File Title
1 Why high resolution screens matter for Apple's iPad 2
2 Apple outlook raised to 7 million iPads, 4.3 million Macs for Q1 2011
3 Earnings Preview: Apple could beat revenue estimates by $2 billion
4 Apple profits surge 77% on record sales of 4.1M Macs, 16.2M iPhones, 7.3M iPads
5 Apple's iPad owned 87.4% of Q3 2010 "media tablet" market
6 Apple sells 160 millionth iOS device as average iPhone price grows to $625
7 Apple's Tim Cook dismisses Android iPad competitors as bizarre, vapor
8 Apple inks new iPhone deal with AT&T, all exclusive contracts now over
9 Report: Claims of high-res screen in iPad 2 are 'too good to be true'
10 Apple's 'stunning' first quarter exceeds Wall Street's lofty expectations
11 'Playboy' for iPad could signal arrival of adult content on Apple's iOS
12 Proximity sensor on Apple's iPad 2 could bring auto screen lock, unlock
13 Apple's impressive revenue led by fourfold increase in China
14 China now home to Apple's most visited stores as retail earns $3.9B
15 Apple issues second beta of iOS 4.3, says new gestures just a preview
16 Apple now the largest mobile phone vendor in the world by revenue
17 iOS 4.3 adds new Photo Stream service, iPad FaceTime and PhotoBooth
18 Another report claims Apple's iPad 2 will sport a high-res display
19 Apple's next Magic Mouse could include a multi-touch display
20 Ex-SEC chief says Apple has disclosed enough about health of Steve Jobs
21 Chinese environmental groups accuse Apple of ignoring health concerns
22 Apple countersues S3 Graphics in ongoing patent dispute
23 Apple iPad sales slamming hard drive makers
24 Apple seeds first beta of Mac OS X 10.6.7 to developers
25 Larry Page to replace Eric Schmidt as Google CEO
26 Gabrielle Giffords's recovery noted in terms of iPad use
27 Mass exodus of executives continues at Microsoft
28 XBMC ported to A4-based Apple TV, iPad, iPhone 4, brings apps, 1080p
29 Verizon posts first iPhone 4 ad without ever showing phone
30 Apple's Tim Cook profiled as "most powerful gay man in Silicon Valley"
31 iPhone, iPad leading Android in mobile enterprise adoption
32 Apple doubles board suppliers for iPad 2 ahead of April launch--report
33 Apple's secret $3.9B investment could buy 136M iPhone, 60M iPad displays
34 Documents appear to offer sneak peek at Adobe's plans for Creative Suite 6
35 Verizon leak shows Motorola's iPad challenger priced at $799
36 Google found distributing Oracle's Java code within Android project
37 Apple reaches 10 billion downloads on the iOS App Store
38 Apple's new 'two is better than one' iPhone ad promotes Verizon, AT&T
39 Apple's growth is unprecedented, staggering; 15 amazing things we learned on Apple's earnings call
40 Steve Jobs and the Apple miracle
41 Nintendo warns 3DS' 3-D images dangerous to kids under age 6
42 NYT: Forget Android, musically inclined users will want to jump on the Apple bandwagon
43 Beleaguered Nokia cancels U.S. launch of 'X7' phone
44 Chinese environmental groups condemn Apple over pollution concerns
45 Apple sues Nokia in UK over touchscreen scrolling patent infringement
46 Apple now the world's largest mobile phone vendor by revenue
47 Apple's influence extends far and wide; we're all Apple shareholders now
48 Apple iPad 3G approved by China regulatory body
49 Apple deems Android tablets 'vapor'--and it isn't just hot air
50 RUMOR: Apple invested $3.9 billion in LCD displays
51 Apple patent application describes Magic Mouse with integrated display
52 Steve Jobs: Design perfectionist
53 Steve Jobs: Design perfectionist
54 Facebook working on secret phone project?
55 U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords now standing up and using Apple iPad
56 FOSS Patents: Google's patent portfolio too weak to protect Android
57 T-Mobile USA says 'ask Apple' on iPhone, but hints it's more likely
58 Apple switches screws to discourage third parties, tinkerers
59 Apple shareholders at risk; scam artists will try to use Apple's information vacuum
60 Tennessee school requires iPads for all 4th-12th grade students
61 Nobody saw over 10 million iPads being sold in 2010--except for MacDailyNews
62 Analyst: It's possible that Eric Schmidt could be Apple's next CEO
63 Analyst apologizes for 'tasteless' joke about Apple CEO Steve Jobs' health
64 RUMOR: iPad 2 will have 1-megapixel rear-facing camera
65 New evidence shows Google may have directly copied Oracle IP in Android
66 Mass exodus of Microsoft executives continues
67 Why extremely high resolution screens matter for Apple's next-gen iPad
68 Google's newly-minted 'Executive Chairman' Schmidt to sell more than half million Google shares
69 Toshiba's Android tablet website is Flash-only; mocks Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users
70 Android Java code likely to damage Google's defense against Oracle's patent infringement lawsuit
71 Apple's App Store hits 10 billion downloads milestone
72 Apple announces winner of App Store Countdown to 10 Billion Apps; gets $10,000 iTunes Gift Card
73 China's growing Apple fever
74 Two is better than one: New Apple' iPhone 4 TV ad touts both AT&T and Verizon
75 UFOs Help Innovative Thinkers Look to the Future
76 USDA Acknowledges Poisoning Birds in South Dakota
77 Sorry, Kids: Study Shows Testing Actually Improves Learning
78 Woman Can Speak Again After Voice Box Transplant
79 Superstorm Prediction Model Sets Off Panic on Twitter
80 9,400 Years Ago, Man's Best Friend Was Also His Dinner
81 Tasmanian Devils Almost Extinct: 5 Facts About the Endangered Marsupials
82 200 Dead Cows in Wisconsin: 3 Facts About Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis
83 California 'Superstorm': Imminent Threat or Weather Paranoia?
84 Five Facts About Salvia, Hallucinogen Loughner Reportedly Used
85 Can Woolly Mammoth Be Cloned From Frozen DNA?
86 Why Did Neanderthals Have Such Big Noses?
87 Team May Have Found Sword Hilt Belonging to Blackbeard
88 IBM's 'Jeopardy'-Dominating Watson is No HAL 9000, but He May Kick Ken Jennings' Butt
89 Study: Pregnant Women Carry Potentially Dangerous Chemicals
90 Check Out New Astrological Dates Because of All the Sidereal Zodiac Stuff
91 New Astrological Dates Mean Squat, Professional Astrologists Say
92 Sagittarius, Capricorn or Ophiuchus? Horoscope Dilemma Facing Astrology Fans
93 Ophiuchus: What the New Zodiac Sign Is All About
94 Ancient tombs spanning three dynasties unearthed in Chengdu
95 Stone Age artifacts found in Nepal
96 House expected to reveal hidden secrets of an ancient city
97 Applied Geophysics in Mexican Archaeology
98 Gathering of Tasmanian Aborigines calls for ban on Archaeology
99 Missing Egyptian artifacts found
100 Effective Use Of Power In The Bronze Age Societies Of Central Europe
101 A New Way to Date Old Ceramics
102 UN-backed project to conserve Buddha's birthplace in Nepal begins
103 Amazon Digs Indicate Advanced Indian Civilizations
104 Bronze Age man Photo: Hans Splinter, Flickr
105 Syria: Byzantine coins and water tank unearthed in archaeological city of Apamea
106 Large city ruins from Xia and Shang dynasties found in Henan
107 Major Archaeological Project For China Announced
108 Golden year in archeological excavations in Aegean region
109 Human Skeletons and Vessels Dating from 900 to 1521 AD Located at Tamtoc, San Luis Potosi
110 Reviving the taste of an Iron Age beer
111 Climate Change Has Effected [sic] And Changed Human History
112 Remains Of Oldest Fruit Trees In Iberian Peninsula Found
113 2,100 year-old Greek coin may have marked rare astronomical event
114 Neanderthal faces were not adapted to cold
115 Bog bodies baffle scientists
116 Major Archaeological Project Examines Interactions That Changed China
117 Worlds oldest winery found in Armenian cave
118 Caligula's tomb found after police arrest man trying to smuggle statue
119 Lake Nemi and Caligula. Photo: Emanuele Nocentelli, Flickr
120 Megalithic Site Together With A Mass Grave Now Declared Sacred
121 Grapes domesticated 8,000 years ago
122 Tutankhamen's Tomb To Be Closed To Visitors
123 Japanese team finds 2 new geoglyphs on Peru's Nazca Plateau
124 Ancient Transylvanians Rich in Gold, Treasure Shows
125 Well-preserved stone hatchet unearthed in Sichuan
126 Royal rumpus over King Tutankhamun's ancestry
127 King Tut's Tomb to Remain Open
128 Scientists model ancient bog woman's face
129 Finding footprints: how ancient people affect modern landscapes
130 Finding Would Reveal Contact between Humans and Gomphotheres in North America
131 Mathematical model explains how complex societies emerge, collapse
132 A new Norse saga! DNA detectives find Vikings
133 New evidence for climate impacts on ancient societies
134 Data matrix codes archaeological artefacts
135 2500 year old Celtic brew discovered
136 Sewage workers find 3 pharaonic coffins
137 1,200-Year-Old Royal Tomb Found in Peru
138 Neolithic sites discovered in southern India
139 Prehistoric rock shelters under threat in Pakistan
140 Churchill's Secret Headquarters Uncovered For The First Time--What Will Be Revealed?
141 Plea for UNESCO to save Indonesian temples
142 Ancient plant-matter find in Pine Island changes Florida history