File Title
1 How to tame hammering droplets
2 Which-way detector unlocks some mystery of the double-slit experiment
3 Microbe processes carbon via new metabolic pathway
4 Research finds practicing retrieval is best tool for learning
5 Italian scientists claim to have demonstrated cold fusion (w/ Video)
6 Study claims 100 percent renewable energy possible by 2030
7 Effects of atomic-scale roughness on adhesion between diamond surfaces
8 Secrets of mysterious metal hotspots uncovered by new single molecule imaging technique
9 Detecting, treats tumors, and monitoring response to therapy with gold 'nano-popcorn'
10 Dino-era sex riddle solved by new fossil find
11 Fossil Find Solves Dinosaur Sex Riddle
12 How to Tell a Pterodactyl's Sex: Dino-Era Riddle Solved by New Fossil Find
13 Silicon nanocrystals map location of spreading tumors
14 T-Shirt replaces battery: Fiber-based electrochemical micro-supercapacitor
15 Electron gas on insulator's surface opens way to multifunctional transistors
16 A nanoscale rope, and another step toward complex nanomaterials that assemble themselves
17 Butterfly wings behind anti-counterfeiting technology
18 Controlled heating of gold nanoparticles
19 A greener path for the production of a vital chemical
20 Self-assembling structures open door to new class of materials
21 Fast, easy way to make hydrogen nanosensors found by scientists
22 New tool for cell research may help unravel secrets of disease
23 New 'frozen smoke' material: One ounce could carpet three football fields
24 Cracking a tooth: 3-D map of atoms sheds light on nanoscale interfaces in teeth, may aid materials design
25 Novel technique selects molecules according to their chemical properties and dimensions
26 Scaling up: The future of nanoscience
27 Polymer membranes with molecular-sized channels that assemble themselves
28 Microtechnology: An alignment assignment
29 10 billion bits of entanglement achieved in silicon
30 Answers to black hole evolution beyond the horizon?
31 Real-world graphene devices may have a bumpy ride
32 New wave: JILA develops efficient source of terahertz radiation
33 Students flock to see legendary physicist Stephen Hawking
34 American Physical Society announces Physical Review X
35 Wave-generated 'white hole' boosts Hawking radiation theory: research
36 Physicists take new look at the atom
37 New territory in nuclear fission explored with ISOLDE
38 3D model of the ionosphere F-region developed by NRL scientists
39 'Electron vortices' have the potential to increase conventional microscopes' capabilities
40 Car batteries powered by relativity
41 Light touch transforms material into a superconductor
42 First observation of particles that are their own antiparticles could be on its way
43 Simple lithium good for many surprises
44 Beaming rockets into space
45 After Rover's anniversary, Mars slides behind the sun
46 Could oysters be used to clean up Chesapeake Bay?
47 Swift survey finds 'missing' active galaxies (w/ Video)
48 War, plague no match for deforestation in driving CO2 buildup
49 Glory satellite to study aerosols' effect on climate (w/ Video)
50 NASA sets final space shuttle mission for June 28
51 Spectacular view of Aitken Crater from sideways LRO glance
52 NanoSail-D ejects: NASA seeks amateur radio operators' aid to listen for beacon signal
53 Robotic glider to map Moreton Bay impacts
54 Identifying factors in atrazine's reduced weed control
55 Recycling everything the key to saving the planet: book
56 Climate change study had 'significant error': experts (Update)
57 Is man or nature at fault for Queensland floods?
58 Man, volcanoes and the sun have influenced Europe's climate over recent centuries
59 Moon Illusion tricks the eye
60 The human touch, in robots
61 Robot attends Russian school to help sick schoolboy
62 For robust robots, let them be babies first (w/ Video)
63 Students test-drive iPads in technical writing course
64 Review: Technology helps golfers fine-tune game
65 Fujitsu unveils 'world's first' glasses-free 3D PC
66 Cockroach inspires robotic hand to get a grip
67 Nanoworld in color
68 World 'running out of Internet addresses'
69 Hu urges US to ease high-tech export restrictions
70 Verizon challenges FCC's net neutrality rules (Update)
71 Hackers steal 2 million tonnes of EU carbon credits
72 IPv6: next generation Internet protocol adds 4 billion times more space (w/ Video)
73 Smart phones foster dumb habits among pedestrians
74 Google turns Page on Schmidt, names co-founder CEO (Update)
75 Investors drawn to exploding social media
76 Germany to cut solar subsidies to households
77 New device may revolutionize computer memory
78 Online shopping reaches art world
79 Radical predictions in polymer chemistry
80 Making light work of artificial muscles
81 Sensors to detect explosives, monitor food being developed at UH
82 Giant molecule synthesized
83 Triblock spheres provide a simple path to complex structures
84 Advanced technology creates new range of multi-functional textiles
85 Breakthrough in converting heat waste to electricity
86 Small, mighty and mysterious: Researcher IDs atmospheric aerosols
87 World chemistry year to launch biggest-ever experiment
88 Researchers create new synthetic compound with HIV-fighting promise
89 Chemists document workings of key staph enzyme--and how to block it
90 Special sugar, nanoparticles combine to detect cholera toxin
91 Utilizing algae's potential for a better tomorrow
92 Molecules made by IUPUI students may have potential to cure diseases
93 Breakthrough for more efficient drug development
94 'Green' chemistry extraction method developed for hot capsicum fruit
95 See how they grow: Monitoring single bacteria without a microscope
96 In scientific first, researchers visualize naturally occurring mRNA
97 Monk seal and hump-backed dolphin are threatened by fishing activities off coast of Mauritania
98 DNA detectives in the Viking North West
99 New research questions impact of GM wheat on insects
100 Fiercest birds make the best home decorators
101 Long-distance migration may help reduce infectious disease risks for many animal species
102 Study maps process used by T cells to discriminate pathogens from the body's own cells
103 Scientists find measles' natural nemesis
104 How to stand out, lizard-style
105 Newly discovered group of algae live in both fresh water and ocean
106 The nose of wildlife detection dogs becoming a valuable research tool
107 Global view of blood cell development reveals new and complex circuitry
108 Researchers work towards pharmacological targets for cholera
109 Corals and humans have much in common, researchers find
110 How much sex is enough?
111 Strategies developed for more efficient beef cattle production
112 Researchers discover giant crayfish species right under their noses
113 Study confirms glycerin as a feasible feedstuff for swine
114 Like humans, amoebae pack a lunch before they travel
115 Preventing tooth decay in the youngest American Indians
116 Truths and myths about breast cancer risks
117 Rep. Gabrielle Giffords leaves hospital for rehab
118 Genetic code deciphered for form of pancreatic cancer
119 Blood test predicts cognitive decline
120 Parent-child play therapy relieves depression in preschoolers
121 Investigating pancreatic beta-cell function in type 2 diabetes
122 Intervention helps curb older adults' drinking but doesn't significantly lower drinking risks
123 Antibiotic slow growth of bladder, breast cancer cells
124 Chess experts use brain differently than amateurs
125 Contagious cancer thrives in dogs by adopting host's genes
126 Viral protein mimic keeps immune system quiet
127 Brain's clock influenced by senses
128 Feds checking post-vaccine seizures in young kids
129 FDA panel sees promise in Alzheimer's imaging drug
130 Gulf grows between research practice and participant preferences in genetic studies
131 Gene mutation play a major role in one cause of kidney disease
132 Rotavirus vaccine cuts hospital visits for kids: study
133 Primary reason for offshoring jobs is shortage of skilled workers
134 How the Romans made pottery in Britain
135 Finding footprints: how ancient people affect modern landscapes
136 Swiss collector returns 4 ancient mummies to Chile
137 Creating simplicity: How music fools the ear
138 Researchers apply fatigue model to fatal commuter air crash
139 Number of working women increased due to appliance ownership
140 Spain: If you become unemployed you will earn less in your next job
141 New mortgage design would minimize home foreclosures
142 A mathematical model for moving bottlenecks in road traffic
143 Mathematical model explains how complex societies emerge, collapse
144 Norbert Wiener's earlier work may prove more important
145 One of world's largest Korans reunited by technology