File Title
1 Nanoscale Rope: Complex Nanomaterials That Assemble Themselves
2 Arctic Sea-Ice Controls the Release of Mercury
3 Scientists View Genome as It Turns on and Off Inside Cells
4 Astronomers Release the Largest Color Image of the Sky Ever Made
5 Robotic Ghost Knifefish Is 'Born'
6 More Asteroids Could Have Made Life's Ingredients
7 New Reactor Paves the Way for Efficiently Producing Fuel from Sunlight
8 Close-Knit Pairs of Supermassive Black Holes Discovered in Merging Galaxies
9 Are Sharks Color Blind?
10 Nanotech Medicine to Rebuild Damaged Parts of Human Body
11 Small Molecules May Prevent Ebola Infection
12 Special Sugar, Nanoparticles Combine to Detect Cholera Toxin
13 Prion Disease Spreads in Sheep Via Mother's Milk
14 Glycerin Confirmed as a Feasible Feedstuff for Swine
15 A Second Language Gives Toddlers an Edge
16 End-of-Life Decisions Take Longer If Patient Hasn't Shared Wishes With Family, Study Finds
17 New CPR Technique for out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Increases Survival by 53 Percent
18 Health-Care Systems Not Using Best Evidence in Decision-Making, Expert Argues
19 Possible New Treatment for Severe 2009 H1N1 Infection
20 Roundworm Unlocks Pancreatic Cancer Pathway
21 Molecular Battle in Cancer Cells Offers Clues for Treatment
22 Unlocking the Secret(ase) of Building Neural Circuits
23 Does Long-Term Cell Phone Use Lead to Brain Tumors?
24 Appetite-Related Chemical Also Affects Drug-Seeking: Hungry Rats More Resistant to Drug Relapse in Absence of Chemical Signal
25 Long-Term, High-Fat Diet Alters Mice Brains: Brain Changes May Contribute to Cycles of Weight Gain
26 Girls Who Are Bullied Are at Risk for Substance Use Through Depression
27 Birth Control Pills Do Not Cause Weight Gain, New Research Suggests
28 Risks, Consequences of Video Game Addiction Identified in New Study
29 Students Are More Likely to Retake the SAT If Their Score Ends With '90'
30 When Video Games Get Problematic So Do Smoking, Drug Use and Aggression
31 Celiac Patients Can Eat Hydrolyzed Wheat Flour, Study Finds
32 Novel Antibiotic Combinations Fight Resistance Genes
33 Complete Structure of HIV's Outer Shell Revealed
34 Staph Vaccine Shows Promise in Phase I
35 Atlas of an Organism: Gene Expression in Developing Mouse Embryo
36 Mountain Ranges May Act as 'Safe Haven' for Species Facing Climate Change
37 Forget the Sunscreen: Water Fleas in Mountain Ponds Can Handle UV Rays
38 Saving Tropical Forests and Improving Farming Technology
39 Loss of Reflectivity in the Arctic Doubles Estimate of Climate Models
40 Scientists Develop 3-D Model of the Ionosphere F-Region
41 Putting the Dead to Work: Conservation Paleobiologists Dig Deep to Solve Today's Ecological, Evolutionary Questions
42 New Evidence for Climate Impacts on Ancient Societies
43 Earth's Hot Past Could Be Prologue to Future Climate
44 What Gives Frogs a Face? Zoologists Clarify Role of FOXN3 Gene in Development of Clawed Frog
45 New Predator 'Dawn Runner' Discovered in Early Dinosaur Graveyard
46 Gardening in Space With HydroTropi
47 Partner Galaxies Wildly Different in New WISE Image
48 In Distant Galaxies, New Clues to Century-Old Molecule Mystery
49 Pulsating Star That Hosts a Giant Planet Discovered
50 Chandra Images Torrent of Star Formation
51 Scientists Generate Megawatt-Class Laser Beams for US Navy's Next-Generation Weapon System
52 Secrets of Mysterious Metal Hotspots Uncovered by New Single Molecule Imaging Technique
53 Converting 2-D Photo Into 3-D Face for Security Applications and Forensics
54 Killer Paper for Next-Generation Food Packaging
55 Advance Could Speed Use of Genetic Material RNA in Nanotechnology
56 Mathematical Model for Moving Bottlenecks in Road Traffic
57 Cellular Traffic: Factors Beyond Crowding Affect How Molecules Interact Within Cells, Modeling Shows
58 Keeping Your Digital Secrets Safe: Researchers Develop Security Application to Keep Private Data Private
59 CT Helps Identify Bullet Trajectories
60 Interactive Window Shopping: Just Wave Your Hands
61 Consumer Genetic Tests Have Little Impact
62 A Test for 400 Inherited Diseases
63 Fingerprints Go the Distance
64 Smart Cards with Built-In Fingerprint Scanners
65 Steering Pills Safely
66 New Cancer Marker May Aid Earlier Detection
67 A Private Space Shuttle Replacement
68 A Question for Quora
69 Why Bing "Likes" Facebook
70 A New 'Facebook Browser' Faces an Uncertain Future
71 Whose Tweets Matter Most?
72 Will You Tweet This?
73 Can Google Get Social Networking Right?
74 Spotting Alzheimer's Disease Early
75 Google Offers Cloud-Based Learning Engine
76 Web Developers Get Real (Time)
77 Why Google Went Instant
78 An Eyeball Camera, Now with Zoom
79 Will You Tweet This?
80 How Brain Imaging Could Help Predict Alzheimer's
81 New DNA Markers for Alzheimer's
82 A Skin Test for Alzheimer's Disease
83 Trying to Come Up with Green Labels that Matter
84 Google's Video Play
85 The Healing Power of Light
86 New Magnets Could Solve Our Rare-Earth Problems
87 A Test Bed for Smart Buildings
88 Making Electric Vehicles Pay Off
89 More Data, Less Power
90 Google Gives Away Video Software to Lure Developers
91 How HTML5 Will Shake Up the Web
92 Capsules for Self-Healing Circuits
93 First Self-Healing Coatings
94 The Next Stage of Online Video Evolution
95 Fat associated with chemical changes in DNA that may help explain obesity-related disease
96 Are positive emotions good for your health in old age?
97 New math theories reveal the nature of numbers
98 Samsung Electronics buys Dutch LCD firm
99 Robotic mini-quadrotors can now build towers (w/ Video)
100 Corals and humans have much in common, researchers find
101 Flexible screens expected to inspire a host of new devices
102 3-D means headaches to many, yet companies push on
103 Real-world graphene devices may have a bumpy ride
104 Canadian company planning micro-satellite network
105 Like humans, amoebae pack a lunch before they travel
106 Research reveals the biochemical connection between music and emotion
107 Asahi Glass unveils super-strong smartphone cover
108 Triblock spheres provide a simple path to complex structures
109 Review: Library e-books easier, but still hassle
110 Speeding up Mother Nature's very own CO2 mitigation process
111 New wave: JILA develops efficient source of terahertz radiation
112 Bedbug genetic study finds possible pesticide-resistance genes
113 NASA plans Valentine's date with a comet
114 Couples sometimes communicate no better than strangers, study finds
115 Scientists discover cancer-fighting role for cells
116 Detecting, treats tumors, and monitoring response to therapy with gold 'nano-popcorn'
117 Secrets of mysterious metal hotspots uncovered by new single molecule imaging technique
118 New research confirms semen allergy in some men
119 Scientists reveal complete structure of HIV's outer shell