinventor
95 Steve Jobs: Remembering the Dissatisfied Man
96 Do We Need the iPad? A TIME Review
97 Are Texting Apps a Real Threat to Wireless Carriers?
98 How to Share a Family Shopping List by Keeping It in the Cloud
99 'Non-invasive' cultivar? Buyer beware
100 Chromosome inheritance? Not the same for all the chromosomes
101 Market transactions and economics in general affect biological invasions
102 Prague's 88 nature reserves threatened by invasive plant species
103 Study tracks mutations causing CDA II back to the Roman Empire
104 Gray Jays' Winter Survival Depends On Food Storage, Study Shows
105 CAMH study confirms genetic link to suicidal behavior
106 Cleveland Clinic study discovers new targets for treating inflammatory, autoimmune diseases
107 Notre Dame researchers report progress on compound to treat neurological diseases
108 Study shows how bookmarking genes pre-cell division hastens their subsequent reactivation
109 New membrane lipid measuring technique may help fight disease
110 Novel technique uses RNA interference to block inflammation
111 Scientists discover 3 new gene faults which could increase melanoma risk by 30 percent
112 Genome-wide studies have identified new genes involved in susceptibility to melanoma
113 Small molecules can starve cancer cells
114 NYU biologists use Sinatra-named fly to show how to see the blues--and the greens
115 Medical College of Wisconsin researchers show molecule inhibits metastasis
116 Sexual selection by sugar molecule helped determine human origins
117 Terrestrial biodiversity recovered faster after Permo-Triassic extinction than previously believed
118 Giant Kraken Lair Discovered
119 Researchers study aging's effect on the brain
120 Seeking superior stem cells
121 Panama REDD: Getting what you pay for
122 Boosting creativity with interactive technology
123 Growing up in bad neighborhoods has a 'devastating' impact
124 Intensive training helps children with reading and writing difficulties
125 To win hearts and minds, focus on small projects, study finds
126 Researchers question key quality measure for asthma
127 TGen/Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center oncologists publish results of a new drug regimen for patients with pancreatic cancer
128 Study shows looking for job on Internet reduces unemployment time
129 Nursing home flu shots fall short, especially for blacks
130 Spanish women marry immigrants with more qualifications
131 How Chronic Stress Short-circuits Parenting
132 Non-compete agreements create 'career detours'
133 Report reveals economic, social costs of hunger in America
134 Hypothetically tweaking: Research shows questions can influence behavior, promote bias
135 Friends and family as responsible as health-care professionals for personal health, global survey
136 How fair sanctions are orchestrated in the brain
137 Place, Not Race, May Be a Larger Determinant of Health Disparities
138 Children find human-made objects more likely to be owned than natural objects
139 Hold the Phone for Vital Signs
140 Workplace sabotage fueled by envy, unleashed by disengagement: UBC research
141 People without cars, financial assets less likely to marry: study
142 Strategy for improving health care for uninsured, low-income, and minorities in the US
143 Two cellphones in one
144 Removal of restrictions can decrease music piracy