File Title
1 Apple's Fifth Ave store becomes memorial site for Steve Jobs
2 Simon & Schuster moves up publication of Steve Jobs biography to Oct. 24
3 Apple rivals, partners & press pay tribute to Steve Jobs
4 Wall Street: Spirit & vision of Steve Jobs will live on at Apple
5 Apple University revealed as plan to teach executives to think like Steve Jobs
6 Real Racing 2 first iOS game with 4-person split big screen action via AirPlay
7 Bloomberg Businessweek to publish 64-page ad-free Steve Jobs tribute issue (with cover photo)
8 Steve Jobs' rare disease ran predictable course
9 Fortune: Steve Jobs, technology's greatest visionary
10 Apple likely quietly paid tribute to Steve Jobs during 'Let's Talk iPhone' event
11 Simon & Schuster ups Steve Jobs biography to October 24th
12 Steve Jobs: 'Death is life's best invention'
13 Westboro Baptist Church uses iPhone to condemn Steve Jobs; announce protest at Jobs' funeral
14 Steve Jobs' passing spurs tributes at Apple Retail Stores worldwide
15 Rush Limbaugh: Steve Jobs epitomized American exceptionalism
16 Sprint accepting 8GB iPhone 4 pre-orders
17 Woz says News of Steve Jobs' passing struck him like the deaths of Lennon and JFK
18 Steve Jobs, in his own words
19 Steve Jobs to live on, virtually, in Apple University
20 Steve Jobs narrates first Think Different commercial 'Here's to the Crazy Ones' (with video)
21 2.5 Million Steve Jobs tweets sent out in just 12 hours
22 Steve Jobs' reach into sports
23 Cyber criminal scams already exploiting Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' death
24 Westboro Church Plans Picket of Steve Jobs's Funeral
25 How Steve Jobs Influenced Me as a Writer
26 Analyst: Apple Still Strong Despite the Loss of Steve Jobs
27 Using Boot Modifier Keys with Bluetooth Keyboards
28 'One more thing': The spirit of Steve Jobs lives on
29 Opinion: Jobs humanized technology, made the magical common
30 Steve Jobs's influence felt professionally, personally
31 Publisher advances Jobs bio pub date to Oct. 24
32 Why Steve Jobs's death feels so sad
33 Steve Jobs is gone, but his impact will live on
34 Five new things your device will be able to do in iOS 5
35 Steve Jobs: Developers, politicians, CEOs, and celebrities pay tribute
36 Mourners flock to Apple Stores to pay tribute to Jobs
37 Steve Jobs: Making a dent in the universe
38 People reach for Steve Jobs bio in large numbers, author knew illness was terminal
39 Plants May Have the Genetic Flexibility to Respond to Climate Change
40 Astronomers Find Elusive Planets in Decade-Old Hubble Data
41 Monkeys 'Move and Feel' Virtual Objects Using Only Their Brains
42 Patient-Specific Stem Cells: Major Step Toward Cell-Based Therapies for Life-Threatening Diseases
43 First Comet Found With Ocean-Like Water
44 Triple Rainbows Exist, Photo Evidence Shows
45 Biologists Find 'Surprising' Number of Unknown Viruses in Sewage
46 Arctic Sea Ice Continues Decline, Hits Second-Lowest Level
47 Pumice Proposed as Home to the First Life Forms
48 Sociability May Depend Upon Brain Cells Generated in Adolescence
49 New Regimen Frees Kidney-Transplant Patients from Dependency On Immunosuppresant Drugs
50 Survival Increases in Early Stage Breast Cancer After Treatment With Herceptin and Chemo, Study Finds
51 Illusory Memories Can Have Salutary Effects
52 Women Exposed to Synthetic Estrogen Diethylstilbestrol (DES) in the Womb Face Increased Cancer Risk, Study Finds
53 Dietary Supplements for Patients After Lung Injury Do Not Appear to Improve Outcomes; May Be Harmful, Study Suggests
54 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: 'Quasicrystals' Once Thought Impossible Have Changed Understanding of Solid Matter
55 When Water and Air Meet: New Light Shed On Mysterious Structure of World's Most Common Liquid Interface
56 Advance Offers New Opportunities in Chemistry Education, Research
57 'Mirage-Effect' Helps Researchers Hide Objects
58 Researchers Transform iPhone Into High-Quality Medical Imaging Device
59 A Fish's Personality May Determine How It Is Captured
60 A 'Carbonizing Dragon': Construction Drives China's Growing CO2 Emissions
61 Outsmarting Algae: Scientist Finds the Turn-Off Switch
62 Follow the Odor and CO2: Flight Patterns Reveal How Mosquitoes Find Hosts to Transmit Deadly Diseases
63 Grazing Zebras Versus Cattle: Not So Black and White
64 Decade of Effort Yields Diabetes Susceptibility Gene
65 Krypton Hall Effect Thruster for Spacecraft Propulsion
66 New Tool Helps Identify Prostate Cancer Patients With Highest Risk of Death
67 Hundreds of Undiscovered Artifacts Found at Gallipoli Battlefield
68 How Fair Sanctions Are Orchestrated in the Brain
69 'Genetic Biopsy' of Human Eggs Might Help Pick the Best for IVF
70 Everest Expedition Suggests Nitric Oxide Benefits for Intensive Care Patients
71 Scientists Identify Cause of Severe Hypoglycemia
72 Invasive Melanoma May Be More Likely in Children Than Adults
73 Antisense Therapy Delivers Long-Term Correction of Severe Spinal Muscular Atrophy in Mice
74 Earlier Tracheostomies Result in Better Patient Outcomes, Study Finds
75 Changes in Brain Function in Early HIV Infection: A Reliable Indicator of Disease Prognosis?
76 Marijuana Component Could Ease Pain from Chemotherapy Drugs, Study Suggests
77 Think You're in Poor Health? It Could Increase Your Odds of Dementia
78 Evidence Found for the Genetic Basis of Autism: Models of Autism Show That Gene Copy Number Controls Brain Structure and Behavior
79 Baby Formula: Inflammatory Food Toxins Found in High Levels in Infants
80 You Can Wash Away Your Troubles, With Soap
81 Research Sheds Light On Origins of Greatness
82 Lift Weights, Eat Mustard, Build Muscles?
83 Keeping Track of Reality: Why Some People Are Better at It
84 Death from Above: Parasite Wasps Attacking Ants from the Air Filmed for the First Time
85 MVA-B Spanish HIV Vaccine Shows 90 Percent Immune Response in Humans
86 HIV: Cell-Penetrating Peptides for Drug Delivery Act Like a Swiss Army Knife
87 Potential Key Found for Unlocking Biomass Energy
88 Hormone Fights Fat With Fat: Orexin Prevents Obesity in Mice by Activating Calorie-Burning Brown Fat
89 Living Species of Aquatic Beetle Found in 20-Million-Year-Old Sediments
90 Young and Thin Instead of Old and Bulky: Researchers Report On Changes in Arctic Sea Ice After Return of Research Vessel Polarstern
91 Key Pathway in the Nitrogen Cycle Uncovered: Bacteria Forge Nitrogen from Nitric Oxide
92 Colossal Aggregations of Giant Alien Freshwater Fish as a Potential Biogeochemical Hotspot
93 'Escaped' Genetically Engineered Canola Growing Outside of Established Cultivation Regions Across North Dakota
94 Archaeologist Argues World's Oldest Temples Were Not Temples at All
95 Ancient Road Found at Maya Village Buried by Volcanic Ash 1,400 Years Ago
96 Last Universal Common Ancestor More Complex Than Previously Thought
97 Seaside Fortress Was a Final Stronghold of Early Islamic Power
98 Ice Age Carbon Mystery: Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels Not Tied to Pacific Ocean, as Had Been Suspected
99 Titanic Jigsaw Challenge: Piecing Together a Global Color Map of Saturn's Largest Moon
100 Kepler Spacecraft Discovers New Multi-Planet Solar System
101 Hyperactive Hartley 2 Has a Split History, Comet-Exploring Spacecraft Finds
102 NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Begins New Vesta Mapping Orbit
103 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics: Discovery of Expanding Universe by Observing Distant Supernovae
104 Acoustic Cloak: Closer to Achieving the Acoustic Undetectability of Objects
105 Crash-Safe Battery Protection for Electric Cars
106 Controlling Silicon Evaporation Allows Scientists to Boost Graphene Quality
107 Components Based On Nature's Example
108 Unlocking Jams in Fluid Materials: A Theoretical Model to Understand How to Best Avoid Jamming of Soft Matter
109 Novel Math Formula Can Predict Success of Certain Cancer Therapies
110 Athletes' Winning Streaks May Not Be All in Our--Or Their--Heads
111 People as 'Sensors': Twitter Messages Reveal NFL's Big Plays and Fans
112 Depression Uncouples Brain's 'Hate Circuit,' MRI Study Finds
113 Physicists Move One Step Closer to Quantum Computer