File Title
1 Intel honors junior scientists
2 IBM computer taking on 'Jeopardy!' champs for $1M
3 Deaths from Brazil floods, landslides at 361
4 Chile protests turn deadly as Latin America buckles under rising energy prices
5 Farm reform, biotech are key to feeding world by 2050: study
6 Global Warming: Dire Prediction for the Year 3000
7 Fornix sells medical supplies unit to Rochester
8 NASA says it can't afford new rocket, spacecraft
9 India's Essar wants stake in Repsol: report
10 US orders more testing of chromium-6 in tap water
11 Not All 'Good' Cholesterol is Good at Unclogging Arteries
12 Study: Consumers not fazed by DNA health results
13 2010 ties 2005 as warmest year on record worldwide
14 Study: Penguin tracking bands hurt the seabirds
15 Death toll rises above 350 in Brazil floods
16 NASA's Congressionally Mandated Vehicle to Cost More and Take Longer
17 Apollo Era Data Continues to Yield Moon's Secrets Decades Later
18 China animal rights groups protest seal meat deal
19 DC Cathedral adds carvings of Parks, Mother Teresa
20 Seasonal flu deaths more than double in Britain
21 Health Tip: Your Diet's Role in Gestational Diabetes
22 Falls as Serious for Elderly as Stroke, Heart Attack: Experts
23 Bottle Rockets Can Cause Serious Eye Injuries in Kids
24 S. Africa "whoonga" is new threat to HIV patients
25 Kama Sutra Trojan Virus Anything But Sexy
26 US Cancer Costs in 2020: Up to $207 Billion
27 Aging Population Could Send Cancer Costs Soaring
28 Merck stops trial for potential blood thinner
29 FDA orders lowering pain reliever in Vicodin
30 Doc: Giffords making small movements on her own
31 U.S. survey shows "pervasive" bedbug problem
32 U.S. Recession Didn't Raise Rates of Child Neglect: Study
33 Antibiotics Can Ease Kids' Ear Infections, Studies Show
34 'Unlikely Animal Friends' Explores Unusual Animal Bonds
35 Animal Odd Couple: Orangutan and Dog Are Best Buds
36 On 10th Anniversary, Wikipedia Aims for Diversity
37 SKorean Police Say Google Violated Laws
38 Journalists to Launch News Corp's iPad Newspaper
39 PCs Sales in 2010: Tale of the Tablet
40 Living Miracles: Survivors of Gunshots to the Head
41 Cracking Down on a Dangerous Legal High
42 DEA: U.S.-Mexico Cross Border Drug Tunnel Bust Yields 30 Tons of Marijuana
43 DEA and Afghan Forces Bust Major Heroin Labs
44 Christina-Taylor Green Funeral: Little Kids, Large Grief
45 Exclusive: USDA to Announce Healthier New School Lunch Guidelines
46 Junk Food Nearly Half of Kids' Calorie Intake
47 Does Eating Brown Rice Lower Diabetes Risk?
48 Healthy Chinese Food
49 Kids Think Food Tastes Better From Cartooned Packages
50 Depression Can Strike Early, Undetected
51 Food, Obesity, and Regulation: Simmering Culture War Boils Over
52 Violence and Mental Illness: Is Loughner a Case for Involuntary Commitment?
53 EPA Issues New Guidelines for Monitoring Chromium-6 Levels in Water
54 New Down Syndrome Test Could Cut Healthy Baby Deaths
55 Down Syndrome Births Are Down in U.S.
56 New Down Syndrome Test Hailed as Promising
57 Down Syndrome Adults, Living Longer, Marry
58 This Flu Season May be 'Normal,' But Still Deadly
59 Chemicals May Increase Diabetes Risk, Not Just Genes, Weight and Exercise
60 Poverty and Greed in Bangladesh: Corrupt Officials Make Millions Off Slums
61 Device may silence ringing in the ears
62 Penguins to shrug off flipper band
63 Lensing putting universe out of focus
64 Angry suns may scorch alien life
65 England's uplands 'get more frequent heavy rainfall'
66 Galaxy clusters' ancient light shows young cosmic city
67 'Unethical' flipper tags are damaging to penguins
68 'Rhino poachers' shot dead in South Africa
69 Targets to boost recycling may backfire, say engineers
70 Space tourism jet work continues
71 Single peat moss plant 'conquered America'
72 Pioneering Edsac computer to be built at Bletchley Park
73 Conservation and Schrodinger's cat
74 Mars Rover: Creaking, arthritic...but still rolling
75 A big bite for conservation
76 Lonely Planet's ultimate party cities
77 Google, Facebook and Yahoo to test new net addresses
78 Palin e-mail hacker starts prison term
79 High blood pressure combination pill 'better than one'
80 Sixty more deaths, but flu 'may be starting to plateau'
81 Hard times as price rises bite around the world
82 Is there a genius in all of us?
83 IBM's Computer Wins "Jeopardy!" Practice Round
84 Scientists Report Breakthrough Mapping Dark Matter
85 New "Life-Changing" Products--for Less than $45
86 Baboon Behavior Helps Discover New Tangerine
87 Internet in 2010: 107T E-Mails, 255M Websites
88 Global Warming Prediction: Dire Outlook by Year 3000
89 Journalists to Launch News Corp's iPad Newspaper
90 Study: Penguin Tracking Bands Hurt the Seabirds
91 Space Adventures to Resume Space Tourist Flights
92 Kama Sutra Virus Leaving PC Users in Bad Position
93 Warmest Year on Record Tied between 2010, 2005
94 In Seach of Haiti's Lost Frogs
95 New Guidelines to Make School Lunches Healthier
96 Treasury Offers Debit Cards for Tax Refunds
97 Watchdog: Freedom in Overall Decline Worldwide
98 FDA to Cap Amount of Acetaminophen in Drugs
99 Cholesterol Picture Gets Cloudy: How to Stay Heart Healthy?
100 DIY Medical Tests: Wise Way to Go?
101 Carrie Fisher Does Jenny Craig: Help, "I'm Fat"
102 AT&T to lose 26% of iPhone owners to Verizon, survey shows
103 Verizon, with Apple iPhone Near, Cancels Upgrade Incentives: Report
104 Apple may strip buttons from future iPhones, iPads
105 First look: New SMS alert settings, multitouch iPad gestures in Apple's iOS 4.3
106 Next iPad, iPhone to lose home button?
107 iOS 4.3 Beta Reveals Clues for Future of iPhone, iPad
108 All iPhones reported to get Personal Hotspot with iOS 4.3
109 New dog-sized dinosaur discovered
110 Pictures: "Nasty" Little Predator From Dinosaur Dawn Found
111 'Dawn runner' casts light on birth of the dinosaurs
112 Earliest known T. rex relative may have been found
113 Pint-Sized, Running Dinosaur Gave Rise to Carnivores
114 Tiny fossils offer clues to 'dawn of the dinosaur era'
115 Early meat-eating dinosaur unearthed
116 Apple iPad, other tablets, blunt Q4 PC sales
117 Apple, Toshiba show strong U.S. computer sales
118 Steve Ballmer finally shows who's in charge of Microsoft
119 What People Don't Understand About Steve Ballmer
120 Ballmer's 11th year as Microsoft's CEO; Is it time for him to go?
121 News Corp. Considering MySpace Sale
122 MySpace CEO says that News Corp. may be looking to sell
123 MySpace Confirms Sale Rumors
124 Nasty rumor suggests Samsung intentionally delaying Android update
125 Refreshed Computer Museum Looks Back at 2 Millennia of Thinking Machines
126 Cassidy: Computer History Museum re-opening a Silicon Valley milestone
127 Computer History Museum gets a reboot (podcast)
128 A digital 'Revolution'
129 From the abacus to the iPod: Computer museum opens $19M exhibition
130 South Korea Says Google Wi-Fi Data Sniffing Broke Law
131 Flash to Offer More Control Over Cookies
132 Adobe to finally give users better control over Flash cookies
133 Adobe Aims to Improve Privacy Settings in Flash
134 Tablets, the iPad, and the Frantic Cycle of Apple Imitation
135 What We Learned From CES: 5 Big Consumer Tech Trends to Watch
136 Write away your worries if you want to succeed
137 Researcher Finds Easy Solution for Test Anxiety
138 Want to Ace Your Test? Share Your Feelings
139 Writing Exercise May Lessen Performance Anxiety's Effects
140 Google Acquires eBook Technologies
141 Google kicks off 2011 with eBook Technologies buy
142 Microsoft mocks Google's Web video decision
143 Google removing H.264 from Chrome does nothing to HMTL5
144 Google's dropping H.264 from Chrome a step backward for openness
145 Why have UK media ignored climate change announcements?
146 Apple Awarded Patent for Solar-Powered, Portable Devices
147 Apple gets patent for solar-powered gear
148 New capacitive touch nodes from Apple could result in thinner iPhones
149 Progress Seen in Giffords' Eyes
150 Scientists make chickens that don't spread bird flu
151 Chickens that cannot spread bird flu developed
152 First step at breeding bird-flu resistant chickens
153 Scientists Find Way to Stop Spread of Bird Flu in Chickens
154 GM chickens created that could prevent the spread of bird flu
155 When Good Cholesterol Is Even Better
156 HDL Function Tied to Cardio Risk
157 Function of HDL Cholesterol is More Important than Quantity
158 Overindulging in sweets may lead to unhealthy cholesterol for adolescents
159 Combination Therapy Bests Monotherapy for BP Control
160 Lancet: Combo therapy better reduces BP than monotherapy
161 Combination therapy beats monotherapy as initial hypertension treatment: ACCELERATE
162 Study Tying Vaccine to Autism Was 'Not a Hoax,' Researcher Says
163 Autism-vaccine link debunked--too little, too late
164 MMR Doctor 'Planned to Make Millions,' Journal Claims
165 Early Antibiotic Treatment for Ear Infections Provides Better Success
166 Californians ask when insurance rate hikes will stop
167 Insurance commissioner asks all major health plans to delay increases
168 Brain Making Too Much Noise? Reboot It
169 Device treatment may silence ringing in the ears
170 Sounds, Nerve Stimulation Ease Tinnitus Symptoms
171 Tinnitus: What causes this baffling disorder?
172 Do claims for tinnitus supplements ring true?