File Title
1 Measuring Global Photosynthesis Rate: Earth's Plant Life 'Recycles' Carbon Dioxide Faster Than Previously Estimated
2 Galaxy Caught Blowing Bubbles
3 Mechanism Uncovered for the Establishment of Vertebrate Left-right Asymmetry
4 Space Telescopes Reveal Secrets of Turbulent Black Hole
5 Autistic Mice Act a Lot Like Human Patients: Geneticists Develop Promising Mouse Model for Testing New Autism Therapies
6 Engineers 'Cook' Promising New Heat-Harvesting Nanomaterials in Microwave Oven
7 Scientists Release Most Accurate Simulation of the Universe to Date
8 Neuroscientists Record Novel Responses to Faces from Single Neurons in Humans
9 'Superfast' Muscles Responsible for Bat Echolocation
10 Sharks Are in Trouble, New Analysis Confirms
11 Glucosamine-Like Supplement Suppresses Multiple Sclerosis Attacks, Study Suggests
12 Powerful Antibody-Based Strategy Suggests a New Therapeutic Approach to Diabetes and Obesity
13 Proteins That Control Development of Varicose Veins Discovered
14 Large Meta-Analysis Finds New Genes for Type 1 Diabetes
15 Knockout of Protein Prevents Colon Tumor Formation in Mice
16 Scientists and Engineers Create the 'Perfect Plastic'
17 Technique to Control Light from Nanoparticles
18 Cancer Detection from an Implantable, Flexible LED
19 Redefining the Kilogram and the Ampere
20 Spontaneous Combustion in Nanobubbles Inspires Compact Ultrasonic Loudspeaker
21 All-Access Genome: New Study Explores Packaging of DNA
22 Self-Cleaning Cotton Breaks Down Pesticides, Bacteria
23 Fish Uses Tool to Dig Up and Crush Clams
24 Assessing California Earthquake Forecasts
25 Control Gene for Developmental Timing Discovered
26 Overweight Mothers Increase Asthma Risk for Their Children, Study Finds
27 High-Performance Simulation, Neutrons Uncover Three Classes of Protein Motion
28 New Inherited Neurometabolic Disorder Discovered
29 Single Ions--Extremely Cool: Single Magnesium Ion Brought to a Standstill by Means of Novel, Simple Laser Cooling
30 Level and Nature of Autistic Intelligence: What About Asperger Syndrome?
31 Less Is More for Common Cancer Drug, Study Suggests
32 Cell-Specific Mechanism-Based Gene Therapy Approach to Treat Retinitis Pigmentosa
33 'Master Key' to Unlock New Treatments for Autoimmune Disorders Discovered
34 Intrinsic Aerobic Exercise Capacity Linked to Longevity
35 Experts Propose New Unified Genetic Model for Human Disease
36 Scientists Discover 'Fickle' DNA Changes in Brain
37 Antisocial Personality Traits Predict Utilitarian Responses to Moral Dilemmas
38 Promising Drug Treatment for Improving Language, Social Function in People With Autism
39 Cocaine Users Have 45 Percent Increased Risk of Glaucoma
40 Women in Science? Universities Don't Make the Grade
41 How Your Brain Reacts to Mistakes Depends On Your Mindset
42 Early to Bed and Early to Rise: Study Suggests It's Keeping Kids Leaner
43 High Social Status Makes People More Trusting, Study Finds
44 Adolescents Particularly Susceptible to Drinking Habits of Romantic Partner's Friends
45 First Detection of Pregnancy Protein in Older People Destined for Alzheimer's Disease
46 Vicious Queen Ants Use Mob Tactics to Reach the Top
47 Female Promiscuity Can Rescue Populations from Harmful Effects of Inbreeding, Beetle Study Finds
48 Small Fish Recover Faster Than Large Fish
49 Complicated Gene Networks Involved in Fly Aggression
50 Unprecedented Insight Into Fighting Viral Infections
51 Koalas' Bellows Boast About Size
52 Changes in Attention and Visual Perception Are Correlated With Aging: Older People Find It Harder to See the Wood for the Trees
53 New Flavors Emerge from Peruvian Cacao Collection Trip
54 Researchers Produce Cheap Sugars for Sustainable Biofuel Production
55 Tree Frogs Chill out to Collect Precious Water
56 Humans and Sharks Share Immune System Feature
57 3-D Microscope Opens Eyes to Prehistoric Oceans and Present-Day Resources
58 Do Long-Lived Crops Differ from Annual Crops in Their Genetic Response to Human Domestication?
59 Fossil of an Armored Dinosaur Hatchling: Youngest Nodosaur Ever Discovered
60 Salty Water and Gas Sucked Into Earth's Interior Helps Unravel Planetary Evolution
61 NASA Space Telescope Finds Fewer Asteroids Near Earth
62 Orbital Observations of Mercury Reveal Flood Lavas, Hollows, and Unprecedented Surface Details
63 Stardust Discovered in Far-Off Planetary Systems
64 Light from Galaxy Clusters Confirms General Theory of Relativity
65 Feast Your Eyes On the Fried Egg Nebula
66 Pressurized Vascular Systems for Self-Healing Materials
67 Hydrogen Released to Fuel Cell More Quickly When Stored in Metal Nanoparticles
68 Researchers Realize High-Power, Narrowband Terahertz Source at Room Temperature
69 Building Better Catalysts
70 Closing of a Collider...and Opening of a New Frontier: Fermilab Moves Toward New Discoveries
71 Financial Crisis: Calculating the Probability of Extreme Events
72 Computational Modeling Can Help Plan Vaccine Introduction, Study Finds
73 Smartphones Revolutionize Psychological Experiments
74 If You're Happy and You Know It: Researchers Trail Twitter to Track World's Mood Swings
75 Method for Creating Tiny Diamond Machines Improved
76 How the Kindle Fire Could Make 7-Inch Tablets Huge
77 Microsoft Anti-Malware Tool Mistakenly Snuffs Google Chrome
78 Study Finds Women's Voices Are Unreliable Sign of Fertility
79 Gadget Lab Podcast: Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and a Mini-Trampoline
80 AT&T Begins Sending Throttling Warnings to Top Data Hogs
81 What to Expect From Apple's 2011 iPhone Event
82 Amazon Joins (Long) List of WebOS Suitors
83 Mighty Tevatron Shuts Down After Decades of Discoveries
84 Supreme Court Docket: Surveillance, Profanity and Thought Patents
85 N/A
86 Google Analytics Rejigged for Assault on Enterprise
87 From Kindle to Fire: Why Amazon Needs to Go Global
88 Yemen Strike Leaves Misfit Metalhead as Al-Qaida's Last American Voice
89 Ford Debuts Lego Explorer; Kids Rejoice
90 Corvette Racing Team Refines an American Icon
91 Hands-On: Diving Deep Into Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
92 Arctic ozone loss at record level
93 Penis size does matter for bank voles, says study
94 Prehistoric cave etchings 'created by three-year-olds'
95 Libya conflict: Hundreds of residents flee Sirte
96 Afghan aide Burhanuddin Rabbani's killer 'Pakistani'
97 Hundreds freed after New York Wall Street protest
98 Syrian opposition launches joint National Council
99 Violent attack in Nigeria village leaves 19 dead
100 New York 'urban lab' seeks to solve city-style problems
101 Great moments in human survival and endurance
102 Upper Gereshk: The Helmand plan meets tough reality
103 Reversal of fortunes for Europe's 'gentle' giant
104 What damage does alcohol do to our bodies?
105 Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested
106 Rick Perry suggests US military role in Mexico drug war
107 Cameron warns eurozone break-up would harm the UK
108 Russell Brand refused entry to Canada
109 Exploring Cuba's simple, yet tasty, fare
110 IBM beats Microsoft in tech giants ranking
111 Is the internet rewriting history?
112 Mexico court upholds Baja California abortion stance
113 Bahrain sentences medics who treated protesters