File Title
1 Preplay: How Past Experiences Subconsciously Influence Behavior
2 Pterygotid Sea Scorpions: No Terror of the Ancient Seas?
3 First High-Temp Spin-Field-Effect Transistor Created
4 Growing Hypoxic Zones Reduce Habitat for Billfish and Tuna
5 'Un-Growth Hormone' Increases Longevity, Researchers Find
6 Placebos Work--Even Without Deception
7 New Fossil Site in China Shows Long Recovery of Life from the Largest Extinction in Earth's History
8 Component in Common Dairy Foods May Cut Diabetes Risk, Study Suggests
9 Young Female Chimpanzees Treat Sticks as Dolls: Growing Evidence of Biological Basis for Gender-Specific Play in Humans
10 Sex Reversal Gene: Male Mice Can Be Created Without Y Chromosome Via Ancient Brain Gene
11 Arsenic Agent Shuts Down Two Hard-to-Treat Cancers in Animal Experiments
12 NASA's Next Mars Rover to Zap Rocks With Laser
13 Emerging Drug Class May Enhance Red Blood Cell Production in Anemic Patients
14 Heat Shock Protein Drives Yeast Evolution
15 Most Challenging Christmas Plastic Wrapping Could Be Recycled With New Technology
16 Site in Brain Where Leptin May Trigger Puberty Identified
17 Protein Involved in Early Steps of Melanoma Development Revealed
18 Shouldering Family Demands and Worries Bumps Up Angina Risk
19 Invention Could Improve Cancer Drug Delivery, Lessen Harmful Effects of Chemotherapy
20 Breakthrough in Melanoma Research: Protein Suppresses Progression of Melanoma
21 Alzheimer's: Tau Disrupts Neural Communication Prior to Neurodegeneration
22 Does Equality Increase Status Spending?
23 Measuring Fatigue Through the Voice: Speech 'Flattens' After 24 Hours Awake
24 Most Common Adult Brain Cancer Linked to Gene Deletion, Doctors Say
25 Photons Vs. Protons for Treatment of Spinal Cord Gliomas
26 How to Delay Christmas Tree Needle Loss
27 Complementary Medicines Can Be Dangerous for Children, Experts Say
28 Eating Less Healthy Fish May Contribute to America's Stroke Belt
29 Eating Healthier Means Living Longer
30 Obesity Increases Risk of Death in Severe Vehicle Crashes, Study Shows
31 You Are What Your Father Ate, Too: Paternal Diet Affects Lipid Metabolizing Genes in Offspring, Research Suggests
32 Designer Probiotics Could Reduce Obesity
33 Simple Screen Can Help Isolate Virulent Parts of Pathogenic Bacteria Gene Structures
34 Scientist Uncovers Switch Controlling Protein Production
35 Immunity in Emerging Species of a Major Mosquito Carrer of Malaria
36 Weird and Wonderful Plant and Fungal Discoveries of 2010
37 Climbing Mount Everest: Noble Adventure or Selfish Pursuit?
38 New Ideas Enhance Efficiency of Wind Turbines
39 Long-Lasting Chemicals Threaten the Environment and Human Health
40 Sea-Level Study Brings Good and Bad News to Chesapeake Bay
41 Learning from Leftovers: A History Drawn from Turkey Bones
42 Fossil Finger Bone Yields Genome of a Previously Unknown Human Relative
43 Africa Has Two Elephant Species, Genetic Analysis Confirms
44 Being Good Moms Couldn't Save the Woolly Mammoth
45 Meat-Eating Dinosaurs Not So Carnivorous After All
46 Mars Movie: I'm Dreaming of a Blue Sunset
47 Cassini Marks Holidays With Dramatic Views of Saturn's Moon Rhea
48 Cassini Finishes Sleigh Ride by Saturn's Icy Moons
49 Discovery of New Molecule Could Lead to More Efficient Rocket Fuel
50 Universe's Most Massive Stars Can Form in Near Isolation, New Study Finds
51 Fast Sepsis Test Can Save Lives
52 Six Years After the 2004 Tsunami Disaster, Technical Setup of the Early Warning Sysem Completed
53 How Cells Running on Empty Trigger Fuel Recycling
54 Contract Marks New Generation for Deep Space Network
55 A Methane-Metal Marriage: Scientists Insert Metal Atoms Into Methane Gas Molecules
56 Better Control of Building Blocks for Quantum Computer
57 Researchers Train Software to Help Monitor Climate Change
58 New Annotated Database Sifts Through Mountains of Sequencing Data to Find Gene Promoters
59 New Single-Pixel Photo Camera Developed
60 A Robot With Finger-Tip Sensitivity
61 Statistical modeling could help us understand cosmic acceleration
62 Large Hadron Collider finds no signatures of microscopic black holes
63 Scientific discovery moves racetrack memory closer to reality
64 IBM offers glimpse into the future (w/ Video)
65 Fossil finger bone yields genome of a previously unknown human relative (w/ Video)
66 Placebos work--even without deception
67 Discovery of new molecule can lead to more efficient rocket fuel
68 New study debunks myth about popular optical illusion (Update)
69 Researchers develop first high-temperature spin-field-effect transistor
70 New Zealand military releases UFO files
71 Scientists decipher 3 billion-year-old genomic fossils
72 Review: Chrome OS gives a peek at computing future
73 Firefox backs 'Do Not Track' with online stealth
74 Japan bio-scientists produce 'singing mouse'
75 Quantum dots are not dots: physicists
76 Meat-eating dinosaurs not so carnivorous after all
77 Strange new twist: Researchers discover Mobius symmetry in metamaterials
78 How often do giant black holes become hyperactive?
79 The universe's most massive stars can form in near isolation, new study finds
80 Google alerting searchers to hacked websites
81 LG unveils FPR polarized 3D television
82 How Earth's orbital shift shaped the Sahara
83 An answer to green energy could be in the air
84 'World's first' glasses-free 3D TV hits stores in Japan
85 Brain is not fully mature until 30s and 40s
86 World's first diamond nanoelectromechanical switch
87 Packing electrons in a nano box: Control of many-Body correlation by quantum confinement
88 World's smallest Christmas card produced by UG engineers
89 Invention could improve cancer drug delivery, lessen harmful effects of chemotherapy
90 Scientists demonstrate biomagnification of nanomaterials in simple food chain
91 UCLA engineers create new transparent electrodes for highly flexible electronics
92 Novel tailor-made nanoferroelectric from building blocks
93 Nanoparticles deliver one-two therapeutic punch to kill tumor cells
94 How do you cut a nanotube? Lots of compression (w/ Video)
95 Tracking therapeutic nanoparticles that target breast tumors
96 Structural distortions emerge from nothing at the nanoscale
97 New method for making tiny catalysts holds promise for air quality
98 Nanoscale gene 'ignition switch' may help spot and treat cancer
99 Study improves understanding of method for creating multi-metal nanoparticles
100 Nanomaterials in our environment
101 Tiny channels carry big information
102 Single quantum dot nanowire photodetectors
103 Researchers create early disease detection and drug delivery device for single living cells
104 When matter and antimatter collide
105 Super-B accelerator funded by Italian government
106 Ever-sharp urchin teeth may yield tools that never need honing
107 Recycling waste heat into energy: Researchers take a step toward more efficient conversion
108 Getting ice, frost off planes problematic
109 Dutch researchers build affordable alternative to mega-laser X-FEL
110 Icicle shape stranger than thought (w/ Video)
111 Jefferson Lab laser twinkles in rare color
112 Potential 4-D imaging technique modeled by UNL physicists
113 Cornstarch might have ended the Gulf spill agony sooner
114 Engineers take plasmon lasers out of deep freeze
115 Chameleon model tries to explain the origin of dark energy
116 IceCube: World's largest neutrino observatory completed at South Pole
117 Packing it all in for the holidays: Scientists see how many polyhedrons can fit into a box
118 Rare form of silver observed during routine calibration
119 Membrane protein structure can be seen using new X-ray free-electron lasers
120 Indian satellite rocket explodes after lift-off
121 Australia calls Denmark waste ship U-turn 'unfortunate'
122 Growing seaweed can solve acidification
123 Sun-gazing spacecraft carries out never-before-tried slewing maneuver
124 'There's the orbiter, go put a motor in it'
125 Back to the dead (sea, that is)
126 Opportunity studying a football-field size crater
127 GE to pay 500 mln dollars for New York river cleanup
128 Ten years later for PI-led mission to Pluto, Kuiper Belt
129 Contract marks new generation for deep space network
130 Kepler experienced 'safe mode' event
131 J-2X turbomachinery complete
132 Planet-finding tweetup in California's Silicon Valley hosted by NASA
133 Latest map of world's land cover unveiled by ESA
134 Cassini finishes sleigh ride by icy moons
135 As the Dead Sea dries, drilling shows it's not the first time
136 Growing hypoxic zones reduce habitat for billfish and tuna
137 High-energy scanner enables large-scale 3D imaging
138 Researcher reveals newspapers' historic resistance to granting reporters' bylines
139 Carbonic acid: now isolated in the gas phase and examined spectroscopically
140 Mussel adhesive for DNA chips
141 Discovery of new molecule can lead to more efficient rocket fuel
142 Newly Formed PolymerPlus Emerges from Layered Polymers Research at CWRU
143 Milestone: A methane-metal marriage
144 Muscle filaments make mechanical strain visible
145 Unique radiation-responsive proteins affected by low doses of ionizing radiation
146 Shedding light on a protein, and a future
147 New chemical may lead to jet lag drug
148 The fine art of producing chemicals and electricity: Researchers develop organometallic fuel cell
149 Scientists find that in the evolutionary mating game, brawn and stealth rule
150 Heat shock protein drives yeast evolution
151 Mosquito-repelling light barriers show promise in reducing spread of malaria
152 Discovery rekindles debate on origins of multi-cellular life
153 British eight-year-olds publish study in top science journal
154 Delayed legacy of invasive species
155 Study shows drifting fish larvae allow marine reserves to rebuild fisheries
156 Learning to read the genome
157 Scientist uncovers switch controlling protein production
158 Researchers discover mechanism for signaling receptor recycling
159 The molecular mechanism of stretch activation in insect muscle
160 Scientists reveal how biological activity is regulated in fruit fly and roundworm genomes
161 Movement and threat of RNA viruses widespread in pollinator community
162 Pterygotid sea scorpions: No longer terror of the ancient seas?
163 Bee scientists force killer mites to self destruct
164 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit ideal temperature for keeping fungi away and food at bay
165 Indonesia's dragons draw tourists to 'Jurassic' islands
166 Jimmy Carter vs. guinea worm: Sudan is last battle
167 Boston hospital made 3 spine operation errors
168 New protein promotes embryonic brain formation
169 Structure of key molecule in immune system provides clues for designing drugs
170 Individual types of colorectal cancer revealed through mutation patterns
171 Protein that drives survival of gastrointestinal tumors identified
172 Protein involved in early steps of melanoma development revealed
173 Expert examines main points of new food safety measure
174 Study on effects of resveratrol and quercetin on inflammation and insulin resistance
175 Severe swine flu may be helped with chemotherapy
176 Novo Nordisk says to market improved insulin in 2013
177 Some brain tumors mimic genetic program of germline cells
178 Electronic medical records not always linked to better care in hospitals, study finds
179 Police in China enlist Internet users for help
180 Microblog, WikiLeaks top 2010 Internet terms in China
181 Fujitsu accelerates verification of Java software through parallel processing
182 Microchips found in most mundane of places
183 With travel app, no one knows you're a tourist
184 Cherokee, Apple partner to put language on iPhones
185 Robotic suit nothing short of a miracle
186 Father of Great Firewall forced to remove microblog