File Title
1 Cupertino City Council backs off on renewing Coffee Society lease
2 Verizon big winner from having iPhone? Not so fast
3 Biz Break: Apple's iPhone: 'dominant' at Verizon? Plus: Andreessen, Kleiner in $950M Groupon round
4 Lilly, Boehringer collaborate on diabetes drugs
5 Floods head towards Australia's Brisbane, many evacuate
6 Alaska pipeline restart unknown; oil up, BP dips
7 How Scientists Know Alien Planet Kepler-10b is a Small, Rocky World
8 Indian schoolchildren 'boycott' over nuclear plan
9 Planck space probe serves up cosmic feast
10 Panel: More reform needed to prevent future spills
11 Spill panel calls for offshore drilling reform
12 Inuit Dog Sleds Help Measure Arctic Sea Ice
13 Chinese stealth fighter makes first test flight
14 NASA finds smallest planet outside solar system
15 Kepler Finds an Exoplanet, Rocky, Small and Very Hot
16 Earliest known winery found in Armenian cave
17 Hubble telescope zeroes in on green blob in space
18 What Does It Take to Survive a Bullet to the Brain?
19 Trade deals and pandas after Britain-China talks
20 Scientists find 'oldest ever' winery in Armenia
21 Redevelopment plans threatened by CA budget cuts
22 California budget: Social services
23 Dementia puts Ayres case in jeopardy
24 Japanese firm invents mirror to spot the flu
25 AIDS gel prevents infection in monkeys
26 Google launches global kids science fair
27 U.S. Nursing Home Closings Hit Poor Neighborhoods Hardest: Study
28 Optimism Could Help Kids Keep Depression at Bay
29 Cost of Obesity Approaching $300 Billion a Year
30 'I've got cancer beat,' says Michael Douglas
31 Michael Douglas says tumor gone, recovery hopeful
32 Docs urge shots as flu season grabs the South, NYC
33 Congresswoman raises 2 fingers, gives thumbs-up
34 Verizon to Start Selling iPhone on Feb. 10
35 MySpace Slashes Nearly Half Its Global Staff
36 Assange: WikiLeaks to Speed Release of Leaked Docs
37 NKorea Accuses SKoreans of Hacking Into Website
38 Indonesia Says BlackBerry Will Filter out Porn
39 Report: New Spy Plane Tested in Calif. Desert
40 Arizona Sheriff Blasts Rush Limbaugh for Spewing 'Irresponsible' Vitriol
41 Jared Lee Loughner's Family: Portrait of Isolation
42 Accused Tucson Shooter Jared Loughner Smirks in Court, Smiles for Mug Shot
43 Gabrielle Giffords Tucson Shooting Puts Arizona's Gun Culture in Spotlight
44 5 Flu Fixes: Sex, Gentle Blowing, Massages and More
45 Teacher Says He Hasn't Called in Sick in 40 Years
46 New Technology Could Silence the Shriek of a Dental Drill
47 Too Much Screen Time Means Health Decline
48 Michael Douglas Says His Tumor's Gone, Throat Cancer Likely Beaten
49 New Year, New You: Diet Smart By Avoiding Food Traps
50 Jared Loughner's Alleged Killing Spree: Personal, Political or Psychotic?
51 New Ad 'Demands' Mercury-Free Flu Vaccine
52 Just One Thing: Green Your Kid's Cold Remedies
53 What Is The Stomach Flu, And Is It The Same As The Flu?
54 10 Germy Surfaces You Touch Every Day
55 Can Good Bacteria Really Fight the Flu?
56 FDA Panel Reviews Health Safety of Mercury Amalgam Fillings
57 Make Over Your Smile: Learn To Floss Correctly
58 Hundreds of Veterans at Risk for HIV From Dirty Dentist Tools, VA Admits
59 Just One Thing: Vertical Hydroponic Window Farms
60 Echidnas' unusual mating habits revealed
61 Lifespan of early humans, Neanderthals same
62 NASA spots hot, Earth-like planet
63 Planck telescope observes cosmic giants
64 Bangs big and small in cosmic origins debate
65 Planck telescope reveals ancient cosmic light
66 ESA's Planck telescope finds value in 'reject' data
67 Planck spies massive dust clouds
68 Antimatter caught streaming from thunderstorms on Earth
69 Gulf of Mexico oil spill: Panel urges major reforms
70 Rocky exoplanet milestone in hunt for Earth-like worlds
71 China conducts first test-flight of stealth plane
72 No extra time for US particle lab
73 Swine flu offers 'extraordinary super immunity'
74 Cases dropped against malaria homeopaths
75 Piracy websites attract billions of visits
76 MySpace cutting global workforce by half
77 Winklevoss twins gamble $65m for Facebook fortune
78 T-Mobile cuts mobile data usage
79 Intel settles with chip maker Nvidia for $1.5bn
80 Mini adventure: how far can an electric car go?
81 Penang: Malaysia in miniature
82 Indian economic growth 'jeopardised by poor healthcare'
83 Call to create 'one-stop shop' for health research
84 Who, What, Why: How do you overcome a stammer?
85 France braced for diabetic drug scandal report
86 'Arizona gunman' appears in court
87 To Boldly Go. And Never Come Back
88 What to Expect if Verizon Picks Up the iPhone
89 Great Gadgets to Help You Stay Warm
90 MySpace Slashes Nearly Half Its Global Staff
91 Do Pets Have a Sixth Sense? Most Owners Say Yes
92 Earliest Known Winery Found in Armenian Cave
93 Done Deal: Verizon Gets the iPhone
94 Study: Neanderthals Lived Longer Than Thought
95 Missing Pieces from Statues of King Tut's Grandparents Found
96 Prof. Called 911 on Loughner after Class "Rant"
97 Playing the Odds
98 Arizona Weighs Ban on Funeral Protests
99 Michael Douglas Says He's Cancer-Free
100 Boston Modifies Ambulance for Obese Patients
101 ATMs as Filthy as Public Toilets, Says Study, But Don't Panic
102 Statins Sometimes Raise Stroke Risk, Study Says: Who's at Risk?
103 Giffords Breathing on Her Own, Doctors Say
104 Anatomy of a brain injury
105 Cancer trial errors revealed
106 Planck telescope sees Universe's cool stuff
107 Drought-tolerant maize gets US debut
108 Tevatron faces final curtain
109 UK health research to be rehabilitated
110 X-rated worm movies reveal sex secrets
111 Pliable particles open door to drug delivery
112 Space scope finds scorched super-Earth
113 Plans for marine protection highlight science gap
114 Foods Made of Beetles Now Must Say So
115 Neanderthals Had Similar Life Spans to Modern Humans
116 Missing Pieces from Statue of King Tut's Grandparents Found
117 Insanity, Rhetoric and Violence: No Easy Answers
118 Neurons Resemble 'Friendly' Social Networkers, Study Finds
119 New Pterosaur's Jawbone Found in Storage Cabinet
120 Bottle Rockets + Kids = Danger
121 Fear the Dentist? Noise-Canceling Device May Help
122 Twitter Twang?: Slang in Tweets Reveals Where You're From
123 Earth's Magnetic Field Shifts, Forcing Airport Runway Change
124 College Students Value Self-Esteem Over Sex
125 Humans Got Lice When We Clothed Our Naked, Hairless Bodies
126 Pope: God Was Behind the Big Bang
127 Designer Drugs Turn Deadly, Creating Moral Dilemma
128 Vaccine Could Help Humans Kick Cocaine Habit
129 Catfish Communities Swimming with Multiple Species
130 Facial Bone Structure Reveals Age
131 Rainmaking in Middle Eastern Desert: Success or Scam?
132 At God We Rage: Anger at the Almighty Found to Be Common
133 Vulture 'Arrested' as Israeli Mossad Spy in Saudi Arabia
134 New DNA Test Reveals Hair Color of Crime Suspects
135 Why Failed Predictions Don't Stop Apocalypse Forecasters
136 Controversial Gene-Depression Link Confirmed in New Study
137 4 Bumblebee Species on the Decline in North America
138 Healthy Cats Act Sick When Upset
139 Medical Problems of 1911 Are Still With Us
140 Trash-Can Trap Tricks (and Kills) Pregnant Mosquitoes
141 Virgin Mary Makes Trio of Holiday Appearances
142 Judge Blocks Grisly Anti-Smoking Campaign
143 Virginia History Texts Rife with Errors
144 Some Va. history texts filled with errors, review finds
145 Poor Formula: Fussy Babies Get Solid Food Too Early
146 Thunderstorms on Earth Hurl Antimatter Into Space