File Title
1 Dog bite incidences hike
2 'Nuclear' candy turns out to be toxic
3 Market Commentary and Intraday News
4 Report on damage caused by Dwejra filming presented
5 Brain scans show married love can last
6 Johns Hopkins' online tool helps seniors assess risk for dementia
7 Grand Canyon, other parks offer fee-free weekend
8 Largest-Ever Image of Universe Released
9 Space Mystery: Did the Man Who Killed Pluto Act Too Hastily?
10 Huge Black Hole Discovered in Small Galaxy
11 Study: Youths Crave Self-Esteem More Than Sex
12 See Cool Photos and Video From the Mount Etna Volcano Eruption
13 Indonesia Deaths Double in Volcano's Surprise Eruption
14 Death Toll From Indonesia Volcano Climbs
15 New Zodiac Sign Dates Causing Identity Crisis on Twitter
16 Ophiuchus: What the New Zodiac Sign Is All About
17 Sagittarius, Capricorn or Ophiuchus? Horoscope Dilemma Facing Astrology Fans
18 Sex in Space: The Final Frontier
19 Early T. Rex Ancestor Found in South America
20 Wikipedia Celebrates 10 Years of Crowd-Sourced Smarts
21 Kodachrome Comes to an End
22 A Return to 'Promises, Promises'
23 Nearly 500 Dead in Brazil Mudslides, Flooding
24 Sledding Ban in Effect in Massachusetts Town
25 Pakistan's Leaders: Paralyzed by Religious Extremism
26 The Chinese Yuan vs. the Power of the Dollar
27 Weight Loss Cleanse: A Better Kind
28 Major Milestone: Wounded Giffords Moves Arms, Legs
29 Poll: Obama and Lame-Duck Congress Popular--But Will it Quack Again?
30 FDA Orders Acetaminophen Limits in Combination Pain Killers
31 This Dog Is a Woman's Best Friend, Housekeeper and Personal Shopper
32 Can Political Rhetoric Drive a Mentally Ill Person to Violence?
33 Michael Douglas Says He's Beaten Throat Cancer; 5 Facts on the Disease
34 Storing Farts in a Jar, Drinking Urine and Other Medical Oddities
35 Germany Halts Sales of Poultry, Pork, Eggs From 4,700 Farms
36 Ancient Jewish manuscripts reveal a forgotten history
37 21st century Welsh technology to save 27th century Egyptian Pyramid
38 A prehistoric map painted on a cave in India
39 Sacred Shoshone site to be protected from further damage
40 King Tut's Wife's Tomb May Emerge in 2011
41 Humans Helped Vultures Colonize the Canary Islands
42 Mayan King's Tomb Discovered in Guatemala
43 Maya pools await diving explorers
44 Jason and the argot: land where Greek's ancient language survives
45 A Toast to History: 500 Years of Wine Drinking Cups Mark Social Shifts in Ancient Greece
46 A flax merchant from Egypt! Owner of 4th century New Testament papyrus identified
47 A Triage to Save the Ruins of Babylon
48 Archaeologists: Byzantine and Roman Tombs Unearthed in South of Syria
49 Cretan tools point to 130,000-year-old sea travel
50 The Mediterraneans
51 Raise a wine cup to the Greeks
52 The Prehistoric Treasure In The Fields Of Indiana
53 East Polynesia colonized faster and more recently than previously thought
54 Towers of Ras Al-Khaimah
55 Archaeologists may have found 5,000-year-old civilization in southern Iran
56 Ornaments of Harappan era found in Kutch
57 Polish archeologists discover Roman fort in Ukraine
58 Researchers to drill for hobbit history
59 Lost Civilization Seen in Zapotec Thighbones
60 Remnants of boozy village found beneath downtown San Francisco
61 Archaeologists: Statue's Head, Mosque Walls, Islamic Coins Discovered in Syria
62 7,000-year-old timbers found beneath MI6 Thames headquarters
63 London's oldest structure revealed
64 DNA information from 18th century giant may help sufferers in the future
65 Plakias bay panorama Photo: Pyramis, Flickr [inset--stone tool--Boston University]
66 In Australia, Aborigines and government face off over sacred spot
67 Study Of Lice DNA Shows Humans First Wore Clothes 170,000 Years Ago
68 American Indian panel: Halt downtown LA project
69 Skeletons in the pre-Cambrian closet
70 6000-year-old findings discovered in southern China
71 Ancient farmers swiftly spread westward
72 Ancient tombs spanning three dynasties unearthed in Chengdu
73 Stone Age artifacts found in Nepal
74 Applied Geophysics in Mexican Archaeology
75 When the creditor demands it...--3,800 year old tablets from Larsa, in Iraq, tell tale of ancient tycoon
76 New archeological discoveries in Taima
77 Archaeologists Use Total Station to Conduct 3D Scan of Prehispanic Shaft Tomb
78 Missing Egyptian artifacts found
79 Effective Use Of Power In The Bronze Age Societies Of Central Europe
80 A New Way to Date Old Ceramics
81 UN-backed project to conserve Buddha's birthplace in Nepal begins
82 Longevity unlikely to have aided early modern humans
83 Amazing find of Stone Age village made by historians
84 Skeletons and Architectural Vestiges Reveal an Occupation that Dates from 1,500 BC
85 Oldest-known wine press found in southern Armenia
86 Chemical analysis confirms discovery of oldest wine-making equipment ever found
87 The Study of Human Remains: What does it really tell us? Part 3
88 Did Famine Destroy 'Camelot'?
89 Neanderthals and early modern humans had same lifespan
90 Chemical Analysis Confirms Discovery of Oldest Wine-Making Equipment Ever Found
91 Maltese prehistoric site scheduled to stand
92 Researcher finds oldest known domesticated dog in Americas
93 Effective use of power in the Bronze Age societies of Central Europe
94 Tower of London calls in team of scientists to investigate mysterious Medieval wall painting
95 Archaeologist Becomes Sherlock Holmes To Solve Medieval Mystery
96 2011 Excavation List For Excavation In Israel Just Published
97 Pyramid that Contains Maya Tomb at Palenque Archaeological Zone Restored
98 New Evidence for Climate Impacts on Ancient Societies
99 'Goldilocks' planet lost in translation
100 Scientists find tiny 'dawn runner' dinosaur
101 GM fowl to foil bird flu