File Title
1 Residents of Belmont Village in Sunnyvale wed on groom's 90th birthday
2 South Korean film director makes movie on iPhone
3 Docs optimistic, but Giffords in for long recovery
4 Floods threaten Australia's third biggest city
5 Alaska oil pipeline disruption enters third day, boosts prices
6 Strange Mini-Asteroid Born by Huge Space Rock
7 Egypt to invite tenders for wind farms
8 Study: If We're Not Alone, We Should Fear the Aliens
9 Govt hopes to resolve Iran oil payment row this week
10 Poor Formula: Fussy Babies Get Solid Food Too Early
11 Play Nice Up There! Code of Conduct for Space Sought
12 Canadian Ski Marathon returns skiing to its roots
13 Corrected: Swine flu survivors developed super flu antibodies
14 Extra Weight in Babies Can Be A Perilous Subject
15 Geography May Influence Colon Cancer Screening Rates
16 Germany lifts dioxin-related bans on 3,050 farms
17 Study: Spacing babies close may raise autism risk
18 Docs optimistic, but Giffords in for long recovery
19 South Korean Film Director Makes Movie on iPhone
20 What Was Hot at This Year's Vegas Gadget Show
21 Space Flight by Giffords' Husband May Be in Doubt
22 Shorter Gap Between Pregnancies Linked to Increased Autism Risk
23 Gabrielle Giffords: Recovery From Brain Injury
24 Sarah Palin's 'Crosshairs' Ad Dominates Gabrielle Giffords Debate
25 Woman Wrestled Fresh Ammo Clip From Tucson Shooter as He Tried to Reload
26 The Secrets of Never Getting Sick
27 Gabrielle Giffords in Medically Induced Coma to Help Brain Rest
28 Lindsay Lohan Habit Throws Kombucha Into Spotlight
29 Yogurt Found to Reduce Children's Infections
30 Dannon's Activia, DanActive health claims draw $21M fine
31 'Practice Babies': 1 Orphan Raised by 8 Mothers
32 Adoptees Face Sting of Discrimination
33 Birds falling from the sky 'not unusual'
34 Lunar water may have come from comets
35 Music thrills trigger reward chemical
36 Giffords 'hero' intern springs into action after shooting
37 Vodafone investigates reported security breach
38 China: New weapons not meant to pose threat
39 Microsoft investigates 'phantom' Windows Phone 7 data
40 RIM to filter Indonesia Web traffic
41 No GPL Apps for Apple's App Store
42 Facebook Wins Relatively Few Friends in Japan
43 Motorola Xoom to boast barometer, budding meteorologists have found their next tablet
44 CES: Verizon Wireless CTO dishes on 4G claims (Q&A)
45 Want maximum nutrition during your pregnancy? Make sure these super foods are in your diet.
46 ADA Applauds HHS Action On Recommended Fluoride Level In Drinking Water
47 Who Failed on Haiti's Recovery?
48 Closely Spaced Pregnancies May Contribute to Autism
49 Fact or Fiction: Debunking the Top 7 Pregnancy Myths
50 Music Produces a Natural High Similar to Sex, Canadian Researchers Say
51 Prozac Shows Promise in Recovery From Stroke
52 Germany lifts quarantine on 3,000 farms in contaminated egg scandal
53 US mourns Arizona shooting victims
54 UK tech to aid private space shot
55 Hyenas 'greet friends' to ask for their help
56 Stag beetles 'cannot resist ginger'
57 David Cameron 'must act to green Whitehall,' say MPs
58 Device 'cancels out the sound of the dentist's drill'
59 Ice-cold reality of warming projections
60 A new year in which to stretch the UK space pound
61 Mini adventure: how far can an electric car go?
62 What China stealth plane response reveals about US
63 Travel globally, spa locally
64 Global drop in spam e-mail is 'short lived'
65 Activists hijack N Korean Twitter and YouTube accounts
66 Progress on tablet computer for developing nations
67 The anti-CES: Creating a community of hackers in Vegas
68 Laser canon aims to blind pirates
69 Twitter proves its worth
70 Spotify: 'We haven't given up on the US'
71 Is the Mac App Store a software game changer?
72 Facebook's death: Greatly exaggerated
73 Harvesting energy: body heat to warm buildings
74 Alzheimer's blood test 'fishes' for signs of disease
75 'Why you pay for other people's drinking'
76 Pandemic flu jabs to plug vaccine shortages
77 TV makers Not Yet Tuning in to Google TV
78 Study: Music Gives Brain Pleasure Rush
79 To Boldly Go. And Never Come Back
80 Once-Dormant Comet Coming Back to Life
81 Schieffer: Rhetoric and Its Consequences
82 Band of Brothers Inspiration Dies at Age 92
83 Jobholders Spend More as Layoffs Slow
84 Arizona Shooting: Will Gabrielle Giffords Ever Speak Again?
85 Antidepressant Prozac Speeds Stroke Recovery: Study
86 Mom to Freeze Own Eggs So Toddler Can Create Family
87 Violence Erupts in Second Day of Voting in Sudan
88 Notebook: Porsche is back, Ford is hiring
89 Porsche Unveils Spyder Hybrid, 918 RSR
90 Apple to dump all restocking fees, say reports
91 Report: Apple Ditching Store Restocking Fees
92 Apple to Drop Restocking Fees?
93 Apple 'cans restocking fees'
94 Apple Stores Give Restocking Fees the Axe
95 Apple updates with Keynote playback
96 beta adds new storage, web presentation options
97 New features added to public beta
98 beta adds Keynote animations, presentation embedding
99 Apple Details Beta Improvements: Keynote Presentations and Publishing Options
100 Gull-winged Kia's KV7 concept aims to liven up minivans
101 KIA KV7 Concept Showcases Future Vision for the Van Segment
102 Sibling spacing may be tied to autism risk: study
103 Autism risk rises in closely spaced pregnancies, study finds
104 Closely Spaced Pregnancies Linked to Autism Risk
105 In Arizona shooting, Europe sees an America gripped by doubt, pessimism
106 Pregnant women denied flu jabs, say midwives
107 UPDATE 1--Abbott to market heart device in Europe
108 No More Metal, Now Biodegradable: New European Artery Stint For Coronary Blockage
109 First bioabsorbable stent approved in Europe
110 Breaking the link between autism and vaccines
111 As The Facts Win Out, Vaccinations May, Too
112 Prozac for Stroke Recovery? 11 Multi-Use Drugs
113 Study: Prozac May Help Restore Movement After Stroke Paralysis
114 The new way to identify AIDS early
115 Teens now accept HIV/AIDS is real
116 Group says repealing health reform would be costly for Maryland
117 Md. council on health care reform submits report
118 Capps: Rebates to Seniors and Urging 'No' On Health Care Repeal
119 Official: Repealing Health Care Reform Law Would Cost Billions
120 Md. council wants to create state health reform office
121 Consumer Power Report
122 Stressed out? Try mindfulness meditation
123 Mindfulness therapy is no fad, experts say
124 Listecki addresses 'sinful and criminal' priest sex abuse
125 Milwaukee Catholic Archbishop Admits "Sinful" Priest Behavior
126 Royal Caribbean cruise ship delays departure after illness outbreak
127 Illness outbreak aboard ship forces Florida cruise delay